Arsenal – Southampton: hard work got rewarded

By Walter Broeckx

Southampton had a great start of the season. And if my memory is still a bit what it was I remember that was also the case last season. Wenger pointing out that they lost a lot of players but kept the core of their team in midfield being important to keeping the shape of the team.  Arsenal who had to play their 3rd game in 7 days had a must win game. Certainly when you look at the results of the day before when all the teams around Arsenal won or picked up points.  So big pressure on Arsenal.

Arsenal started with Martinez in goal. Chambers – PerKos and Monreal at left back. Gibbs seemed to have recovered and was sitting on the bench.

In midfield we had Flamini, Ramsey and Cazorla. Up front Giroud was given a rest and Oxlade-Chamberlain played against the team where he got his first years in football and was partnered with Alexis and Welbeck. The first scare almost in the opening minutes when Monreal got his ankle clipped and looked injured but the Spanish left back could continue.

A very close start of the match. Come to think of it…it was a very close match between two teams who didn’t give much away. But a first chance came when Alexis released Welbeck. Welbeck took it with his left foot and it went wide to the goal. Maybe his right foot would have been better but his footing didn’t made that possible. On the other side Pelle fired over after a one-two just outside the penalty area.

For the rest of the first half the best chances came in favour of Arsenal. A low cross from the Ox, a backheel from Welbeck that went wide. Pelle had a shot from distance that took a deflection but Martinez held it nicely and gave the photographs a nice picture book save picture. And to round the first half we got an excellent chance after a Cazorla free kick that was headed towards goal but the Southampton keeper made a great reaction save.

The second half started like the first half was the whole time. Both teams trying to play quick football with high pressure all over the pitch from Southampton that made it difficult for Arsenal. So lots of lost ball between the two teams. Koscielny showing what a great defender he is with an important block when Southampton could have had a shot on goal. And what about Martinez? The young Argentinian goalkeeper was calm, confident and never looked in trouble. Not bad to have him as a third choice goalkeeper.

After some hard work Wenger found it time to bring in some fresh blood. So Giroud came on for Oxlade-Chamberlain. And with his first effort he almost broke deadlock but Foster could push it out. And a minute later Foster again blocked a goal bound effort from Welbeck.  Arsenal now well on top of Southampton but we had to be careful for the break as they looked dangerous at times but the whole team showed a great work ethic and defended in numbers when it was needed.

With some 10 minutes to go Wenger brought on Podolski for Welbeck. Meanwhile Alderweireld injured himself when trying to shoot from distance and Southamtpon having used their subs had to continue with 10 man.  But back to Podolski as Lukas was in the mood today. And when he is in the mood he can make things happening. Podolski was lively and threatened a few times but the ball wouldn’t fall his way to produce a great shot.  So let us try it with a cross must have crossed his mind.

And with a great cross some 4 minutes from time he found Giroud. And Giroud produced a great looping header. We at home and I think all the Arsenal supporters were already jumping from their seats to celebrate a goal…..and then suddenly Foster came with an amazing save and clawed the ball out of the goal. This was the moment when you say: OK, it isn’t going to happen today.

But because of our hard work and given the chances we made for ourselves we deserved more than a point. And in the last minute of normal time we got what we deserved. Giroud tried to make create an opening but a Southampton defender blatantly handled the ball with his. Sure this was a penalty. But for once the PGMO ref making a mess of the rules worked in our benefit. Because after the handball the ball fell for Ramsey who cut it back in front of goal and Alexis was on hand to push it over the line.

1-0 to the Arsenal and the crowd sang our good old song.

We made no mistake in defending the lead. In fact we had two other great chances to double the score. Ramsey couldn’t get past the keeper after being played in by Giroud but he lost his balance a bit and couldn’t convert it. And then finally Podolski with a low shot that just went wide.

Alexis was fouled just outside the penalty area in the final minute and Southampton couldn’t get near our goal since we took the lead.

A very important win. Another 3rd consecutive clean sheet. Koscielny and Per giving Southampton almost no chance at all to score. Great work ethic from the whole team against a good Southampton who showed that it is no coincidence they are in 3rd place. And yet they could not produce much chances.  Martinez with also his 3rd clean sheet in a row.

A hard fought team win with Alexis on the end of the hard work from all players out there.  They never gave up and that is the attitude one wants to see.


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  1. I thought the defence were superb today – after a couple of early scares Southampton didn’t get a sniff. And full credit to Monreal who I thought was outstanding, despite carrying a knock – has been superb in the middle since the Anderlecht game and now equally good in his preferred left back position. Thought Flamini had a good game in front of the back four.

    Going forward it wasn’t as slick. Ramsey is out of sorts – but confident will come good. Just need to be patient. The team looked jaded (as did Southampton) but got there in the end.

    Also worth noting the positive support from the fans. Apart from booing the decision to take off the Ox (who was also carrying an injury, which seemed to have been overlooked) the media – and some bloggers – will be disappointed at the lack of a crisis in the stands.

  2. What was weird for me, was that Southampton, who are normally a progressive football team, turned up as some kind of over-skilled Stoke mutant.
    They were committing fouls that I don’t think they would bother with in any other game.
    Is the “Arsenal don’t like it up’em” narrative SO deeply ingrained that even Koeman thinks it’s necessary to comply?

  3. What did we learn today?
    Arsenal will not get a penalty even the most blatant handballs are now somehow missed by the refs. Maybe lucky this time as we could score from his blunder.

    But just imagine if we would not have won it from there on and again the foul on Alexis moments later not being punished…. the AAA would be out to tell how Wenger must be sacked but ignoring once again the blatant “errors” (some might call it cheating) from the referees that could have cost us points. AGAIN!

    I’m getting sick of this. Surely it has to stop at some point. This is beyond ridiculous.

  4. Thoroughly deserved the win despite all the pundits on BT and BBC claiming Saints deserved a draw and strangely at the same time making their goalie man of the match. How many saves did Martinez have to make? One routine one as far as I remember. Oh and we are a one man team.
    Nice of Marriner to play the advantage so we could score!!!
    Any way we won so f**k’em.

  5. So they made Forster man of the match did they? Well according to the commentators our attack was absolutely atrocious and “extremely lacking” to use their own words. Fuck ’em.

  6. Just like Wenger to come up with three consecutive wins with no goals conceded to justify his position the senile c**t. Why the hell do we have to scrape a 1-0 when we could be winning 4-1 like Man City. I’m sorry, just winning is no longer good enough. For me, and for my playground friends, every win must be more than every other team. Every signing must ECLIPSE every other signing. Also I have a tiny penis.
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  7. Glad that the hard work paid off! This is getting ridiculous that Arsenal have not had a penalty kick this year. If we don’t get a pk on Saturday, it will be 10 months since we actually got a pk in the PL (Feb 8, 2014)!

    Chelsea have got 5 PK’s since then!
    City have got 6 PK’s since then!
    Liverpool 8 PK’s!

    According to the pundits, all we do is attack, but we can’t even get 1 PK in this time!

  8. @Mick …the pundits can eat crap for all I care. Despite the the constant fouls that were overlooked we dug in and it paid off finally. If not for their keeper arsenal should have won by at least 3 goals. That’s where I agree with the pundits. He was the most outstanding player from both teams regardless of who eventually won.

  9. The other point to make is that it seems a lot of the key officiating errors at home in recent weeks have all been at the same end (i.e. towards the away supporters), off the top of my head I can think of the Anderlecht offside, the Kagawa handball for Dortmund, tonight’s handball before Sanchez scored; is there a ‘blind spot’ at this side for some reason? Or are the officials being ‘unsighted’ by something there? I think I make that 12 possible penalties for Arsenal in all competitions, of which only ONE was actually given (at home to Anderlecht)! And yet if you bring that up with people it gets brushed under the carpet, including some Arsenal ‘supporters’ – I am almost at the stage where I don’t want to say I am a Gooner to other Arsenal fans because they then moan about everything EXCEPT refereeing decisions which are a massive contributory factor to our distance off the pace in the Premier League…

  10. I actually enjoy in this kind of matches. Our defence did excellent job to prevent clear-cut chances and Martinez has been really impressive in the last three games. It’s great to have Santi back in shape. He resembles of that Santi from 2012-13 that was pulling all the strings in our team.

    Giroud was excellent but I still think he’s going to have a super-sub role for a while due to lack of match fitness. Podolski looked lively.

  11. AAA where are you? Oh that’s right WE WON so no bitching or complaining from the rat pack but there’s always hope that we’ll drop points and boy will they attack like sharks smelling blood…..sad little mutant ninja turds!

  12. These last 2 days have been much nicer on Untold. First we had that outstanding article by TommieGun which I read every single comment (most of which were excellent) for a change. And then some nice wins…some nice articles and comments where people are genuinely behind the team. It was nice .. hopefully things continue : ).

  13. Great post as always Walter. But where are the moaners, the “Wenger doesn’t do tactics” brigade tonight? Under some rocks, I guess.
    Now, some name-calling would’ve been appropriate. But let’s spare ourselves the trouble. A very good win against the 3rd team on this log, parading the meanest defence so far, and some pathetic sorts call that anything but what it is. Great win, no less.
    Am very proud of the guys, and a hearty congratulations to UA. Well done.
    Should it surprise anyone that no penalty kicks is ever given to us? It is what it is, and it makes our victory a little sweeter. Shame to bad people.
    Let’s push on from here, and pay ‘Death Row Block FC’ back for last season on Saturday.
    Martinez is a revelation. Will push Schezza and Ospina a little hard, I think. And Wenger buys shit?

  14. Pete
    I am sure the booing was from Southampton fans,you know with the ox being an ex player of theirs. Our fans cheered him off.

    This trend of not awarding penalties is gravely concerning. We have seen some blatant handballs not even given a second look; yesterday, against dortmund, fabregas at the bridge, against hull in the fa final… too many blatant decisions ignored. Everyone else in the stadium sees these handballs apart from the officials. Hmmm, curious.

  15. It’s defo annoying with penalty decisions it tires me out shouting at the TV! almost got tonsillitis!

  16. How important is Giroud??…. I think hez destined to become an Arsenal great. What a team player. Those deft touches in and around the box, awesome. He stitches every thing into a beautiful ARSENAL fabric. With him everything becomes fluent.

    Giroud haters, thats one up your @&$#.

    And a thing about the way Southampton play. High pressing. Aggressive closing down. Looks good when playing against the teams that lean the skill to hold on to the ball. But when playing against the team like ARSENAL, that tire soon due to extra running (a lot) they have to do and end up with cramps.

  17. Great win and a hard day’s work all paid up in the end. It doesnt get any better to know that grit persistence and belief will get us our result even in face of massive ref adversity.
    Forster mom is a joke. They bloody lost the match … Whats next ? The goal post ? The ref ?

  18. Just checked the stats from the BBC, they had 6 shots and 1 on target, we had 19 shots with 8 on target. Again, the defending we good but the finishing poor. once we find out shooting boots, I think some teams are going to get hammered.

  19. As we have been told several times by those who know best, BvB, Manure & Soton are no ‘big’ teams…because ‘we cannot beat a big team’.

    Those who infest UA with negativity whenever we drop points are saddist, supporters of rival clubs and AAAA all rolled into one. That they come on UA to do it means they are insane.

    All gunners deserve every praise they can get after this win. Especially when it comes from AW and positive minded fans and supporters. We missed nothing from the media because we expect no praise from them. Yeah fcuk the media.


  20. Can we look at creating a stats link on untold arsenal like the matches won by arsenal in the EPL, champions league, trophies won, total qualifications to the CL. Also the performance of the referees whose overall performance can be looked at based on the ref reviews that has been done on untold arsenal.

  21. What made the win sweeter was Arsenal as the team which the highest ratio of cards per foul beat the team which the lowest ratio of cards per foul. Of course, this statement is nothing against Southampton but a slick slap on the faces of PGMOL, especially how we scored the winning goal.

  22. OMG,
    There is one to be found. But I will not publish it. It was directly aimed at your post.

    It contains 74 words.
    It contains 2 personal attacks. One for you. One for me. (wasn’t that a song in the seventies?)
    And he also gives a description of Wenger. In 5 insults. Could be more in fact.
    In fact more than 20 of the 74 words he used are insults. That is 27%. And then I was rather generous as I’m not that easy offended and I might miss a few insults because of my lack of understanding. 😉

    So sorry, but you can take such rubbish to wherever you reside and cry that we don’t publish it. As has been shown the last days our level is above that.
    And I think nobody really over here is interested in the same old insults thrown at Wenger or at OMG.

    For those who want to know it I was ‘a blind mercenary’. Could be correct. After all I’m a referee 🙂

  23. Reading the BBC report and they are hinting that the only reason we won was because Southampton when down to 10 men. I’m sorry, we won because he had more of the ball, more shots and more shots on target and eventually that domination worked.

    Why can’t the press every praise us?

  24. Id like to post a link here, please have a read.

    Also have a read at this quote, and keep it in mind.

    Even if this article seems very critical of Wenger, it is still a critique of him at the highest level. Wenger would be an asset for many or most of the teams in the world. He can play elegant football, has a good understanding of positional requirements, is a real football lover, displays integrity and loyalty, and knows how to keep spending within limits. Nevertheless, certain aspects must be critiqued;

  25. What I’m really happy about is that they took my advice and stopped aiming shots at the keeper 😉 Seriously now, Forster had to use the whole length of his arms to keep it out of the net. Until he couldn’t do it any more.

  26. I now pray that in the next 5 matches, Chelsea draw two and we win all. Our recovery would then be complete.I thought yesterday was a nice rehearsal for Stoke. If we manage a win, we’re bound to make up ground on one or two teams around us.

  27. IS it just me or do the majority of opposing keepers have world class displays when they play us?

  28. @jweeraga – If we can be within 5 points come the end of January, I think we have a fighting chance. All the players should be back and I am hoping Wenger pulls a rabbit or two out of his hat in the sales.

  29. Will,

    Re gk-s: It’s probably an illusion caused by the bus parking we’re witnessing on a regular basis, which limits our shooting angles, coupled with the ktsooa on an even more regular basis, which… you know.

    We’re 13 points behind Cheatski, which by all standards is difficult to recover, so let’s just hope for a string of victories in the coming months. Other than that, the refs must have been well oiled, as they blow in the Chavs’ a**es every time.

  30. …strange that recently the frothy-mouthed swivel eyed loons (thanks again Mandy for that one!)were nostalgic for 1-0 to the Arsenal, and when they get that, its time to moan again.
    mjc 12.28am–spot on mate!Cracked me up laughing, more please!
    Arvind 4.08am-its true..will it last?
    COYG etc

  31. Just watched MOTD.

    Nobody who watched that can come to any other conclusion than, as well as Southampton defended, Arsenal thoroughly deserved this win

    As ‘Will’ pointed out:

    Arsenal had 19 shots, 8 on target,

    Southampton had 6 with just 1 on target.

    That is comfortable in anyones book.

    As I pointed out on another thread our last 3 PL matches have produced:

    Arsenal 59 shots with 22 on target.

    MU,WBA,SUT 26 shots with just 4 on target.

    Statistics that would usually produce 3 comfortable wins instead of just the 2 tight victories and 1 defeat that they have.

    We are playing pretty well, with patches of brilliance, and it is those patches of brilliance that are the key. When you have those moments you MUST punish the opposition, but through a combination of poor finishing, fantastic goalkeeping, (2 MOTM performances from MU and SUT)and blind refereeing, we’ve failed to capitalise.

    But surely our luck has to turn and once it does we will give someone a right stuffing.

    By the way, I didn’t think MOTD comments that bad.

    As for BT, I switched off before that lot got going (although had it on long enough to hear that Wanker Ian Wright trying to sell Alexis already, that man wright really is a c**t) because I already know the shite they are going to come out with.

  32. Good and deserved win against a solid well organised Southampton team.

    This team has displayed good attributes in our recent matches, many of which are not always associated with Arsenal. Finding the resolve to dig out a result in this way will hopefully contribute to a return in some much needed confidence within the team.

    No time to dwell though, Stoke and Anthony Taylor await.
    If you thought refereeing couldn’t get any worse…….

  33. Thoughts on the game. Same issues persist, but we have enough quality to get away with it as we are better than 90% of the league. Southampton came with a plan but that plan needs a high level of concentration to execute for 95 minutes.

    Our struggles will continue like this throughout the season, one positive however is that against the bigger sides, or the 10-20%, we are looking to play differently and that gives us a chance for points.

    Still a way to go but we can make 4th or 3rd this year.

  34. Walter,
    A referee will allow advantage, but if there is none within a few moments, play will be stopped and brought back and a free kick awarded.
    Could this have been the case where the ball was handled just before our goal?

  35. Nicky

    The referee is in camera shot and at no time looks as though he is even considering blowing for a penalty. Surely he would of instinctively raised the whistle to his lips? Also his body language in no way indicated he was preparing to blow his whistle.

    Maybe Walter thinks different but I would say there was no way he was ready to give a penalty.

  36. I had four Southampton supporters behind me on my walk to the tube station after the game. They all said that Marriner was the most useless referee they had seen all season. Their inference was in the way he treated Southampton. I assured them that he was far from the worst we have seen this year but readily agreed that yes he was useless.

  37. “Lucky win against a good Southampton team. Performance thoroughly mediocre though.”

    Hard to imagine sounding less pleased about a win, and you’d best believe that fellow and his ilk would find nothing- nothing- positive about a performance in which we were dominating, producing lots of energy, skill and chances, conceded an unfortunate goal- which involved an offside,a foul and- for the hatrick- an own goal, and went on to lose the game.

    No, in that case, result is all, is everything, and the fact we created so much but didn’t win, merely underlines our failings. Whereas not playing with anything like the fluency and energy of that game, but managing the win while hardly giving the opponents a sniff at goal, well, that’s nothing to be pleased about, that’s lucky or a crack-paperer.

    Piers Morgan-yep, it was him- is the exemplar for me of the modern fan who serves to raise the question of what the hell a fan is, and whether ‘fan’ and ‘supporter’ are adequate terms any more, or if some new ones are needed for a new and different category of…watchers?

    Results are not sufficient for them, nor performances containing much good which unfortunately don’t yield a good result, so clearly only a good performance and a good result will do, or rather a very long series of such events, all of it watched over by someone who feels it is their due, and that anything less is an affront to them. Imagine being raised by such a being, or having one as a friend or a boss, or going into battle as a football player knowing that many of those watching you view the game this way.

    I feel things are in the balance at the moment and a few poor results could see this way of viewing the game truly take over with the crowd.

    I have to acknowledge at this point that I am not one of those who will be in it, and am merely an Arsenal obsessive from the other end of the country (or rather the country attached to the country), and that I fully acknowledge the extra rights forking out your money and actually being there grants, but boy I hate the prospect of this period playing out in front of increasing numbers of watchers in the Morgan sense.

    To those who went to the game, am I wide of the mark here? Was last night merely bloody cold or something? Was it a case of me being a bit off on the night and somehow transferring it to the crowd (don’t laugh, please, I feel that sorta things possible)?

    Finally, I am well aware of the difficulties in generating a loud, positive atmosphere. I’ll remember for life the feelings the dirge-like ‘Waaales, Waaales’ gave me when I went to some of their games. My feeling was ‘whoa, this atmosphere is not good, and that chant seems to both sum up the difficulties and to make it worse, but I don’t know how to improve it, don’t know what noises I could conceivably make nor how to show support unless we do something really good and I can join the rest in making noise.’

    I suppose I’m conflating stadium noise with that other issue of what a supporter is- the person who wants only on any occasion to see their team prosper, and who sees their duty as fighting through good and bad with them; or the person who feels the job of a team is to give them pleasure,that their duty is to understand a sort of minimum requirement from the team, and that they will withdraw that support if not satisfied.

    Well, those who go to the ground and want to do everything to support the team ,as I understand the term, but who sometimes find it’s not easy to do, I’m rooting for YOU. We’re in a fight, fellas (and ladies, if any come here to consort with likes of us), and every little contribution you can make is a good one in my book.

  38. AL – To be clear, the booing was of the decision to take him off (i.e. a section of the crowd wanted him left on) – unsurprisingly, the Ox did get a good reception as he was replaced. At the time, we were debating whether Giroud would come on for Welbeck or Ramsey, neither of whom had had a good game, on reflection, the fact that he was carrying a knock may have been a decisive factor.

    Sanchez looked tired – but I was correct in my assertion to my neighbour that Wenger left Ramsey and Sanchez on “because they could get a goal”!

  39. Rich – just ignore Morgan. He is an attention-seeking idiot. His views on football are utterly worthless – his lack of knowledge and insight are painfully obvious.

    Personally thought the atmosphere was quite good last night given that we were not at our best and the night was frustrating. The crowd, at least in the North Bank, never stopped vocally supporting and I think it did make a difference. Credit also to the away fans who filled their section on a cold midweek evening and were very vocal and supportive.

  40. Pete.

    From my view, and it was my comfy sofa, I thought if anyone was to go off it would of been Ramsey, who never really got going, or the Ox, who started well but was anonymous for me after the first 15 minutes.

    It was no surprise to me when he was taken off.

    It was also no surprise that sections of the crowd booed.

    well, lets be honest, it would be a surprise if they didn’t. Sadly that’s how it is with some Arsenal fans. There just not happy unless there unhappy and ‘booing’ someone or something.

  41. Pete,

    Cheers for response and for letting me know the score about the atmosphere*. Food for thought for me as my impression was of a lot of unease (ha, bad news is ,then, that I guess it may have been internal to me)

    And yeah, Piers is definitely best ignored. Didn’t go seeking him out, he just happened to be on gossip page of bbc website which I look at most mornings, him being our designated fan representative in media eyes.

  42. It was quite noticeable that in two recent performances the opposing keeper got man of the match . De Gea who got a series of back passes on the floor got beaten by a shot into his top right hand corner. Then Forster at 6foot 22 got them all at a good height about waist high and up got beaten by a shot on the floor.Horses for courses I suppose had we shot like against De Gea last night probably 2 or three might have gone in.

  43. On the atmosphere again, clearly most fans were frustrated at our inability to impose ourselves on Southampton for long periods (thinking first 20 minutes of second half for example) but, at the same time, they could see and understand that the team were (i) tired and (ii) severely depleted. Therefore the crowd understood that the right thing to do was to SUPPORT the team – and they did. And it may have been decisive?

    I also thought that the crowd were tolerant of mistakes – in particular Ramsey who, let’s be honest, was having a stinker. But this happens – players need support. I hope Ramsey’s assist will help rebuild his confidence – because boy do we need him over the next few months!

    And, as they always say, to win when playing badly is a good sign. Particularly when the opposition are 3rd in the League…

  44. whoosh what a display,guys i ws of the view mine only that its high time if The Prof gives Martinez the FA cup,Ospina the champions league and number one goalie Szcze

  45. Because as last season wenger used different keepers in different matches,as of getting a penalty guys forget,the refs have orders from above not to give arsenal any penalty and who ever gives it will be fired.

  46. Kampalagun

    “of getting a penalty guys forget it, the refs have orders from above not to give Arsenal any penalty and who ever gives it will be fired”

    It sure feels that way !

  47. Idiot of a so called Arsenal fan wants Big Sam to replace Wenger. It’s bad enough that he holds this view he then went on BBC radio to let the rest of us know.

  48. Totally unsurprised by the BBC…..again. Phil ‘one brain cell’ Neville scientifically deducing that “the way this season’s gone” Man U and Southampton will easily finish in the top four at our expense. Radio Five saying Arsenal scraped a lucky late win. WTF

    We had more shots on target than any team this week and restricted the opposition to less shots on target than any team this week and twice in 10 days goal keepers have been declared MotM against us……………yep, that makes us very, very lucky!

    I seem to recall regularly hearing the BBC say that when Man U get a late winner (even if they’ve played poorly) it’s their “never say die attitude” and that “they deserved the win as the never gave up” and “gave their all right up until the final whistle”. Yet with the stats above we were lucky. MotD even showed a stat of how goals we’d scored in the last five minutes of games this season. On the radio five phone in last night, they were even inviting Arsenal fans to call in with their suggestions as to who should take over from Wenger……..are they for real?!!!

    I even heard a phone in the other day where this really intelligent (lol) AAA spent five minutes slagging off AW for having no abilities whatsoever and when asked who he would want instead said “Alan Pardew”…………………..I laughed so hard I had to go and change my trousers.

    What the hell are these people on?

  49. Another clean sheet, a few of my nails chewed and more stress for the 90 mins. We won and that’s what is very important. Having said that, I was still not convinced with the performance. It required OG to come before all the gears got into synchronization. That’s a worry. Welbecks understanding with Oliver looks great. Lets keep the focus for the next game.

  50. Mike

    I used to live in hope that in the end, one day, the anti Arsenal tirade would abate.

    An extremely forlorn hope as it transpires.

    Alas this season it has got even worse, if that where possible.

    The way our media behaves towards Arsenal simply beggars belief.

    The way a lot of our fans, and nearly all our ex players, especially the British ones, are complicit in all this is, quite simply disgraceful.

  51. sums it all up perfectly Walter. Good three points against a difficult opponent,great team work and work ethic despite some being clearly a bit leggy as would be expected. Dramatic end to the game from a special player, despite the best efforts of the PGMOL.
    Shame some of our so called fans cannot be happy at the last three wins with clean sheets, just does not fit their agenda or view of the world. shame.

  52. to hell with Piers Morgan, he should stick to cricket and just continue his love fest for one of the most talented, yet divisive players in South African…sorry..English cricketing history.
    If anyone feels annoyed with him, just search for a clip of what Aus fast bowler Brett Lee does to him in the nets…think it amounted to several cracked ribs and a broken wrist for starters!

  53. Why is Morgan an authority, oh thats right because he says so and is a posh chappie.Hes like that bloke called Elvis who works down the chippie…
    COYG! etc

  54. It is funny how every time we win it has to be attributed to the other team doing something wrong or us being lucky.It is getting a bit boring now.

    The AAAA and the media are in complete denial – it’s so predicatable.

    Fact: That was a one sided game of football, with only one team playing to win. It is not easy breaking down a team that defends deep with everyone behind the ball. For the ugly half of the Neville sisters to say Arsenal were lucky to win and then compliment Southamptons defending, is hilarious. He must have worse vision than the poor woman that married him.

    Their defence allowed us 8 shots on goal and a further 14 that were either blocked or were off target. Southampton had 1 shot on goal and Martinez was a bystander. Forster was given Man of the Match. These guys are nuts.

    You’ve got more chance finding some bloke in a red suit with a huge white beard chomping on an out of date carrot on Christmas Morning, than you have Arsenal being treated fairly. I’m not joking.

    When we played Chelsea, they had two shots on target and we got slaughtered. When we somehow lost to Man Utd, they had one shot on target. Nobody said we were bloody unlucky or defended well.

    On twitter, somebody posted the stats on the difference between money spent on transfers between us and the oilers. Surprise, surprise we had AAAA’s jumping in claiming the figures were wrong because they didnt show the David Luiz transfer – trying to discredit the numbers. To his credit, the Gooner who sent the figures pointed out these were up to 2013/14 season. He then pointed out that for the 2014/15 season, Chelseas figures were just a net spend of -£0.8, hardly anything to mkae a difference!

    And there is the proof that the AAAA are not interested in facts or justifiable excuses. All they care about is this stupid agenda. They have forgotten what it is to be an Arsenal fan. They side with rival fans, they ignore the huge financial disadvantage Wenger has had and they seem happy to slag off anything to do with our club. I notice today ‘that’ blog has decided to pick on Danny Welbeck. What is wrong with this idiot and his band of AAAA. Seriously, every bloody day they are picking on someone and insulting therm. I just do not understand how that is ‘support’.

  55. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Morgan is considered an authority because he slags Arsenal off. No more, no less. In fact, anyone prepared to slag off Arsenal is considered an authority.

    Conversely, you mark my words, should The Queen of England, Stephen Hawkin or Richard Branson declare their love of Arsenal they would each be deemed insane and marched off to Broadmoor toot sweet.

    Slagging of Arsenal, it’s the law don’t you know !!!

  56. proudkev

    “I just do not understand how that is ‘support’.”

    You and me both my friend.

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