Untold Arsenal technical problems: how to find us if you can’t find us

We have had significant technical difficulties in the last couple of days which have all the hallmarks of a concerted attack on the site

There has been no effect save that sometimes we are unable to publish on occasion, and you might well at times not be able to read the site from time to time.

As always, when suffering this problem you will be able to find us via one or more of these locations.

  • www.blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk
  • www.facebook.com/untoldarsenaltoday
  • Twitter @UntoldArsenal

For the moment 0715 GMT on 3 November everything seems in order.   But please do make a note of our alternative sites so you can still follow us should you find yourself unable to get onto Untold.

We are of course doing everything we can to find the source of the problem and stop it for once and for all.

Tony Attwood


9 Replies to “Untold Arsenal technical problems: how to find us if you can’t find us”

  1. Why would anyone take the trouble to attack a pro Arsene Wenger Arsenal blog whose articles report only facts with detailed and substantiated research on all the wrong doings , cover ups , fuck ups and the blatant and bald faced lies spewed by those crooked ones in power ?
    Many of which organisations and personas are being investigated for fraud, freeloading and fornicating the public .

    And that too a insignificant site that has only at the very most a million readers every month .
    Not to mentioned it being the intellectual and spiritual home of those hard core and of unshakable faith true Arsenal fans known as the AKBs .

    One tends to wonder about these things !

  2. Thanks for the update Walter, have noticed a couple problems and assumed what you have said here.
    Seems, to its eternal credit, this site is building up a few enemies

  3. Go Untold! The anti Untold pillocks like Fred enjoy their sarchasm. Attacks on Untold prove that the quality of information is getting to the corrupt.

  4. I have encountered delays in site uploading, commenting upload as well as like/dislike click delays…mores on safari then when I use my PC with Chrome.

    Guess there are some sour grapes out there – may they long stay frustrated with Untolders,the Manager, Club and players 🙂


  5. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CS1QLVAUwAAMpyE.mp4

    It’s not really possible to disguise or hide the transparent hopless incompetent bunglers like the pgMOB representative Gollum:

    just what in the blazing saddles is he doing? He’s a very strange man. One not fit to be allowed within a hundred meteres of any official sporting event. He’s employed by the pgMOB.

  6. @ -finsbury -November 3, 2015 at 2:11 pm – Am always glad when someone enjoys his work so much . He would have nailed it , and the Spuds fans would have been so chuffed had he slid on his knees towards the corner flag , ala TH14 !
    Hugging and/or kissing the scorer would of course have been in very poor taste and probably would be frowned upon by the PIGMOB !

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