Tottenham plan to do it again and again and again and again and…

Chairman Daniel Levy is determined to keep hold of Bale but will not sanction further spending on new recruits until there has been a clear-out of some other established stars to streamline the first-team squad and reduce the wage bill….

It is all a far cry from just a few months ago, when Tottenham’s offer of £35m for Italian striker Giuseppe Rossi was turned down by Villarreal.

Fast forwards a bit to 21 May 2013, so it doesn’t get too repetitive and we find a report from the Bloomberg agency, citing of all sources, the Daily Mirror

Spurs Plan Clearout to Build Around Bale, Mirror Says: Roundup

Tottenham plans a major clearout after failing to qualify for the Champions League, the Mirror said.   Emmanuel Adebayor [Note that name, it turns up again a bit later], Clint Dempsey, Jermain Defoe, William Gallas, Tom Huddlestone and Scott Parker are among the players who may go as manager Andre Villas-Boas looks to build his squad around Gareth Bale, the Mirror said.

Christian Benteke of Aston Villa and David Villa of Barcelona are two of Spurs’ targets, along with Zenit St. Petersburg’s Hulk and Lyon’s Lisandro Lopez, the newspaper said.

On to 13 August 2014, a year and a month later on and we find…

Spurs open to offers for 11 players as Pochettino begins clearout

That is Matt Law in the Independent.  It is all the same stuff so I won’t repeat it.

Then moving on again to 8 December 2014 we have

Tottenham plan MASSIVE clearout to fund January TRIPLE swoop for Saints pair & Spain star
TOTTENHAM are trying to orchestrate a huge clear out in January to fund a sensational triple swoop for Southampton pair Morgan Schneiderlin and Jay Rodriguez and Napoli’s Raul Albiol.That one is by Ben Jefferson in the Sunday Express.  Now what makes that one especially interesting is that it didn’t just turn up in the Express on 8 December 2014, but also on 29 December 2010, and 10 January 2015.Here’s the 8 December piece

Pochettino will be handed a £20m budget in January, but will look to boost that by selling Emmanuel Adebayor, Jan Vertonghen, Aaron Lennon and Mousa Dembele.

I believe the audience of the Express is predominantly older people so I suppose the excuse for re-running the same story so often is that older people forget things more readily.

Now, what was I writing about?

[Come and have your meds Tony, we’ll soon have you back in that chair – Billy “the Dog”] 

Tottenham will try to offload as many as nine players this summer, who cost the club in total £90million.

Four of the players were bought in the summer of 2013 with the money from the £86m sale of Gareth Bale and include Roberto Soldado, who was signed for a then club record fee of £26m.

Also on the list are Younes Kaboul, who started the season as captain but has not started a Premier League match since November, and Emmanuel Adebayor, who still has a year left on his £100,000-a-week deal.

Vlad Chiriches, Younes Kaboul, Etienne Capoue, Paulinho, Mousa Dembele and Aaron Lennon are all surplus to requirements.

Anyway today, 21 June 2015 is a long way away from April 2015 (two months actually) we needed to be reminded so we got, this is the Telegraph on  date in June

Tottenham plan massive summer clear-out with 10 first-team …

Now this must be new news because it is in the Telegraph, a most respectable newspaper.  I mean they wouldn’t be running a story that has run every few weeks for the past five years would they?

Let’s see…

Tottenham Hotspur are ready for a huge summer clear-out in the hope that up to 10 first-team players will leave….

Aaron Lennon, Paulinho, Younès Kaboul, Etienne Capoue, Benjamin Stambouli are all for sale and are expected to go in the next few weeks with deals already under discussion and, in some cases, in place….

Then there is Emmanuel Adebayor, [oh that’s interesting – haven’t heard his name in this context] who has already turned down several offers to leave and is holding out for a pay-off that Spurs are reluctant to concede.

Poor Adebayor.  At war with his family, and always up for sale.

But still…

The fees Spurs paid for the nine players who are for sale amounts to more than £70 million, with the £17 million committed to the Brazilian international Paulinho believed to be the highest.

Soldado’s fee was reported to £26 million but the initial outlay is understood to have been £13 million with various add-ons during the course of his contract.

Four of the players were bought with the proceeds of the sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for a world-record £86 million in August 2014. Of the players recruited in that transfer window, only Christian Eriksen, Nacer Chadli and Erik Lamela, who cost £30 million, are expected to survive….

So what of Adebayor?  He has a “year left on his contract, which currently earns him £110,000 a week, and does not figure in Pochettino’s plans, but the 31-year-old has so far turned down offers to leave from clubs around the world. Spurs are desperate for him to go but do not want to pay up his contract.”

It is funny how these stories go around and around and around.

Why is that I wonder.


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Anniversary of the day

21 June 1995: Dennis Bergkamp arrived from Inter where he had played just 52 league games.  He had been attacked by the press in Italy where a column highlighting the worst mistake of the weekend’s games was named Bergkamp della settimana  See also here.    And particularly about Inter, here.

The full anniversaries index can be found here.


56 Replies to “Tottenham plan to do it again and again and again and again and…”

  1. Stories about our inferior London side is always funny things to hear about. “London is white” what a joke!

  2. Another perfect example of the gross ineptitude of football “journalists”. Frankly, I’m surprised the media aren’t having a summer clear out themselves!

  3. And of course at least once a season we have a “Tottenham In Crisis” week … and at another point during the season an “Arsenal In Crisis” week … and the regular Only Need to Sign to win ” …

  4. @Bob
    Nope. This is not primarily about spuds. Its a long time since there was an article about them.

    The article (and there have been many of these) is about the absurdities of the UK press, in particular the London based papers.

    The rubbish they write about spuds is no different from the rubbish they write about football in general.

  5. Sorry, that just cut half my post !!!

    That was ” only need to sign to win ” …

  6. The obsession with the obsession seems to continue. Why don’t you try to read what is written and more importantly….try to understand? Or are you too obsessed?

    Some seem to be….

  7. Why do so many arse blogs have pieces about Spurs? I couldn’t tell you when I last saw an article about arsenal on a Spurs site unless a match was looming.

    Your constant need to assure yourself of your superiority points to an actual inferiority complex.

  8. The obsession with the obsession about the obsession is what really continues. I have read what is written and the excuse, sorry reason why it was written, if this happens to all clubs then why is about the only true north London club by a supporter of a inferior one. Even your small minded players, and I can think of at least four make stupid remarks about Spurs. Yes obsession it’s a fact.

  9. A lot is said about the players contracts where if they have 2 yrs left on their contract, the parent club cannot stop them from leaving. ie Stering. Is there no clause for the club?

  10. what I meant is that, cant the club force the sale of a player, if they don’t need him/her?

  11. The club has always got the upper hand really, just like employers as in the end it comes down to the livelihoods of many people(the club) against the livelihood of one(the player) and if the player is not thinking right, they will lose out.

    That contract thing should be 1 year instead of 2 years, which makes more sense. That is ample time to put some feelers out for both the club and player.

    One man’s obsession is another man’s indifference i am told. 🙂

  12. Anon

    Oh dear, as if spuds don’t selll commemorative DVDs whenever they beat Arsenal. The fact you felt compelled to post on an Arsenal blog kinda shows your fragile sensibilities too. Should we all forget about the small team from the car park on the seven sisters? Probably, but why do that when it so clearly irritates delicate spuds???

  13. We are obsessed with Spurs ?

    So say guys that are obviously keeping a close eye on an Arsenal blog. Strange.

    Looks like Sid and Bob (sounds like a bad comedy duo) are a bit obsessed with Arsenal to me.

    The thing is this site talks about:

    -Chelsea and Man City, in relation to there oil money and how it affects Arsenal.

    -Liverpool and Spurs, in relation to how they are getting on with there new stadiums and whether they will be affected in the same way we where.

    -Manchester United, and how under Fergie they seemed, to us anyway, to get extremely favourable treatment from referees, and how that seriously affected our chances against them.

    -Barcelona, in relation to there transfer and academy policies, re child trafficking.

    -FFP and how it affects us, which means we talk about ALL the bank rolled Clubs throughout Europe.

    -The Media, and how they treat us compared to other clubs.

    -Referees/PGML, and how we are treated compared to other Clubs.

    Therefore we talk about many Clubs, often, and in depth. But that’s what makes this site so good and so popular.

    The trouble is every time we cover a topic involving another club we have a steady stream of the respective Clubs fans popping up on here accusing us of being obsessed.

    All I can say is, get over yourselves. We are not obsessed with Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool or anyone else.

    But yes, we are obsessed with Arsenal, but more importantly, football in general.

    If you, as Spurs fans, want to limit yourself to solely speaking about Spurs, and nothing else, that’s up to you. But as you are here, why not contribute to the debate, which is primarily about the pathetic nature of the media and how they regurgitate the same news day after day, week after week, and treat us ALL like idiots?

    Even you lot must be sick of how many times they’ve said you’re having ‘a Summer clear out’ or worse, how this is the season there’s going to be a ‘power shift’ in North London. I mean it’s pure fantasy. You know it and we know it 😉

    Lets be honest, that particular load of annually regurgitated bullshit must really get on your wick.

    So if you don’t like what we have to say, stop trawling the web. Stop nosing in on an Arsenal blog and stick to your own blogs where you can stick to talking about Spurs, and Spurs alone, if that’s what you want.

    I quite happily admit I’ve been and had a nose around the odd Spurs blog. One of the reasons is to see if you lot get as bad as some of our lot do when your team has a bad day at the office, and you sure do. It actually makes me feel a bit better (not much mind) about the guys we have that go into meltdown mode the second we lose a match. It seems we are not alone in that sense.

    And when I do have snoop, yes you do occasionally talk about us, although one thing I have noticed is that you are so anal you wont even say the word Arsenal.

    How pathetically insecure and sad is that?

    Anyway re the article.

    A perfect example of the lazy, brain dead journalism the media churn out day after day.

    NB: Tony, next time use Liverpool and how every year is ‘a transition year’.

    Or Chelsea, and how every coming season the managers under orders from above to play ‘a more attractive style of football’.

    Perhaps they wont be so touchy.

  14. Just one point to answer. This article is on new now Tottenham, this site will pick up any news if Tottenham or Spurs (San Antoine) is mentioned in the article. The rest of my points remain unanswered by any contributors. They are unanswerable because they state truth not fiction or bile as most of the replies seem to.

  15. Anon

    “The rest of my points remain unanswered by any contributors.”

    I’ll answer them.

    “The obsession with the obsession about the obsession is what really continues”

    So we occasionally talk about Spurs. How is that being ‘obsessed? As I say in my 12:10 post, we talk about many other Clubs, for reasons also explained above.

    “….if this happens to all clubs then why is about the only true north London club”

    In the index on the r/h side, just a few articles bellow yours, is one about Man City, and again as I have said in my 12:10 post, we talk about many other clubs for various reasons.

    “by a supporter of a inferior one.”

    Why say things like that when it just makes you look silly?

    “……this site will pick up any news if Tottenham or Spurs (San Antoine) is mentioned in the article.”

    If this is true please tell me when was the last article about spurs and what was it’s subject?

    “Even your small minded players, and I can think of at least four make stupid remarks about Spurs.”

    Glass houses and all that:

    Nov 4, 2014 … Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen seized his opportunity to troll rivals Arsenal after The Gunners drew with Anderlecht in their …

    Tottenham’s Nacer Chadli trolls Arsenal fans ahead of derby …

    Feb 7, 2015 … Photo: Tottenham’s Nacer Chadli trolls Arsenal fans ahead of derby … Chadli was brought to Tottenham by former manager Andre Villas-Boas

    If there’s any more crap you want to spout feel free……

  16. For every Tottenham fan up in arms reading this and concerned with our “obsession” of Tottenham could you please just read the first 5 lines, thank you…

  17. Anon

    Even as a Club…..

    …..Tottenham Media Department Up To Old Tricks Again, Troll Manager Tim
    Sherwood With Crafty Twitter Jibe (Photo). by Chris | 10th, May 2014

    … After getting themselves into a spot of bother and having to publicly apologise for mocking Liverpool’s title capitulation against Crystal Palace last week, Tottenham’s social media department have been at it again by the looks of things – getting in a subtle, sly dig at Tim Sherwood while posting a link to an interview with the beleaguered Spurs manager on Twitter yesterday…

    You really should be sure of your ground before casting aspersions about others.

  18. The media side of this is simple. If you are looking for News in the tabloids, especially about sport, then you are looking in the wrong place. Recycling stories is an easy way of feeding the beast and quantity has been the watchword over quality for years.

  19. ‘”Regarding every other club” why then Arsenal reporting on Tottenham if it happens to “every other club”. I have read the whole thing. Sometimes as many of the points Mr Attwood made about Spurs new stadium are factual and mostly correct, although now £m’s worth of contracts have been awarded, I honestly think he could have used the examples of a different club like Liverpool whose problems post Gerrard are more interesting, the kind of reporting you highlight happens every year. It started many years ago when Maradonna agreed to join Ardulles’s Spurs only to get caught using drugs and was subsequently banned. We are used to it all. I worked Fleet St for 10 years, the truth seems to have become more of a stranger to the media than it used to be.

  20. @Anon as Jambug said we do tend to have a different narrative about each different club. These tend to reflect our relationship with that particular club. Our story with regards to Spurs has elements of Spurs trying to catch us for the last two decades and our different spending models. Spurs fans refer 1919 and make slanderous comments about AW. There you have it.

  21. Anon, I assume that when you say the ‘only true north London club’ you are of course referring to Tottenham who where actually started in Middlesex not London. Maybe that should say ‘only true just north of London club’!

    I thought I’d clear this up as you’re clearly not very bright as you haven’t understood that the whole article is about the drivel repeated by the ‘newspapers’ rather than the spuddie team in particular. It could have been about Newcastle or Villa but as you guys are a media favourite (along with Liverpoo), there’s more about you than them, so easier to use as an example.

  22. HILARIOUS!!!

    Love seeing those little slope heads from the Middlesex swamp up in arms, claiming we’re obsessed with them, obsessed with laughing at them indeed, but they make it so easy for us…mind the gap spuddies 🙂

  23. Are there really still people like Andy Mack peddling nonsense about Tottenham being from Middlesex which has never been the argument and never will be. London at the time was small town surrounded by Middlesex, Surrey, Essex etc. so there would have been no London clubs. The only argument has always been Tottenham were from the area first and Arsenal moved in. If you want to believe that county boundaries mean that Arsenal were actually the first club in North London bully for you. sadly, it just shows delusion and denial and continues to fuel what is an extraordinary and unhealthy obsession in Totenham Hotspur FC. I ‘m sure you must be able to get treatment. Interesting that such a dull and pointless article is on an Arsenal blog claiming I it’s not about Tottenham when it’s about, re, Tottenham irrespective of what the first 5 lines say..

  24. As you can deduce from my nom-de-plume, I’m a Spurs fan and I have to say I enjoyed Tony Attwood’s article. He makes it perfectly clear in his first two paragraphs that his article is not about Spurs per se, but he’s detailing the media’s treatment of Spurs to highlight the laziness of the very same media.

    I didn’t detect any snide anti-Spurs comments or bias in the article and I actually think Tony’s probably right to select Spurs to illustrate the point he’s making, because nobody can dispute that we have changed managers frequently and that makes it so easy (wrong, but easy) for the Press to say, “Manager X has gone and has been replaced by Manager Y, who wants his own players….. clearout….. blah blah blah”. Plus, of course, we tend to finish season after season in pretty much the same place in the League, so the lazy journalist has it on a plate to say, “Spurs just missed out again, this lot’s no good….. clearout…… blah blah blah”. Liverpool isn’t quite as straightforward as us because, although we’ve finished above them in 5 of the last 6 seasons, they did reach 2nd place once (thanks to Suarez) and their manager’s hung around for a few seasons, so the press would have to alter their story a bit, and they can’t be bothered doing that, so Spurs it is then.

    Just a couple of other points I’d like to mention:-

    1) As somebody else has pointed out, if you look on NewsNow: Spurs News, you’re shown all the articles that mention Spurs, which will include any Arsenal website that does so. A Spurs fan who wants to comment on what an Arsenal blog says about Spurs may therefore post on that blog, but it’s by no means a one-way street; Arsenal fans post on Spurs sites too.

    2) The only criticism I would make about Tony’s excellent article is that he has used an offensive word on more than one occasion. That word is “Adebayor”.

  25. I thought the point of the article was the obsession the media have regurgitating nonsense, with fictional Spurs activity being the latest media topic for such nonsense.

    However, it is amusing how quickly the Spuddies rise to the bait!

  26. OT: U21 England-Sweden

    As in the first game, Jenkinson is starting, Chambers is on the bench. Former Gunner Afobe, also on bench now. About 30 minutes to game time.

  27. Does Arsenal have a cut in the further sale of Adebayor ?
    That’s probably the only reason why , as they don’t want us to get another 3 Million Pounds !
    Tony , please do a brand new spanking stadium story next!

  28. Tony also forgets to mention that the press is also guilty of repeating the same mantras such as that which describes Daniel Levy as a cagey ‘wheeler dealer’ who always ‘does the best deals for Spurs’.
    So why are there so often clear outs of players that are seen by the next manager as ‘not in their plans’. Just how often can he get it wrong before the word on the street changes?
    And before anyone complains – the press regurgitates in similar fashion regarding so many people in football (including Arsene Wenger) without ever revisiting their views or questionning the received ‘wisdom’.

  29. Big Mal

    “…it just shows delusion and denial and continues to fuel what is an extraordinary and unhealthy obsession in Totenham Hotspur FC.”

    Where do you get that from?

    I’ve just explained in great detail to Anon that we talk about many Clubs, in depth, and often. That’s what this site does. It talks about all kinds of footballing issues relating to all types of subjects and encompasses many different Clubs.

    It has been explained that the article is primarily about the way papers just keep recycling the same news, again, and again, and again, and a Spurs ‘Summer clear out’ is a prime example.

    It could of been about Liverpool being ‘in transition’ or Chelsea looking to play ‘a more attractive brand of football’ and if Tony had referenced them, all that would of happened is we’d of had an equally insecure bunch of Scousers or Chavs turning up accusing us of being obsessed with them.

    Are you seriously trying to suggest that we cant refer to Spurs, or Chelsea, or Liverpool without it being called an obsession?

    I concede it’s an obsession with football maybe, but Spurs get talked about no more than any of the other top 6.

    In any case, can you please tell me what it is you think Spurs have for us to be, obsessed, deluded, or in denial about, because I’ll be buggered if I can think of anything?

    You really do have to get over yourselves.

    Oh, and by the way, it’s you lot all over an Arsenal blog, not visa versa.

    Who’s obsessed?

  30. What does it matter which club came to north London 1st. What should matter is how well is that club doing.

  31. gouresh

    Of course it doesn’t matter, but it’s all they have.

    It’s the teeniest tinniest sliver of comfort they have to cling to and will mention it at every opportunity.

    Desperate doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  32. gouresh – spot on it doesn’t matter so why do Arsenal fans go on and on about Tottenham are from Middlesex. This is one of many Arsenal blogs that goes on and on about Tottenham. This article even says it’s actually about the press to hide the fact that it is an article about Tottenham. What’s more it appears all over Tottenham’s newsnow page and when Tottenham fans respond people say ‘who’s obsessed?’. Arsenal bore the pants off me just as Chelsea Manu and the rest do. If a Tottenham blog had a article on Arsenal I wouldn’t read it but every day there’s an article about us. It may not be an obsession but it’s very odd and I can’t understand why Arsenal fans want to write them or read them, but if you do fair enough

  33. Not withstanding that some people have misunderstood the article I think it’s still worth mentioning that Spurs themselves made a failed attempt at invading another league clubs territory.

  34. OT: U21 England-Sweden

    Still 0-0, with the second half just starting. Jenkinson playing well, but England trying to lull Sweden to sleep.

    Ospina and Colombia play later today, presumably Ospina starting in goal (I sure hope these Cech rumors are all lies).

    But, Brazil played the “Neymar is not that kind of boy” ploy, and got his 4 game ban brough back down to 1 game.

  35. I sense a lot of PMT-type stress in the above comments (and perhaps in the post itself).
    It’s the same every close season and particularly during the pre-Window spell when football withdrawal symptoms are already high and the Summer Sales opening in July are now attracting queues.
    Nerves are taut like the strings of Stephane Grapelli’s violin (a hero of mine so I had to mention his name).
    I recommend the odd tot of Scottish Wine in order to calm things down (well it helps me when I see young girls in Summer gear).
    Today is the Summer Solstice. From tomorrow the days get shorter which means floodlit football becomes ever closer. Now that should cheer everyone up. 😉

  36. It doesn’t matter one iota which club was in North London first, If it makes you spud assholes feel better about yourselves then so be it, Whatever gets you through the night. Stand on the rooftops and proclaim that mantra to high heavens. We were here first, Big motherfucking deal. You whining motherfucking douche-bags are so pathetic. That is what you morons are clinging to. I gonna tell you little pea-brained idiots what you should do, Just keep your fucking mouths shut. If you dickheads wanna come on our website and talk trash, Talk about how your little nothing of a club hasn’t won the league in over half a century. The American Indians were in our country first but didn’t do any development. So if we didn’t take over I guess we would still be living in teepees. It not who was there first, It is what you do when you finally arrive. The quicker you pointy-headed idiots realize this, the better off you morons will be.

  37. Big Mal

    You really should give it up mate.

    You sound a bit sad to be fair, and if you carry on much longer I’m going to end up feeling sorry for you and we don’t want that now do we?

  38. @Walter, it’s not having a go at Spurs for fucksake. It’s a look at the ineptitude of the sports reporting over here.

  39. Big Mal, I’m not claiming we’re the first club anywhere, just correcting anon’s arrogant comment. I’ve no special interest in the spuddies and just clarifying to anon that the article is about how crap the hacks are, as he clearly hadn’t read it correctly.
    If Tony had written this about the scousers then they’d be a load of them on here moaning about our obsession, again without them actually reading the article and I’m sure they’d be asking what we’re smoking and ignoring the fact their owner tells porkies….

  40. Big Mal

    I think you’re answering your own question (5.34).
    We do it ‘coz it irritates the fuck out of Spurs supporters in the same way as we get irritated being called Woolwhich Wanderers.
    It’s all good clean fun though isn’t it?

  41. The spuds are a club born in Middlesex…FACT!!, but it hilarious seeing them claim that borders don’t mean anything because they havn’t actually moved.

    Trust them to claim borders don’t mean anything….just ask any Palestinian.


  42. OT: U21 England-Sweden

    England lucks out and scores with 5 minutes left, game ends 1-0 to England. Jenkinson had a good game. England not looking so good.

    Too long before Colombia’s game, so no roster yet for game.

  43. Ospina started for Colombia, still 0-0 early in game.

    WWC 2015, Brazil is out, beaten by the Aussies.

  44. Ian, as you don’t understand, let me try and explain this for you.

    This web site is headlined “Football news from an Arsenal perspective”, and has been for many years. To comment on any site without checking a detail or two is, to say the least, rather a risk as it can make you look very silly.

    But as to the actual inferiority complex, may I point out to you that you have not actually given an email address as you are required to do on this site. Rather you have given a fake address. If ever there was a sign of an inferiority complex making up a fake email address is surely it.

  45. ” Sometimes it’s better just to remain silent and smile.”

  46. The media, Tottenham. As you say, in June, it is always a clear out of players they consider dead wood. But by August, the media will be proclaiming this could be Spurs year. A couple of games into the season, if they are a point ahead of us, the media will declare a seismic shift in the North London balance of power. For Tottenham, read Liverpool.
    Quite a lot of the media love Spurs, almost as much as some of our fans love Chelsea, and the media love a story even more, but I think their antics just put pressure on those they would big up.

  47. Tony,

    In view of your excellent standards of comment policing I’m dissapointed to read the comment from BILL FROM MANHATTEN ( which would fit perfectly on Radio5live or the Sun (not that you can’t find some good ones there too sometimes).

    It’s precisely this kind of comment which sees btl blogs Descend into rude pissing contests (not that I entirely disagree with the sentiments and premise of the comment, mind).

    Just saying,

  48. C we do try and keep tabs on comments but given that all three of us who operate the site have full time jobs it is not easy. If we do spot something we don’t like we are more than likely to ensure that the person goes into full time moderation, as opposed to most readers who are released from the chore after a couple of posts.

  49. Sorry to follow on, but my first post referred to the insults and language vis a vis spuds fans (yes I too can be silly), but in re-reading and re-registering the end of BILL’s post I would hazard that any descendant of Native American Indians (or whatever the pc term may be today) would be quite incensed about the completely un-pc point he has made about ‘Americans’ being superior to them, especially when considering what the USA did to said inferior people; partial genocide, partial alcohol corruption, all lands stolen, animals relied on for diet and way of life destroyed, and banishment into reserves on what was then considered inferior and useless land, and no right to roam as they once did. If on top of that you look at the many other un-ecological/environmental/ethical thnigs that this supposed superior people have perpetrated both domestically and worldwide to this day, then BILL’s comment (and it’s passage through moderation) is even less easy to understand and/or accept. Besides from start to finish being just plain rude!

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