The Untold Banner is imminent: last chance to add your name to the roll…

Hello all

I’ve heard from Arsenal FC today to say that our Untold Banner has arrived. Our graphic designer (Jennie) and I are both going to be at the Emirates Cup on the Saturday (me in the posh Club Level and her and her little boy in the Family Enclosure).

Tony and I will both be there on the Sunday as well and are hoping to meet up with Mark, the stadium liaison officer who has helped make this possible.

Tony and I will take some pictures of the banner in situe and post them up on Untold for everyone to see and if you are going to the Emirates Cup let us know and who knows, perhaps we can get a group shot?

Tweet me at @blacksheep63 if you are going, especially on the Sunday when Tony and I are there.

A big thanks to those of you that have contributed your £5 so far – if you still want to do so then just follow these simple instructions:

Payment can be made either by Pay Pal or by a direct transfer from your bank account to ours.
For Pay Pal the money needs to go to the PayPal account
For a transfer, you need to transfer the money to
Websites and Blogs Ltd
Account 29198259
Sort code 60-06-11
In both cases please do write as a reference BANNER and your name.
The names of everyone who subscribes will be put on a Roll of Honour page published on Untold Arsenal which will be available permanently, and will also be published in one of our regular reports.
When you have sent the money please email to say that you have sent the £5, confirm the method, and give us your name exactly as you wish it to appear on the Roll of Honour of people kind enough to support this venture.


13 Replies to “The Untold Banner is imminent: last chance to add your name to the roll…”

  1. Thanks for this info Tony. I have been dealing with a lot of family illness recently which has restricted my air time. All being well I will do a money transfer in the morning.

  2. Thanks Blacksheep. If the above illustration is exactly how it will look, then I really love it. My reason? From afar, what will stand out is, ” Football Art”. With AW’s pic next to it, there’s a way it could suggest that Wenger represents artistry in football!

  3. Alright ! Well done Blacksheep , Tony and guys . We now have a visual presence there .
    Untold Arsenal regulars and all AKBs worldwide rejoice !
    Will be looking out for the banner during our games .

  4. Looks great, congratulations! Very proud to see a banner acknowledging the efforts of the Arsenal manager. Thank you.

    What was the thinking behind opting for the text “should be” instead of “is”?

  5. Tony

    I have difficulty getting the above “asia” link to work. I have sent an email to that address by the normal route through outlook – hope you received it. Bank transfer was used.

  6. I am a bit of a Luddite with Internet banking and PayPal, so my contribution is currently heading to Mr Attwood in Corby by more old fashioned means. Cannot wait to see the banner up there,

  7. @Finsbury ‘should be’ is extracted from the Wenger saying at the top of this site. I would have liked a small ‘untold-arsenal untold support’.

  8. @Menace,… I would have liked a small ‘untold-arsenal untold support’.

    I’m totally with you on that.

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