Untold is being enlarged… please read this brief note

Untold is currently moving across to much bigger servers, to try and stop the outages that we have all be suffering from.

This may in itself mean that we disappear for a while – if so, please do come back looking.  If there is any extra news I will post it on Twitter @UntoldArsenal, and on the History Blog www.blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk

The cause of this problem is that we have grown, and as our audience has got bigger so the space we need has got larger…. and we’ve been hitting the red line in terms of space requirements.

I think the Puma video drew in quite a few people and that was just about the final straw.

If we really have to go down for a while I will start publishing articles on the history site (above) as a temporary measure.

Thanks for staying with us.

Tony Attwood, publisher.

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6 Replies to “Untold is being enlarged… please read this brief note”

  1. Kudos, Tony & the tireless beavers at untold towers!
    Hope the “move” goes well and the extra “space” speed your effort at producing the #1 arsenal articles on tinterweb.

  2. Could I suggest some cannons to be added to shoot the AAAAs before they despoil the new premises ?
    It’ll be a cinch for a designer who knows his stuff !
    Will there quarters for a court jester ?
    In the meantime “Happy Cocooning !” ,while we wait for the butterfly to burst forth .

  3. As long as you’re back before the start of the season to keep an eye on the refs, Tony!

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