Who will we lose or is already lost by now

by Walter Broeckx

Untold Arsenal is a positive blog. We always look at things in a positive way.  We don’t believe that moaning about the players and managers 25 hours a day is first of all making any difference and secondly will change anything. So why moan and make yourself and the rest of the world unhappy when it doesn’t really change anything.

But of course Untold Arsenal also has their moments of moaning. And once again we have a good reason to moan. Not because of Arsenal not getting the result we wanted/hoped for as that is just the way football has been as long as it has been played.  No our moan is for the eternal return of bad and corrupt things from the utterly bad and corrupt organisation that is called Fufa. Usually with a big Fick in front of their name. Well over here it is.

So who will we not see back any time soon in an Arsenal shirt because they might or probably will get an injury while playing for their beloved country?

Here is the full list of players and in which games they could get their injury. So you can set your alarm clock at the end of the day to see who is injured and who escaped injury but will probably be exhausted from playing too much or at too difficult times.

Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere have been called up to Roy Hodgson’s England squad for their Euro 2016 qualifier against Slovenia and their friendly in Scotland. Matches : England v Slovenia, November 15 and Scotland v England, November 18. A count makes it 6 possible casualties.

Wojciech Szczesny has retained his place in the Poland squad for their Euro 2016 qualifier in Georgia and their friendly against Switzerland. Matches: Georgia v Poland, November 14 and Poland v Switzerland, November 17. 1 possible casualty.

Lukas Podolski has been called up to Joachim Low’s Germany squad for their Euro 2016 qualifier against Gibraltar and their friendly in Spain. Matches: Germany v Gibraltar, November 14 and Spain v Germany, November 18. 1 possible casualty as the other one is already out. (Özil)

Aaron Ramsey has been named in the Wales squad that travels to Belgium for the next stage in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign. Match: Belgium v Wales, November 16. 1 possible casualty.

Alexis Sanchez has been called up to the Chile squad for their friendlies against Venezuela and Uruguay. Matches: Chile v Venezuela, November 14 and Chile v Uruguay, November 19. 1 possible casualty.

Santi Cazorla has been named in the Spain squad for their Euro 2016 qualifier against Belarus and their friendly against Germany. Matches : Spain v Belarus, November 15 and Spain v Germany, November 18. 1 possible casualty.

Joel Campbell has retained his place in the Costa Rica squad for their friendly against Uruguay.  Uruguay v Costa Rica, November 13.  1 possible casualty.

Tomas Rosicky has been called up to the Czech Republic squad for their friendly against Iceland. Czech Republic v Iceland, November 16.  1 possible casualty.

If we add all that we have 13 players who could be out after the international break. As for the moment we already have 6 players out with injury no need to worry of course. (sarcasm mode)

Lucky we have a few players who stopped being part of this madness for various reasons.  But from our last starting line up only 3 of them will not be involved if I can count correct. Those are Per, Monreal and Flamini. So we could be hoping that they will be ready for the next match in some 10 days time.

So here you have it our moan about what might happen. And given our past the chance of at least one and probably more than one player coming back with an injury is bigger than all of them returning in excellent health and condition. Alone the travels will be difficult to digest certainly for our South American players.

So here we go again. Biting our finger nails, crossing our fingers, hoping for the best, fearing the worst. But one thing is for sure for most Arsenal supporters the international breaks are not really something we look forward too. Of course if you do like your country playing international football I hope you enjoy it.  But not really me.

Of course it could happen to other teams also. They could also lose some players. But as with SAF when he managed MU some  players suddenly get an injury and have to cancel their international match and then when the season starts again they are miraculously cured. Costa was not called up by his former Real Madrid collegue/manager, Cesc came back and it will be interesting to see how serious their injury was. And how on earth some teams come away with that and Arsenal never seems to do it.

For Arsenal players it is usually the other way round.  They leave with a little niggle and then come back completely messed up.  And we can miss them for weeks or months. But that will probably be the fault of Wenger also when a player gets injured when playing for his national team.

If there is one thing that I completely dislike it is international football.


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  1. I guess we can put another match to rest. Welbeck bags a brace and Gibbs a yellow. Wilshere and the Ox seem to have come through okay from what I can find.

    As far as other teams with international players goes, Roy Carrol got less than 24 hours between playing for Northern Ireland and Notts County.

  2. What can we do? Internationals have to be played. And the players involved want to play those internationals. The international is the pinnacle of every player carrier that is used to measure their high standard of being at the very top of the game. Danny Welbeck has just scored for England and Arsenal. Great! That Rooney’s penalty call look too soft to me for the Ref to point to the spot. I think Rooney went down too easily. Three Gunners: Welbeck, Wilshere and Gibbs started for England. I will like to see Walcott come in at a stage in the match. Arsenal’s Welbeck has just scored his 2nd. I am watching the game live in my bedroom. I hope Welbeck will score a brace against his former club when they come nocking on the Emirates turf. Oga Tony, don’t worry too much. All the Gunners will return intact from their international duties by the mercies of God for Arsenal. The Gunners shall re-start their title challenge by binding the red devils and take arch red devil Rooney, arch red devil Higuain and arch red devil Persie captives. Arsenal 3-0 Man United FT 90+. Oga means master in Nigerian local dylet while Ogas is masters. My beloved Super Eagles of Nigeria beat Congo DRC 0-2 this evening to move closer to picking up a ticket for the 2015 Afcon Championship. I am elated! But you need to see Enyeama. He saved a penalty that would have given the Congolese the equalizing goal. Why can’t the boss sign Enyeama? Enyeama is toply good. The England game has ended some 6 munites ago with Oxlade coming on in the closing stages of the game. 4 Gunners were today played by manager Roy Hudgson. I have moderated my first posting. I am sorry for the errors on it.

  3. Obviously this situation is entirely brought about by the manager! If AW knew what he was doing then he’d only sign players that have retired or aren’t good enough for international football!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Hate the interlulls. Is that five or is it six already this season? Really wish more of our players would retire from the increasingly meaningless games that in general are international football.

  5. Biggest problem is that when a high percentage of your players are away you have no time to work on your shortcomings, which The Arsenal have at present

  6. Strange times these.
    The Faroese even took some time off killing pilot whales and beat the mighty Greeks!
    What next?
    The recently confirmed dependant province of North Britainshire beating former World Champions (yawn) England next week?

  7. Tony’s thread.

    The Guardian has an article (among many) looking to pressurize Bladder to resign from FIFA.


    San Marino gets a point.


    Presumably, this talks about Lichtenstein winning. I don’t read Italian. 🙂


    Heck, I am over 2 URLs, might as well go for the last one. Who knows, maybe Walter reads some of this? Heck, Nicky probably knows where the best sausage places are in the vicinity of Gibralter anyway.

    Gibralter only lost 0-4 to Germany. A report from Spain (in English):


    Even though that last one is in English, it (the newspaper page) has a section at the top on “Dining Secrets”.

    I can find “German” articles from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, …. I can find Portuguese articles from Brazil, and Spanish articles from Mexico. You think I can find an article originating in Gibraltar, or a Spanish article from Spain? No. Nein.

    Gibraltar is a small place. Maybe there isn’t room to raise pigs? I see lots of mention of chicken sausage online.


    Okay, Gibralter has a radio/tv site which noticed the close score.


    Good night from NW Canada. Hopefully Brickfields will be along soon.

  8. Hope to god that Roy does not select ANY Arsenal player against the ‘robust’ Scots.

    It is absolutely vital that Theo does not get on the pitch…….we have waited so long!!!!

  9. Call it as it is I say!
    The Republic should get the 3 points from Friday’s game as it can’t be seriously called an ‘International’. More like playing Yorkshire.
    Oh well.

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