Reading vs Arsenal: The Europcar Live Blog

The Gunners are back at Wembley.

Welcome to LIVE coverage of the clash between Reading and Arsenal at the most iconic football stadium in the world – brought to you by Arsenal’s Official Car And Van Rental Partner Europcar.

It’s a winner-takes-all battle between English football’s on-form team – Arsene Wenger’s side have 16 wins in their last 18 outings – and their Championship opponents, with the winner due to contest the FA Cup final on May 30.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the only absentee in the Gunners’ attempt to retain the trophy, though it remains to be seen whether Wenger will rest key figures, or indeed recall Jack Wilshere into his starting XI.

The odds seem stacked against Reading – the Royals have never beaten Arsenal and this is the Premier League club’s record-equaling 27th semi-final appearance – yet the FA Cup ALWAYS has the capacity to provide a shock or two.

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  1. Starting lineup courtesy of Heavy (first I could find).

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck
    Arsenal Reserves: Ospina, Gabriel, Monreal, Flamini, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud

    Most predictions seemed to say just Szczesny would be a change. I believe this indicates 3 changes, with Welbeck starting up front and Debuchy at fullback. Is it 4 with Gibbs at the other fullback?


  2. Who is commentating this match? Koscielny took an elbow on the nose and one the tw*ts says ‘the Reading player did the right thing, that’s how you head the ball you use a leading elbow to protect yourself’?! Shocking.
    Atkinson is a complete tw*t.

  3. I can’t help you with that Al. I am reading Sports Mole and Sky. I agree, bad comment.

    It seems that most UA people are away from computers, and it might be Andrew’s ref preview thread which has more people than this thread.


  4. Disgusting … is it not a yellow!!….

    Assault is alright is it!!!….

  5. Mean this 13?

    > Meanwhile, Williams is fortunate not to go into the book after bundling over the goalscorer with unnecessary force.


  6. It was a finger, Gord. And the commentators trotted out the usual ‘he didn’t mean it’ nonsense.

  7. Didn’t the same thing happen to Ramsey at Burnley? Mee?

    I found some more commentaries, and they are all describing differnt games. Except there are hardly any fouls. And the Daily Mail has a picture of Coquelin getting his legs cut out.


  8. I don’t understand why should they let the game flow at all times… Even when the foul is bad for the image of the game….

  9. On Mertesacker’s header, one report has it as a free kick, and another as a corner kick. Can’t they tell the difference?


  10. Per injured, damn. Just when we need more offensive players we have to make a defensive substitution.

  11. Come on Gunners turn it back on. Maybe today is Gabriel’s first goal day? It isn’t like we lack having players who have scored. Welbeck, get that goal you want.


  12. readings attack seems a bit tired …think we can win easily if it goes to extra time

  13. our players look tired too, a little, but we’re fitter. We have to be careful now, one slip and Reading has it.

  14. who do u think would be our last substitute?
    i would prefer wilshere cause he can really carry the ball and his burst of pace could catch the defenders off guard

  15. things finally clicking in last 15 minutes or so. If we pick up from where we left off on 90min we should bag this.

  16. If it were to go to penalties I’d want Ospina on, he’s better at saving penalties.

  17. i think reading will probably be pushing for penalties so walcott may not be as useful as he could be

  18. hmm i think the problem today was that with 2 new full backs we lacked the coordination in the flanks which cause us misplays in attack

  19. get facking in thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!

  20. Deserve to go on the top corner!!…what commentary is that!!…

    That way Ramsey deserves a hat trick. And Gabriel a brace.

  21. Alan shearer, he’s been going on about how poor we’ve been from the first half, and how Reading have been fantastic…. yeah yeah, we’ve been poor you green-eyed monster.

  22. Well played Reading, but ONWARD WE MARCH!!!!!!! Wenger out! Well played you Gunners, not our best, but who cares and now coming back to Wembley in May. COYG!!!!

  23. Good win! Hopefully Mertesacker isn’t seriously injured. Too bad no clean sheet for the birthday boy, I think he will take just a win.


  24. If anyone is still wondering what we missed during the many months that Giroud was out due to injury, they have their answer today.

    No one should be wondering what Giroud brings to this Arsenal team after this game!

  25. Now that the game is over…

    Was it only me! I thought the pitch was sluggish.

  26. We hit the post three times, but we are supposed to have been lucky. I don’t really recalled schezsney having to make a brilliant save. They scored a scrapy goal, we scored a similar goal, but we were the lucky ones.

  27. Why all the pity party for the Reading keeper? Szczesny conceded a similar goal and all the BBC pundits did was slay him for it.

    Anyhoo… we are in the final!

  28. I think Gabriel showed we probably will get a few goals from him!

    None of the commentaries I was reading mentioned Welbeck much. How was he doing?

  29. Ian wright sounds gutted that we won!
    Congratulations,Arsenal, valiant effort Reading. Had a feeling this would be a tough one.
    Thought we were a bit sluggish at times maybe a few rusty players, but to their credit they stuck at it. They worked their butts off even when things were not quite coming off.
    Agree on the importance of Giroud, he does so much, in MF and defence as well as up front.

  30. Gord,

    Welbeck didn’t do much especially when compared with the man who replaced him. I really think that we would have had an easier 1st half with more goals had Ollie started.

  31. Fuck Ian Wright!

    His sanctimonious “better-than-thou” attitude when commenting on the club is irritating to put it politely. He sat there like he is constipated spouting bullshit and never letting any opportunity to demean the club slide. The fucker wished we had won by penalties rather than through the 2nd goal WITHOUT mentioning the fact that we were also unlucky to concede a very similar equaliser. Ian Wright is not there to be the voice of Arsenal, he is there for himself.

    Fuck him.

  32. Edgy, yes. Lucky, no. but these people really do not want us to win. I liked that Wenger ignored that other journalist but made a point to take Keown’s hand. then cut.

  33. Yeah Bootoomee….

    Similar thoughts here. People showing sympathy. But Szczesny was similar one wasn’t it.

    Lucky ones we are. As if it was Reading back pass that Federici fumbled into his net…

  34. Can only agree on Ian Wright, was a good player for us, but now, fuck him! Almost as if it is personal against Wenger….can think of a couple reasons why it might be!

  35. Fight hard to over take the Red Devils i the FA CUPS. Remember we are a tie 11 each

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