The video ref is on his way part 3: the Premier League

By Walter Broeckx

In our first article on the video ref  we set the scene

Then in our second article we showed what the football authorities from Holland are doing to improve the refereeing standards

Now we can write down what the PGMOL is doing in England to improve refereeing.

































In the next article we will compare both ways of working.

10 Replies to “The video ref is on his way part 3: the Premier League”

  1. Stunning! Walter I thought the Gremlins had set in & then I thought that fox has cute sense of humour.

    The PL have blocked all avenues of fair play on the pitch so far. They had video referral post match and abused that privilege. There are ‘systems’ that allow the FA to alter some decisions but none are ‘open’.

    The closed shop that operates the FA, EPL and PGMOL will not allow fair play into their realm. It will disturb their well guarded financial church.

  2. Walter scraped the proverbial barrel but simply could not conjure up a single move by the PGMOL to improve honesty and integrity on the field of play in our national game.
    But why should they? They would have too much to lose.

  3. What? you mean Anthony Taylor’s assistance to Marriner in the Biggs-Ox matter is not proof enough that PGMOL has made new strides to help their darlings!?!

  4. Very hilarious but very true article that perfectly depicts what ‘Pigmall’ is doing to improve refereeing; they are doing NOTHING…just BLANK!

    Thanks Walter.

  5. Well Walter, back in town after a week at the Internet free farm. This was a wonderful article.

    I think the article also illustrates what is between some people’s ears (nothing).


    On the Arsenal site, in the article about the changes to head injury rules, there is mention of a concussion recognition tool. Do you (or other Untold’ers) have a pointer to this? I just have a set of rules to try and catch concussion.

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