Benik Afobe – and others who might join Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

There is of course transfer news and transfer news – much of it made up by drunken hacks meandering around parts of East London, unable to believe their luck at having a job in which they invent tripe, get paid for it, and find (amazingly) that people believe it.

Indeed as one such personage put it to me last week, “the only thing that could beat this would be working on the government’s economic policy.   It’s the same task of making up crazy stories and finding people believe them, but the pay is better and the wine is of higher quality, and bankers give you money not to tell the truth.”

Meanwhile the transfers rumble along and it ain’t long before another window opens to the sound of shattering glass.

However in the razzmatazz let us not forget two of our valiant loanees – Jenkinson ploughing his way around West Ham and Benik Afobe at MK Dons.

You know all about Jenkinson, so I won’t take up your time on him – he could indeed come back next season a wiser man, but Benik Afobe can more easily be forgotten by those not following loans regularly, given that he is playing in the third division.

MK Dons who own the stadium that Tottenham now covet. are third in the league, two points behind the leaders with one game in hand, thanks in part to Benik Tunani Afobe, now aged 21.

He has played for Huddersfield (28 games, 5 goals), Reading (3 games), Notlob (20 games 2 goals), Millwall (5 games) and Sheffield Thursday (12 and 2).  But it is now in Milton Keynes that he has come to life.  He has scored nine goals in 17 games in the league, and knocked in a couple when MK Dons beat Man U in the league cup.

In June 2011, Benik joined Arsenal’s first team Pre Season squad and was also called up to replace Danny Welbeck for England u21s in August, however he could not play because of a groin injury.

So Benik could perhaps be with us next season especially if our other forwards start to leave (see below).

But as for now, Arsenal have nothing to say about forwards and instead have agreed that they are watching Ipswich Town defender Tyrone Mings, who is also 21.  Mr Wenger said: “He is one of the young players we follow,” so there you are.

He is a left back who can play in the centre, and it is said that Arsenal see his future in the centre.  Chelsea and Crystal Palace are also interested and it was reported in the summer that Palace’s bid of £3m bid was rejected – and indeed Mings went on to be Championship Player of the Month for September.

Mings has played for Southampton in their academy, at Bristol Rovers (but didn’t get into the first team) and then with Yate Town and then Chippenham Town before moving to Ipswich for £10,000.

It is also reported that last year on Christmas Day he worked feeding the homeless.

Meanwhile there are tales to the effect that Arsenal are going to offer £15m for Morgan Schneiderlin (but that is in the Express and you know what that means).

The Star says that Cruzeiro midfielder Luca Silva won’t join Arsenal and will go to Real Madrid and Talksprout say that Inter Milan are ready to buy Joel Campbell.  The Express also have a man in the Inter camp and his sources say it isn’t Joel at all but Lukas Podolski they are after.  Easy to confuse the guys.

We are also said to be going for Colombian striker Jackson Martinez but his agent says no deal.

Alan Pardew is afraid, according to the Mail, that Moussa Sissoko could go to Arsnal.  Ah well.  Fear is a terrible thing.

And while thinking of fear, let us reflect on the fact that the Evil Entity known as The Shawcross has issued a warning (no less) Arsenal will be walking into a hate-filled bearpit in our next match.

That’s in the Sun, which is well known for its hatred, but I don’t think we had to read that to know either about Stoke or the Vast Totality of the Darkness.  We’ve seen it before.

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14 Replies to “Benik Afobe – and others who might join Arsenal.”

  1. would love to see Afobe get a chance at some point, and to be honest, was a bit baffled as to why we let Jenks out on loan. He can play RB and CD, take Wengers point that he needs games, but with our injury record, it will have only been a matter of time…and the rest is history as they say. Still,all in the past now.
    Wonder if Mings is one of Wengers clever diversionary tactics?
    Note the AAA are up in arms over the thought of Diaby getting a new deal, guess something must have been reported along these lines somewhere

  2. Our players still talk to the SUN and Talkshite!

    Do they not read or listen to the abuse hurled there way by the likes of those 2.

    Talkshite openly encouraging Stoke players to assault Arsenal players and giggling in the face of past events is quite simply shocking and SHOULD NOT GO UNCHALLANGED BY ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.

    Even if they feel they cannot overtly challenge it at least withdraw any arsenal player or official from ever talking to them again.

    Truth be told the SUN and Talkshite may not care 1 iota. So effin what. It just makes me sick to hear them say what they say then see Wilshere or the Ox give them an effin exclusive.

    I wont hold my breath.

  3. We let Jenks out on loan because we already have too many players, for champions league quotas, hence when giroud returns in February, we already have to delist someone else, plus we couldn’t name macey as 4th choice keeper. We are also over our quota for epl.

    I still don’t understand why people don’t know the rules? They have been in place some 6/7 seasons now, but people still sit in ignorance!!!

    The same people will wonder why we let campbell go on loan yet retain sanogo, or will get angry if we have to sell podolski to bring in a new defensive player.

  4. I wonder what the odds are on Shawcross injuring a Arsenal player? Does that dick Charlie Adams still play for Stoke as well? If so my money would be on him also causing a injury.

    I really hope that we humiliate Stock tomorrow. That comment Shawcross made about Arsenal walking into a hate-filled bearpit is just fucking juvenile. Trust Stoke to try and use fear-tactics to try and get the upper-hand psychologically. Its a game of Football, not a boxing match for fuck sake..

  5. Some players bide their time in getting their fitness and form together and I hope Afobe can find his level with another loan to a PL club when he gets back. We have too many central strikers as it is. Olly,Danny,Yaya. That is not considering Alexi and Theo.
    When everyone Is it, we can see an outfield team o Debuchy,Chambers,Kos,Gibbbs. Ox,Ramsey,Wilshere,Gnarby. Theo and Alexi up top . That side will be overflowing with pace, we will concede 3 everygame but we will win 4-3 and 5-3 . how much fun will that be 😀
    It will last only till some one decides to step on theo’s toes just as he takes off, body check jack or stomps on ramseys shin.

  6. Mandy – Wenger said he would offer Diaby a new contract if he was fully fit in his interview. I am glad there are a few AAA who listen to the Lord Wenger.

    The Hate comment by Shawcross (he’s not that kind of player) is an invitation for Flamini to break his jaw.

  7. Jambug

    Well, I said this in a * Mail Comment piece :

    ‘Even if he’s long since been convinced, if he ever doubted it, he did nothing wrong on that day, it’s amazing his conscience allows him to take pleasure in making it as hostile as possible.

    Would he in a million years have made a challenge like that when he pulled on, and labored badly in, an England shirt?

    No way. Why? Because he knows the consequences would be terrible for him and because, presumably, the England management spend their time concentrating on trying to play football instead of, with not too subtle euphemisms, whipping crowd and players alike into a state which makes an injury like that so much more likely than it should be.

    But it’s a smart enough move from them. If refs are weak, and the media complicit, it gives the best chance of victory. And that’s all that matters’

    Predictably, they didn’t add it to the comments section and ,unlike slightly more reputable sites, it doesn’t even remain in your comments section. They just disappear em and in so doing allow the appearance of some sort of open debating space, when really it isn’t.

    I’ve tested my little theory about their moderation and they’ll let you post absolute rubbish, juvenile, insulting stuff. But not the sort of comment I made about Arsenal there. They do the same thing with politics,too.

    (when, in a moment of weakness-I have a few of them, especially where Durham is concerned- I tried challenging their Arsenal bullshit.)

  8. On the issue of Shawcross; I would quite happily see us down to ten men with Flamini seeing red for breaking his [Shawcross’] jaw!!!

    Fact is Stoke played like tame sheep a couple days ago – was it only me who thought this?? There was very little difference in fouls between them and ManUre, and certainly none that were made with intent to injure…I bet there will be a stark contrast in behavior from them tomorrow!

  9. Stoke is a horrible Town, one of the most ugly places in the UK. They all have huge chips on their shoulders and they act like ignorant neandertals.

    They never got over Ramsey deciding not to accept Shawcross apology. Why should he? This is namby, pamby PC nonsense. Someone burgles my house and says sorry, I will fill him in and he’ll have to visit the hospital. An apology for a thug losing his head and going into a dangerous, reckless tackle that could have ended Ramseys career. Of course Shawcross didnt mean to break his leg BUT he did mean to make a bad tackle. He went in to be over aggressive but mistimed it. Horrible, reckless tackle that was down to Shawcross, nobody else.

    Why the media don’t condemn the behaviour of teh Stoke fans is beyond me. Instead, they seem to side with them. Shocking.

  10. Sorry to be off topic, but does anyone know whats happened to Gnarby? Last i heard he was meant to be coming back with Walcott and now hes seemingly just dropped off the face of the Earth. From what ive seen of him, he is a extremely exciting prospect!

  11. proudkev

    Alas my friend they are not siding with Stoke, rather just siding AGAINST Arsenal.

    If Shawcross brakes Alexis’s leg, kicks him in the nuts then stamps on his head they’ll have a go at Alexis for bleeding on his boots.

  12. @mandy.

    Maybe we sent Jenkinson on loan to perfect his trade as right back. He is a very good crosser. He has a little bit of defensive positioning to learn. At WestHam he can develop his defensive game. And I think Chambers was bought as future centerback. But injury to Debuchy did not help.

    Afobe, hez too good for that level now. Has he extended the loan there? If not, in January he’ll move to higher level. ARSENAL would want to.

    But I think his ARSENAL clock is clicking. With ride of Akpom, and introduction of Gnabry to the first team already, Afobe has to grab whatever chance he gets. Extending his loan at MK Dons may not , I repeat MAY NOT, be a wise decision.

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