The strange story of how “Wenger confirms Arsenal have found emergency replacement for Coquelin”

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

This is a story from the Daily Football Blog, which is identical in style, design, format and attitude, to the Football Columnist blog which is identical in style, design, format and attitude to Gooners Den, which is … (ok you get the idea)

The headline as they present the story is…

Wenger CONFIRMS Arsenal FOUND Emergency Replacement For Coquelin

Underneath that is the most curious sub-heading “Trouble times” but I think they might have meant Troubled Times.

Now I’m going into this story and through Untold giving this story a wider readership than it would otherwise have had, because I think that just as it is always important to out people who deliberately spread false rumours that the enemy is at the gates during times of war and national crisis, so it is with football.  The reason I believe this is simple – real supporters of Arsenal, or indeed any club, invest a lot of emotion in our club, and to have someone deliberately muck about with that is rather annoying and can lead to dyspepsia. 
But actually it is more than rather annoying.  You see these sites don’t publish their mindless gibberish to attract people to advertising, getting them to click on a link to an advert when they think that they are clicking on a link to a story.   No, this web site, the Daily Football Blog, doesn’t carry many adverts at all, and doesn’t use that technique.
So what are their purpose?  They are, as far as I can see, nothing other than a Fifth Column, deliberately set up to spread negativity and false stories about Arsenal.   (Fifth Columnists, I should perhaps explain for readers whose first language is not English, is a phrase used in English about subversive elements who act out of a secret sympathy with an enemy.  I am not sure how it translates into other languages – my apologies).
It was originally used to describe the activities of fascist sympathizers in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War who put out a statement that the insurgents had four columns marching on Madrid and a fifth column of sympathizers in the city ready to rise and betray it.  It was a statement that caused widespread alarm and rallied people to the fascist cause – as indeed was intended to.
Here is the story so you can get the gist of what is going on here…

Arsenal manager has officially confirmed Francis Coquelin is out for “at least” two months. Earlier yesterday news broke that the Frenchman has damaged his kneel (sic) although at the point, the news was not confirmed by any major outlet which gave Arsenal fans the hope that the rumour could be false.

With Wenger now confirming the news, Arsenal not buying an outfield player last summer is finally showing to be a stupid move ( everyone knew it was a stupid move anyway ). Wenger went further to confirm Calum Chambers is been (sic) trained to play in the defensive midfield role.

This brings to question the point of signing Krystian Biliek last winter. The young Poland international was said to be Arsenal’s back up defensive midfielder but ever since he signed for the club, he has only made one appearance, as a sub in the disgraceful defeat to Sheffield Wednesday.

Personally, I believe Chambers can play the role of a DM but that does not override the fact that Wenger’s stubbornness has once again practically ruined Arsenal’s chance to win the title after a 11 years wait.

The first point to see is of course that this has nothing to do with “Wenger CONFIRMS Arsenal FOUND Emergency Replacement For Coquelin” which is the headline.  And of course much of it was untrue – particularly the notion that somehow the major media had combined to suppress the news and so give false hope to Arsenal supporters.  The media do tend to follow certain stories as a pack, and anyone who has worked in a newsroom knows that all media look at what their close rivals are doing, just to check they have not missed a story, or gone in a direction that no one else is taking, without throwing the Exclusive tag on it and making it seem like detailed original research.

Now it is a perfectly legitimate view to think that Mr Wenger is a disgraceful manager.  I don’t believe it, and nor do most Untold readers, but it is a view, and it is up to anyone holding that view to put out evidence to that end and give some evidence.  Commentators on Untold do it all the time (although sometimes forgetting the evidence bit).

But this is not like that, because it is using utterly false evidence – the headline is misleading, everything is negative, no alternative solutions are proposed and argued through – it is pure Fifth Column stuff.

But there is worse to come because looking elsewhere in the blogettas one finds

Coquelin Replacement? Arsenal To ANNOUNCE Signing Of POWERFUL 5ft 10″ Tall DM, Deal Practically AGREED

This is in Football Columnist Blog, a blog which as I noted above has exactly the same style and design as Daily Football Blog.

Arsenal have been given the go ahead to sign talented Genoa midfielder Diego Perotti after being told that he has an asking price of just £9.8million, according to Italian publication Calciomercato. According to reports, the deal has been practically agreed and it is just a matter of time before it is officially announced.
The chances are of course it won’t happen, but that allows the Daily Football Blog to return to its Fifth Column approach by telling us how Arsenal could have signed this player but threw it away.
Actually there is a lovely bit at the end of that article, and I reproduce it in full…

Sadly it is not just the fifth column lurking in the shadows that do this sort of stuff deliberately to upset Arsenal supporters.   Charlie Eccleshare in the Guardian reduced himself to their level this week with…

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have been unfortunate this season to lose so many attacking players to injury, which has left them playing their seventh-choice [sic] right winger Joel Campbell for key matches.

But there’s nothing unlucky about the mess Arsenal now find themselves in after it emerged on Sunday that Francis Coquelin will be out until at least the new year…

The piece rambles on through the mire for a while until it gets to this

The position Arsenal find themselves in is even more laughable given that a deal for Morgan Schneiderlin was reportedly all but completed until Wenger decided Coquelin’s emergence meant he was no longer needed.

The reality is that a number of people who actually bother to watch football as well as write about it, knew of Coquelin’s potential and ability years ago, and Schneiderlin had no interest in coming to Arsenal to sit on the bench while Coquelin came to his fullest potential, with Schneiderlin waiting for Coquelin to be injured.   Players of quality don’t do that, although quite a few people like to maintain the myth that they do.

Let me try and spell it out.  Top players don’t join clubs unless they are clearly designated a regular starting point in the line up.  Do you think Ozil and Alexis would have joined Arsenal if we had already got a top player in their positions?

What is more to the point is that Arsenal pulled two rabbits out of the hat last season with players that some of us knew but the media and their fifth column allies didn’t.  No reason to think that either this technique, or the technique of moving players around, won’t be used again.

All the press now speak of the Santi-Coquelin duology at the back of midfield as the norm, obvious, of course, exactly the thing to do.  But if you had suggested Santi Caz playing alongside the DM two years ago there would have been howls of derisive laughter (as they used to say on Monty Python).

What Mr Wenger is brilliant at is creative solutions and finding young players of staggeringly amazing talent.  Just remember, if Arsenal had followed the advice of the media and their fifth columnist friends Coquelin would have been sold years ago, so wouldn’t even have been there to help us through the second half of last season.   But of course, none of them have to live by their crazy predictions and wild accusations.

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  1. How on earth can they keep on publishing such rubbish even knowingly that the transfer window is not open, or has not reopened since the last time it slam shut….?

  2. You know some dim-wit will come on here saying that Schneiderlin went to The former PMGO team to compete with Schweinsteiger and failing to appreciate that not only is he a CM (not a DM) but he’s 31 and damaged goods. So 34 Year old Carrick is his real competition. If Schweinstiger does play a more ‘holding’ role then he’s more likely to be with Schneiderlin due to LVGs style of play. Add to this the 3 out of 4 (75%) chance that a new signing doesn’t shine in his 1st season, but that’ll be ignored because they have perfect hindsight.

  3. I think the Bloggttas are trying to be speculative, dynamic & prolific with their rumours by linking the Boss to a top host quality players to sign in a window.

    And if he didn’t afterall signed anyone out of rumoured players whom he’s being intentionally linked to sign. And later he has a problem of injury with a Gunner that is manning a position of which the media rumour mill & the bloggttas mill had linked him with to sign for that injured Gunner position, the media or the bloggttas will now say, the Boss is paying the price for his stubbornness or close-fistted.

    Is only the JJS(Jony just come) will take the rumour mills at face value. But as time go by, he or she will learn to be cautious not to swallowed every rumour that’s been milled out by the media and the bloggttas, like I have learned.

    Inadvertently as it maybe, I think the DMF void in the Arsenal’s midfield caused by the injury to le Coq, has immediately been filled with Flamini. And should in case of any mishap, the Boss has 3 credible options in the Gunners of, Ramsey, Debuchy & De Abreu he can call upon to manned the DM position.

    By looking deeply into the current DMF situation at Arsenal, the Boss might not need to sign a DM at all in January window. But he could if the performance of his options at that position during the absent of le Coq informed him to sign one.

    Unpredictably as it maybe, the Boss should sign a top quality left back as a standard cover for Monreal as Gibbs is being gradually shifted to the mid-left wing. Right? And due to being injury-proned, the Boss MUST sign a 4th top quality striker with no record of injuries as an adequate cover for Giroud. Walcott and Welbeck may not be firmly be reliable to manned the Gunners line crediblely as the position required during the tough 2nd half of the season campaign. This is because of the almost constant relapsing injury to Walcott and the long sidelined with injury which Welbeck is undergoing which may require a long time for him to hit top form when he finally returned to action.

    Arsenal 3 titles charge MUST be maintained and the current winning momentum MUST not be allowed to stall but sustained to the very end of the season.

  4. Bummer. No away fans in France for the next 2 or so weeks.

    That terribly impressive pile of ManUre, told the world this week that they can win anywhere. The problem is, much of the time where they can win, isn’t where they are playing.

    Date _ _ _ _ Game Loc. Can Win Where?
    2015/11/25 Old Toilet _ Disneyland
    2015/10/31 Selhurst Pk _ Glasgow
    2015/10/28 Old Toilet _ Preston
    2015/10/25 Old Toilet _ Paris
    2015/10/21 Moscow _ _ _ Capetown
    2015/10/04 Emirates _ _ Shackleton Crater (on the Moon)
    2015/09/15 Einhoven _ _ Singapore
    2015/08/30 Swansea _ _ Cardiff
    2015/08/22 Old Toilet _ Twickenham

  5. The trouble is, anyone can start up a blog, regardless of whether they know anything about the subject they’re blogging about.

    As recent prominent Arsene Wenger purchases, add Cech to the list.

    Yet still they whitter on.

  6. These blogs must be written by some bored kid with poor command of English , but with enough passable ‘cut and paste ‘ skills . At least they didn’t use the Google translator – some unintentional fine jokes are usually the result .

    Here are some samples of faux pas that are on my phone right now –


    2. On a menu for a high ranking august body dinner includes –
    Appetizer – Scissors Salad ( Chicken)
    Dessert – Cream Brule

    3. On a signboard – ********* CHICKEN

    4. A keep clean notice on a bus – I INCREASE CLEAN BUS .I FALL ALSO CLEAN .THANK YOU.

    5. Signboard – RESTAURANT ************ WIFE FREE

  7. Nice.

    Protest groups always make more noise. Most of these blogs are written by ‘Mr Angry’ types who have gone npast the point of no return. They have built a following of similar types of personality and created ‘gang’ culture. If you look at LG for example, when you read teh comments the people bear no resemblance to what we would call the average supporter. These people take pleasure from insulting and abusing people and will not accept an opposing view. They are football extremists.

    I think I have said before, that what shocked me the most was the amount of negativity after we won the FA Cup with that fantastic display against Aston Villa. Literally minutes after our players were running around the pitch with the trophy, Wenger and the club was being criticised. Unbeleiveable – unless they are not really Gooners of course, which a lot of them are not. When we took Man Utd apart with that blistering first half display, one so called ‘supporter’ posted teh comments ‘bollocks’ as each of our goals hit the back of the net.

    Start of this season they were putting forward names like Gary Monk and Eddie Howe as future managers. These peope are clueless clowns.

    The bloggers are not supporters nor are they knowledgable. They are people who like the sound of their own voices and who have decided that celebrating great results somehow attacks their own position as chief WOB.

    Thankfully, nobody really takes them serious and we shouldnt give them any publicity. Fantasy Football Managers who are unable to enjoy the good fortune they have in being Arsenal fans. I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire.

  8. Surely the idea is to find a Dm to challenge coquelin and not to sit on the bench.Competition for places keeps players on their toes and hungry.If you knew you were first choice irespective of performance,your levels would drop.Competition is a good thing and knowing that if you dont shape you are dropped is harsh but necessary.

  9. More unintentional humour –






    Breakfast special – HALF BALL EGG & BURNING BREAD .

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