The Lies the Media Fabricate and The Gullible Fans Who Spread Them

By Bootoomee

I chuckled as I read Tony’s epiphany giving up on engaging the AAA in debates about the running of our beloved Arsenal Football Club. I have always gone with the less conciliatory approach of mocking when necessary because as an avid Internet comments reader and poster, I know for a fact that people who post comments online are almost always certain of the validity of their point of view. Engaging them in debates is a waste of time except when the debaters are of similar disposition. Of the thousands of debates that have been had on this site between the AKBs and the AAA, how many were concluded with a party conceding they were wrong? I still laugh at Jambug’s conclusion in frustration about debating “an embryo” from a couple of days ago. Tony, bless his gracious heart, is a magnanimous soul unlike yours truly but even he has finally given up.

This era is called the Information age and rightly so, but it owes its name in great part to the Internet and how it has virtually eliminated all the barriers between people across the world. (Well, people with Internet enabled devices and access, to put it more correctly). Sadly, however, far too much of the information on the Internet is nothing but lies, bullshit and gut wrenching stupidity. In the past, a liar or bullshitter would have a small audience and be able to do little damage. Now we have people like the man-child Piers Morgan shoving massive amounts of horse manure to millions via Twitter and through his job as a ‘journalist’. The only people that an opinionated fool like that could trouble in the past were those unfortunate to be in his immediate vicinity. Now all that has changed. Look at your Facebook timeline. Check out Twitter. And of course, come over to Untold after an Arsenal draw or loss. It’s got so bad that some of just stay away for some time after poor results.

In fairness, most of the crap on the Internet are not invented by the ordinary users. The lies, bullshit and gross distortions and misrepresentations are created by the media and unlike in the past when you could only repeat lies that you read in the papers to those around you, you can now help spread the bunk around the world in seconds with the least effort on your part. As I have said many times in the past, in articles and comments, the media is the problem. They are responsible for the lies which are sadly propagated by the masses of fools that our sad education systems have unleashed on the world. The talk of “debates” sounds good in theory but what’s the point of a debate in which one party’s position is not just their poorly thought out opinion but based on outright lies?

A very good case in point about media lies is in form of the headline in Tuesday’s Metro (and Daily Mirror among others) about Ospina saying that Arsenal are out to overtake Manchester City for second place. The headline screams: “WATCH OUT, CITY” followed by this gem in the 3rd paragraph:

“Arsenal, in third, can move within a point of the champions if results go their way tomorrow and goalkeeper David Ospina admitted finishing second is the Gunners’ new target” (emphasis mine)

This is followed immediately by an actual quote from Ospina:

We know we are close to them now but we need to concentrate on ourselves and not think about them”.

This is the 4th paragraph and in the 5th, he was quoted again:

It is game after game. We will keep doing our job, picking up points and then see what happens.” – The End!

All of Ospina’s words are emphasised by me but it is important to highlight this typical case of media dishonesty. Ospina was cautious, introspective and said what any sensible player should say in that instance. But the journalist, Gavin Brown, led the story with the exact opposite of what the player said. In which context is saying that you will “concentrate on your own game by picking up points and then see what happens in the end” interpreted as admitting to setting a target of finishing above anyone or in any particular position? This is an outright lie and a very transparent and easy to spot one too but I bet you that there are fans, Gooners and non-Gooners, who are going to be quoting the headline and the journalist’s false lead verbatim in future when it serves their agenda to do so.

It is in human nature to seek company of those who share our values, interests and life outlook. That is why many of us come to Untold, which is an unapologetic Arsenal fan site for those who want to support Arsenal FC, its players and manager without second guessing the professionals tasked with running the club, who have paid their dues and clearly earned our trust in them to continue to steer the affairs of the club towards progress. This is why I have been coming to UA since I discovered it via in 2008. When I feel strongly enough about an issue and have the time, I write articles to be published for the enjoyment (I hope) of my kindred spirits on the site. At other times, I join other proud AKBs to debunk the bullshitters and merchants of sadness who come here to call us names for having the audacity to not set our heads on fire every time Arsenal fails to win a game.

Untold Arsenal is a very biased website but an unbiased fan site is not a fan site. I am a virulently biased Arsenal fan and I don’t apologise for it. I love this club and I am ready to battle those who malign our players and attack our most esteemed manager. I particularly relish the fight when the attackers claim to be ‘season ticket holders’ who have been supporting the club since 1962 or thereabout.

But being biased, which I believe Untold is, is totally different from being dishonest which it absolutely isn’t. We are biased but we don’t lie and more importantly, we have intelligent debates here, especially amongst the regulars. The quality of debates in AAAless threads can be so good that I have seen many instances when lurkers would login to post comments just to commend the contributors. That is what I love most about this community that Tony has built and why I enthusiastically take on those who unfairly attack us with lies, distortions and stupidity.

Apart from the regular Untolders, I don’t engage in debates. It is a waste of time. The posters that we are often debating are not here to debate in the true sense of the word. They come here to chastise the regulars who are trying to stay positive after poor results for not being depressed like them. Or to question our sanity for continuing to support one of the greatest living football managers and the one who played the biggest role in making Arsenal FC the club it is today. In other word, they are here take the piss, to use the scientific term.

Maybe it will be a little easier to accommodate the repetitive claims if they were original or interesting but it is always the same old boring stuff that have been argued to death with some dollop of outright lies fabricated by the so called journalists as shown above. I am happy to see Tony finally decide to start cutting comments that make claims that aren’t evidence based or opinions that aren’t based on reality but intended only to cause arguments and depress readers who come to Untold Arsenal to read articles and comments supporting their beloved team. Considering that most of us just scroll past most of them, I think this is a great decision that will save everybody’s time keep the readers who come to Untold for what it’s all about.


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45 Replies to “The Lies the Media Fabricate and The Gullible Fans Who Spread Them”

  1. Good one there Bootoomee.

    I have always believed that people who come here to post negativity are seeking nothing but trouble. I am sure they would be stars on Le grove with their opinions. So if not madness, why do you come to a place you KNOW your negative views about Arsenal is not welcomed when can enjoy doing it where it’s needed.

    I can never comment on Le grove. What for?

  2. Another fine example on how the media creates false headlines could be seen yesterday.
    About the question who has had the biggest impact in his development and who he looked up to most, Hector Bellerin said that this was Bacary Sagna. So they tried to create a little storm by saying that this wouldn’t go down well with Debuchy and Chambers.

    But come on, Bellerin has been with us and has always seen Sagna as the first choice right back. And a good one! So it is obvious that he learned most of Sagna. How could he have learned from Debuchy and Chambers when they played at Newcastle or Southampton apart from seeing them on TV.

    Can I say what a great player this Bellerin will become… Please give him a 10 year contract now! 😉 Can I say… I told you so? 🙂 🙂

  3. Damilare,
    During this season a few of the negative commenters from Le Grove orchestrated a campaign against Untold and came in turns to bash us. Sad….really sad…

  4. For all the years that I’ve known Wenger, I’ve realized that this breed is someone different; someone who has reason above the ordinary level.Now, for such people, they, naturally, will be vilified for their non- mainstream ideologies.
    The media in England, and in my immediate constituency Nigeria, are clearly biased against Arsenal.What they dish out are misrepresentations, unsubstantiated reports and an avid chronic fault- finding.They’ve reduced Arsenal to the poster boy for complacency and inconsistency.Even when we find a momentum of good..even excellent run of results, they still spew out this jaundiced comments about Arsenal.

  5. Bootoomee

    A very enjoyable read.
    Agree with most of it, but a couple of things have particularly got my attention.

    ” I have always gone with the less conciliatory approach of mocking when necessary because as an avid Internet comments reader and poster, I know for a fact that people who post comments online are almost always certain of the validity of their point of view. Engaging them in debates is a waste of time except when the debaters are of similar disposition. ”

    Which brings me to the subject of Arsenal injury problems.
    I believe it is your position that Arsenal players only get injured because they get kicked off the pitch.

    Well, last night we had a player injure his hamstring , and as far I can remember, Gabriel hasn’t found himself on the end of a single tackle this could’ve been attributed to.

    Are you ready to perhaps allow some sort of modification to your Arsenal injury problem origins theory?

    A new signing, with no history of hamstring issues ( that I’m aware of).
    Played barely over a hundred minutes before going down injured.

    You could tell Arsene Wenger was annoyed by the reporters’ question regarding Gabriel’s injury.

    “He’s going to be out for 21 days , not years”, which was quite an unusual thing to say ,to be honest.

    Usually, one would expect the manager to say something along the lines of;

    “Big blow for the player , who was just starting to get a feel for the game” , or something along those lines.

    Gabriel’s hamstring injury doesn’t prove anything of course, although it does give ammunition to those who claim there’s something wrong with Arsenal’s training methods, but what it does prove unaquivacly, is that the kicking and fouling( we get more than our fair share of) are not the only reasons for our injuries.

    I’m also glad to see you say that UA is unapologetically biased towards all things Arsenal, which of course is as obvious as can be, but I’m expecting an angry post from Jambug any minute now , demanding the proof of that

    Again , good read.

  6. Terrific article Bootoomee, agree with every word.

    ‘Which brings me to the subject of Arsenal injury problems.
    I believe it is your position that Arsenal players only get injured because they get kicked off the pitch.’
    I am sure Bootoomee has never claimed that Arsenals injuries are ONLY, as you put it, caused by kickings. Unless you can show he has said that of course.

  7. Cheers Boo, good article, great passion as always!More articles please mate…

  8. It is the “official” Untold view that we get as other teams variable kind of injuries. Kicking and non-kicking related.
    In the kicking related we are far, far, far above anyone else. (Thank you MU, SAF, Mike Riley for opening the door)
    In the non kicking related injuries we are in the higher regions but not top.

    About Gabriel, he could have got a knock just before the injury was made clear by Zamora from behind though 😉 Zamora coming in from behind and Gabriel going down a few minutes before he had to go off.
    A bit sad because he looked good with Per to in those opening minutes and being under a lot of pressure from QPR.

  9. Walter
    Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck , and now Gabriel have all suffered hamstring injuries in their first season at Arsenal.
    As a matter of fact , the only new player who hasn’t , is De Buchy , perhaps because he’s been injured too much for other reasons.

    Ozil’s hamstring injury of particular importance , because it happened in the second minute of the Bayern game, so you couldn’t possibly attribute it to any challenge, unless of course he got kicked in the warm ups or coming off the bus 🙂

  10. @Tom

    Footballers at all clubs get hamstring injuries. Arsenal is no different. I recall this season Costa having a recurring hamstring problem for Chelsea. I’m not really sure what point you are trying to make.

  11. Tom is a certified physio who in his critiques past of AFC has been editing out the fact that most players and club also employ private physios and that private physios are a huge part of the sports industry.
    Why such a self-dec;ared expert would need att empt and fail to airbrush out an entoire sector of the physiothrapy industry from their critiques of Arsenal football Club I guess we’l never know 😉

    But like that poor old unemployed dutch physio i guess self-declared and certified expert above doesn’t hang out with the kind of freelancers in this huge industry parts of which they bizzarely and consistently ignore in their expert critques, the kind of freelancers who have worked for Van Persie, Vermaelan, the Jamaican sprint team etc. Not bad work as a physio, trips to jamaica etc. Sounds like fun if you can get the work 🙂

  12. @walters
    I am a regular reader of Legrove and i found it to be an Anti Arsenal side more than a pro Arsenal site. since i find UA i am happy to find that atleast this site is giving us a true picture of the club and a more positive approach towards the manager And players.

    Keep the good work going.

  13. On the topic of lies, and knowing I only read about the incident, but was Tim Krul’s “accident”, an accident? You look at the timing, and it sure could have been induced by some gambling syndicate.

  14. Great post.

    interesting that Le Grove is mentioned. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one of the books by Alex Fynn, and seeing Le Grove thanked in the intro tipped me towards no.

    Fynn has, I expect, been mentioned in articles past, and my reason for considering reading his stuff was mostly ‘know your enemy’ in origin.

    I think quite a few people have been influenced by him, and he seems untrustworthy in a particularly insidious way.

    Last week he was tweeting that there has been money to spend for the club all along. I tweeted him back that surely only a complete idiot could read that statement and not ask ‘yes, but how much money, is the only thing that matters’

    The free intro to his own book repeatedly mentions the reduced circumstances Arsene was working in, so why would an honest man, who presents himself as liking Wenger be putting those tweets out there about us having money and choosing not to spend it when such things are (a) incorrect, and (b) catnip for Wenger’s detractors? I think somebody abused Arsene’s trust and rightly lost what access to his time he once enjoyed.

    Legrove- I knew i had to keep well away from after the first paragraph or so.

  15. Boo said:
    It’s got so bad that some of just stay away for some time after poor results.

    I wonder, were you talking to me?

    Keep up the good work bro.

  16. Gord, don’t see it at all on that one

    Any keeper could have done that with the ball played to him under that pressure. Looked very natural to me. One of those where ,though it looks like the keeper and the player who put him in trouble have both made horrendous mistakes, they were actually really up against it to get the ball to safety. Nudge from Rooney was surely decisive.

    If you could freeze time, Krul could surely plot a way to receive the ball and an angle to get it away before Rooney gets to him. In a sense, we watch a version of the game where freezing time is the norm.

    Maybe a few buried memories of similar howlers from myself are leading to extra sympathy. I didn’t think Szczesny’s unfortunate moment against Southampton was half as bad as many did. Not understanding you have time when you do is the big no-no for a professional in my book.

    I think there are probably very few prem players (gamblers themselves, and one’s with serious debt problems) who would be willing to do anything that dodgy, and it would be hard for the world who would like to find them to find those few. Officials don’t earn a tenth as much, mind, and as we know operate in a much more secretive shadowy world.

  17. Another great article.

    It is quite remarkable that in an era when information and facts have never been more readily available some people choose to use them even less than they did previously. Believing something a bloke told you in a pub is considerably more likley to be true than some of the stuff written by people you’ve never met who put the word “FACT” at the end of every piece of fantasy they write.

    I’m someone from the older generation who actually is a lot of a technophobe. I would have no idea how to start a blog or of what the technical requirements are to do so. However, I would not for one moment believe that just because someone has a shiny webiste that makes them knowleadgable about anything other than shiny webistes. I therefore find it quite extraordinary that young people who should know better actually believe ony old garbage and never lift a finger to do some research of their own when they know how readily available information is nowadays. Perhaps it’s just a sign of a lazy generation in just the same way as is wanting instant success without waiting or taking into account that fantasy football isn’t actually the same as real football…..the clue is in the name!

  18. Good comments all round and thanks for reading guys.


    Your reply to Tom is very much appreciated. I have never said ALL our injuries are due to kicking. I don’t think any rational person will ever say that. I believe that we get more injuries than other teams in the PL because we get kicked a lot more than the other teams. I just refuse to look for the cause of our injury woes when the stats are right in front of me.

    Despite posting a largely complimentary comment, what Tom did here is why me and him disagree so much.

  19. I guess there are video highlights of the U18 versus Leicester on

    Things about Newcastle are strange. Ashley has been fined by the Scottish FA. There were apparently empty seats at the game (vs ManU) last night. Lots of them. Apparently Ashley doesn’t want to sell 42 pound seats, he wants to sell 42 pound seats along side a 35 (or so) pound yearly club membership. And I gather the same is true for the upcoming game when Arsenal visit Newcastle.

    Did ManU do something to get Newcastle to give them the 1-0 win at the last minute? Was there unusual gambling on a 1-0 win in the last minute? Does soemone have a big gambling debt?

    It looks odd. One hopes there wasn’t something behind it, but ….

  20. How main stream is London24?

    I can’t see that there are quotes involved, but to me the story is twisted.

    > How Hector Bellerin may have convinced Arsenal to sell Carl Jenkinson to West Ham

    The story starts with there isn’t room for Debuchy, Chambers, Jenkinson and Bellerin. At the beginning of the season, Chambers was to be of general usefulness at fullback, centreback and defensive midfield. Hence, the lie is that there are 4 players fighting for 1 position. It is probably true there are 3 players fighting for 1 position, next year. Look at this year, Debuchy certainly wasn’t planning to spend most of the year injured. And to go into next year with just 2 players for the one position probably isn’t a great idea, as a single injury can get out of control.

    Bellerin and Jenkinson are different kinds of players, there is no reason they can’t work in a reasonable rotation. Debuchy is an experienced defender at fullback.

    We have seen some people complain about Gibbs not having 2 feet. It reduces pressure when players have 2 feet and can play either side as fullback.

    Not only are there U18 video highlights, the first team highlights are out as well.

    Oh, you have heard that flash is a nightmare for security? Keep your player up to date, if you use it. Apparently Mozilla has been working on its own flash replacement, which is supposed to be in the newest firefox.

  21. @Goonermikey – “I therefore find it quite extraordinary that young people who should know better actually believe ony old garbage and never lift a finger to do some research of their own when they know how readily available information is nowadays. Perhaps it’s just a sign of a lazy generation” Please dont add to the abundance of ignorance with such a ignorant comment. Its such a cop-out to blame the next generation as it is done time and time again by each and every generation.

  22. Boo, nice article bro which made me laugh in my native language. Just today, I was debating with a fellow Arsenal fan who from his words I immediately realised is suffering from this media brainwashing. The media is indeed dissapointing.
    The last day I visited le grove was when he deleted my comment because I told him he was not supporting the club with his actions .

  23. Thank you for your post, Bootoomee. I have been a lurker on this site for over 2 years now. Your post and the wonderful work of Tony, Walter, yourself and this community prompted me to post. I am not a season ticket holder, I am from the USA, and I am a proud follower of Arsene Wenger because in my younger days I had a coach who strongly reminds me of him, especially in his style of man management. My old coach lifted me to improve my game and, most importantly, take pride in my game. The Arsenal are a special group of players, led my a unique manager. There is no other like him in the world. The world media would try to have us believe otherwise. Like the majority here, I will not be swayed by baseless accusations. The Arsenal do things their way – that’s why it is a special club. Untold gives me statistics and observations from those who go to the matches so that I can better understand what happened (if I’m not able to see the game firsthand). Although the state of world football leaves me with a soured attitude, I will continue to support all here at Untold for their tireless and meticulous work, and Mr. Wenger for making this a club worth my time. Now…back to lurking…

  24. Walter 9:38am,
    I suspected the same people were behind some of the cyber attacks on UA site last year. Are they obsessed or possessed by some hate demons?

    Joseph Koye 10:20am,
    Sports journalism in Nigeria is a classic example of lazy journalism. Those soft selling sports papers are nothing but internet cut and paste compilations.
    Last night at the viewing centre where I watched our match, a guy said ‘ Why did AW play Per: haven’t Wenger said he won’t play him again ‘? I queried when Wenger said so, he replied that he read in papers and someone else heard on radio.
    The media cook up the sh*t and the simpletons who outsourced their thinking to the media gulp it all down. No wonder it stinks when they regurgitate it.

  25. I seen another twisted football story today, but it wasn’t about Arsenal.

    Apparently Stoke is in the hunt to finish in the top 4 and secure Champion’s League football. 11 points behind ManU, and an even worse -20 (or so) goal difference, to make up over 10 games. Seems just a little unlikely. Nominally, asking 4 of 6 top teams to consistently do poorly in the last 10 games, in order for them to have a chance to sneak in.

    Well done! I appreciate the sentiment and citing examples in the media rather than just saying ‘I think….blah, blah, blah’. Directly after the early Monaco goal in the recent CL tie, Henry Winter in “The Telegraph” was calling for Wenger to be sacked! The game wasn’t a half hour old.
    When I first started following Arsenal in 1972 the media bemoaned ‘boring, boring Arsenal’. A year after the Double! Next it was ‘Arsenal are a bunch of thugs’. This lasted years until a ‘continental’ took over. It hasn’t stopped and probably won’t. It’s why we love Untold Arsenal. What I find laughable are the posters who comment on its’ Arsenal bias. Tony proclaims right in the banner: “Arsenal News; Supporting the club, the players and the manager”. How is that hard to understand?

  27. Leopard,

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    Less than a decade ago I was living in Nigeria and couldn’t see Arsenal play. Now go to the Emirates a couple of times every season. BUT it shouldn’t matter where we are and how often we go to games (if we go at all). Our opinion on this great club should never be bolstered or invalidated by geography or patronage. We are all Gooners and the only yardstick that should count must be our love for this great club and our willingness to support and defend it.

    Please post here more my Yankee brother!

  28. An excellent article Bootoomee, good to see you writing again.

    While it is wrong to generalize, I am beginning to think the lead/source for much of the rubbish that ends up in print originates from the media match commentators and “expert” analyzers – who seem to misuse their position of supposed neutrality to slant their reports, seemingly to the advantage of certain teams and to the disadvantage of Arsenal. The newspapers – tabloids, red tops and even the broadsheets follow this lead – as does much of the blog-sphere.

    In other words, a small number within the media are exerting a disproportionate influence on the football views presented to the public/fans.

    Strangely the clubs favored by the media seem to correspond to those clubs who seem to do well week by week from PGMO errors!

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Great read. You guys are lucky if you can refuse to debate with the aaa, I have a couple in my household. Not the frothing in the mouth Krazy Claude aaa, but more the milder version who happen to think our great manager is past his sell by……such is my burden.
    As for injuries, whatever the cause, the good news is that the club have announced a highly expensive upgrade of medical and fitness facilities, they are advertising for more experts, and wenger says they think they have identified Ramsey’s problems, so whatever your take, all good news.
    Alex fynn…..a smart and interesting guy, with some interesting experiences, but just get the impression he has an axe to grind with the club, think he wanted to work at Arsenal in some capacity, but it did not happen for whatever reason, so could be a bit of a Stewart Robson about him these days, only an opinion of course as I have never met him

  30. Actually, a couple of Untolder’s prefer that it not be capitalised.

    aaa – the anti-arsenal arsenal a group of “fans” that claim to support the club, but spend most of their time criticizing operations and management.

    Just in case:

    AKB – Arsene Knows Best

    Any other definitions needed?

  31. I’ve listened to Alex Fynn speak. He is a self-confessed Tottenham fan – but also has a soft spot for Arsenal. He claims because he admires the way Arsenal run themselves, but I suspect he fell out with the Totts hierarchy at some point. He is a sports marketing consultant and part-time author.

    Somewhat smug and superior in my view – although quite entertaining in an auditorium.

  32. Bootoomee,

    Great read, but I will have to disagree with you (finally). I believe that the media is a tool to hide the corruption, and not as you said, the origin of bias. Yes I can understand some refs are affected by the media (as Jambug usually love to mention) but a lot of refs seems like corrupt. The way things happened lately with Morinho (when he attackes the ref, while suddenly Dean had a good game with us) to try and cover the PGMOL mistakes (cheating) was more an indication its corruption than Simple bias induced by the media.

    Now the most scary part is the effect Media has kn thee public view, and how they are manipulated. Put that on politics, wars, and all other way more important issues, and tell me how scary that would be?

  33. Yassin,

    I try to avoid conjectures and paranoid conspiracy theories. This is why I have always limited my criticism of the referees to bias and incompetence but not corruption. My criticism of the media is VERY easy to evidence as I did in this piece. My issue in this article is about how these dishonest hacks provide materials for the ignorant and the gullible amongst football fans to spread thoughtlessly.

    I totally agree with you on the role of the media in corrupting other more important spheres of our lives but as I was writing for a football fan site, I limited my rant against the media to football and Arsenal in particular.

  34. One example:

    The simple yet fascinating contrast in the plundits discussions on Özil’s non-offside goal against the Tiniy totts (“advantage goes to the the attacker”. Especially when it’s only their left pinkie that is offside…) as opposed to the offside goal by Hazard yesterday evening which was close but not close enough to give him any advantage (not for me though I do appreciate that in this instance my inexperienced opinion is not worth very much).

    It is, what it is!

  35. My apologies for so much lying, that flirts with your topic. And I have another.

    The mutual spitting.

    Long before The FA announced charges, it was in the news that they would be charged. All the medja making up stories?

    And stories out of ManU that Jonny Evans is not that kind of boy (just like that idiot Shawcross).

    Okay, eventually the story shows up at thefa that both of them have been charged.

    And towards the end of the business day in London, it comes out that Cisse has admitted to the charge.

    After the business day has ended, I seen a single report that Cisse didn’t get 6 games (which was the supposition earlier in the day), but that he actually got 7 games. I went looking on thefa site, and there is nothing. So, more fabrication by the medja?

    I can just see this setting up that Cisse gets 6 (or 7) games, and the “perfect boy” jonny evans gets nothing.

    Is this the straw that breaks the back of TheFA? Do people protest this? What can people do? Get a million people at the tunnel where BoyU comes out, and have everyone spit on the entire team?

    Man, does sports need open administration!!!!!

  36. Good,
    Just seen a BBC interview with LVG who stared that Evans doesn’t accept that he spat at Cisse. Typical managerial misrepresentation. Clearly the evidence shows that he did. Whether the player accepts it is utterly irrelevant. Apart perhaps from the fact that it could well indicate a pathological problem with dealing with reality. Both in the player and the manager.
    I can only imagine what the media respionse would have been if Wenger had said such a thing. It’s funny how he is the only manager who doesn’t see things, isn’t it?

  37. does anyone else find it funny that it is only aliens that don’t know who the AAA are? 🙂

  38. I think Dr Evil has instructed his bitches to start pushing Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool all the way while pinning down Arsenal at all cost. A midweek full of controversies and referee impotence. Corruption at its worst. Shame on the FA. Shame on the media. And all mighty shame on the fans who buys into this. Ever wonder if these people did actually vote for their respective ‘leaders’ in respective ‘countries’. That will explain the chaos in the world right now.

  39. Blacksheep63

    And here I am a space nut, who among other things, has computers working on the SETI project. 🙂

  40. Great article Boo.

    As I think you noticed, I was in a rather protracted, and in the end pointless debate a couple of days ago. eventually I just gave up.

    In the end I just thought, this is ridiculous. I just switched the computer off a thought, that’s it, never again, and like yourself I have resolved to never get into a debate such as that again.

    Will it last?

    Only time will tell I suppose, but knowing me as I do, somehow I doubt it.

    What I am sure of is that it’s certainly not good for my sanity constantly banging my head against a wall.

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