Keeping clean sheets, scoring 3 goals what more do you want

By Walter Broeckx

Of course I know that it is just a coincidence that in the last two matches we got the same final score. These things happen and in the long run they happen a few times but it isn’t written in stone now that each time we will win with this scoreline. Would be nice though.

Looking back at the two matches it was good to see how the team adapted to two different opponents. Even though United made a lot of fouls (a lot went unpunished) it was not that United were over physically. It was not the Ferguson-version of match 50 with dangerous fouls and tackles but more multiple fouls on the Arsenal players. But more tripping fouls that in general do not cause injuries or bodily harm to players.

Watford was more or less openly trying to push and bump our players out of the way. They got a bit succesful in doing this as the ref was rather lenient to this tactic. I am not a tactical genius but in my match report I wrote after half an hour or so that we should change our tactics a bit and try to play more passes and not dribble past our opponents.

Because a team that uses all body parts to stop you and is allowed to use them then it gives them an advantage. And that was the reason why we struggled a bit in parts in the first half. But once we stopped dribbling too much and used the ball to make them tired the game was completely in our hands.

As most players and manager said something about having to adapt I think it is that what they meant. Usually we can use our dribbling skills and passing skills at the same time. This time it was more down to our passing. And once our passing was fluent we were at times amazing to watch. It was a feast for the eyes. Well at least it was for the Arsenal eyes who watched the match.

Özil with two assists once again being one of the most important players in the team. Let the negativists say what they want about him, he is such a great player to have in our team. Alexis was feeling the jet lag a bit deep in the second half once we got 0-2 up in this match. I noticed him huffing and puffing at a moment and I think for once he was happy to be taken off. Another goal for the Chili superstar.

When at the beginning of the season he didn’t score as we got used from him last season some already questioned him (we do seem a habit of Always having to doubt or moan about something… well not we at Untold of course) and said that he might suffer the second season syndrom. I think we can be assured that there is no sign of that for the moment.

Aaron Ramsey scored. Finally. He could and probably should have scored more goals already this season. The wrongly ruled out goal against Liverpool should have been his start to score more goals as he was desparate to score and the longer it took the more frustration you could see on his face. I hope that this goal will be the start of many more from him. And lets hope that the birth of his child in a few weeks will bring him much more joy.

But we not only scored 3 goals again in this match we also kept a clean sheet again. Bellerin started the match very nervous. Coming back to Watford was a bit special for him as he mentioned it in the days before the match. He was rather unusual insecure in the first 15 minutes. But the great thing about great players is that they can lift themselves. And that is what Hector did again. This young boy is oh so quickly maturing in to a grown man… amazing to see and something that gives me great pleasure. Tony may have Le Coq but I consider Hector to be my boy, or should I say man.

Watford did create a few chances. And more than one of these chances came from the ref not giving fouls in favour of our defenders. Something we predicted he might do I think. So we must also praise Petr Cech in goal who each time he was needed did his job with real class. Very calm and assured he was there each time we needed him. I think our whole defensive unit deserves big credit for keeping two clean sheets in a row.

Le Coq again being the master in front of it and even showing off some individual skills at times that we didn’t expected him to do one year ago. The back room dirigent Santi Cazorla was dictating the game from a deeper position. And once Özil went off he was placed higher up the pitch and enjoyed himself there also. But even on that moment in the match with being 0-3 in front he still ran back with his lettle legs to help out Bellerin or any other player when Watford tried to get an attack going. What a class act and another player that is delightful to see. His skill, his vision, the way he uses both feet….

Finally a last word about Giroud. For the moment he has to face being on the bench more than he will like. But when he came on (each time if I remember it correct) he always gives it all. I loved the fact that he score shortly after having come on. That will do him lots of good on the mental front. That goal was rather special as Özil gave the assist with his right foot and Giroud converted also with his right foot. Both players using their weaker foot to produce a goal. Take note other one footed players!

So what could we ask more was in the title? What I want more is more of the same in the PL. Certainly nex week when I and my Arsenal Belgium friends come to the stadium. Another 3-0 would do nice. But every win would do nice to be honest.


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  1. Walter,

    Its a slightly off topic. Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey) is the ref in CL versus Bayern. 11 days ago I wrote a comment in the Arsenal vs. Olympiacos ref review.

    This was my comment

    |”Usama Zaka
    October 7, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    Against Bayern, home and away, I feel we will get any two of the following refs.

    1. Nicola Rizzoli (Italy) – Full Juventus Referee. We faced him with Bayern in 2014.

    2. Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey) – Works in Turkish where all 3 big teams have great history of Match Fixing.

    3. Antionio Mateu (Spain) – A ref that will favor both Madrid and Barca at their homes.

    4. Clement Turpin (France) – We faced him last season against Anderlecht at home, where he gave 2 wrong goals in favor of Anderlecht against Arsenal.

    5. Viktor Kassai (Hungary) – A terrible, horrible ref with history of poor decision against us and everyone else.”|

    Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey) is a very very strict ref, sometimes too strict against teams that dont give him attention during the match. He works in Turkish league where Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Fenerbache all have match fixing history in the last 10 years. Thats why I suspicious of his appointment.

  2. Good summery.


    I must admit I didn’t really notice Bellerins tardy start but I certainly noticed his overall performance. I made him my MOTM but it has to be said Ozil was special, as was Santi and Le Coq. Who’s counting?


    I said the other day, as had others, that whilst playing well he hadn’t yet reached the heights we know he can reach. I suggested, again as had others, that perhaps he was just a goal away from really getting his season going. Lets hope yesterdays was the one.


    I have to say I love this guys attitude. Doesn’t get anything like the credit he deserves in my opinion, except here on Untold of course.

    We all know he hasn’t really hit his stride yet, but for a guy that’s not firing on all cylinders, and only getting cameo rolls, he isn’t doing bad.


    Scored 4

    A goal every 84 Mins

    Shots per goal ratio of 2.6


    Scored 6

    A goal every 114 Mins

    Shots per goal ratio of 5


    Scored 2

    A goal every 251 Mins

    Shots per goal ratio of 3.3

    I think you’ll find that those statistics make him, if not our best striker, at least our most efficient.

    I cant wait for him to really get going !

  3. @Usama – actually, I recall Cakir’s performance in the game Manchester United-Real Madrid (1:2). He was under serious attack by Ferguson’s worshipers for Nani’s red card but one analysis at Croatian Television (led by a former referee) actually proved that Real Madrid should have complained about the referee’s performance, not United.

  4. When, in the Summer, Arsene secured the signature of Cech from Chelsea, I was fairly non-committal about it. Czszesny and Ospina were both OK…..young and like many stoppers, prone to the odd rush of blood to the head.
    How wrong I was. Cech delivers an air of calm invincibility whenever he is called upon to act. His kicking is immaculate.
    The back four already have total confidence in the fifth defender behind them.
    I can see now the magical touch that Arsene has in occasionally delivering the odd signing out of the blue. 😉

  5. Sorry, off topic, but looks like the Australian rugby team have their own pgmol style helpers.
    Back to the article, the team were excellent yesterday, especially when they went in for the kill. We could easily have had five, never mind three.
    Agree on Cech, he certainly adds something to the team

  6. A few short notes.

    The attacking game is finally clicking. In the beginning of the season we only failed to gather points because the understanding wasn’t there, hence the combinations wouldn’t work. Ozil particularly seemed a bit undecided, taking one touch too many and slowing down our attacks – much like in his previous seasons. Now that is sorted out, we are a 3 goals a game team (last season we were a reasonable 2).

    As much as Watford was giving us a physical game, I thought we were actually saving energy. We scored our 3 goals in the space of 8 minutes during which we clicked into gear. Before that it was a matter of not letting them get the better of us (thank you Mike Jones), and after that we spared our best players and cruised to the end. I fully expect to see something different against Bayern. More like against United.

  7. Wow, amazing stats there, Mandy. His tally on assists is more than the total amassed by his 3 nearest challengers combined. And he nearly repeats the feat on chances created. He’s leading on every front. Wonder what the Ozil bashers in the media will make of this. I asked who they made motm yesterday as I felt he deserved but voiced my doubts they’d give it to him, not sure who got it though (I don’t watch post match gibberish btw).

    Mandy, if you don’t mind I’ll embed the link here as links don’t display well anymore on this site and I know for many copying and pasting is a chore; especially if using a mobile device….

  8. Sorry, should have read his tally on key passes is more than his 3 nearest challengers.
    In other news Akpom injured Keith Stroud accidentally, and gooners on twitter wishing it was dean 🙂

  9. Nice one Al, will have to learn how to embed these things myself.
    But Ozil is a very special player, like others who wear the shirt!

  10. In fairness, on assists, think De Bruyne is creeping up there, but Ozil is the assist master, a bit like Cesc….erm…used to be

  11. Why is it that no one has mentioned Deeney shoving Mertesaker into Petr Cech in that incident when he appeared to touch the ball outside the penalty area? It was a clear as the sun on television but the commentry wouldn’t stop pleas for a penalty.

    No mention at all even at half time in the studio. I wouldn’t be surprisef if Arsenal hopefully win the league they’ll just say the league has weakenned. It is disgusting how much negativity is thrown at Arsenal in the media by so called pandits-exfootballers with a not so persuasive football managment records.

    Arsenal deserve much more plaudits and if I hear anyone belittle back to back FA cups breaking the record in the competition with the manager that has won it more than SAF they are in for a piece of my mind.

  12. I also would not mind a 3-0 our next game in PL, although this will be more difficult after the Bayern game on Tues.

    AW says we have to attack, so unless our defence is tight and at their best, we will lose goals too.

    Players will be more tired for Everton game, who will be looking to capitalise on that.

  13. Well, Mesut ‘nicking a living’ Ozil is now the best number 10 in the league this season. And he is better than his nearest competitor by a mile (lightyears). He has 6 assists. But could’ve easily had more, if only we were more efficient.

    A good time to play Bayern. With Ozil fully fit.

  14. Mandy
    It’s not very difficult; just use the following:
    and some text here describing the link

    Yes de bruyne might be creeping up on assists but think like someone said Ozil would have had a lot more had we been more clinical upfront. The fact that his number of key passes is more than that of the nearest 3 challengers combined is staggering. And it’s like that too on chances created! Special player indeed. And yet he’s never been made man of the match!!

  15. Confirmation Ozil would be the assist master can be found in his number of chances created, which is almost three times that of his nearest 3 challengers total combined 🙂

  16. @AI – actually, Dimitri Payet has created more chances than Özil but Özil has more assists to his name. Check at Squawka. Özil is not lazy but English journalists – with all due respect to honourable exceptions – are. 🙂

  17. I see that our defensive record is now best in the League (alongside the Totts). Who would have thunk it…?

  18. To me, I still consider Giroud the better striker than Walcott at the moment.

    The problem is that Arsenal relies heavily on fast striker(s) and it looks bad for him being slow. He already have quite good footballing& positional sense so it is not rare to see him clear the ball at the back and run the whole pitch to get the ball again tens of seconds later.

    The fact that Giroud misses too many easy goals certain do himself dis-service. Although he makes up with some superb tricky goals, people remember those missed goals because those came far more often.

  19. Josif
    Strange that, coz the link Mandy posted is from Metro and they quote their source as Squawka /:
    I think Metro compared Ozil with the others in his position at the top 4 clubs only…

    Thanks for that info, wasn’t aware. Would be curios to know though if the pundits covering that match made him motm… doubt it.

  20. Al

    “Yes De Bruyne might be creeping up on assists but I think like someone said, Ozil would have had a lot more had we been more clinical upfront.”

    Well, maybe. But when you look at the stats you could draw a different conclusion. Here’s how Arsenal, United and few others compare in front of goal.


    Shots per game: 19.7

    Shots on target per game: 7.1

    % on target: 36%

    Goals: 16

    Shots per goal: 11.06

    Shots on target per goal: 3.9


    Shots per game: 11

    Shots on target per game: 4.4

    % on target: 40%

    Goals: 15

    Shots per goal: 6.6

    Shots on target per goal: 2.64


    Shots per game: 20

    Shots on target per game: 8.2

    % shots on target: 41%

    Goals: 24

    Shots per goal: 7.5

    Shots on target per goal: 3


    Shots per game: 14.9

    Shots on target per game: 4.2

    % shots on target: 28%

    Goals: 14

    Shots per goal: 9.5

    Shots on target per goal: 2.7


    Shots per game: 18

    Shots on target per game: 7.6

    % shots on target: 42%

    Goals: 17

    Shots per goal: 8.4

    Shots on target per goal: 3.5


    Shots per game: 20.6

    Shots on target per game: 7.5

    % shots on target: 36%

    Goals: 18

    Shots per goal: 9.1

    Shots on target per goal: 3.3


    -Arsenal manage as many shots as anyone. So much for walking it in.

    -Our accuracy stands up pretty well against the best in Europe.

    -Although hitting the target plenty of times it seems the keepers are excelling themselves against us, whilst they’re apparently throwing them in against United and Chelsea.


    I don’t think it’s a case of us not being clinical, rather it’s a case of Uniteds relatively few shots on target per goal at 2.6, along with Chelseas at 2.7, and our relatively high shots on target per goal at 3.9, being pretty freaky.

    Or dare I say suspicious?

  21. @AI- actually, they compared Mesut to Mata, Coutinho and Silva using comparison matrix at Squawka. You pick players you want to compare regarding certain stats. They could have easily checked who leads the league in terms of chances created. Payet has 38.

    They could have done it properly. If they wanted to compare just players from the top clubs, Coutinho shouldn’t have been there while either Hazard or Fabregas (as players from the reigning champions) should have been included. I wonder what would Michael Owen say after seeing comparison between Eriksen and Mesut though. 🙂

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