Next season’s squad: who we’ve got and who we need

By Leke Osmani

-Last season we performed better than the media thought we would. We came 3rd and did quite well in the Champions League. The main positive we have from last season I believe is the fact that we have seen just how powerful our squad can be. Spending millions will break the unity in the dressing room and won’t guarantee success.  Most won’t agree but our squad can be the best next season, you just have to look deeper.


SZCZESNY- We all know what immense talent he has but he still hasn’t the ability to make it into the first team, he needs more time and mental maturity. Future number 1 though, no doubt.

MANNONE- Same as Szczesny he is too young but has talent.

FABIANSKI- He has the talent and the grit to become number 1 next season. He’s going to work hard this summer no doubt and come back stronger. Wenger believes in him, we should too. To me he could be our Iker, he has the beard…

AlMUNIA- I have a feeling that he will be leaving us. Wenger was furious with him after Ibrahimovic’s goal and hasn’t been consistent. He has surprised our defenders with some grave errors week in week out than he has baffled the opposition with world class saves.

Possible additions: Butt of Bayern Munchen, he is only going downhill after this season and would be a good reserve to Fabianski. Furthermore he would add invaluable experience to our squad.


DJOUROU- If he hadn’t hurt his knee would we all be seeing him as the long term partner to Vermaelen? Maybe. He’s tall, he’s strong and he’s young. I wouldn’t be surprised if he breaks into the first team next season. He could be the rock in the heart of our defense with Vermaelen the brains.

VERMAELEN- He is tremendous. Did very well in his first season and can only go up from here. Don’t forget his goal scoring ability. A truly brilliant signing from Arsene Wenger.

SILVESTRE- His contract is up and I would be surprised if Wenger renewed it. He isn’t the leader Sol is and I don’t think he has that big of an impact on the younger players. Probably won’t be seeing him in an Arsenal shirt next season.

GALLAS- Still hasn’t left and he might not. But with Djourou back would he be happy as a benchwarmer? He could cause disruption in our squads harmony and that isn’t what a squad with high ambitions need. Still top class though.

TRAORE- Some may think he is going Paris Saint-Germain but I don’t think he will be allowed too. If Clichy and Gibbs get injured, we’d be in a bit of a pickle. Not the best defensive wise but he is lighting fast and could mature into a good squad player.

GIBBS- This guy could make a breakthrough next season. Being young and all, his long term injury will surely put the fire in his belly to do better. A great all-round player and I’d be surprised if he isn’t world class in a few years time.

EBOUE- You’ve got to love him. Always gives 100% and tries to make everyone happy. Won’t be displacing Sagna in my books but he is important in our squads harmony. More goals and assists from him next season.

SAGNA- Absolutely fantastic at the back. The new formation may have made it harder for him but after all the injuries to our backline he has been the mainstay. He also seems stronger to me. If he improves his crossing he could be the best right-back in the league.

CLICHY- A warrior and after his injury he has finally got to his best in the last few games. His defensive abilities and his attacking sense makes him a great part of the Arsenal squad.

CAMPBELL-  Won’t be playing so much next season but he is invaluable to Arsenal. A great leader and personality for Arsenal. Hope he signs a new contract

Possible additions: Ciani of Bordeaux, he has been immense for them. Laurent Koscielny, he is 24 years old, French and would only cost around 8 million. Sounds like a Wenger deal to me…


DENILSON-  Under-rated in my opinion. Not going to the world cup is certainly going to make him want to improve. He doesn’t have the fight of Alex Song but he knows when to tackle. Could be our pivot between attack and defense next season.

DIABY- Have you seen those turns? He ain’t Zizou but he has class. I truly believe he is the next Vieira. He can perform tremendously for the squad when he wants to. With competition for places being higher next season then he will “up” his game.

ROSICKY- He has lost it a bit but he is good none the less. It’s his first season back and he has done well. He can only improve next year. Though if Wenger buys a new midfielder, he could be heading out.

RAMSEY- He has tremendous hurt and passion for the game. The heir to Fabregas’ throne in my view. Though he won’t be taking that throne for a few more years. Let’s hope his recovery comes along smoothly.

FABREGAS- He is not going to leave. Barca don’t have the money and Wenger needs him now more than ever. He is seen as a role-model for the younger players and he is the best midfielder in the league. I can’t see him leave without winning a trophy. He has too much pride and is too competitive for that. El Capitano.

NASRI- That goal against Porto showed what he can do. All he needs now is to focus and have a good pre-season. He’s intelligent and will strive to be more consistent next year. He wants to be Pires, well he can surpass him. He has the potential to do so, coincidentally his manager Wenger is the best at getting players to achieve their potential.

ARSHAVIN- He is going to remain at Arsenal. He can score real crackers and can turn the game in his teams favour in one moment. He is also one of our older players so he adds experience too. If only he could keep his mouth shut though.

SONG- Our best player this season. He has improved loads, establishing himself as one of the best if not the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League. He is young too so he can surely become an Arsenal Legend.

WILSHERE- England’s next mega-star. I can see him as growing up to be a mix of Bergkamp, Fabregas and Ljungberg. Tricks, good goal scoring ability and eye for a pass like no other at the tender age of 18. The good thing is he doesn’t have to go back home to his first club, he is home. A Gooner through and through.

EASTMOND- Simple crisp passing, Wenger’s description of him. He nevers stops fighting and is excelling at the defensive midfielder role. Can play at right back too, what more could you want?

Possible additions: None


VELA- Next season is make or break for him. Last season he was hampered by injuries but he will surely have a good World Cup and pre-season and come back strong. He has the talent but does the he have the attitude, we’ll know next year.

WALCOTT- I see him becoming a striker of Henry’s caliber. Speed, check. Finishing ability improving every game, check. Football brain, check. Number 14, check.

EDUARDO- He has top class finishing ability but seems to have lost his striking instincts. It’s a shame, he was going to be a great player. Though he could surprise us and regain his form for next season.

VAN PERSIE- Wouldn’t exchange him for Messi. He is divine. He completes the team. He just needs to stay fit. I’m putting my money on him for the golden boot this summer.

CHAMAKH- Great free signing by Wenger. Strength, heading ability, fighting spirit and great teamwork. Could force Wenger into going back to our 4-4-2.

Possible additions- None.


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54 Replies to “Next season’s squad: who we’ve got and who we need”

  1. Bendtner- Strong in the air and dribbles very well for such a large bloak. He has the knack of scoring in the 90th min. For me he is the future of goal scoring.

  2. Glad to see Bendtner has been added !

    I wonder how Wenger will manage to make him play, i mean what the hierarchy will be with Chamakh…

  3. You said you see Theo as a Henry in the making, the thing is Wenger doesnt give him a chance Henry was awful in his first season upfront, give him the chance that amount of speed needs to be unleashed, theo cant cross to save his life and playing him out of position is not helping him, put him upfont with RVP or chamkh alongside him supplying, theo makes bad decisions when it comes to passing but if you just say run and shoot he will net 25 goals a season I guarantee it

  4. Fabianski is a joke. Complete liability especially when crosses are coming in. Definitely need a new number 1.

  5. Greetings! Long time reader, 1st time poster!
    I thought overall we had a pretty good season. No hardware, but with all the injuries the team had, 3rd is a pretty darn good result!
    I agree with a lot of the assessments that you have here, except the goaltending situation.
    I don’t agree that Fab can be a #1, at least not in the foreseeable future. At some points this season, he even looked scared out there. Definitely doesn’t have the confidence yet, and for that matter, neither does Almunia. And at his age, that is scary. I think we need an experienced, confident GK brought in to fill that void.
    Like you’ve said, give Mannone and Szczesny some loan experience, and the future of our GKs will look bright also.
    I hope Wenger doesn’t loan out Wilshere next season. I soooo want to see him play in the XI.
    Maybe not every match yet, but it’s players like him that make me excited for the future of The Arsenal.
    ’10-’11 is our year!

  6. Big ups 2 cujo. We need 2 centre backs and a Gk. But i suggest we get another good holding midfielder, bcos i dont trust diaby and denilson’s game, they both lack maturity. Wenger should go 4 Melo. Doing this, we will carry two trophies next season.

  7. I think we need someone to give Song serious competition. If Cesc goes, I request that Tony employ his good offices to make the club get Mesut Ozil rather than Gourcuff. He is cheaper & better. I feel Silvstre should be released while a Young Gun gets promoted. Havard?

  8. As all arsenal fans would see, the problem is gonna be defence and goal-keeping. One excellant centre-back (like Varmaelen) would be enough to strengthen our defence, with the likes of Campbell and Djourou as back-up. But the goal-keeper’s position is of a controversial one. Almunia is getting worse each year and Fabianski doesn’t perform well in pressure. And both Mannone and Szczesny are too young and inexperienced to be our No.1. Many say we need to sell both Almunia and Fabianski. But that would be wrong. I would sell Almunia and send Fabianski on loan. Fabianski just needs experience. And hence, bringing a new GK is inevitable. Someone who has experience, has proved his standards as an excellant GK, and is affordable. Having said that, I cant see any problems in our attacking options. Especially after Chamakh’s arrival.Now, We just need to believe in our squad! 🙂

  9. I still think Fabregas will go after the world cup.
    Arsene should fight for YAYA if Fabregas goes.
    4-4-2 sounds good to me.

    Bring in a strong partner for Vermaelan, a better Keeper,
    can you imagine Song and Yaya in the middle, sounds hard to get past.
    similiar to Viera-petit.

    We still have creators on the wings and of course RVP.

  10. Wenger pls bring gourcuf i watched his game yesterday against crc that boy is what we need even with or without fab

  11. I would love 2 c gorcuff in our team ! he would complete the 4-3-3 lineup him fab and song in the middle that would be a way better midfeild than barca’s ineista xavi and keita ! I know wenger wont buy Gourcuff unless fab is sold but a wish can sometimes happen

  12. i just want to say the be best to assist song is fellaini. we shd buy the dude. he is strong and knows what to do. he is a few light years ahead of diaby and to me he could easily be the next viera. wot u think guys?

  13. I agree with the Dark Prince on Fabianski, loan him out. If he is as good as Wenger says then let him prove it on a smaller stage while not putting Arsenal at risk.

    In terms of defence I think the Barca matches showed that it is our attitude that is more of a problem than the personnel. We looked lackadaisical compared to the catalans and likewise against chelsea and man.u. Defense isn’t just a 4 man role, the whole team need to snap like dogs at the heels of the opposition. Having said that, I wouldn’t refuse seeing some psychopath in the squad to play alongside Song in games which required it. Love to see someone in there who literally takes personal offence to the other team having possession…Flamini/Diara/Vieira. Its one of the reasons Essien is so bloody good.

  14. I also agree with Ejiro on Diaby and denilson. They do have talent for sure but as yet have not shown the required maturity. Its the fact they still concede a lot of possession. I so want them both to succeed…I’d love that so much more than bringing someone else in but at the mo they’re not showing signs that they can keep the ball at arsenals feet. It is so crucial that we have max potential because our attcking nature means we will always be vulnerable on the counter. They MUST show awareness of this THIS COMING SEASON or for me they may have to go. Prove me wrong lads!!

  15. Would agree with some of your assessment but we lack a backbone in the team, almunia, fabianski and mannone are not up to standard. People talk about Gallas but every big game last yr he was as much at fault as keepers. Eboue great heart but no head and lies down way too easy. Denilson rates high on midfield stats but his lazy passing, constanly giving away ball, Diaby hit and miss ,arshavin thinks he is a superstar and no workrate needed. Eduardo and rosicky no where near where they were. Everybody points to RVP as our leader,but has been injured for vast parts of every season so far. Vela hasn;t showed, theo in same bracket. When you rate current players, look who would have made the championship teams of past apart from fabregas, vanmehlen and think about how good we really are. Man U, Chel have taken backward steps its not as though we have gotten better.

  16. Re Walcott – if you want him to ‘run and shoot’ rather than struggle to find a decent final ball then he has to be shifted across to the left. That’s the position from which Overmars, Pires and Freddie got most of their goals and they were all right footed.Walcott has been used in that position by the England U21’s and he excels in it.
    He will only go there however after Arshavin leaves and then he will share it with Nasri.

  17. This is my favourite Arsenal site. True Gunners. Denilson will be brilliant I truly have faith in him. Fabiaski was unstoppable in the 1st half of our 4-4 draw with liverpool. But a loan would do best. EL CAPITANO WILL STAY…AND LEAD OUR EMPIRE TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD…famous words of goonerholic-KEEp It GoOnERiSH…

  18. We need an experienced cb, a dmf and ideally an english keeper out of Hart and Green and we should buy Eden Hazard no matter what the cost.When Song gets injured we struggle because Denilson and Diaby are not those type of players therefore we need more depth in those positions. I feel Wenger should sell Denilson, Fabianski, Vela and get rid of Galls and Sivestre.Either one of Fbianski and Almunia will definitely leave, the amount of dropped points and matches that we have lost due to our keepers is outstanding, with more experienced and better quality keepers we would have won atleast a few trophys over the last few seasons.However with a few more proven players , we’ll become the team to beat in our league.

  19. if wenger add 2 centre backs like vermaelene and fab&others stay in the club,Arsenal will be a champion.

  20. Think you’re being a bit kind, mate. I think Clichy & Diaby are weak points in the team and both need to be replaced. Also forget about depending on youthful keepers, we need a great keeper NOW!

  21. You put forth some concise and valid assessments of our players. The one exception as far as I’m concerned is your view on Fabianski. I just don’t see him making the grade at Arsenal.

    I have to refer to an old saying ‘Form is temporary, class is permanent’. He had a run of games to show some form but failed miserably. As for class, I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    I would love for him to make me eat my words but I think time has run out for him and Almunia for that matter. A new keeper this summer will put the final nail in both their coffins.

    Another thing I find strange about the perservation with Almunia and Fabianski is that Arsene made up his mind about Richard Wright very quickly and he was off. I wonder what has changed since then when its blindingly obvious that we don’t have good enough quality in both our first and second choice keepers.

    Ideally I would love all our existing players to turn potential into winning the biggest prizes but nothing in life is guaranteed. Hope is the one thing we all have in common so here’s hoping they come good in the end.

  22. Sorry but I don’t agree with you.


    Arsenal needs a a new number 1 – Flappyanski and Almunia are jokes and need to be gotten rid of ASAP. The other two are fine.


    Agree with you on Verms, he’s been excellent. I think Gallas will be off (look at what he did with Chelski). Besides, although he’s great, he’s unreliable (way too injury prone, look at the run-in the past few seasons) and so we have to buy another CB. Gallas would not be happy with being third choice. Pray that fish face will be gone too. Djourou is a talent, but injury prone. For our full-backs, Clichy and Sagna are class, minus they’re crossing ability. Agree with you on Gibbs though, future England left-back and a top, top talent. Traore will be off, he wouldn’t be satisfied being third choice either.

    Used to hate Eboue because of his dives and constantly making the wrong decisions and losing the ball, but I do have to say, after watching him this season, he’s improved so much. It really is a love-hate affair with him. Which is more than I can say about the next player.

    Campbell – ARSENE SIGN HIM!!! The best thing about Campbell is he knows his role – that he’s is a substitute. How many players would be happy to sit on the bench!!!


    Denilson – Biggest waste of space. Lazy, slow and mediocre. Sure, he’s scored a few crackers, but lets just be honest. If we had even half our first teamers available, no one would even have him on the bench. He’s not good enough to be a starter (if we could help it) and he’s not a game changer so he’s no good as a substitute.

    Diaby – Agree with you, he is class but like so many other Arsenal players, he’s so damn lazy! He’d lose the ball, and just walk back to “win” it back. Just look at the Barca game. O, and did I mention he lost us the game against Manure? But if he can improve on his decision making (always makes the wrong passes) and just improve his attitude, he’d be a top, top player.

    Rosicky – I love this guy, except for his injury record. It is abysmal. Having said that, at least he’s a game changer and has a knack for scoring late goals. If only he had time on his side….

    Ramsey – Completely agree, future super-star of Arsenal, and heir to Fabregas’ throne.

    Fabregas – Can’t blame him for wanting to move to Barca, but I think he really shouldn’t go yet. They don’t need him, can’t afford him and he wouldn’t gain anything (minus trophies) there. Well maybe bench time. He plays in a similar position to Xavi, and I just don’t see him replacing him.

    Nasri – Far too inconsistent. Hot one day and cold the next. Great talent, just needs discipline.

    Song – Agree with you, has come leaps and bounds this season, and hopefully will only get better.


    Vela – I actually think he just needs game time. I don’t understand why Wenger would leave him on the bench and not play him. But then again, he sees him in training and I don’t.

    Arshavin – Needs an attitude check. And yes, to learn to shut his trap. But other than that, a game changer

    Eduardo – I feel really sorry for him. Used to be such a good player, could play on the wing or as a second striker but ever since his injury….

    Walcott – Just needs to improve his crossing for the position Wenger plays him in. Other than that, his decision making.

    RvP – Greatness, nothing to be improved that he can help.

    Chamakh – Problem here is that him and RvP are similar. If they can play together, then Wenger’s got a future dream combo. Except we’d have to change formations. But his link play is awesome, and so is his heading.

  23. I am truly surprised by allt he Diaby critigue on the forum. Maybe it’s because everyone who favours him compares him to Viera. Abou is Abou, and he is great. Why would he otherwise be in the French national team.

    Agree with the additions. Centerbacks centerbacks is what we need. Djorous knee doesn’t seem to be trustworthy.

    Where is Senderos?

  24. Richard B you may have a point about Theo on the left, I would love to see theo upfront though. I always think Arsenal are so much better when they get behind teams then playing in front of them, when we get behind teams we faceless counter attacks, some long balls up to theo and a tight defence would win us many big games, theo would destroy any defender for pace I have seen him give players a 10 yard head start.

    in the big games we should play very tight mourinho like and pump it up, quick counter attacks lets go back to when arsenal devasted teams in the first half scoring a few goals then we can get into the possession football and slow build up play.

    playing in front of teams at 0-0 for 60 mins is rubbish,they know we can cross and with 10 men sometimes 11 even average teams can be hard to break down, and teams like chelsea just know to counter attack us, i was ashamed of the performance of arsenal at home to chelasea and man u

  25. Have to say, on the whole Untold Arsenal produces some really good stuff. However, on this occasion I just don’t understand how anyone can say FABIANSKI can be our no next season? How the hell can you expect Arsenal to have any chance in winning the league with a player who is totally unproven in the league and is totally unrelaible. I hate to say it but Shay Given was a big missed opportunity!

  26. i will be so happy to see Cesc bearing the arm band next season. with the players that are available, the only place wenger need to strengthern the team is the center defends even if Gallas or Sol will stay and one defensive midfielder like song.

  27. Hello,

    First of all I really like this blog. Nice to read from people who support Wenger and realise what he has done for Arsenal and what he is trying to build

    *Gallas – I hope Arsenal offload Gallas as I am reading to many stories of players not getting along with him (Nasri, Kolo, RVP). Too bad because I think he and Vermaelen look great together.

    * experienced goalkeeper (buffon, frey, akinfeev),
    * good centreback!
    * steel on the midfield (Melo, Alou Diarra, Flamini)
    * keep Sol for another year

    Diaby – is more offensive than Vieira. He is to sloppy for playing DM. I think his best games where away against Villa and Fenerbache, almost playing as a second striker..

    Arsenals options 4-3-3:






    Subs: Bendtner, Vela, Denilson, Lansbury

  28. Josh. I would hardly call Djorou injury prone, he broke his leg days before the season started. Eduardo and Rosicky can said to be injury prone, but the reason for that is after a serious injury you will naturally have a few niggles. Diaby broke his leg aswell some (?) years ago and has had niggles since. Same can be said about RVP, he has injuries from bad tackles.

    On the squad note, I think AW will buy a 1st choice GK and either sell Almunia or Fabianski. Question is though if Almunia wants to be 2nd choice. And he will most likely purchase a CB, Silvestre and Gallas might not be playing next year. But it all depends on how he rates Djorou. If he wants a Djorou / Vermaelen partnership he might just promote someone.

    Time will tell, but I for one am looking forwards to the season begins again.

  29. @ Krang, Diaby is in the French National team because Domenech is a moron. He is capable of brilliance on his day (strong runs, quick turns – dynamic), but is just as likely to stroll around the pitch and add nothing. Completely inconsistent, which is why he’s so infuriating.

  30. almunia – hes a middle of the table keeper and nothing else.
    fabianski – lost all confidence. needs a loan deal to best out of him.
    mannone – sell him, will never make the grade.
    schezhny – future no 1


    sagna – steady and solid. needs a couple more round him with same qualitys.
    eboue – great squad player. loves the club.
    campbell – sign him for another year. great cover.
    gallas – overated ! never produced for us. terry made him look good at chelsea.replace him!
    silvestre – goodnight! godbless!
    vermaelen – top class, find his partner and defence will be the dogs!
    gibbs – will fight it out with clichy for left back. great potential.
    djourou – will be solid with more experience.


    denilson – not sure. decent squad player! carnt see him ever being top class.
    diaby – sometimes class ! sometimes shite ! needs more consistencey.
    ramsey – the complete midfielder eventually.
    song – top class, only getting better. one of best midfielders in the prem.
    cesc – the complete midfielder already.
    nasri – inconsistent ! great potential. could be top class.
    arshavin – top class. one of the best when his heads right.
    walcott – decent winger. could be amazing striker !
    wilshere – arsenal legend to be.
    rosicky – his days are numbered ! not the same player.


    van persie – top class. just wish he didnt get injured !
    eduardo – never been the same since leg break ! think he could be sold.
    vela – great potential. had a bad season, shud persist with him.
    bentdner – good option in attack. will always be a decent squad player.
    chamackh – think he could be a great wenger signing. will fit in perfectly. maybe 4-4-2 again.

    it aint all that bad ! a couple of good signings and were laughing !!!!!

  31. wouldn’t mind melo, just cos i think 2 enforcers against chelsea or united we would shit on them

    the eduardo situation breaks my heart
    whatever you do, DO NOT watch his first arsenal goals up to his leg break – he could’ve been top-scorer in half a season, we would’ve stormed the league, and croatia have not been the same since

    if/when he does leave i hope he is properly remembered

  32. Fabianski the next No.1? Diaby the next Vieira?
    I kept reading waiting for the punchline, but it didn’t come. I can’t believe any serious assessment of the resources needed to successfully compete at the top end of the EPL and CL could conclude that we don’t need a new goalkeeper(missing out on Shay Given was Arsene’s biggest mistake since he arrived) and a new partner for TV5 (Djourou may be the answer, I hope he is, Arsene will know best).
    Diaby’s attitude must improve, the chap’s got talent but he’s either not very intelligent or just bone lazy, don’t know which. He really needs to produce the goods on a consistant basis if he’s to make it.
    Bendtner and Vela are complete jokes, they need to find their level, somewhere in the lower half of the table or even the Championship.
    Thankfully Chamakh’s arrived to play alongside RVP.
    We’re not that far off, just a couple more signings and a kick in the butt for a few drifters and we’ll be right there next year.

  33. Look wenger is working miracles and I mean miracles by keeping us in the chapions league each year and probably will keep doing so.
    We wont be signing anyone of real note and wont be any closer next season to winning anything than the last 5 years.

    Its going to take a lot longer before we are set financialy to compete in a manner that will see big names signed and proper competition for places among our squad.

    Thats just a fantasy list with some overhyped quotes.

  34. Fedda, sorry, I’m a bit biased as to injuries with Arsenal!
    Your right, its just that after his serious injury last season, like you say, if anything, a player would only become more injury prone.
    I honestly wonder if anyone has any statistics with regards to injuries at Arsenal compared to the rest of the league as a whole. Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why it seems Arsenal always seems to get the worst injuries (and for ridiculously long periods of time-out for players)?
    Personally speaking, Wenger’s always said “judge me in May” and although I wouldn’t have anyone else at Arsenal for the way the play (except Guardiola), I think Wenger should just try and appease the fans and buy some quality for once – even if it is breaking the bank.
    I think it (Wenger’s philosophy) is hugely admirable. However, results speak for themselves and no one can deny that the squad is looooong over due a trophy.
    We have no won anything for the past 5 years now – even Liverpool have, and they have a squad that “lacks depth”.
    At the end of the day, I firmly believe that it is Wenger’s stubborn refusal to spend, our uncanny luck (or rather lack of) with injuries and finally, some of the player’s poor attitudes that leads to us throwing away leads (Wigan anyone?) or just plain losing concentration.

  35. Our injuries has a lot to do that we are quicker than the opposition and they are often late in tackles. With that said I believe there are some serious issues in the medical staff, they don’t seem to prevent and heal enough injuries. Both Arshavin and Bendtner have hinted that the medical staff are incompetent. Maybe it has something to do with our new physio? I have know clue, but AW and Gazidis have stated that they will/have investigated the issues. We were amongs the top of the injury league most of the season.

  36. I don’t agree. I feel that we have problems in our team, and that we should solve them. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the squad, and this season has been really good. But to win the triple, we need to adress our shortcomings and we need to sign players.


    All in all I just want a different set up in the goal that we have had last season. In my opinion we should risk it and give szcesny the number one shirt or then buy a proper custodian. For example Casillas and now De gea have been the solution to their teams from a very young age.
    Fabianski needs confidence and practice. He should be seeking them outside of Emirates. If not trough transfer at least should be loaned out. And we have seen Almunias best, and it wasen’t enough. We should wish him all the best and get some funds if possible.

    This has been a problem for us but now it seems, that TV5 is the one. He has been truly exceptional. One can only hope that we find someone to partner him. Someone like Mexes and personally I like Subotic, Kjaer and Sakho too.
    Djorou should stay injury free and show us what he has.
    But Silvestre, Gallas, and Sol should not be renewd. I feel that Sol is delutional if he thinks that he deserves a place to South Africa. He has something going for him, but maybe his off pitch barking is not that good for us.

    I see our set up for full-backs to be pretty good, so no worries there. Glichy and Sagna are only going to be better and Eboue is pure love.


    Our midfield should be built up around cesc (who is staying), and I still feel that we need someone really talented to work beside him. I never have felt that we lack of experience (in age wise). Other teams just have played better with better players.

    I have liked Gourcuff for years, and now I’ve been watching Toni Kroos. Maybe there is someone else, but I defenately feel that Arsene should install hierarky to our team and specially to our midfield. Song I like a lot and he should have to compete and this 2 geezers should cover the DM-position.

    I feel Cesc + a new guy + song/new guy should form our midfield in the first eleven.
    I also believe that Ramsey should stay forever in this club and that he will provide valuable cover and competition next season.

    This said, I believe that to get results, we have to discharge at least 2 of the following midfielders: Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby. My first choise would be Denilson, and he could be loaned out if Arsene doesn’t want to sell. Wilshere should be loaned out, and maybe even Estmond.

    I couldn’ agree more with your assessment about Arshavin. He is a tremendous asset, but next season should be his last at Arsenal. We should offload him and take the money. For the season to come, maybe he should get someone to compete with him too.

    Attack at the moment is an area that I’m really pleased at the moment. Arrival of Chamakh is a really good and pleasing.

    VAN PERSIE,CHAMAKH would work as main strikers, specially in 4-4-2 formation, allthoug I prefer 4-5-1 formation, so maybe van persie could play on the wing and chamakh as lone striker. And Bendner giving a different option bcos of his impressive size.

    Walcott is a different story. Being a striker in the premier you need to be taller and stronger. I feel he would serve best playing on the right wing. Yet partnering up with bendner up front could make a good combo.

    Vela and eduardo should be off-loaded, on a loan or transfer. At the moment I feel that this would be the best for them and for the club.

  37. There is great optimism for next year!

    However, I see Cesc moving on to Barca. The speculation in the media for the past two weeks has been unsettling for Arsenal’s standards. Not the situation that sits well for the club, our manager, and the locker room.

    Arsenal are blessed with extraordinary talent at every position. We will miss Cesc, but I believe his departure will make us a more cohesive unit.

    GK is the most important position on the pitch, and for next year we must find STABILITY – as was the addition of Vermaelen at CB. I don’t care if the solution comes from our present roster OR we bring in experience. To take the important silverware, we need a Mr. Reliable between the posts.

    Personally, I agree about the need for another experienced CB. Gallas is not our future, only a short term band aid.

    The comments about Song and his back ups are spot on. However, I can’t see our manager giving up on Denilson nor Diaby as back up for Song.

    As for midfield without Cesc, I believe we have talent. Rosicky had a respectable spring and is capable of running our attack. Nasri, has the skill, but needs time to mature – ditto for Ramsey; even Diaby could assume CM!

    In attack, RvP’s skill is essential to our team playing on all cylinders. Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, Theo are not the same caliber. A healthy RvP is capable of scoring over 30 goals and dishing off 20 assists. I’m hoping our manager will give Eduardo another season. I felt part of his failure to return to form this season was from all the media attention to his dive in the Celtic match. For a striker, this extent of negative criticism is destabilizing. Confidence is critical for any striker.

    Go Gunners….

  38. What games were you watching mate as Sagna is plain awful with no crosing ability ,no shooting ability ,can,t get into the opposition penalty area ,can,t concentrate for more than 20 minutes at a time,thank goodness for Alex Song who time and again saved Arsenal from dumb defending/ball watching courtesy of Gallas,Silvestre ,Campbell and Sagna ?

  39. Wenger should get a Dutchman or two to compliment RVP, who is brilliant


    These players need good transfers in to support them. Bellamy Given, hart,Green, Any of the Coles

    Delap is a player i wish to see at Arsenal. His long throws gives us a chance for more set piece goals

    I would like to see Sanga, Djouru,Denilson,Sylvestr, Traora, Eduordo Almunia say “bye bye “

  40. True. If Almunia and Fabianski were English they would be gone. Remember, he got rid of Richard Wright after few mistakes but look at the chances he’s given to those two GK clowns and the harm they’ve done to the team?

  41. And why don’t he want to try Szczesny? Buffon, Cech and Casillas all started at a very young age.

  42. The general consensus is we need a gk. However, I will suggest only one cb(to partner Vermaelen) and maybe a defensive mf(preferably a mean one) to spell Song.
    The team is solid as is with those add-ons.
    Denilson, Diaby and Wolcott will be more mature next season after what they went through this year.
    I just get tired of those who ask AW to sell everyone on the team, and buy everyone out there. This is unrealistic as has been well detailed by you in various posts.

  43. How can you have forgotten Bentdner?? He will score 15-20 goals next season and has more potential to be our next Van Persie.
    I am a bit shocked and disapointed

  44. Talk about glass half full. Yours is brimming over. If your assessment of the squad is correct why haven’t we won every football trophy going and the boat race as well? I’m all for being optimistic, but take the red and white glasses off and have a realistic look at some of the players.

  45. I remember when people used to slag off Alex SONG endlessly after he came back from loan at Charlton, and a certain season ticket holder I know told me then that Song would never make it at Arsenal – and look how that turned out!

    I hope the same for DENILSON. OK, he’s very quiet, but he’s a grafter, and sometimes explosive.

    As for ARSHAVIN, I hope he’s fitter next season, he really seems to struggle with the size of the Arsenal pitch, and half the time looks like he’s about to collapse with exhaustion, poor little chap.

    For the rest, I hope everyone stays fit, manages not to get their legs broken.

    On goalies, I wonder if the success of the CAMPBELL “help the aged” experiment has left Prof Wenger thinking that G-L BUFFON might be a good bet for a few seasons, while we wait for the two Poles to toughen up (Flap & Szczczcny)?

    Personally I would love to see a bit more Italian flash in our squad, we’ve never really gone in that direction.

    Apart from all that, what about VIDIC? He’s making a moue at MIOU, saying he wants to leave. I read that he wants go to Real to hook up again with Cristiano, but have Real got the €€€ to buy him? We have, and he’s a fine, tough player, would be a useful addition to our squad.

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