Untold Liverpool: what have the press and blogs been saying about the Reds of Merseyside?

Two games into the season and an unconvincing opening win was followed by a sobering defeat at the home of the reigning champions. Liverpool have lost Suarez to Barca (despite him not being able to play, or them not being able to sign anyone…) but have added lots of new blood, including ‘super Mario’.

So how has the press reacted? Many of the readers on here think the print media in particular are a little bit in love with all things scouse and with Brendan Rodgers in particular. Surely the fans too (or the bloggers at least) are pretty happy with the team after what was arguably a very good season last time out.

Anfield Asylum was fairly measured; same old defensive weaknesses but a) it was City away and b) they played fairly well so, “We’ll live (maybe)”. Liverpool Offside thought it might be a welcome wake up call – “it was a demoralising loss but perhaps it may prove a timely and sobering bucket of ice over our collective heads”. But overall, the same message, calm down calm down, “everything’s going to be fine”.

Most ‘pool fans seem quite happy to have Balotelli at Liverpool and I can’t say I blame them. Sure, he’s a risk but as the Anfield Wrap says, not that much of one. He’s a great and proven striker, he will score goals. Can he fit in with Liverpool’s system, will he upset the dressing room? Maybe. We might hope so but I wouldn’t count on it Gunners. At £16m he seems a good buy, better than £60 for a winder anyway.

The Guardian were quick to praise Liverpool despite the defeat: ‘Here was a contest befitting last season’s No1 and No2 sides, a heavyweight encounter in which Liverpool slugged it out with the nation’s champion XI and dominated large passages. Any team would miss the scintillating Luis Suárez but Rodgers’ side seem to have already consigned him to distant memory’ wrote Jamie Jackson (who?).

Chris Bascombe at the Torygraph (who?!) believes the title race is between City and Chelsea anyway Liverpool are in transition apparently. (Haven’t they been in transition since the Premier League was formed?) Expectations have been raised by last season, but while LFC have strengthened, so have City and the Chavs. What’s different is that the two blue clubs have bought the finished article while Liverpool have bought potential.

Ollie Holt in the Mirror also issued a ‘calm down’ message to Liverpool fans: “This is a side, don’t forget, that has lost one of the best players in the world, Luis Suarez. It would be strange if they didn’t suffer some sort of reaction to that.” This season is all about staying up there and coping with the CL alongside the PL. I think Holt forgets that we lost Ramsey for large periods last season, or that we lost RVP the season before that. I doubt he would cut M. Wenger as much slack as he does Rodgers.

But that is the message at this early stage of the season and its one I expected. Liverpool overachieved last time out and so we might expect a little bit of a reality check. Rodgers is British so he gets an easier time of it than foreign managers; Liverpool also made up about half the England team (that failed so dismally in Brazil this summer). Curiously that failure seems to have more to do with our own number 10’s much publicized off the pitch moments than it did with the individual or collective efforts of Stevie G et al.

So, yes, as you all expected the media (except the currant bun of course) love Liverpool and will continue to make excuses for them.

So calm down, calm down, calm down*


PS. The Champions League draw has been quite kind to Liverpool too, so I expect the media to talk up their chances of retaining top four now.

*repeat ad nauseum…

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100 Replies to “Untold Liverpool: what have the press and blogs been saying about the Reds of Merseyside?”

  1. At the start of last season, Liverpool took an unnecessary and public, mocking stance against Arsenal over the Suarez bid. They later admitted to have lied over it, and no questions were raised about the PFA Chairman’s role in it all.

    Still, Liverpool had a good season, and for a while, when the title race moved away from us, a lot of Arsenal fans, me included, would have wanted them to win it over the oilers. But at this point, their media love-in went crazy and their attitude was enough to make most people relieved when they didn’t win. Seriously, that Gerrard slip was one of my favourite moments from last season because the media around Liverpool and their own fans are insufferable.

    We’ve also had their manager and their ex players in the media show poor grace over the Sanchez transfer. Let them have Balotelli. I don’t think he’s a great striker. He’s certainly never shown it. He has all the physical attributes to be a great striker, but mentally, that’s another question. Maybe Rodgers can get the best out of him. But it is still a risky move for them.

    And how does someone in pot 3 get so lucky in the draw? Are they Chelsea in disguise?

  2. I can’t remember who the BBC interviewed(sports journalist) after the draw and he was painting a picture of Liverpool being handed a tough group. When I saw the rest of the teams in the group I laughed. While Liverpool are unlikely to win their group, there’s no way they will fail to come second. City and Arsenal….well, with the teams in their groups anything is possible; from finishing first to finishing third. Now those are not easy groups.

    As for the journos cutting Mr BR some slack, expect that all the way. The same thing they’ll slaughter Arsenal for today will be massaged and explained away nicely in the case of Liverpool. and vice versa. Sterling is a thug and a cheat but you never hear it coz he plays for the media darlings. But time will prove that I was right to call him a thug.

  3. Shard
    I have always said why was the pfa chairman’s role in the lies about the existence or non existence of a buyout clause not questioned. He came out and said he’d inspected the contract and contrary to what the player mistakenly believed, there was no buyout clause. One would naturally expect that to be revisited after the Liverpool owner admitted they lied about the clause. Unless the pfa was shown a bogus contract? In which case that’s an even more serious issue.

  4. It’s pathetic how obsessed Arsenal fans have become with Liverpool, we couldn’t give a dam about you lot!

  5. Fair play this article made me laugh, you talk about scousers feeling sorry for themselves, have you actually listened to yourself in this article, poor poor Arsenal awww. You blame the Liverpool for the way the media report on them, how about blaming the media as its them who are writing the articles or speaking out on TV.

    Rodgers was scrutinised as much as anybody in his first season with many of the papers questioning if he was the right man for Liverpool and if the job was too big for him. Last season he done amazingly well taking LFC from 7th to 2nd and close to the title itself so deserved all the plaudits, if Liverpool fail to get top four this year then the media will be straight on his back.

    As for the Suarez contract issue, if there was a buyout clause AND he wanted to go to Arsenal then the player would have moved. One of those conditions where obviously not met otherwise his agent, lawyers etc would have made it happen. Suarez dream has always been playing for one of the big two in Spain, i sense it was gamesmanship to try and tempt one of those two to come in with a bid last year that was at play with the media reports he wanted to leave etc.

  6. What is happening? I used to go to newsnow Liverpool and see blog after blog from united and Everton fans, as well as some Chelsea, talking constantly about Liverpool. Now, it’s just Aesenal fans. You have become obsessed with us! Absolutely obsessed! Is it because we have won 5 more league titles than you? Or is it the 5 European cups, compared to your, Erm, NIL! Have you all cancelled your BT subscriptions as threatened because they dared show an advert in which you lost? And we get called victims haha! Can we please have the reasoned, knowledgable, non-paranoid gunners back rather than the paranoid, liverpool-obsessed whingers you have all become in the last year. Let’s face it, you were lucky it was only 5-1, and I’m sure one day you will win Europes elite competition. Concentrate on yourselves.

  7. Lee, nobody at Arsenal is obsessed with Liverpool,(except perhaps for..”its up for grabs now”and “Charlie George who can hit them”) and we dont give a damn about you not giving a damn about us.The article is just proving something to our selves that the media has biased tendencies,which highlights the ongoing advantages/disadvantages which can be played out through that; as I said yesterday, also proven by the German media in the support of their national team and their clubs going into inter-Euro competitions and has a mighty effect, which has to be seen to be believed.
    Im sure Lee if your club was getting a constant media bashing and then reading elsewhere that other clubs (like yours) are propped up by hacks your fan base would also irritated and would be writing similar articles.All due respect to Liverpool though for its ongoing reaction to the Sun “newspaper”…
    The irony is, its another article that proves how much the existence of Untold Arsenal is needed.
    Many thanks Blacksheep!
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  8. Lee
    Most of it’s just silly mockery, but there’s also an underlying fear of us being replaced in the top four by Liverpool, hence these stupid articles.

  9. Spot on Lee!! This Arsenal Fans’ obsession with Liverpool is quite amazing really –

    Guess what Arsenal Fans, if you come from the verge of bankrupcy and manage to compete and in some cases humiliate (5-1 anyone?), teams who have had consistency and ‘champions league form’ for 17 odd years, it is a pretty good season. Were you to look up the definition of a team rebuilding, it might forgiven if you found a picture of the Kop as explanation. Or perhaps Liverpool FC have unleashed mass psychosis over the journalists and bloggers? I often find the simpler explanation is usually correct, but you keep finding a way of comparing Arsenal and Liverpool, and what you are really proving is the failures over at your end. Based on Stablity etc, this should not even be a potential comparison!!

  10. @oldgroover

    Nobody put a gun to your hear to read these stupid articles. Besides, there is no underlying fear of being replaced in the top four. We have been there consistently so we know we can at least retain that level. Something I feel you take granted for and host of other clubs aspire to achieve.

  11. @ Lee

    Liverpool fans don’t give a dam about Arsenal

    I am a Chelsea fan and admit I do have huge interest at all clubs but find it odd that you claim to not give a dam yet post on here!

    I had read the bit about buying potential as opposed to the finished article but thought that it will be interesting to see how a youngster of 32 year old develops or how far more a 26, 25 or 24 year old player will improve. Ok they have signed 6 players under the age of 22 but some of those players like Marqovic come with quite a hefty price tag.

  12. you lot really are a bunch of whingers, just like your manager. Is it any wonder you’ve got a radio slot dedicated to poking fun at your whining on a well known national radio station.

  13. There we go again with oldgroover always giving succour to UA antagonists. An angry Liverpool fan couldn’t have written a worse retort. I guess some people just love reading “stupid articles”. I know I don’t and I am not afraid of Liverpool replacing Arsenal in top 4 either. But I am expecting something along the line of “shameless sarcasm” as an excuse in 3,2…

  14. Oldhoover,why do you come here then when you find the articles so stupid? Perhaps Le Grove would be better for you? As you’ve already stated the folks at UA are myopic, are you here then to show us 20/20 vision and the light? Perhaps you could write an article yourself?
    Seems to me you wanted lots of attention today, and have got it, are you now about to vent spleen back now that you that that attention?
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  15. Mike T
    Youngster of 32 lol. They’ve outspent what the totts did with the Bale money, having received much less than spurs did obviously. Will be interesting to see how that’s viewed by the media.

  16. As surprising as this might seem to you Gunners, if the title of your article focuses squarely on Liverpool, it ends up on Liverpool news aggregators – It also specifically hints at a level of obsession really considering there isnt even a match coming up between the 2 teams any time soon – @oldgrover – certainly a point worthy of consideration.

  17. Gunner6
    I thought I made it clear that I’m not taking our top 4 for granted. I really do fear we might lose it, it’s been a bit hairy for a few seasons and Liverpool & Spurs ( as noted by Pete ) are challenging us.
    And as for reading the blog, I actually enjoy it would you believe. You meet such a nice class of commenter here. ( they even store all your quotes from your posts to remind you of how highly they regard you ), but then show their own lack of self esteem by regularly trolling you.

  18. This is the 3rd-4th article that’s popped up on liverpoolnewsnow.com from arsenal fans about liverpool. It’s kinda sad really as I’ve always had a soft spot for arsenal. We support two traditional teams that play good football and I never imagined there was any of the animosity between us that has popped up in the last year or so. It would be sad if someday we have to go down to emirates and receive the same kinda atmosphere/stronger police presence and just general bad vibes you get when going to places like Stamford Bridge and old Trafford. I understand how you feel about the media love in because even most of us thought it was ott and they’re supposed to be professional. But you can hardly blame us for getting carried away, we were ‘hoping’ for fourth at the start but we were battling for first till the end! And in all honesty our group is soft enough and if we have any aspirations we should come through it. Playing up basel and ahhhh logotrovonivicicic (I’ve never even heard of them) ain’t gonna fly with with most fans. So whatever about the media ye could cut us fans some slack it’s been a while since we had a real good feel factor about the club and we intend on making the most of it… ye shouldn’t really begrudge us!
    And oh yeah brendan Rodgers is irish. NI is in the UK not Britain FYI:p

  19. The media hype over Liverpool is just sickening. It has sent their fans into some kind of frenzy, but just remember, they won nothing last year. Yes, they played some exciting football but so did Spurs, and they won jack sh@t also. Because of the kind of reaction we have seen over Liverpool I hope they win nothing again. The media can also stick their anti Arsenal stance as the supporters are used to it and it just makes the media look incompetent.

  20. Kenneth Widempool
    Yes I read Le Grove (you also do don’t you and If you want evidence I’ll go back through the recent archive to produce it.) I also read Arseblog, A Cultured Left Foot, 7amkickoff and 19 other football related sites & blogs, but not all on the same day.

  21. @old groover seriously what is it with you? If you dont like it here why stay? No wonder you always get into arguments with other regulars on here because of your rodent tendencies. You act as if you support the team and manager and yet when somebody comes on here and starts spewing shit and bollox about our club, you big them and back them up. Slowly but surely becoming Rupert 2.0

  22. Rupert 1.0 been around Mahdain? if we go unbeaten this year that would be good news we won’t have to see verbal diarrhoea expert Rupert! 😀

  23. Oldhoover, I confess! three times in my life I have been upon the aforesaid diabolic Le Grove, the last being after you said that the people there were putting the boot into Boo who I wanted to defend if possible, as I like him and his passion for AFC and his defence of Untold.
    I couldn’t come across the words indeed said, as it was a forest of pubescent negativity and so left and came back here.The other times were to check out the words of Mr.Surfer X who came upon our shores at Untold like a Tory who wished to close down a mine. So there,Ive saved you a trip to the archive.
    Im sorry though that you dont like the articles here, why not write some yourself, having gained such a wide view from all the blogs you read…
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  24. @Mahdain

    I wonder is “oldgroover” really Rupert’s dad, and does Rupert know that and equally does oldgroover know that?

    Oldgroover does seem to enjoy trolling the site, mustn’t have much else to do.

    Interesting article on the press & the Dippers.

  25. @va cong havent seen him lately and hope he stays in the sewer. However just like with sperez i can guarantee you we will seeing their tripe here the moment we lose a match. They are just bidding their time

  26. @oldgroover

    It’s the age of the internet. Besides, I don’t think they archive articles just to get back at you. But your negative response sticks out because you don’t offer any justification for calling this article stupid. Similarly, by simple condemning this article with one derogatory word, you open yourself to being criticized as well. Thing is, if you don’t like the article, you could just zip it, or as the others have suggested, write a proper counter article.

  27. I must admit, I read Le Grove quite frequently. Mostly it is amusing to see how Pedro, even while being seemingly nice about Arsenal and Arsene, will throw in his nuggets (I mean that in the rudest way possible) of all knowing insight as a bone to his sycophantic cult to chew over the entire day. Although beyond being amusing (or annoying), it is interesting as an insight into how propaganda works. Pedro does that really well. Not only is Le Grove a place where contrary to their tagline, you can’t express an opinion, it is also a place where I doubt Pedro expresses his own opinion. It’s a bastardised version of both the truth and his own opinion, all presented to match a pre-ordained story line. Like I said, interesting.

  28. I’ve never been on le grove, don’t know what the site even looks like. Reason? Coz I’ve heard they’re so anti Arsenal, why bother go on to a site I know will just be spouting stuff that’ll make my blood boil?
    Just to clarify, I’m not questioning people like Kenneth who have gone there with a specific reason to go and set the record straight, rather I’m questioning the logic of those who complain about the tone/bias/stupidity or whatever it is we do here at UA but keep coming back!

  29. Mahdain
    Sorry, just who am I bigging up? I made one early comment to Lee which I stand by. If you can’t see that the article is a mockery of Liverpool then tell me what it is?

  30. Very interesting that few of the Liverpool fans have actually looked at the title of the site “Football news from an Arsenal perspective”.

    Seems fair enough to me to write about Liverpool. But whenever we do, we do get a lot of complaints or comments suggesting that something is wrong with that. Strange that.

  31. Gunner6
    Ok, maybe stupid was unnecessary and pissed a few people off, but why are these sort articles being written in the first place. I do not see how it fits the “supporting Arsenal, the players and the manager” code. Why are we even bothering with this sort of juvenile stuff? Leave it in the playground. It’s fast becoming Untold every other side in the Premiership.

  32. As I am not English I find some things strange. But maybe that is part of me having another mother tongue and so don’t know and understand all that is English.

    It seems that it is somehow forbidden to write about another club in England than the one you support. Because each time Tony does I see the same thing come in the comment section. The obsessed thing.
    Now I might be wrong on this but as far as I know all the clubs in the PL are in the same league and so it is normal that Arsenal blogs write articles about other clubs and other clubs blogs write articles about Arsenal.
    But somehow other fans find Untold doing this some form of blasphemy.

    Very odd….

  33. To continue. Are we allowed to write an article about Anderlecht in the coming weeks then? Or are we going to be called obsessed by their supporters? I don’t think so as they will probably be interested in what we write about them. Just as in the past when we wrote about teams from other countries we got sometimes nice comments from foreign supporters about those articles.

    I remember Dortmund fans coming on here a few seasons ago after my report of the visit and match. It all was very kind and friendly and nobody called the other obsessed because we wrote about them.

    So I again wonder if it is something English: don’t write about my team.

    very odd…

  34. Walter

    I haven’t read the other articles and comments on the site, but you must be planning to go to Anderlecht for the CL game? I thought of you the instant I saw they were in the same group as us 🙂

  35. And finally. I thought the article was a nice summary of what the press is writing and how the writer looks at that. What is wrong with that?

    Drew does this for all the teams (or will do it) and this is the second article in this series.

    I think it is a great thing to do. It spares me time and trouble to go and try to read what the media have to say about other clubs myself. So I am looking forward to the next articles. Not looking forward to the ‘obsessed’ comments but well that is something English I think. 😉

    And for those complaining about putting an Arsenal view on to the article….well what do you expect? We are after all an Arsenal blog and so we will look at the world from that perspective.

    Nothing wrong with that I think?

    Or is this also not allowed in England? 😉

  36. Shard,
    we would be extremely disappointed if we don’t get the tickets we asked for our supportersclub in Belgium.

    I have written an article about it. 🙂

  37. hurley

    Last night because of the CL draw I decided to listen to talkshite.

    You know TS, it’s the station that has a DAILY article mocking everything Arsenal and has had so for about 5 years or more.

    It’s also the station on which the self same prick that derides Arsenal day after day suggested, during a time when Liverpool looked in real financial trouble, that whatever happens Liverpool must be bailed out as they are an institution and cant be allowed to fall. Ring any bells?

    They’re the station that went into melt down when we lost our first game to villa last year, yet, last night, all we got was how Uniteds start to the season was absolutely nothing to worry about.

    The same guy, Goldmith I think it is, was the one, literally, taking the piss out of Wenger last season for the Suarez bid. On the very same night he was boasting about how United where about to get Cesc.

    So he got that right.

    Liverpool received, and are still getting, more praise for last season than we got.

    No, it’s not Liverpool fans fault, but surely you can see the difference in how we are treated in the media compared to the likes of yourselves and United and Jose, and with that surely you can understand the frustration that goes with it.

    Or maybe you don’t because you’re not on the end of it.

    Apart from reference to your CEO’s rather disingenuous comments all this article is really doing is drawing attention to the cavernous discrepancy in the way you are treated in the media compared to us.

    Either way, this IS AN ARSENAL BLOG after all, and if we want a little whinge up surely this is the place to do it. If you chose to read it that’s up to you, we didn’t ask you to. I certainly wouldn’t dream of going on a Liverpool blog. Guess why. Because it’s all about Liverpool FROM A LIVERPOOL PERSPECTIVE and I’m hardly likely to agree with it am I. So why wind myself up.

    In conclusion, I don’t know why it’s so annoying for you, as apart from your, I think you would agree, CEO’s out of order comments, it’s mainly about the media, not Liverpool ‘Per se’.

  38. WalterBroeckx – Yes of course you can write about Anderlect or any club, just don’t be surprised to see fans of that club come to the blog to argue against the points you make if they don’t agree with what is written.

    This article pops up on the Liverpool news feed aggregators so people not as if they have to come looking to find it.

  39. Bang right on with your post Jambug!Especially the conclusion– shame that you have to point it out though…
    COYG!Aha and Amen!

  40. Walter

    It’s the silly articles dissing our closest rivals that I have an issue with.
    I know most blogs do it, but what’s the point if it has no substance and is just regurgitating already published comment.
    If it’s supposed to make them play worse then it’s a failed tactic and is definitely not out of the Wenger coaching manual.

  41. It’s an article about the media not Liverpool.

    The little that was directly related to Liverpool or the fans was this:


    “Surely the fans too (or the bloggers at least) are pretty happy with the team after what was arguably a very good season last time out.”

    How is that in anyway derogatory to Liverpool FC or the fans?

    And this is how it concluded:


    “So, yes, as you all expected the media (except the currant bun of course) love Liverpool and will continue to make excuses for them.”

    The article is ABOUT THE MEDIA.

    You Liverpool fans really should get over yourselves.

  42. jambug

    I’ll agree it’s not as anti other team as usual, but I just don’t see the point of focussing on other teams in this way.
    Leave that to the commenters, they usually find a way.

  43. oldgroover

    It’s NOT focusing on Liverpool it’s focusing on the MEDIA bias.

    It could easily of used Manchester United as an example, as I have elsewhere with regards to Talkshites take on there start to the season (following last seasons equally underwhelming season)as compared to how they slaughtered us last year after one match.

    It could easily of focused on how they suck up to the odious Jose and yet give Wenger pelters.

    The reason Liverpool are being used is because of the way the media went into a megga Wank Fest last year and are still quietly stroking away this year.

    How many years since a title? I don’t know because they don’t ram it down there throats every single second like they do with us.

    It’s about the MEDIA.

  44. Dave

    You say:

    ” You have become obsessed with us!”

    To be fair Dave we are just one Blog. It is true to say we are a very pro Arsenal Blog, but again in our defence, we was set up, in part, as an antidote to all the negative Arsenal Blogs.

    So, ok if you don’t like our take on things fine, but don’t try and tar all Arsenal with the same brush. You only have to visit Le grove and a couple of other Arsenal Blogs and you’ll find plenty of Arsenal fans who much prefer Liverpool to Arsenal. In fact they prefer Manchester United, City, Chelsea and just about every other Club to Arsenal.

    So leave it out with the ‘Arsenal are obsessed with Liverpool’ thing.

    You are not that important.

  45. jambug

    Liverpool not that important??!!!!

    How can you say that? They are the most important club in the world..Ever.. The 5 European titles and the (2nd) most number of league titles make Liverpool the club everyone wants to be.

    Arsenal really must wish they were Liverpool. How could they not?

  46. Walter: We are in the same league; so, why can’t we write about one another? We have done so with non-UK based clubs without getting called “obsessed”.

    Oldgroover: Walter, it’s ok. It is the silly articles dissing our closest rivals that I. have issues with.

    Jambug: How has this article dissed another team?

    Oldgrover: I’ll agree it hasn’t.

    Me: Oldgroover, if it hasn’t, can you please explain your response to Lee (a Liverpool fan); preferring to diss your fellow Arsenal fans?

  47. oldgrover – get back into your hole.

    I prefer the scousers comments as they are a’right.

  48. Shakabula Gooner

    Me: Oldgroover, if it hasn’t, can you please explain your response to Lee (a Liverpool fan); preferring to diss your fellow Arsenal fans?

    It’s ecause he can’t help himself. His initial instinct is to side with anyone who comes here with a negative viewpoint, which is why he gets challenged. Then he cries ‘bully’

  49. Bricks, cracked up at the brownie bs joke. Cheers as always mate for sending the jokes through!
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  50. Shakabula

    I didn’t agree anything with jambug. I said it “wasn’t as anti other team as usual’, so you’re being a bit creative as usual
    Re dissing Lee, that’s what happens when you comment on other teams. We’re becoming Liverpool watchers.

  51. jambug

    Now I’m going to ask you to back up the “then he cries bully”
    I have never cried bully on my own behalf as I quite enjoy the debates.
    I have however a couple of times mentioned bullying of other posters.

  52. Jambug & others (sorry for not listing all),

    Recall a few days ago when oldgroover was crying bully and intimidation? Recall my fight with him? I concluded that he is a back-biting weasel and I have never felt more vindicated.

    On this post, his very first comment exposed him to all Untold regulars for what he truly is. All I had to do is sit back and enjoy is verbal smacking which is thoroughly well deserved.

    On the Liverpool fans who are abusing Untold for ever mentioning their team: I suspect they act this way because what is published is the truth which they are incapable of poking holes in. Otherwise, I expect more of rebuttal of points raised in the article rather than a blanket “why are you taking about our team” which is a juvenile response.

  53. Speaking of the media it took the Manchester Grunt few years of grunting and groaning at AFCs parsimony (when they had no money) with certain agents but they have finally managed to forget about their love of the ‘Frenchman’ and publish something for the first time about the real state of ManIOU:


    Anderson we know: £18M spent years ago when that would get you a WC player for an immobile vegtable. £80,000 a-week
    Looked good against the MK Dons!
    Ashley Young: £115,000 a-week
    Nani: Also about £15M alongside Anderson. Also earns £115,000 a-week. To be paid in full whilst on loan.
    £4.14m to get rid of a player for a season.

    Looks like The Don (as named by one of his former players, not a very talented player – now a presenter on talkshite. Of course) also had a special relationship with Special Agent Mendes. Nice work, if you can get it!

    This all puts the Groaning self-declared PR/Finance/Football expert’s bleatings into an interesting perspective.
    Very, interesting…

  54. Shakabula
    I think I understand you question.
    I was telling Lee that Liverpool were being mocked. They were weren’t they?
    Also, what’s all this about “fellow fans”? I’ve had this out before with jambug. Don’t assume that any of you are my fellows. I couldn’t think of a more unlikely crowd of people to be fellows with.

  55. oldgroover

    Whatever, you have accused us of being bullies.

    If you are not upset by it isn’t it a bit condescending to assume they are?

    I also remember you getting upset when I accused you of seeing yourself as some kind of Wat Tyler figure, defending the down trodden. I rest my case

  56. jambug

    You’re getting a little confused.
    I didn’t mind the Watt Tyler comparison, and only mentioned to you when you asked for an example of self righteousness.
    Yes I did accuse some of you of bullying, and I find it unnecessary, I don’t get what you mean by assumptions. Assumptions of what, and don’t see where the condescension comes into it.

  57. Jambug

    Now I get it.
    Because the people I think are being bullied don’t complain, you’re saying I’m being condescending towards them.
    There could be some truth in this. I’m making judgments on what I see, and when I see people unfairly ganging up on another commenters I’ll usually remark on it in one form or another because the blogger does absolutely nothing about it.

  58. oldgroover

    I’ll say one more thing before I’m of to earn a crust.

    One person comes on to a pro Arsenal/Wenger site criticising Arsenal/Wenger

    Unsurprisingly, half a dozen or so people post disagreeing with him.

    This does NOT constitute bullying.

    It’s an insult to people who really are bullied to even suggest it is.

  59. Very enjoyable article Blacksheep and some sweet hitting off the center of the bat by the AKBs ! Howzzattt !

    Upto this point in the last season , I did not really care if ManShitty of Liverpuddle won it .
    This decided it for me !
    From …http://www.fanatix.com

    Liverpool captain Gerrard rudely shrugs off interviewer question.

    An emotional Gerrard is close to winning his first Premier League title…

    Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard was sensational today against Manchester City, and held an emotional huddle with the team at the end of the match.

    When asked by Geoff Shreeves what he was talking about with the team, Gerrard replied rather curtly!
    “None of your business”!

    Counting your chickens …… and Pride goeth before ….
    comes to mind !

  60. Well I’m glad that’s over.
    And by the way it wasn’t me who brought the bullying issue into the thread today, but that bloke who’s just gone off to work.

  61. I was expecting a load of indignant scousers on here today – but hardly a sniff (unless there are dozens of comments awaiting moderation). Instead, civil war has broken out??? Huh?

    Talking of Le Grove, their recent (current?) article is unreal in its negativity. I just don’t understand this glass half-empty mindset.

    We’re doooomed, I tell ya!

  62. The Man and his Shadow

    Many years ago, there lived a man who was capable of loving and forgiving everyone he came across. Because of this, God sent an angel to talk to him.

    ‘God asked me to come and visit you and tell you that he wishes to reward you for your goodness,’ said the angel. ‘You may have any gift you wish for. Would you like the gift of healing?’

    ‘Certainly not,’ said the man. ‘I would prefer God to choose those who should be healed.’

    ‘And what about leading sinners back to the path of Truth?’

    ‘That’s a job for angels like you. I don’t want to be venerated by anyone or to serve as a permanent example.’

    ‘Look, I can’t go back to Heaven without having given you a miracle. If you don’t choose, I’ll have to choose one for you.’

    The man thought for a moment and then said:

    ‘All right, I would like good to be done through me, but without anyone noticing, not even me, in case I should commit the sin of vanity.’

    So the angel arranged for the man’s shadow to have the power of healing, but only when the sun was shining on the man’s face. In this way, wherever he went, the sick were healed, the earth grew fertile again, and sad people rediscovered happiness.

    The man traveled the Earth for many years, oblivious of the miracles he was working because when he was facing the sun, his shadow was always behind him. In this way, he was able to live and die unaware of his own holiness.

    Paulo Coelho

  63. It’s historical. Remember the English media love in with them in the 70’s/ 80’s? It was almost understandable then as they were a quality side back then and probably the biggest supported team in England. However, with their fans behaviour having gotten England banned from Europe for 5 years for causing multiple deaths of and injuries to hundreds of Italian football fans, you would wonder why. Imagine if AFC fans had caused the death of 39 people, what would the press be like for us, even to this day given their resentment of our ‘Bank of England’ club.

    Now they are a club who have never won the PL, occasionally make the top 4 and wear t- shirts to support racists and condone racist behaviour, so you have to wonder why the love- in remains now. Is it that their ex players are all over the media like shit in a field, or is it their large support base within the media, the result of the number of plastics that started supporting them in the 70’s and 80’s as a result of their success, similar to manure in the 90’s and 00’s?

  64. Beyond doomed Pete. LG risk looking very silly…..whatever gets you hits I guess.
    Enjoyed this article, and yes, the media do give Liverpool a very easy ride…..blowing the league title in the way they did, we would not get off so lightly.
    Next, they will be saying Stevie G always ….really…really….wanted to be a loyal one club servant……and never had any interest in hooking up with Mr Abramovich…..and this , like the article is aimed at the media, their double standards, not Liverpool or it’s fans.

  65. I don’t know if it is a deliberate tactic by oldgroover but as usual after his first comment the original thread is lost and replaced by a prolonged argument on oldgroovers status as a disruptive troll. I have to say that I agree with his main antagonists and he definitely is a troll, it happens so often there cannot possibly be any other reason. It is getting exceedingly boring.

  66. Oldgroover, I have been reading your comments on this website for the last few months. I have refrained from voicing my opinion until now. I think there might be a chemical imbalance within your twisted brain. You claim to be a avid Arsenal supporter but you always have a snide remark or a backhanded compliment about our club and manager. Most loyal Arsenalistas would rather you just come out and say what you really mean like Rupert, Sperez, and those other assholes. You are a MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT COWARD who attacks from behind or always has a sarcastic or snide snippet coming out of his mouth just like that little rat Mourinho. I can’t stand the way you suck up to the assholes who bash our club and manager on this pro Arsenal website. Man up you little douche-bag and just say what you really want to say without all the subterfuge. You might get a little more respect doing it that way. I don’t know anything about you except from your comments, So that what I am judging you on. From where I am standing, If it looks, talks and smells like a piece of shit backstabbing cowardly little snot-nose, Then it probably is. Now that is some real cyber-bullying, You fucking eunuch. Not the responses from our loyal boys like Bootoomee, Jambug, bjtgooner, and others too numerous to mention you constantly whine and carp about. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you little cocksucking coward. P.S. Was wondering if you are Rupert’s Illegitimate Bastard Brother.

  67. Mick, youre right!LMAO!-great observation about Oldhoover.In a way it is boring but also hilarious too -probably for the pure absurdity of it all!The thread gets lost and troll status is discussed in-depth as posters try to prove it with evidence, which is counter-argued by Oldhoovoir himself,meanwhile life passes by,no wonder the Schcousers stayed away from this thread in their numbers!Or perhaps theyre just watching and having a laugh!
    I havent laughed so much in ages at the pure absurdity of it all! =)
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  68. Tough words Bill…better to see the absurdity from all sides,otherwise UA will end up LG.
    This isnt that serious in the big scheme of things. Im not looking for a fight nor will I pounce back but Oldgroovers just doing his thing,thats his way Micks said it all.Just my opinion,(-cue kick the sh*t out of Ken time…)

  69. @kenneth

    I don’t think there is any chance of UA dropping to the disgusting level of Le Groan – despite the oldtroll bringing comments from that despicable place to this.

    I like BILL’s comments – sure he really opens fire – but he is selective in his targets.

  70. BJT, sure right on all points,I suppose that Micks post made me see the absurdity of it all and I just felt at that moment BILLS comments were a bit strong thats all, nothing personal.

  71. blimey…I was only writing a post about the media and Liverpool (after the one about MUFC), I actually wanted to see if we (as Arsenal fabs) were overly obsessed with how the media depict our team. I’ve 17 other teams to write about but might go with some of the newly promoted clubs next. God knows what worms I might unearth if i write about Middlesex FC next!

  72. Kenneth Widerpool, I come in peace. I have no beef with you. Reading your comments lo these many years there is no doubt in my mind that you are a loyal true Arsenal supporter. My rant was about motherfuckers who say the are liked minded as us but back-stab our club and supporters at every opportunity possible. When the Arsenal is riding high those motherfuckers are silent and nowhere to be found. A couple of results that are not in our favor and the cock-sucking vermin crawl outta their shitholes to bash our club and manager. Fucking hell after a bad win, Which in my opinion there is no such thing, They cry and moan and bring up the negative. Bah Bah Bah, We only just scraped by, Wenger don’t do tactics, We need to buy more players. Same old fucking bullshit. The Arsenal win and it makes the Bill’s day. The sun is shining, The birds are singing, The flowers are in full bloom and all is well. The best is winning the early match on Saturday and watching the other games that weekend hoping our closest opponents in the table and the Totts slip up or at least kick the shit out of each other. HA HA HA. The Arsenal lose and the Bill can’t wait for the next match which hopefully will be a victory so the sun can shine again. My point being is the media is already so Anti- Arsenal in Print, Telly and Radio that we don’t need these PHONY PLASTIC MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING FAKE SUPPORTERS on this pro- Arsenal website talking their bullshit nonsense and pontificating their propaganda. In my humble opinion assholes like Oldgroover have nothing better to do in life so they are what I call SHIT STIRRERS.

  73. Manhatton Bill

    I’ll admit to most of the things you’ve called me and can only aspire to the rest, but I can definitely say that I was never intimate with my mother……….yours probably……….but my own, I’m sure I’d have remembered.

  74. @oldgroover : IMO,many of your comments/opinions are reasonable if against the grain of most readers/posters here but adding comments like “hence these stupid articles” leaves people questioning your motives. The bias of the articles’ author is clear, one just has to read the top of the page. However, we are left to ask ourselves about why you use offensive adjectives when describing the article? If you disagree with the article why not use a reasoned argument to refute it? Mike T is a Chelsea supporter but he is welcome here because his comments are refined and measured. I don’t really agree with him much of the time…I’m an Arsenal supporter after all, but I enjoy his point of view as it sharpens my reasons for supporting Arsenal.

  75. @BILL FROM MANHATTAN Got to say this. Agree with much of what you say but…much prefer your comments minus all the profanity.

  76. GoingGoingGooner

    ‘Agree with much of what you say but…much prefer your comments minus all the profanity.’

    BILL FROM MANHATTAN is always worth reading and his full use of the more down to earth words found in the English language only adds to the quality of his posts. Bill, I love the way you hit the nail firmly on the head with your direct, to the point remarks, you get my vote every time.

  77. GoingGoingGooner

    You’re probably right, but at least I’ve kept it polite all the way through ( despite some heavy shit ) and think the American Goat is pretty typical of his breed.

  78. Enjoyed this article Blacksheep…..look forward to the next ones in the series….as you say…wonder how the lot down the road will react?
    Quite a reaction provoked….on a number of levels!
    To me, Liverpool are THE media club, and always have been in my lifetime at least….but they do have their rivals. Thought the media coverup on the cheating of Suarez last season was telling, as was the way they reported our bid for said player.
    But the punditry world is full of Liverpool ex players, with a fair smattering of ex Spuds and Mancs…..shame some of our ex players as pundits don’t show just a tiny little bit of the loyalty and bias of the aforementioned, yes, you wrighty, merse, Robson, smudger……and sadly, Mr T Adams increasingly.

  79. BILL, it was my issue at that moment so my problem, and I agree with your sentiment 100% and 9 out of 10 times I might have even used the same language,perhaps not on the board but certainly off it, like I said it was that I had been laughing almost for five minutes(literally) at the total absurdity of whats happened today due to Micks brilliant summary of Oldgroovers wind ups, in fact my post at 9.17am or thereabouts predicted what would happen today, and it did.
    And I also agree again with Mick that youre posts often hit the nail on the head and plenty of times Ive liked it when youve said things straight and been glad youve done it, and further agree with what you wrote at 6.39pm.My wrong.
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  80. I am a school teacher and I find myself dealing with pupils using colourful language on a regular basis. Too their surprise I explain that it is my belief that profanity is, for lack of better word, an added layer or tone to a discussion. Rarely are the words spoken meant to be taken literally. It has its place. If caught in a back lane by a thug, I would use it/have used it get out of that situation. That is an appropriate use. If it is over used in daily conversation it ceases to be useful much like the continual use of upper case letters, exclamation marks, emoticons or textspeak. It becomes banal. Even the emotional point is dulled. My comment is that it is easier for me to understand someone’s comments (in this case BILL FROM MANHATTAN’s) if there were less profanity (perhaps one or two well placed epithets).

  81. Actually I really love Liverpool, since their comeback CL final win against AC Milan in 2005, which for me represented all that is great about British football. That said, I and most other Gooners are NOT obsessed with Liverpool, but rather the Spuds, who we enjoy beating each season……and who we have finished ahead of since 1995. All other teams are more a curiosity than an obsession for us.

  82. @ Blacksheep – Am waiting with baited breath for your article on the Spuds ! Did anyone notice that they are on top ? No ? Oh, ok .

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