How much do you really know about Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

The Arsenal History Society is currently experimenting with Arsenal quizzes in various guises, and we’ve put a new one up today.

To make life easier we’ve also added three possible answers to each question, rather than leaving you on your own.

Now of course I know that Untold readers are incredibly knowledgable about all things Arsenal so here are the questions without the possible answers (but there’s a link to the quiz with possible answers at the end just in case that is a help).

1.  Arsenal were directly implicated in the development of transfers and the introduction of the retain & transfer system in 1893.  But the new system quickly got out of control.     On 1 January 1908 a new maximum for transfer fees was introduced.  What was it?

For a bonus point, what happened next?

2.  The first day of January 1934 was a prelude to a black day for Arsenal, and football.  What happened?

3.  On 1 January 1968 Davor Suker was born. He was Real Madrid’s top man in his prime, and in his later years he came to Arsenal.  But who did he go to after Arsenal?

4.  On 1 January 1988 Arsenal appointed a new captain.  Who?

5.  On 1 January 1995 the News of the World ran the headline

“After 98 games, two years, four months, two weeks, two days, one hour and 19 minutes….”   What?

6.   On 1 January 2001, Charlton Athletic did something unusual.  What?

7.  On 2 January 1886 Selby played Woolwich Utd.  So what?

8.  On 2 January 1903 the Arsenal manager Harry Bradshaw faced trial in court.  What was it alleged that had he done wrong?   And what was the outcome?

9.  On 2 January 1965 John Radford became what?

10.  On 2 January 1970 Arsenal paid £100000 for a player for the first time.  Who was it who moved to Arsenal?

The full quiz, with the possible answers is here.

The answers will be published on the Arsenal History Society blog tomorrow.


10 Replies to “How much do you really know about Arsenal?”

  1. I remember entering some of the quizzes held in the old Clock End complex at Highbury. Some of the knowledge of the participants was extraordinary – although we didn’t do too badly when my mate’s Dad was drafted in to our team.

  2. I’ll be very honest and … blunt. I support Arsenal because of AW. I support the ethics, the principles and the style. If the new manager keep up the work, I would still support them. Sorry if I offended anyone. I just can’t see Arsenal without AW.

  3. As I love quizzes , and very often get most of it wrong , ( but my answers crack me up !Not sure what it does for you !) and still here I go on without aid . So here goes…

    1. 1,000 Pounds.
    2. Lost to a lower league team( Walsall?) in the FA Cup ?
    3. West Ham
    4. Tony Adams
    5. John Jensen scores ?
    6. Win ?
    9. A father for the first time ?
    10. Peter Marinello.

  4. I went with Brickfields on number one but see he got it wrong. Number 2 can’t be its too late number 9 in modern speak signed professional forms so big clue there I think
    For number 6 check the book.

    A question I like is this:

    Who scored Arsenal’s first goal in a F.A.Cup final?

  5. I am going to guess, that Colario has researched that answer. 🙂

    This is a question off the top of my head, there may not be an answer.

    Who is the first ex-Arsenal player to score against Arsenal in the FA Cup competitions?

  6. @ colario – Eddie Hapgood ?

    @ Gord – Ray Kennedy ? There was that many a replayed FA Cup game against Liverpool in the late seventies .

  7. @Brickfields. Chapman died in 1934 I think! I have not checked the records. But it was in the middle year of the three championships.

  8. You guys are wonderful. 🙂

    I said I was making up a question off the top of my head, and I didn’t know the answer. I will put it on my TODO list, and if I (or someone else) finds the answer, I will try to highlight it.

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