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January 2022
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January 2022

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Arsenal aiming to be the greatest Cup achievers ever.


16 comments to Arsenal aiming to be the greatest Cup achievers ever.

  • colario

    Wot’s this no mention of rottenham (spuds)!

    I’ll look again. I do have a blind spot when it comes to them!

    I think I am right in writing this, they last won it in 1991, by then Glen had left for Monaco, to play for Arsene! A wise move that!

  • colario

    Just took another look at the info.

    Yes I do have a blind spot as rottenham don’t meet the standards of big clubs or for that matter lesser clubs when it comes to Cup Final appearances.

    Its a hard life being a rottenham fan!

  • dan

    Hahaha the chavs ship has just sunk

  • Al

    Hope we bag it again this year, and make history by being the first club in the PL era to win a hat trick of FA cups, breaking a record that’s nearly 130 yrs old. It’d add nicely to our unbeatean season record from Preston which had stood for well over 100 years. Well, we have to overcome Watford first tomorrow. COYG!!!

  • Al

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. How many millions spent, and what to show for it, 10th in the league. Hahaha. Hope the spend brigade were watching.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one but I’ve always admired Lukaku, and of all the strikers in the PL that are not at Arsenal he’s the only one I’d not mind seeing pull on that famous red jersey 🙂

  • nicky

    We musn’t go OTT when considering our record in the FA Cup.
    So much can depend on the draw. Whether or not we are drawn at home prior to the semi-final and the quality of the opposition.
    We are good finalists, no doubt, but we have been helped, certainly of late, in the luck of the draw.

  • Mick

    What, are you sure you wouldn’t like Aguero at Arsenal.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Good luck to the boys against Watford.
    But what they must remember, the FA Cup is no longer a trophy…we know this because the media /AAA have confirmed .
    So even if we win the final, we can expect to be handed thin air by some royal or official.
    Because the FA Cup is not a trophy….and will remain a non trophy until Chelsea, Liverpool, Spuds.,West Ham, Utd, Palace, City,or Luton Town , come to think of it, anyone but Arsenal win it.

  • Al

    It may sound hard to believe but I’d take him over Aguero. For me Lukaku would be ideal in that he’s more suited to the premiership style than Aguero; he’s big, not bullied easily, quick and he’s got an eye for goal. He is unlikely to command £250k per wk 🙂 and doesn’t have a big ego too. He is only 22 (aguero 27), still very raw and I believe if he left Everton for a top club he will even be more deadly. He’s got 25 goals already this season, at a club like everton. I don’t want to compare him to any of our strikers but he looks like a cross between them, like he’s got the best bits of each all rolled into one. Of course he has his weaknesses, like heading, but he’s still young and can learn. I don’t know, maybe I’m praising him too much but I feel he’s the type of player Wenger can mould into a polished gem. I mean if he almost did it with Adebayor imagine what he could do with this boy. Aguero is good, but not sure Wenger can improve him that much. BTW this is how I’ve always felt about him, not just coming on the back of today’s performance 🙂

  • Gord


    It looks there is another vampire in the EPL. Costa has been accused of biting. I think they should give him about 483 games suspension. He has been a miserable example of a football player for too long.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I have been gearing up for our Barca Ucl game that is coming up on Wednesday night at Camp Nou. Because, I want Arsenal to do the near impossible of all comeback to knockout Barca and qualify for the Q/F of the competition.

    If the Boss and the Gunners are very much believing they can achieve this unlikely feast at Camp Nou against all odds, then, the Boss MUST do a team rotation of the Gunners for our today’s FA Cup 5th round clash against Watford that is taking place at the Ems this afternoon early kickoff time.

    In the light of the Boss electing to rotate the Gunners for today’s FA Cup match for some rested Gunners to have a good chance of knocking out Barca, the 8 Gunners of, Ospina, Bellerin, Monreal, Walcott, Giroud, Ozil, Alexis and Welbeck should be rested from participating in today’s FA Cup. Some of them could be on the bench.

    I sincerely believe the Boss will need to do this rotation for today’s FA Cup match to give a good breather of full rest for my above named 8 Gunners to have the needed full energy to take on Barca on a level playing ground and subsequently knocked them out.

    My starts for the Watford game:
    My bench:

    A Rashfordin Arsenal MUST be given a chance at Arsenal to shine in today’s FA Cup game. It could be 1 of Iwobi, Adelaide and 19 year old Willock that will do that. Besides, this my starts & bench will beat Watford. But the Boss has to agree. And that’s the big point.

  • Pete

    SAA – disagree.

    Play a full strength team against Watford and Everton – but rotate players against Barca. Need to prioritise the FA Cup and League. Watford and Everton are tough games.

  • Jambug

    I’ve just read an article by Oliver Holt in the Mail on Sunday in which he tries to infer how he ‘cares’ about Wenger. It is sickening in it’s hypocrisy.

    Here’s a taste:

    He says: “So many years of claiming victory by just finishing in the top four. The top four isn’t enough any more”

    So is that some kind of backhanded concession that perhaps given the circumstances over the last 12 years it once was?

    It may seem so, but as Holt chooses to paraphrase the odious one in his headline with:

    “After 12 years ‘specialising in failure’ ……” it seems not.

    He uses the ‘frequent’ unfurling of the ‘banner’ as a sure sign everyone’s turned against Wenger. Referring to it he says:

    “It has got to the point where those of us who have nothing but respect for Wenger fear weeks like the one that lies ahead.”

    He then goes on to suggest how ugly the atmosphere will get if Arsenal lose to Watford, Barcelona and Everton over the next 7 days.

    Yes it will, and it’s the likes of articles like this very one that feed into that atmosphere.

    Within this article, by a man who somehow tries to claim he only has ‘respect’ for Wenger there is:

    Not ONE mention of the 2 FA Cup victories, or the possibility we could make it 3 in a row and break another 100+ year old record.

    Not ONE mention of the enormous financial gulf between us and the only 3 teams to finish above us over the last 12 years. It’s as if it didn’t exist, and even if it once did we are now somehow on an equal financial footing. How can you talk about the last 12 years without once mentioning the massive advantage the oil money gave to our 3 main rivals?

    Not ONE mention of the new stadium. It’s as if it was never built, or at least if it was it was built by the fairies with the money grown in Highbury Fields. How can you talk about the last 12 years without mentioning the building of the Emirates and it’s financial impact on our ability to buy players and hence compete with our 3 main rivals?

    There are so many holes. So many convenient omissions. So much selective memory.

    There is absolutely no balance or context. There is the usual inference that one banner represents all of us. There is no connection made between the bile and hatred aimed at Wenger in the media and the bile and hatred this invokes in certain sectors of the modern football fan. The sheep is the term UA tend to call them.

    An absolutely terrible article by a man desperate to come across as ‘caring’ and ‘respectful’ but clearly he has as much contempt for what Wenger has achieved as the rest of the odious cretins in the media.

    Holt, just go and crawl back under the rock from whence you came and keep your worthless platitudes to yourself.

  • Stevo


    Take heart by the fact that Oliver Hollt will have a article in tomorrow’s paper extolling the virtues for the demise of the Chavs. Season. Hmmmm!

  • Jambug


    I know what you mean.

    Same with Martin Samuels. Wasn’t it him that had an entire page dedicated to telling us how disgraceful Flamini was, following one poor challenge?

    Cant wait to see his 2 page spread on how Costa’s been hard done by.

    Last night we had BTSport excusing him as a ‘Character’. Laughing was the order of the day.

    Same with Spurs.

    When they got knocked out of the FA Cup it was somehow portrayed as a ‘tactical masterpiece’ by Potechino.

    God knows what they’ll make of his magnificently orchestrated exit from the Europa Cup should that happen next week?

    As far as I can see they haven’t won a thing so far, and yet we still keep getting told what a successful season they are having.

    The way Arsenal, Arsene and the players are judged is completely different to everyone else.

    But back to Holt, I don’t know what is worse, the false platitudes and hollow praise we hear from him, or the overtly vile hatred of the likes of Howard and Reade.

    As bad as each other I suppose.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Does anyone think that last night’s match was fixed ? Just imagine the up roar if all 4 semi-final teams were from London ? Now there should only be three !