Barcelona – things to look out for.

Barcelona – things to look out for.

By Tim Charlesworth

We’re all rather wracked with anxiety about tonight’s game.   I find a nice way to deal with football tension is to think about some aspects of the game to look out for (other than the ‘who scores the most goals’ question).  Matches like this define teams, and the consequences may be far reaching, so lets focus on a few of the sub-plots:

Mertesacker and Koscielny – This has been a great partnership, without ever quite being world class.  There are question marks about them as they age, particularly Mertesacker (and his leg speed).  If they can handle the ‘Barca three’, it would suggest that there is life in the old dogs yet.  If they are overrun, Wenger may consider his options.

The defensive shield – Defending is about more than the two centre backs.  Barca have (to put it mildly) a wealth of attacking options.   Monreal, Bellerin, Coquelin and others have roles to play in resisting them.  Of course, Cech has put in more than one excellent display against Barcelona whilst at Chelsea.  This is particularly a test for Coquelin.  He will be under great pressure and hasn’t yet convinced us that he is fully back up to speed following his knee injury.  He has proved his worth in the Premiership, but is yet to do so in the CL.  A good performance may put him in the frame to play for France in Euro ’16.  Ramsey will also have to show defensive skill.  Against Bayern at home, Ozil got pulled deep, and we may see this again.

Ozil – If he wants to be recognised as the best in the world (and I think that is well within his grasp), he needs to start performing  in this kind of match.  This season, we are starting to see the kind of ‘big match’ performances which he is capable of (Bayern, Man U).  This is his biggest test.  He played in matches like this for Madrid, but always as Ronaldo’s wing man.  Now the expectations are on him.

Giroud – Presuming that he, and not Walcott, starts, this will be an interesting game for him.  Barca are vulnerable in the air, but can he see enough of the ball to do any damage?  His goalscoring form is a ‘little short’ as Arsene might say.  He doesn’t have the pace to expose Barca’s vulnerability to counter attack.  Opportunities for ‘hold up play’ are limited against a team that presses as well as Barca do.  He will be 30 in September and is towards the back end of a striker’s peak years.  He won’t get many more chances to impress on the biggest stage.

The Barca boys – Bellerin and Sanchez will both be desperate to impress.  It was the experience of playing against Barca that seemed to finally turn Fabregas’ head.  Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to Bellerin.   Sanchez was basically dumped to accommodate Jaws at Barca.  He will be even more desperate to impress than normal (if such a thing is possible).  We badly need him to return to form, and this would be a great game for it.

The referee – It is not only Arsenal who have been the victims of sendings off against Barca.  The dismissal of RVP in 2011, remains the most perplexingly stupid refereeing decision I have seen.   The decision gifted the tie to Barca, and whenever I see Barca’s European triumphs listed, I mentally chalk 2011 off, as it was not a trophy honestly won.   If a refereeing bribery scandal is ever uncovered, I expect that game to feature.  Man City have had three players dismissed in their last four games with Barca, and even Real Madrid have been the victims on a surprising number of occasions.  Barca have had nearly twice as many red cards in their favour as the second highest team in champions league history.  This is suspicious.  Bribery is the obvious explanation for this phenomenon, but there are others:

  • Barca are almost universally admired.  They are seen as not only winners, but beautiful in their style.  Even referees may not be immune from this, and have a tendency to see ‘roughing’ of Barca players as morally outrageous.  Barca seem to get exactly the same protection that Arsenal have needed, but not got, in recent years.
  • Barca’s stadium and their crowd are the most intimidating in the world.  Players are reasonably immune to this.  They have each other.  The referee is on his own, literally in the middle of it all.  Can any human being be reasonably expected to defy 100,000 baying Barca fans?  Can there be a more lonely place to be in the entire world?
  • Barca’s playing style naturally draws fouls.  They play the ball late, inviting men to commit themselves.  The players are small and quick, and they are in possession of the ball for most of the game. Because they are small and light on their feet, they are easily knocked over.  This is a perfect recipe for red and yellow cards.

The crowd – I touched on this above, but a home crowd can make a big difference in a big match.  We have seen this twice this season.  In the Chelsea away match (PL4), the crowd intimidated Mike Dean into mistakes which handed the match to Chelsea.  At the Ems against Leicester, our crowd intimidated the referee into ‘righting the wrong’ of the Leicester goal, by sending a Leicester player off.  The crowd reaction also possibly forced him into awarding the last minute free kick, and then allowing the time for it to be played out.  We can be a bit ‘Anglo-Saxon’ about this, but it is part of the game.  The ‘Latin’ view of the world sees football as a kind of audience participation theatre.  No-one embodies this more than Portuguese Mourinho, who seems to see it as a major part of his job to ‘play’ the referee.  If you are there tonight, remember that the Barca crowd will not hold back, so neither should you!

Flat track bullies? – Any statistical analysis suggests that Barcelona are a phenomenally successful team.  But are they only beating weak La Liga opposition?  There may be a little truth to this, but not really.  Remember they are European Champions, after all.  However, the kind of dominance that Barca have shown is difficult to sustain.  It will probably come to an end soon (remember how the invincibles ground to a halt).  Will Arsenal be the turning point?

Weak Defence? – Barca are certainly stronger in attack than defence.  However, centre backs Mascherano and Pique are fine players by any standards.  They keep Vermaalen out of the side (although to be fair, that is no more than Kos and BFG did).  Busquets is also a world class DM and the full backs are very good – albeit more attacking than defensive.  They are a bit weak in the air, and probably vulnerable to Giroud.  They also press high, and this makes them vulnerable to counter attacks at pace.  Of course, if they do have a defensive weakness, you need the ball to expose it!

Just enjoy it – this is one of the highest quality games that will be played in world football this year.   Players come to Arsenal because they want to play in games like this.  I realise that in picking out the crucial issues, I have picked out almost everything.  This reflects the intensity that we can expect to see, all over the pitch.  For one evening, the title race will be forgotten and everyone will be 100% motivated.  Remember that you love football, as well as loving Arsenal.  You will see some very good football.  This is a genuine test for a Barcelona team that knows that no club has ever successfully defended a Champions League title. The odds may be against us over two legs, but we have a good chance of victory at home.

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  • 23 February 1895: Arsenal played Burton at New Brompton’s ground following forced closure of Manor Ground because of crowd trouble.  Arsenal won 3-0 in front of 5000 fans and it has been noted that no other club was ever treated so harshly for similar offences.
  • 23 February 1901: Arsenal’s first ever match in the 2nd round of the FA Cup, and only their second appearance in front of 20,000 spectators.  It ended  Woolwich Arsenal 0 WBA 1.

And outside football…

23 Feb 1820: Estate Agent Arthur Thistlewood’s plan to blow up a house where senior members of the government were having dinner, to release all prisoners and set London on fire was thwarted by the police.    Bloody estate agents!

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77 Replies to “Barcelona – things to look out for.”

  1. The author of this news is really an arsenal’s fan. He talked on every angle to support his favourite team

  2. Yeah…great analysis. Enjoyed every bit of it Tim.

    However I hope Olivier Giroud doesn’t start. If tactics involves playing to the strength or weaknesses of opposition then this is a match tailor-made for Walcott and Sanchez. The two should constantly swap positions with or without the ball to pepper Barca back line.

    Giroud, Welbeck, Chamberlain should wait patientlt on the bench for the right time to make impact.

    One surprise today Wenger please – start Elneny alongside Coquelin…then shift Ramsey to the right.

  3. new ref?,OK. Viktor kassai and Nicola rizzoli need to be closely watched. Olympiacos game had me on tows because he was around. lucky enough fewer 50/50 chances for him to have us screwed. may be our lucky year coz we always seem not to get past these two

  4. One point missed is the effect the game will have on Barcelona.
    Make no mistake, this is a big one for the Catalans. They know Arsenal will be no pushover at home, particularly not being favourites to win.
    They will worry that the Arsenal flair for fast, close, attacking play will be too much for their defence.
    This could be a turning point when the Spanish “galecticos” are brought rudely down to earth.

  5. Tim, let’s not be over anxious but be confident and be at peace in our minds. For against all the odds of the Bookmakers in favour of a Barca victory. Arsenal will beat Barca by 3 goals to nil tonight at the Ems in this 1st leg tie of the 2 legged tie encounters in this season Ucl matches between the giants club side of North London – Barca and the Barcelona giants club side of Catalonia – Barca.

    As a matter of fact, it has not yet been openly revealed as the revelation must wait. Hence, only a few privileged ones have been made to know the outcome of this match in advance of time. The outcome of this match is, Arsenal have already beaten Barcelona by 3 goals to nil @ 90′ + in the picture negatives. But the pictures of the victory will be glaringly seen for all and sundry to behold as the negatives is seemingly developed and printed to display it to the football World to see at exactly 90′ + of concluding the match proceedings by the blasting of final whistle by the Turkish match officiating referee.

  6. There is something absolutely peaceful about being written off before a contest. I intend to thoroughly enjoy this game and all I’m asking for is no injury to any of our players.

  7. We have a distinct advantage from set pieces and I am interested how many times we see Busquets laying on the floor holding his head in order for the Ref to stop play . The man is a serial cheat.

  8. Yep and watch out for him then slowly peeking off the ground after some hilarious dive and winking after he gets Coquelin booked :). Most of Barcelona last time I saw them were adept at this.

  9. If we win this tie, I will be amazed. Of course we are capable, but MNS is probably a bridge too far. Strange things have happened, but if we can take a 0-0 back to Camp Nou I will begin to believe.

    I hope we can do it though. Somehow. Come on Arsenal. Just just dont dont get a red card. Please. If you have to give away a goal its fine, stay calm and dont go down to 10. Coz then we’re definitely done.

  10. Ref already being partial to his Barca masters. Kicks on Arsenal players allowed but booking for a mistaken foul by Monreal. He is also seeing pseudo fouls.

  11. Think we don’t need a review of this official clear to all inside the ground what game he is playing.

  12. Tough playing the ref & the best cheats in the world. Is there going to be a red for the tackle on the Ox?

  13. Good analysis BTW Tim. If I can just be a little picky it’s saying if Ozil wants to be recognised as the best in the world… he doesn’t need this game to prove himself 🙂

  14. Ref is getting booed off. It’s not like he can hold it against us. He’s already as clear in barca’s camp as you can get.

  15. Barrca only had two chances from open play, both in the final minute, whereas we had three. Must make them count

  16. It’s really pathetic to see a team with arguably the most dangerous attacking trio in the history of football, resorting to diving/cheating. One really strange thing i noticed was Neymar acting out as if he he had been pulled back, no foul advantage given; he then turns to looks at the ref, who immediately puts his hands in the air, to give Barca the advantage.

  17. Ref is very suspect, but we kept clean sheet people. We switched off 2 mins before 1/2 time which could have been fatal, but if we can keep them out for the first 10-15 mins 2nd half we can do it.

  18. Nice article Tim, I always look forward to your articles, best on here by a country mile. I think though that Barcelona indeed are about the most fouled team I’ve seen. Most teams feel they need to rough them up to stand a chance. I remember pepe’s wicked stamp on messi’s finger off the ball that wasn’t penalised on the pitch and retrospectively. That was criminal.
    …I also see that the usual suspects have begun to sing the referee’s praises. Probably good to get the excuses in early after seeing possession stats @28% :72%, and arsenals 98passes to barca’s 300

  19. Barca proving that they cheat with a Turk on their payroll. Must be child trafficking for this bastard too.

  20. Graham Poll is at the game, doing colour for Daily Mail. He says the officiating has been outstanding all evening. 🙂

    You applying for a job in Turkey, Graham?

  21. We gave that away. We did not keep attacking and went back, than they scored.
    Why did he pass that ball back?

  22. Danm,that is not fair but i think the boys have really done extremely well so far but i would prefer Gabriel instead of Per is a mess in such a match’ with a lot of speed Kos and Monreal are handling it well though.

  23. Daily Mail shows a picture of Masherano ripping the jersey on Giroud, he has such a hold on him. And Graham Poll can’t see a single thing wrong.

    Come on Arsenal, you need to get a goal! Or more than one!


  24. But thanks go to the fans they have really done their part.Keep it up.I wish we could play all our matches like the way we did today and also get the support the boys have gotten today.

  25. Menace theres a surprise putting all the blame on the referee again as usual.You are like a broken record.why no put some of the blame onto the person who thinks Giroud is the dogs nuts and that theres no one out there any better..We had a chance to improve our forward line in the summer but someone thought we have enough firepower..The same person thought that Arteta and Flamini are good enough for Arsenal..

  26. Its a Messi situation. A slight touch & he dives for his Turk to give him a pen. Now come the cards for Barca to make amends.

  27. We had them and did not capitalise.

    That one decision to stop our attack and kick the ball back was our undoing, tell me i am wrong.

    Then came the goal that they would have had to work much more for.

    I can honestly say we played really well containing them, then that stupid decision and then it got away from us.

  28. @Para talk about it,i think barcelona has different types of rules and a remember here on untold when i read an article a former manager talking something interesting and special thanks to Flamin and metersacker just wondering why he had to be brought on but the coach knows better.

  29. @ John – “We had a chance to improve our forward line in the summer” Ah i see, clearly you have some insider knowledge then. Who is it exactly, that we had a chance to sign that would have been better than Giroud? Last time i checked, Man U had to pay upwards of £50million for a unproven 19 year old.

    Clearly you just come on this website to start arguments, as you know the majority of people here disagree with you. Extremely sad.

  30. Good account in my book. This is the best side in the world, and we gave as much as we got. With a bit more lucky could have been even tonight. Ref didn’t help too, appalling.

  31. Watching Arsenal is so extremely frustrating at times. Take nothing away from them, as the majority of the match they played very well, but i swear no other team of Arsenals caliber, give away so many balls through poor passes and a lot of the time, when the player is under no pressure at all.

  32. No lack of effort, but they are probably one of the best teams that ever existed.
    Shame they are such cheats.
    There are positives to take….for starters we will not play anyone like that in the EPL. Maybe harsh, but we need to start being a bit more clinical, good to see Danny looking a threat.
    Tried hard, but up against it. Barca are not a normal team, they have everything the universe can muster going in their favour. As do most teams we seem to get ourselves in this stage of this competition….maybe Monaco aside.

  33. So the best side in the world tactics are easy we should apply:
    -hold the ball so the other team gets no chance
    -play a high line defense, but….what if they got on the counter??? oh the Chelsea way of defense….. we foul and the ref will not give a yellow until after 85min.
    -Ok but what if there defense is strong, what do we do?? dive your way mate, you wont give them the ball, u will win time, and you might just get a penalty
    -But am not a good diver what do I do? You think the ref will see how Messi is a shit diver??? he gave him a penalty just moments ago! Yes Coqulin touched him but the way he fell was obvious it wasnt the touch.

  34. John – Giroud is better than all your family so why the hell do you think you know better than Wenger. You must have seen the pulling on Girouds shirt but the ref didn’t. In fact he let Alexis get kicked to high heaven without issuing a card. The only thing I can say is that if we learned to cheat we would have won. Danny could have tripped over the Barca player that went to ground but that is not the Wenger way. As far as being repetitive what the f*ck do you think you are? Arteta & Flamini always on your mind. When you grow up & own your club & oil well you can do what you want. Till then accept Wengers selections & his financial control & shut the f*ck up.

  35. Gord,

    Refer to this link for the picture of the ripped shirt! This was in the penalty box by the way… and the ball which Giroud headed was a bit slow so the GK could save it. Imagine if it was not!!!

  36. Jammy J
    That is what worries me with this team. The ball handling and sharp passing of our team this season has dropped below our usual standards.

    That one mistake of not continuing the attack was our undoing for me. If you could have heard me screaming, “why the f are you passing back and stopping the attack”?

    Then they scored, and our shoulders dropped. That was the defining moment.

    I hope Adrian Clarke ( does a breakdown on this game, i want to see if he sees it the way i saw it.

  37. Jammy J
    Your telling me theres not a forward player on the planet that wasnt available that was better than Giroud??And theres not a midfielder better than Flamini??
    Everyone is available if the price is right.You just have to offer the right money and not be frugle especially when you have well over 100m sitting in the bank.

  38. And why wasn`t Alba red carded? isn`t it what Giroud was stupid to do in one of these matches and got red carded for it?

  39. Menace “The only thing I can say is that if we learned to cheat we would have won.” You sir are a crackpot of the highest order.Absolutely deluded..

  40. Para 9.51, you may be right , but unfortunately we are missing some rather excellent ball players….Caz, Jack and even TR.
    We are really…..really missing Cazorla in this type of game….and others.

  41. Para,

    Agree from a tactical sense, but man tell me, if this team was playing on the counter to score in this superior best team in the world, why is it fair to have these counters stopped with fouls and still no yellows. Cause in that way Kosienly could have easily tackled Suarez/Neymar when he went for the first goal, and based on the Ref`s previous decisions this is not worth a yellow. And dont go that far, If Pique was given his well deserved yellow, then he wouldn`t dared to tackle Welbeck in the one he got his first booking in. This was a good opportunity.
    This way of playing is disgusting and for such a team to apply it… am sorry but this I cannot handle..

  42. John,
    It is easy to spend someone else’s money…So how much should have offered then? 60M for Martial? 21 matches 7 goals… and didn’t he fire United single handedly in to the last 16 of the Champions League? Oh sorry they are in the Europa League…. Dropped out of the CL group stages…. Giroud has 20 starts and 12 goals so far. But yeah he is shit of course.

  43. Mandy,

    I think Cazorla was the best player in the team before he was injured. Since then we started struggling.

    Ramsey did well today, very well, but I dont know, we dont have any type of luck I believe.

    The fans were brilliant, unbelievable.. and if they keep doing such an atmosphere, I think this could create a great push to win the league.

  44. @ John – No, that isn’t what i was saying. I’m saying, that there wasn’t a better forward than Giroud available (like you stated). A player being available as opposed to one simply existing, are extremely different ,outside the world of computer games. If there was all of these amazing, world-class forwards available, Man U wouldn’t have to resort to paying potentially £52million for a unproven 19 year old or Chelsea getting Falcao.

    You said with such certainty that there were better strikers available, so i’m eagerly awaiting where you got this insider knowledge from. The Metro? TheGreatestTeam? Or did you pull it out your arse?

  45. Walter what on earth has man utd got to do with giroud??You have picked a young player who they have bought and because he hasnt shone yet it proves we were right to not spend money??So you are saying that even though our manager can attract great players,we have a scouting network that has a proven record of getting great playes and we have a lot of money to buy great players there still isnt anyone out there better than Giroud and Flamini??Is that really what you are trying to say?Everyone has a price ,hell we even sold our captain and best player for a price one which handed our rivals the league title .Or have you forgotten that.Our once great manager said that Arsenal could not be considered a “big club” if they lost both the France midfielder and Cesc Fábregas.He soon sold them for a price.

  46. John, if you genuinely can’t see why Man U and Martial are being mentioned, then i really do despair..

    You absolutely cannot compare Arsenal selling their best players in the past, as Arsenal were in dire need of the money due to the massive stadium debt. The teams with world-class strikers simply do not need the money, so there would be no need for them to sell their best players. Please try to use your brain a bit more.

  47. @Yassin 9:53,

    The reason Alba didn’t get a red card is simple, Giroud didn’t fall like he got shot after the headbutt (like what happened to him). The reason Alba didn’t even get a card, because the ref was a tool.

  48. After reading some of the above comments from ‘them’ , reminded me of this story of Tyrone . It will bring tears to your eyes . Really .

    Because of his stupidity and clumsiness his teacher was always yelling at him, “You’re driving me crazy, Tyrone!”

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    Similarly if you think that these so called smart alecks know the answers to all that ails the Arsenal , please think again . I am sure you do run into ‘Tyrones ‘ daily in the course of your normal day .

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    Once your handphone battery only left one bar, don’t make calls anymore, because the radiation wave is one thousand times higher than fully charged battery.

    ?}要用左耳接电话, 用右耳会直接伤害到大脑。
    Use your left ear to answer calls, right hand ear will directly hurt your brain.

    ?}2016新概念 一个中心:一切以健康为中心。
    New Concept in 2016, one health centre, good health is the most important than any other things.

    ✌}两个基本点: 遇事潇洒一点, 看世事胡涂一点。
    Two basic points: meet anything with elegant a bit, look at affairs of life pretend a bit silly.

    ?}三个忘记: 忘记年龄,忘记过去,忘记恩怨。
    Three things need to forget: forgot your age, forgot your past and forgot your grievances.

    ?}四个拥有: 无论你有多弱或多强,一定要: 拥有真正爱你的人, 拥有知心的朋友 , 拥有向上的事业, 拥有温暖的住所。
    Four things you must have. No matter how weak or how strong you are, you must have: people who are truly loving you, have caring friends, progressive business or employment and a warm home.

    ✋}五个要: 要唱,要跳,要俏,要笑,要苗
    Five things you do : Singing, dancing, charming, smiling and sprouting.

    ?}六个不能: 不能饿了才吃, 不能渴了才喝, 不能困了才睡, 不能累了才歇, 不能病了才检查, 不能老了再后悔。
    Six things you don’t : don’t eat until you are hungry, don’t thirsty then you drink, don’t feel sleepy then sleep, don’t feel tiring then rest, don’t get sick then go for medical check-in, don’t get senior then regretted.

    After reading, forwarded to every of your cherished friends and relatives.

  50. Walter
    “But yeah he is shit of course”
    I know you’re being sarcastic (as usual you can’t do real humour), but your continued unrealistic assessment of OG as a world class striker (you say this whenever/if ever he scores) is looking a bit limp. He’s no more than an average Premier League striker nearing the end of his career. I doubt if he’ll be making that many starts from now on and will gradually be phased out.
    If Danny Welbeck and Joel Campbell can get the confidence that a goal or two brings they could be our Anelka & Wrey and we could finish the season in some style..

  51. John, I will soon come up with even more names than just Martial.
    And maybe Arsenal wasn’t that big club in those years when those things happened?

  52. Serge,
    I do admit that for real humour I bow down to Brickfields. His Tyrone story really made me laugh out loud. 🙂 I hope you also enjoyed it 😉

  53. Para :- Two things , Coquelin passed back because there was no movement in front of him. We had I think 5 players static in a line across their box all marked and Pique waited until the tie was as good as won before his yellow on Welbeck so that he misses the next game and can play without a card hanging over his head in the semi :- Streetwise.

  54. Walter
    I don’t know if Brickfields is a genuinely humorous person, but his jokes on here are all recycled (although funny) from other sources and rarely if ever about football.

  55. I think Brickfields has a fantastic sense of humour & very often is able to pitch amusing stories towards events – not always easy to do.

  56. Its my pleasure to know Brickfields personally, and I can vouch that he is also a very funny with a great original sense of humour.Dont be fooled that he doesnt always write about Arsenal on here, he knows the game inside out and has supported the club for a long time. Its his own choice not to do that, and to put up mostly his jokes and snippets of wisdom for other reasons.

  57. Thanks guys , in truth , I’m more crazier in person ! But I let you all be the judge of that if and when we do meet .

    That Tyrone joke really made me laugh , and it reminded me of certain people on here . In my practice I really get some whacky characters , who have got themselves in silly messes by following the advice of friends that at best can be termed as village idiots .

    I don’t come on here to teach AW tactics ; the Arsenal board how to run the show ; the owner where to put his money or the fans how to support the club . I use humour and myself to point out the absurdity of it all . If you don’t get it , too bad – its your loss .

    The most basic motto I follow is , ” Lead , follow or get the fuck out of the way !” . Of course ,with a large dollop of humour !

    As for recycled humour , so what ? It serves the purpose and lightens the sky is falling mood . I don’t attack anyone personally , although there are a few posters who I don’t bother to read , as they don’t offer any value to my understanding or betterment in general.

    Cheers , and keep smiling ! AKBs rock !

  58. And ten thousand LIKES for all those who enjoy what I do on here !
    Somebody has sabotaged my like button !

  59. 7 Powerful Steps to Positive Thinking

    1. Seek to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want: A mistake we tend to make when we’re faced with a problem is to think and talk about it all the time – instead of focusing our thinking on what we want instead.

    2. Recognise that every problem comes with a lesson: There’s a lesson to be learned from all that happens to us. We can become a better person – even when things have gone wrong.

    3. Don’t believe everything you think: Our problems aren’t as big as the mind tries to convince us. Don’t believe all those negative and self-defeating thoughts.

    4. Choose to be grateful in everything: Although it’s hard to be grateful when things are going wrong, we can usually find something we can be grateful for – and the more we choose gratitude, the happier we’ll feel.

    5. Let go of your need for perfection: If you try to be perfect in everything you do, you will always feel you’re failing, and you’ll live with constant stress. Do you best – as perfection’s not a realistic goal.

    6. Let go of your resistance: Accept things as they are – you don’t always have to change them. Life’s not meant to be a struggle, or a constant battle ground.

    7. Seek to be present in everything you do: When you give yourself completely to living in the moment, you’ll find that life is easier – and you’ll feel much more relaxed.

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