The run in: remaining fixtures for the teams in the top four

By Walter Broeckx

With the season nearing the end we can have a look at the remaining fixtures for the teams currently in the top 4. As the gap between 4th placed Manchester City and 5th placed Liverpool is 7 points now I didn’t look any further down the league table. It would take a major collapse from one of the top 4 teams to have one of the chasers from a distance to come back to the teams now in the top 4.


  • QPR (A)
  • Man Utd (H)
  • Arsenal (A)
  • Leicester (A)
  • Crystal Palace (H)
  • Liverpool (H)
  • West Brom (A)
  • Sunderland (H)

On paper the most difficult matches are of course the matches against Manchester United and Arsenal. Liverpool also is a more difficult match but if Liverpool play as they did against us they shouldn’t be that big of a hurdle.

Banana skin matches could have been the Crystal Palace match…if it was being played at Selhurst Park.  Crystal Palace at home are much more difficult to  beat than away from home. Queens Park Rangers are not doing too bad for the moment I but don’t really see them getting much points at Stamford Bridge. Even though in the last matches Chelsea has not been playing very convincingly at all.

For the two closing fixtures I note they play the same teams as Arsenal does. Two teams that might be fighting to survive. Four home matches and four away matches in total for Chelsea.  Three of those teams Chelsea have to play away from home are against team fighting against relegation.  Yes  I do count WBA amongst them as there are not really safe for the moment and they have to play three top 4 teams in their last seven matches.


  • Burnley (A)
  • Chelsea (H)
  • Hull (A)
  • Swansea (H)
  • Man Utd (A)
  • Sunderland (H)
  • West Brom (H)

The two matches that stand out from our fixture list are the home match against Chelsea and the away match at Old Trafford. The rest, on current form, should all be matches that we could win. If we win the two ‘top’ matches everything is possible.  But let us not underestimate the matches against the ‘smaller’ teams. Burnley has shown recently they can cause an upset. So we just have to do what we have been doing recently and that is perform on our high quality level and put away our chances.

Four home matches and three away matches in total for Arsenal.  Four of them against teams in danger of being relegated, two away and two at home.

Man Utd

  • Man City (H)
  • Chelsea (A)
  • Everton (A)
  • West Brom (H)
  • Crystal Palace (A)
  • Arsenal (H)
  • Hull (A)

What will happen to Manchester United could be decided in their next two matches. If they can win  them both they surely are in a good position to finish strongly.  Two draws in those matches might be good news for us if we can win our next two matches (one is against Chelsea) as it could open a gap of five points between the team in 4th place then and us.

If Manchester United loses the next two matches they might even have to look over their shoulder but then it would mean that Chelsea would be out of reach after that.

Three home matches and four away matches in total for Manchester United. Two matches against teams in relegation danger, one at home and one away.

Man City

  • Man Utd (A)
  • West Ham (H)
  • Aston Villa (H)
  • Tottenham (A)
  • QPR (H)
  • Swansea (A)
  • Southampton (H)

Manchester City season will depend much on the next result. As I said a draw would be the best result for Arsenal from this match. One team losing might be also good as it would make our chances bigger of finishing higher than 4th.

Four home matches and three away matches for Manchester City in total. 2 against teams in relegation danger both at home.


Surely there will be upsets from now till the end of the season. We can only hope that our players know that if they win the nine remaining fixtures, there certainly will be some silverware at the end of the season.  No European matches to deal with and only one midweek match for Arsenal. The same goes for Chelsea who only have to play Leicester in midweek.

Come On Gunners!!! Nine matches to give it all and do your best. And to make us proud.

On this day…

10 April 2011: Jens Lehmann played against Blackpool after Almunia was injured in the warm up.  It was his 200th Arsenal game, and he had been brought in as an emergency sub while doing his coaching badges.

The full anniversaries index can be found here.  






19 Replies to “The run in: remaining fixtures for the teams in the top four”

  1. For us to win the league we need chelsea to lose 3 games. And for a team that has lost just 2 all season its a big ask. BUT there are 3 games there which they can. Against us Man Utd and Liverpool.

    Lets win our games and hope, they lose some. Lets keep the hopes high.

  2. Liverpool fights for playing in Europe, I would not count them out against Chelslky.

  3. Am hoping that we get all 21 points and remain unbeaten ,to start another unbeaten season . Oh and all clean sheets .
    Up the Gunners !

  4. I would take 2nd place and the FA right now. But if for some reason Chelsea blow it, it would be the best coup we will have had over Mourinho. You never know, miracles sometimes happen!

  5. Good read Walter…

    The fact is that we would need to win almost all if not all and lose none whereas Chel$ky would need a serious collapse home and away for us to be able to rub into Moaninhos face in his own words – specialist in failure!!

  6. When I look at chelsea’s lasts two wins and how they come from some of the worst defending known to man I think if only… But if they play as badly this weekend and QPR nick something then who knows.. But first thing first, come on Arsenal!!

  7. I make no claims for precognition, but I dreamt last night that QPR drew 2-2 with Chelsea – QPR coming from 2 down!

  8. @ Arsenal 13

    Chel$ea do not need to lose 3 games. 3 draws is 6 points lost. QPR is playing really well presently and that is a derby which is tricky. I just hope QPR get something. It well put
    Chel$ea under pressure.

  9. When I look at Liverpool last year and ManU this year I can’t help but think this is because they had no European football and got knocked out of domestic cups relatively early. For a rebuilding squad, I can’t help but think that the Europa cup and the League cup are distractions. I would rather finish 7th and concentrate on the league than knacker the team out playing every Thursday.

    As for the run in, I remember reading about the German national team and a comment about them from an insider. He said that whereas many considered them arrogant, the reason, in his opinion, why they did so well, so consistently, is because they were able to grasp that the hardest game was always the next one…regardless of the opposition. I find myself unable to think about games beyond the one this weekend.

  10. I genuinely think there is a chance of Chelsea dropping points in their next 2 games. Q.P.R have a recent history of beating them in their home games, and Man Utd are in such a good run of form that it is well within their ability to take something from Stamford Bridge. WHICH means that if we take 3 points from a tough assignment from Turf Moor, and then go on to beat Chelsea in our next league game, we would be within touching distance with a game in hand at that stage….

    ….I may be getting carried away but the hope will remain while we are in the race (just about) 🙂

    I have such fond memories of the unstoppable end of season runs of 97/98 and 01/02, another late run to the double would be out of this world!

  11. Yes, getting closer and closer and it may well be the year to put smiles(bigger 🙂 ) on our faces.
    Come on Arsenal.

  12. If Chelsea blow this one, Mourinho will be history. Sadly, I do not expect them to, a bit of away bus parking will be invoked, especially when they play us.

  13. At this moment, we should look at game after game. No easy games in EPL especially at the end of the season. We all know how the so-called smaller teams suddenly play like world-beaters out of nowhere. The best way to self-respect is by respecting everyone else. Arsenal should play with confidence and not with arrogance.

  14. Apparently Europcar (an Arsenal partner) wanted to know and release, favorite songs by some of the Arsenal team. And so, the list appears in a bunch of news places, and is nominally the same everywhere. It looks likely that all of the songs are on MeTube (ITube? YouTube?), sorry I don’t do videos at popular sites. All of the bands, do have English language Wikipedia pages, but I found Santi’s favorite on the Spanish Wikipedia site first.

    Most of this music I haven’t heard of. Big exception being Coldplay (at the moment I am listening to Zig Zag by Bobby Comstock).

    David Ospina
    Song: Tranquila
    J Balvin (Medellín, Colombia)

    Nacho Monreal
    Song: Dangerous
    David Guetta (Paris, France)

    Laurent Koscielny
    Song: Happy
    Pharrell Williams (Virginia Beach, USA)

    Kieran Gibbs
    Song: Figure It Out
    Royal Blood (Brighton, England)

    Calum Chambers
    Song: Can’t Hold Us
    Macklemore (Seattle, USA)

    Aaron Ramsey
    Song: Arabella
    Arctic Monkeys (Sheffield, England)

    Santi Cazorla
    Song: Sin Noticias de Holanda
    Melendi (Oviedo, España) (English Wikipedia does have a page)

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Song: wish You Were Mine
    Phillip George (Nottingham, England)

    Theo Walcott
    Song: Loungin’
    LL CoolJ (Bay Shore, USA) & (NCIS: Los Angeles)

    Olivier Giroud
    Song: Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall
    Coldplay (London, England)

    Danny Welbeck
    Song: End Credits
    Chase & Status (London, England)

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  16. Brickfields.

    I am about to go to sleep. I have heard of Neil Young. Playing now on my computer, Dean Martin – That’s Amore.


  17. Goodnight , Gord , and don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    And do ignore the rumour that a swarm of giant , mutant , human flesh eating killer weevils are heading towards Canada as we speak !
    And there is really nothing to fear of which may be lurking under your bed !

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