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  1. Kentetsu

    Usama and Walter, thanks for the review within a few days after the game. Makes remembering the various incidents a lot easier.
    I expected with Clattenburg we would have a good ref, but this is one of the worst ref performances ever reviewed on Untold. With proper refereeing I am sure we would have gained three points.
    As for the given penalty, it actually seemed Clattenburg was going to have the kick retaken. I was confused as to why as I could not see an obvious reason on TV, but was left even more confused when play continued with a goal kick. Any thoughts on this from you guys?

  2. Rantetta

    Thank you for this sterling work.

    I disagree with “A very, very un-Clattenburg score and performance”.

    I see this as a typical Clattenburg performance, against Arsenal, even though the numbers suggest it’s worse than normal. Checkout his game at the Em’s in the FkCup vs totty. The one where Theo was put out of the game for more than a year! All of the kicks and barging went on throughout that match too.

    I see Clatters as a sniper. He hides in plain sight, is invairably very close to the action, and is brilliant at keeping a straight face when ignoring multiple fouls against Arsenal’s players. The speed with which he’ll penalise Ars players is magnificent. I quiver with fear anytime I see he’s doing a match in which we’re involved. Dean-like but without the dancing.

    Does he appear to have a thing for Leicester?

    Superb report. Again, thanks.

  3. Pete

    I haven’t seen a replay subsequently, but one poster suggested that Mertesacker had been deliberately impeded when defending the free kick that led to WBA’s first goal, preventing him from clearing the ball and/or closing down Morrison. Given that this has not been mentioned can we assume that everything was in order inside our penalty area in that moment?

  4. Menace

    The sad thing about these reviews is that there isn’t a higher authority that can deal with the standards. The FA are toothless & corrupt in their appointment of PGMO. PGMO would not satisfy any rules in sport. They are a monopoly, substandard, secret & without any answerable responsibility.

    I am not surprised by the findings & saddened that such evil cheats impact the joy of a sport loved by many in the world. They are in some ways terrorising the sport. Speak out against them & you get fined. The truth is of no consequence.

    Arsenal are not the only club having to cope with the cheats.

  5. Menace

    Pete – I didn’t notice the missing event ie the actual first goal. The Review didn’t capture the blocking of Mert by Olsen in an amorous embrace during the free kick/

  6. GoingGoingGooner

    @Pete my impression on WBrom’s first goal was that he wasn’t so much holding him but blocking him with his arms and body…hence – obstruction.

  7. Pat

    Gasp! This is an amazing report! A stream of unpunished fouls and one of the lowest referee scores I can remember. And on top of that the penalty. And this from a referee who a few years ago we regarded as one of the fairest and best. There is only one conclusion to draw.

  8. goonersince72

    Thanks Usama and Walter! The report confirms what I was seeing. Clattenburg is usually a top official and fairly impartial. But this was terrible, especially the non-call on Giroud in the box.

  9. bjtgooner

    Wow! Thanks guys what an excellent report.

    A very very poor day at work by Clattenburg. Looks as if Riley has really destroyed him – if this shambles of a performance is anything to go by.

    As someone remarked in a previous thread, Pullis at Stoke seemed to get a lot of favouritism from the refs – the latter allowed his former team of thugs to totally kick the daylights out of us for quite a few years, and also probably prevented Stoke from being relegated from the EPL and being replaced by a more talented team.

    @Menace – you are right about the first WB goal – Olsson deliberately fouled our BFG – another example of the putrid Pullis black arts.

  10. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Usama and Walter: such detail and analysis, bloody brilliant work lads! Just such a shame to reveal the truths of each game…

  11. Mandy Dodd

    This should be classed as shocking, but sadly, it is not.
    We certainly shot ourselves in the foot during this game, but ultimately, this was a pgmol pulls stitch up job. The same used to happen when we played at Stoke, the refs seem to like the ways of Pulis.
    Maybe Wenger should have had more to say after this, not that it would get him any where.
    Strange, when we threaten to go top, or extend a lead at the top, in steps the refs.
    We rarely see this ref, after this, I hope they keep it that way. But I think our team need get wiser, make more of an issue, surround the ref, go to ground when the opponents keep fouling. Why not, anyone else would.

  12. Mandy Dodd

    Pete, according to ex ref Dermot Gallagher, their equaliser shouldn’t have stood….its Olssen was offside…..think Per was impeded as well


  13. bjtgooner

    @Mandy – yet another wrong decision that would not have been made with the introduction of technology – resisted by Riley!

    I was wondering why Clatterburg was so biased and apparently incompetent – was it because the match was not televised live in the UK & in consequence the PGMO decided it was a good time to shaft Arsenal?

  14. Mandy Dodd

    You could be right bjt.
    A lenient ref and a Pulis team is always a bad combination. Even with that, we were incredibly unlucky

  15. Stevo

    Regarding the penalty, at the point of impact that Santi made with ball , 5 WBA players were encroaching into to penalty area.

  16. finsbury

    PGMO Rules Football. It is, what it is.

    A different if variable (dependant upon who is playing) code.

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