The lazy ticket price “information” from the media

By Goonermikey

So we just had our annual bashing by the media for having the “most expensive tickets”. But how about we actually take a look at the real facts rather than the selective data we find the media using.


For starters, the statistics are less than adequate since the media takes no account of the number of games you get to see with your season ticket……we all know that (well Gooners do anyway). However, that’s just shoddy and I’ll come back to that.


If you look at the full findings in the pdf document the BBC has published you find not only a different perspective………..but some very amateurish (or deliberately shallow) research.


For example, the way their logic works, is that if a club has 59,999 season tickets at £100 and one at £10,000 while other clubs have 1 season ticket at £99 and 59,999 at £9,999, the club with the £10k ticket has the most expensive season tickets.


As it is their research doesn’t actually bother to look at the average prices or the numbers available at each price. So it’s already a bit meaningless. But then to delve any deeper may mean they wouldn’t be able to bash Arsenal quite as easily.


What this research does tell us, however, is something very different to the headlines the lazy “journalists” use.


Now you have to cut me some slack here because I’ve had to make some assumptions since the BBC research doesn’t make it clear. They do have a very small footnote which states that our “season ticket includes seven matches in domestic cups and Champions League”. (Well that’s actually wrong as it’s not “domestic cups” it’s the FA Cup, we sell League Cup tickets much cheaper.) Anyway, what it doesn’t say is whether other teams include any cup games so I’ve assumed not.


So here’s the devil in the detail (NB this only covers 19 clubs as Swansea refused to take part in the survey):


  • For our cheapest season ticket it costs £39.00 per game. But no, it’s not the most expensive, that’s the Spuds at £40.26 per game.


  • So what about our “most expensive season ticket in the country”? Well that’s not true either, ours works out at £77.42 per game. The most expensive yet again is the Spuds at a whopping £99.74 a game.


  • And what about the cheapest match ticket each club sells? Well we’re way behind on that one with ten clubs charging more than our £27.       Compare that to the highest priced “cheapest”, it’s almost half the price of the mere £52 that Chelsea charge.


  • We do have to confess to having the most expensive “top-price” match day ticket though but at £97 it’s a mere two quid more than West Ham………WEST HAM ffs. And let’s not forget about the wonderful facilities we have at the Emirates when all said and done.


  • So the last category is that of “Cheapest adult away ticket”. Nope, not us again. In fact there are 11 clubs who charge more than us. We charge a mere £26 while yet again Chelsea are there with (a not so cheap) £47. Now I have to apologise again as the BBC data does not make it clear what an “away ticket” is., i.e. the price of a ticket to an away fan visiting us or the price of a ticket for us going elsewhere. (But then we’ve already established that the BBC is pretty lax when it comes to valid research!).


  • Oh and one last point is that there were only 18 teams considered in the “away ticket” analysis as Man U failed to provide that information…….as they did with the price of a programme, the price of a pie and the price of a cup of tea. I wonder why??? Having said that, when you’ve travelled as far as Man U fans have to for a home game I suppose you’ll be so hungry and thirsty you don’t mind what you pay.       One thing’s for sure you’ll pay more for a replica shirt at OT; senior or junior.


  • Then the media make the comparison with what it costs for the cheapest Bayern Munich season ticket i.e. £104.48……omg that must mean our pricing policy is drafted by Beelzebub himself!       They don’t mention the fact that the most expensive match day ticket at Lille (yep that top European side which has only won the French League once in 60 years) is a staggering £104.48. Or that PSG’s top match day ticket is an unbelievable £186.57 which pales into insignificance when compared to the £275.38 Barcelona charge for the same.


It’s all so damned arbitrary but what gets me is how the story is always turned into something anti-Arsenal.   But that’s enough of that. The whole point of this article is merely to underline the deliberate or lazy bias we see against us in the media day after day; week after week. We may have the most expensive ticket but only a fool or someone with an agenda would want to ignore the evidence that shows that there are other clubs who rip their fans off more if you can be bothered to use a brain cell.


Now I’ve already said the research available is misleading and some of my assumptions may be wrong. Not my fault and I can’t be bothered to do what the BBC is too lazy to do. So apologies in advance. But my premise of Arsenal bias remains sound whatever the case.


The other thing I would say is that I’m not trying to excuse the appallingly high price English football fans have to play to watch football. But that’s a whole different debate.


Cheapest Season Most Expensive Season Cheapest Season per game Most Expensive per game Cheapest Match Ticket Cheapest Away Ticket
Arsenal          1,014            2,013              39.00            77.42 27 26
Aston Villa            335                615              17.63            32.37 23 37
Borurnemouth            550                760              28.95            40.00 32 33
Chelsea            750            1,250              39.47            65.79 52 47
Crystal Palace            420                680              22.11            35.79 23 32
Everton            444                719              23.37            37.84 35 36
Leicester City            365                730              19.21            38.42 22 22
Liverpool            710                869              37.37            45.74 37 41
Man City             299                900              15.74            47.37 42 42
Man U            532                950              28.00            50.00 31
Newcastle            475                710              25.00            37.37 27 25
Norwich            500                646              26.29            34.00 30 30
Saints            541                853              28.47            44.89 34 33
Stoke            294                609              15.47            32.05 25 25
Sunderland            370                525              19.47            27.63 25 29
Spuds            765             1,895              40.26            99.74 32 32
Watford            385                650              20.26            34.21 36 20
WBA            399                509              21.00            26.79 25 10
West Ham            618                955              32.50            50.26 25 25


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28 Replies to “The lazy ticket price “information” from the media”

  1. Do you need to mention the price for senior season ticket holders somewhere in your article? If you do, it will show that the cheapest adult price is around £450 for 26 matches. Plus only £ 5 for the league cup home games.

  2. I’m not sure how u reach the cheapest away ticket prices. I can’t recall paying less Than£40 at any UK ground and often get restricted view for that price.

    Also with arsenal and many other clubs having a tiered category structure for all matches it makes it all irrelevant. There will never be a like for like comparison because every matchday experience is different at every club. You would never compare eating a burger in McDonald’s, with eating a burger at the savoy (if they even sell one) so why should we compare watching arsenal v chelsea in club level to that of watching bournemouth v Watford.

  3. From many years of dealing with ‘the media’ I can assure you that all such analysis is carried out by often not very numerate journalists rather than trained researchers. And it’s probably done in a bit of a rush and makes the same mistakes year in year out in order to be ‘consistent’.
    Consistently misleading that is.

  4. You mention the current Spurs ticket prices and how much dearer they are compared with those at the Emirates.
    Can you imagine the ever-widening difference, once White Hart Lane has been extended!

  5. Always great to read Untold articles of quality when I don’t have to do anything to keep the site running. especially after watching the Watford game with an Alimpiakos supporting bar owner who was most irate about our prices. I laid off the corruption investigation… after all I was in his bar in his country.

    in case you are interested it’s very hot in Crete.

  6. Goonermikey: I have a vague recollection from a TV commentary- probably our Worthless Cup tie against them – that the Spuds throw in a couple of cup games for free. I think they were remarking on how unfair it was on the Spuds that they offered a “free” ticket for a game they would have sold out… Diddums. No mention at all, of course, that our LC tickets are £10/£20 whoever the opposition!

  7. Welcome to Greece Tony, If passing through Athens drop me a line…I am 15 minutes from the airport! Would love to catch up.

  8. So why do Arsenal FC’s PR machine not kick in and put this fallacy to bed once and for all ???

  9. Goonermikey

    I requested something like this the other day.

    No sooner said than done. Thanks.


    “And it’s probably done in a bit of a rush and makes the same mistakes year in year out in order to be ‘consistent’. Consistently misleading that is.”

    Exactly. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these people (By that I mean the plebs at the BBC and all the other outlets that pick up on this garbage and publish it as fact) know exactly what the real figures are, but they don’t give a shit.

    But for all the anger I have for these ‘plebs’ I reserve the worst of it for the supposed Arsenal fans that jump all over these slurs as yet another reason to bash there own Club and manager. They don’t care if these statistics have any basis in reality.

    This site has a massive following.

    I would love Goonermikey and the rest at Untold to collate a definitive, irrefutable, version of the above statistics, and pay for it to be published in a national paper under a headline such as:


    I’d happily donate to the cost.

    People may think that that’s a bit extreme but this anti Arsenal agenda in the media has to stop, and if it doesn’t stop then at least it should be shown for the lies it is.

    Don’t be fooled. People believe this crap and it all seriously undermines us, and damages us, as a Club.

    On Holiday this Summer an Arsenal fan I met didn’t stop moaning about Wenger and how we had all this money and Wenger was tight and wouldn’t spend it, and a fundamental part of his argument was:

    “We have the most expensive tickets in the World yet…..”

    He truly believed it. It was a fundamental part of his hatred of Wenger.

    I’m telling you, this constant media abuse matters.

    Isn’t it time we fought back?

  10. Great article Mikey.

    The ignorance in the media where Araenal are concerned is getting too much.

    Last week I wrote a piece about the constant crap that gets spoken about Wenger and Arsenal not being able to defend. I cited the Invinclibles back 5 Wenger built and the bollocks about Geroge Graham being responsible for Wengers success. Guess what?

    Sunday Supplement this weekend on Sky with Sam Wallace, Neil Custis and their chief idiot Neil Ashton discussing our tiutle chances. Apparenetly we cant defend and Wenger doesnt know how to build a defence. Also, the old line about George Graham!! I couldnt beleive the ignorance. So I did some digging:

    This is the number of PL goals conceded since the start of 2014/15 season:

    Arsenal 43
    Southampton 45
    Man U 45
    Man C 46
    Chelsea 49
    Liverpool 58
    Spurs 60
    Everton 61

    Thsi season we have conceded the least.

    So what stats are the journalists looking at? Why repeat a narrative without bothering to check the facts?

    This is exactly the same with the ticket prices. Its just a narrative that is accepted as the truth and circuslated so everybody believes it.

  11. Jambug.

    Damn good idea. Someone needs to do something to stop all these lies and untruths being recycled.

  12. 3 Points;
    1) I think every club includes a cup game or 2, but probably not the 7 we get, as most of them expect to go out quite early in the TinPot & FA Cups (whilst 16 of them dream of being in the CL).
    2) Don’t have a go at the £97 West Ham tickets unless you know exactly what they include. Bearing in mind Gold & Sullivans business it could include some very interesting additional entertainment!
    3) bc, if you’re paying then I’ll be happy to check the Savoy Grill burgers, but I’ll want travel expenses as well 😀

  13. proudkev

    You’ve done it again. I don’t know how you do it. I stopped listening to the Sunday Supplement years ago.

    But if you don’t listen I suppose it makes it hard to comment.

    I had this very dilemma this past week regarding TalkSport, and in particularly the Arsenal hating Durham.

    I have mentioned this before on here so I hope I’m not boring anyone, but here goes.

    2 or 3 years ago when I used to listen to him he was going into one about Theo being withdrawn from the England Squad. He made a direct accusation that Arsenal where faking it and urged everyone to ‘keep an eye out’ for Theo playing in Arsenals next game. He said people should complain if he plays, and that Arsenal should be punished.

    He did something similar when Jack was withdrawn.

    Neither player played for Arsenal after the Internationals for at least 2 more games.

    The point I’m getting to is Rooney.

    He gets withdrawn from England with the full knowledge that he would be playing after the Internationals,

    Did Durham have anything to say about that?

    I don’t know as I don’t listen but I doubt it very much.

    Not only that but to prove just how wrong Durham was Wenger allowed a player he had just taken of injured to go and play for his Country because he knows how much playing for there Country means to them.

    I wonder if Durham had anything to say about that?

    I suspect if he did it would of only been to criticise.

    But this kind of thing just goes on and on. Heres a list of what we’ve had to endure just over the last few weeks:


    have the most expensive ticket prices.

    -Wrong, as shown on Untold

    Cant defend.

    -Wrong, as shown by Untold

    Wont score enough goals.

    -Wrong, as shown on Untold

    Have highest wage bill (Re more than Chelsea)

    -Wrong, as shown on Untold

    This is as well as individual players getting utterly unwarranted criticism.

    Ozil: Stealing a living.

    Wrong, best stats in the PL.

    Giroud: Not good enough.

    Wrong, despite a relatively poor start his goals ratio is still very impressive.

    Mertesaker: Not good enough.

    Wrong, part of the best defence in the PL.

    The lies, negativity, criticism, and when it comes to Wenger personally, damn right abuse, just goes on and on.

    It’s enough to make you think there’s a conspiracy going on.

    We have to do SOMETHING.

  14. Another great article on Untold, so thanks, Goonermikey. Exposing the lies the media tell on a daily basis is vital work. I must admit I´m completely baffled by the willingness of some self-professed Gooner fans to swallow all the negativity directed at the club and particularly the manager and make it their own.

    How can you be against Wenger, really? Arsenal play some of the best football in the world, hands down, so much so the best football player ever, Pelé, declared recently he would have chosen to play for Arsenal if given his pick of an English club; they´ve won many titles under his reign, and had some achievements that have seldom or even never been replicated by anyone else; their consistency has been incredible, since 18 straight years of Champions League football is something shared only by Real Madrid, which have considerable structural advantages in la Liga. Arsenal fans also have been lucky enough to watch some of the most exciting players anyone anywhere could imagine on a football field: Henry and Bergkamp, Pirès and Vieira, Nasri, van Persie and Fábregas in their scintillating Gunner days, and nowadays, Özil and Alexis, who delight all the lovers of the beautiful game. And that list is non-exhaustive, obviously.
    Plus, we also benefit from the privilege of a manager who brings unity and cohesion to the club, who is beloved by his current and former players and doesn´t throw them under the bus willy-nilly (look at what´s happening to Hazard right now, whose importance to his club cannot be understated). Oh, and thanks to him, one of the best stadiums in Europe was built. We could also go on and on about his unparalleled ability to develop young talent (seriously, find me one manager with his track record when it comes to recognizing and shaping talent).

    So what´s rationally so bad about Arsène Wenger, honestly?

  15. Another thing that happened on holiday that shows just how much what gets repeated time and time again just sticks.

    Cutting a long story short, on the back of what we where watching at the Rugby World Cup, a conversation started regarding TV replays being used at football matches.

    The pros and cons where discussed, and I think the consensus was it has to come one day, and sooner rather than later, especially as one guy pointed out:

    “At least it will stop that Wenger keep saying ‘I did not zee it'”


    I said everybody says that when it suits.

    I asked them to say the last time he said it.

    But whatever I said, they wouldn’t have it.

    It was Wenger, and of course the usual, he never stops moaning.

    No matter what I said, Wenger was the worst.

    And that’s what happens. You keep saying something. No matter how false. Often enough. It becomes the truth.

  16. Great article but proudkev wish you had linked your previous article you mentioned in your comment, I know lazy but am going to have another look as love forwarding these tommy non believing friends..,

  17. And on it goes

    ITV: London Tonight.

    Apparently, at tomorrows game the Bayern Munich fans are not going to take up there seats until 5 minutes after kick off as a protest against paying £64 for there seat.

    On the back of this we have another round of criticism for our prices.

    We get the standard Arsenal fan that agrees this is a ‘Good thing’ although he does suggest that it’s not just about Arsenal but about ticket prices in general.

    Then we have the standard:

    Arsenals most expensive season ticket is £2013

    Arsenals cheapest season ticket is £1014

    You can get a BM season ticket for £100 apparently.

    Either way, another 10 minutes of prime time Arsenal bashing.

    Honestly this is, if it wasn’t already, really getting f***ing ridiculous.

  18. Tony,
    If you watched with a Cretin in his bar, no need to bring up the Olympiakos mess.
    Luckily, the island of Crete is mostly inhabited by Cretans, with a few Cretins.

  19. I just love it when rival teams get sucked into the false analysis about Arsenal and then underestimate the quality of the team. I told a mate after the game against Olympiacos, it was the best attack I had seen from Arsenal in a while. The approach and a few attempts to counter attack in the first 20 minutes was exciting to me. Unfortunate, we failed to score. Like I imagined, the entire media attention was on dropping Cech. As if he has never made a mistake. Shocked LVG got sucked in and didn’t notice that performance. We must have been that poor. Man U didn’t know what hit them in the first 45 minutes. Fast forward to the game against Watford, seems we now measure Arsenal by how long it takes us to score. Apparently we were so poor and only lucky to score after 60 minutes. Last time I checked a game lasts 90minutes. Don’t get me wrong, we were all over the place at some point in that first half on Saturday. Then again, I wondered if Watford would sustain the tempo for 90 minutes. The fact they couldn’t and we took control once we scored showed it was likely the strategy to contain them in the first half. What do I know? The pundits tried to spin it to mean, we were poor and only lucky to win 0-3.

    If Arsenal cuts the price of the most expensive ticket by £3, would they publish West Ham has the most expensive ticket? Shocked West Ham and Chelsea charge £20 more for the range of their most popular tickets, yet no mention by the BBC. I wonder if they would also do a TV licence as well as train ticket comparison across Europe.

  20. ” When you talk , you are only repeating what you already know . But if you listen , you may learn something new .”
    The Dalai Lama .

  21. Jambug.

    Germnan tickets are subsidised. Alos, are they complaining about the rail or bus fair?

  22. proudkev

    Who subsidises them?

    And of course they are not complaining about anything else. All they’ve done is jump on a band wagon. Exactly what Wenger said the other day. But that is exactly what the media does to us. A story critical or detrimental to Arsenal is started and off it goes. Nobody cares, let alone checks if there is any truth in the story, it’s Anti Arsenal, just jump on.

    It’s how it works and it’s been like it for years now.

    The fact that German fans have jumped on just goes to show how easily and far lies can spread.

  23. what could one expect from the BBC, unless your from the ruling class or an ex dj paedophile, they’re a mouthpiece for Washington.

  24. Whichever way you look at it watching football live in England is an expensive business . Last night the Germans held their protest in a dignified way they were applauded by a number of Arsenal fans who are well aware that they are paying premium prices for their addiction . It is unfortunate that despite the media attention it will fall on deaf ears and little will change. Britain is a market economy and the market drives the pricing structure ,players and their agents demand their share of the economic cake and supporters pay “A” at the gates or “B” through their t.v. companies and of course most match day supporters pay both.

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