About ‘Whatshisname’ and Mr. Moron

By Walter Broeckx

I didn’t really want to spend any time on the bloke that is called Piers Morgan. But as yesterday Aaron Ramsey showed what a strong person he is I think it is appropriate to mention this incident.

Now this Mr. Moron (oh a typo but I just leave it like that if you don’t mind) is a celebrity Arsenal fan. And he calls Aaron Ramsey  ‘Whatshisname’. Probably because when Aaron Ramsey was working his long and hard way back from his terrible injury a few seasons ago our Mr. Moron was very much on his back. He said all kinds of ugly things about him.

Mr. Moron proclaimed that Aaron Ramsey was shit, would be shit and was never good enough to be an Arsenal player. And as he is a celebrity fan his opinion is valued by those who don’t have the brain to think for themselves. So we remembered in those days a lot of aaa-type Gooners repeating his every word about Ramsey and state it as ‘FACT’ and followed by Wenger out because he was the one that kept on believing that Ramsey would come good.

It was the days that aaa-type Gooners repeated the Moron’s tweets with hoping that Ramsey would break another leg and be forced to stop playing football. Tweets that made me livid at the time.

Mr. Moron, as a media man and opinion maker of the lesser-brained people was playing a foul game against Aaron Ramsey.

But yesterday after the match against Chelsea he offered to shake hands with Ramsey. And Ramsey said he didn’t want to do this. Now Mr. Moron who as a celebrity is probably getting used to getting his way pretended not to be bothered by this refusal of the handshake by Ramsey.  But if it didn’t bother him at all as he pretended, then why tweet about it.

Here are a few of the tweets of Mr. Moron: “Just bumped into Whatshisname. Offered him the hand of peace…but he declined. Fair enough”

Now why on earth does he feel the need to call Aaron Ramsey ‘Whathisname’? That is the first question that springs to my mind. I sense there is some bad feeling from the Moron his part. Probably because Aaron ‘Whathisname’ Ramsey proved that his opinion on football is as valid as that of a brain dead person.

But then he tries to spin it a bit with another tweet: “On a positive note, Whatshisname had a good game today. My motivational tweets continue to pay dividends.

So after years of slagging him off he admits that Ramsey had a good game. But to make things completely ridiculous and pompous our Moron claims that this is down to him slagging him off all those years. What a pretentious person to think that. If Ramsey turned out the player he is and will be in the future it has nothing to do with what a moron with a keyboard has said. It is down to first and for all the player himself working his way back from what could have been a game ending injury. But and here is the twist of course it is also down to one person in particular in keeping the faith and believing in Ramsey… Arsène Wenger indeed.

As someone asked if Ramsey said anything our Mr. Moron tweeted this: “He said: ‘I don’t think I want to do that’ > RT @GangsterGooner: @piersmorgan did he say anything to you or just completely blank you”

Ramsey clearly is not someone who will be pushed around by someone and not even when this person is a celebrity. Good one Aaron! If you want respect you got to earn it. And by using your celebrity status to slag people off is not a way to earn respect.

But what can you expect from someone who just cemented new camaraderie with people like Jeremy Clarkson. I hope they smash each other in the face. This is what he had to tweet about it : “Busy old day. Resolved spat with @BobWilsonBWSC, cemented new camaraderie with @JeremyClarkson – but hit brick wall with Whatshisname.

But if that is what it needs to be a celebrity (insulting as much people as you can) then I don’t mind to do it also. Who knows maybe one day I will also become a celebrity.

But what really made me write this article was this tweet from our Moron: “Arsenal fans do make me chuckle. They ALL slagged off Whatshisname when he played so badly for 2 seasons.”

No, Mr. Moron. We not ALL slagged Ramsey off in those days. In fact lots of Arsenal fans did what a real supporter did in those days. In those days I have written rather a lot of articles in support of Ramsey. And I know that many on Untold supported me and Tony in defending Ramsey and help him in his recovery.

Because we understood the difficulty for this young man who saw his career almost in ruins after that terrible tackle. We understood that it might have been the end for him. And in such times supporters needed to support him. And many of us did. Only morons slagged him off. Guided by your ‘shining example’.

And then to think that it was your hacking him down that motivated him to get better…. to think like that you really need to be a moron.

Thank God, Wenger stick with him and gave him time to develop and come back. Thank God, Wenger didn’t listen to your expertise. And thank God that Ramsey developed in to a great player and even more important to a great human being. A strong character also.  And if I may remind you that in those days that Ramsey was struggling to come back he also lost one of the managers that also had great believe in him, Gary Speed the Wales manager who tragically killed himself.

A young man, breaking his leg that could have ended his career, still in doubt of being able to come back, losing one of his mentors around that time and you just hacked him down even more. Shame on you, Mr. Moron.

And a big thank you for all those real supporters who supported Aaron in those days and who stuck with him. I’m sure that us simple, non-celebrity Gooners are more closer to Ramsey his heart than a pompous celebrity fan.  And as a big Ramsey fan all through the bad years I feel very happy that Ramsey did what he did. And he shows once again that the negativity does hurt the players and doesn’t help them at all. Support helps. Support given by Wenger and the real supporters. That is what Ramsey helped to recover. And support is what we at Untold will offer for Arsenal players and manager. Because we are supporters.


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  1. Had a feeling Ramsey was going to nick one in at the death, shame it wasn’t to happen, but we will have another day. I now really want us to win the FA, so that we can meet another moron in the Community Shield.

  2. Piers Morgan……he gets it right sometimes, taking on the US gun lobby, perhaps KP for England, though that is debatable for someone who is talented but perhaps un manageable.

    But when it comes to football, specifically Arsenal, drilling down to Aaron Ramsey, Piers Morgan is not worthy of even being in his presence so Rambo is correct not to recognise him.

  3. Aaron’s actions make me proud to support Arsenal(and Aaron).

    Nice to see a player with real character, and principles.

  4. ..notice how Piers mentioned it? He even trys to manipulate the situation by pretending to own it, in order to turn it back on Aaron.Most people would have kept it quiet!

  5. Some very fine advice from a Golden Girl in her golden years .

    I don’t know how people can get so anti-something . Mind your own business ,take care of your own affairs ,and don’t worry about other people so much.
    Betty White

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  7. I admit I was on his side too, 3 years ago. Lots of gooners were. We are proven wrong many times on Arsene’s vision. I was wrong about Ramsey, Koscielny, Giroud, and lately on Coquelin. If this was a game, then Arsene is should be cheating on me. Piers Morgan? He should think he’s the smartest man on earth, not just about football and Arsenal. Actually I don’t like Chelsea’s fan do a favor to me. But I’m glad that Jeremy Clarkson did it. He should rammed Piers over too. Maybe he could brought Piers “bar code” back to normal.LOL! COYG!!!

  8. Moron is a vile man … typical of the vermin who work in the modern media … and as we saw again last week, protected at all costs by the courts and politicians …

  9. I do hope someone or a large section of the Arsenal crowd come to the next game with banners proclaiming ,” THERE IS ONLY ONE WHATSHISNAME !”
    Some t-shirts would go amiss too . Somebody could make some easy money here !

  10. Reading this made my blood boil. How dare Piers Morgan refer to Aaran Ramsey as ‘Whatsisname’! And Aaron Ramsey had not even ignored him but simply politely declined to shake his hand, and with very good reason. The fact that Piers Morgan is carrying on in this childish way shows how right Aaron Ramsey was.

    Whenever Aaron Ramsey is interviewed after a match he always speaks calmly and sensibly answers questions. But there is a steely edge to his answers and sometimes a look on his face that betrays his opinion of the journalists and ‘personalities’ like Piers Morgan who ignorantly insulted him when he was battling back after that terrible injury.

    We live in this twisted world where if someone writes for a paper or works for the TV or has a bit of money, their views, however little they are based on fact, become the accepted truth.

    In this situation sites like Untold are worth their weight in gold.

  11. The Moron represents the worst type of “fan” that a club could have, Arsenal FC should demand an apology.

  12. I wonder whether “Morgan” is the anglicised version of the Portuguese surname “Mourinho”?
    It would explain why both men are detested and loathed by so many.

  13. Mandy Dodd,

    Please give man-child Piers Morgan no credit for getting it right on American gun nuttery. The bar on that topic is literally on the floor. I think the moron only went for it because he knew how controversial it will be in the land of the pant-shitters as he loves nothing more than being at the centre of controversies.

    Piers is indeed a moron and a colossal dick.

  14. Pat,

    I will add to your comment of 11.03am that if the person happens to have a high status, their words are treated like Gospel too. And yes, I am referring to Thierry Henry in this case. He is my hero as an Arsenal striker and nothing more. His opinion as a paid TV pundit is no more valid than that of any of the yammering class.

  15. There was a nice ending to yesterdays match – Trevor McDonald of the TV News was walking among the Arsenal fans. I don’t know if he’s a Gooner but it was nice seeing him.

    There are some pleasant people in the media & not just the Moron.

  16. Well done Aaron.

    Perhaps a few more at the Club can take a leaf out of your book and treat some of our other serial abusers with the same contempt.

    That includes:

    -Wenger not giving lengthy interviews to Sky/BTSport when in the next breath they knife him in the back.

    -Wilshere/Theo etc. giving exclusives to the Sun/Mirror etc. when in the next breath they accuse them of getting themselves injured.

    -Our Post Match analyser on Arsenal .com working for Talkshite when they run a daily article slagging off our Football Club.

    The media take the piss out of us fans on a daily basis, deriding our Club for high ticket prices, our boss for tactical ineptitude, and our players for not being any good and injuring themselves.

    It’s a joke, and our Cub does nothing about it.

    Again, well done Ramsey for having some balls, lets hope a few more at the Club can grow some.

  17. There is a reason why Moron calls Ramsey “Whatshisname”. When Aaron was asked about Piers Morgan’s change of feelings regarding Ramsey earlier this season, Aaron gave absolutely brilliant answer:

    “Who is Piers Morgan?”

    I was laughing like a madman when I read that, imagined Aaron’s intelligent face making a dead-pan response and Moron’s face when he heard it.

    Speaking of Ramsey, I have been fairly critical regarding Wenger’s decisions in the last few years, one of them being putting Ramsey on the wing (and I still stand by that one) but Ramsey’s quality was non-disputable for me. Idiots who were calling for his death (yes, apparently there were psychopaths who actually tweeted those things as well) or a career-ending injury should have been imprisoned or at least seriously fined.

    In my writings in Arsenal blog-sphere I’ve suggested that Wenger should use him in more attacking role because Aaron had shown amazing sense for both sending the ball over the top (e.g. pass for Gervinho before Van Persie’s first goal against Chelsea in our 5:3 victory) and making intelligent runs behind the defence without ball (which we have seen many, many, many times). What I like about Ramsey is that feeling when I watch him play that he always uses his brain, not just legs and head, to play football.

    Well done Aaron!

  18. JeremyClarkson, piersmorgan and many others are hired to do just what they do, stir up controversy in certain areas of societal life.

    This gives those who control society, by the reaction of the public a fine guage of whether to prepare the military for martial law, or to relax because society continues to sleep.

    This is a tactic used by them since roman times, when they actually took control of the world.

    But the fact is, only certain type people succumb to that type of offer and goes to look for a job elsewhere, MORONS.

    He did not get it right concerning gun lobby, and probably not in any other area. Thr gun lobby is just another area where those that control are so scared of people in USA owning firearms, willing to defend themselves and their fams from all attacks, hence the rush to confiscate guns.

    See, this world we live in is much more complex than most people tend to see, mainly because the media only projects what those in control wants people to see. Hell, even the music, once a spiritual uplifting of humanity has been reduced to morbidity for that exactly same reason, to stop people from thinking.

    I have studied history and societies extensively and the patterns are exactly the same from them times up to now.

  19. Sorry, this could be misunderstood:
    But the fact is, only certain type people succumb to that type of offer and goes to look for a job elsewhere, MORONS.

    But the fact is, only certain types of people, MORONS, succumb to that type of offer, others go to look for a job elsewhere,

  20. I’m not one really for buying footy kits but I might just purchase one with whathisname on the back

  21. “He did not get it right concerning gun lobby, and probably not in any other area. Thr(?) gun lobby is just another area where those that control are so scared of people in USA owning firearms, willing to defend themselves and their fams(?) from all attacks, hence the rush to confiscate guns.”

    para, are you a gun nut? Your comment here sounds eerily like that of one. In case you are, here is a nice video for you:



  22. @Walter

    I blocked Piers Morgan on twitter months ago. He really is most objectionable.

    Aaron Ramsey is class. He is playing in a position that I’m sure he would rather not but does so really rather well all for the good of the team.

    And didnt Ozil work his socks off yesterday? I thought he was the best player on the park (yes Terry did have a good game) but yet I still saw monas and groans and “why didnt we buy Cesc?”

  23. Bootoomee


    Never heard him before. Watched that one and a few others.

    Need a broad mind but if you have it’s very funny.

  24. Glad you like it Jambug.

    I love Jim Jefferies for 2 major reasons:

    – He hates guns as much as I do &

    – His take down of religion is epic

  25. @Josif

    Thanks for that further information about Ramsay saying ‘Who is Piers Morgan?’ What a great answer! He has risen even further in my estimation.

  26. Nice link Bootoomee.
    Yes, guns can be used to protect decent families, but can also be used for other things as well .
    Guess I will have to agree to disagree with the pro guns, if not the pro gunners!

  27. Really good article. I was completely with you at the time. I would never forget the glimpses of brilliance before his injury and I knew someone couldn’t just forget to play football like that- he is too naturally gifted. Really happy he blanked Piers Moron because that guy has been a big stain on the Arsenal fan-base (even though he isn’t a true AT ALL) for half a decade. During our tougher times when we needed real support he tried to lead a revolt against the club and the manager and it’s players. Now we’re coming good (not a minute later than we were all told we would) in terms of results and big transfers, Moron is trying to play along like he was behind the club the whole time. Well done Rambo. COYG

  28. Them little thieving bastards !

    A man was having an affair with a married woman for quite some time. One day, her husband comes home early from work. The wife hears him come in, jumps up and tells her lover to go into the bathroom and hide. The moment he dives into the bathroom and she hides his clothes under the bed, the husband opens the door and comes in.

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    The suspicious husband looks at her in disbelief and says, ”But you’re naked.”

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    The wife tries to stop him but he just ignores her and rushes for the bathroom. When he opens the bathroom door, there is a naked man jumping around and clapping.

    The husband asks,” What in the hell are you doing?”

    He replied, ”I’m the exterminator, and your wife called saying you guys had a problem with moths.”

    The other man looks at him and says,”But… you’re naked.”

    The lover looks down, jumps in surprise and mutters, ”Them little bastards!”

  29. Incredible how a person you so rightly labeled MORON is allowed to abuse his ‘fame’ in such a disgusting way!!! He must be a very lonely person perhaps he should get laid some time – ABSOLUTE WAIST OF OXYGEN he IS!!!

  30. On the other Hand Aaron Ramsey was always a favorite of mine…I went sick in my stomach watching his injury as it unfolded – a TRUE CHAMPION not only for his football brain and output week in week out – but for his monumental come-back!!!

    A seminar in itself for MORONS for how one should be and behave in life!!

  31. Ramsey is an ARSENAL LEGEND……………The other bloke a self serving media parasite…..just like most on the MEDIA gravy train..

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