Brady arrested (not that one), English spines, Arsenal’s youth

It is often said that to win the EPL a team needs an English spine.  There’s no evidence presented for this – it is just something that is said.

Watching Brazil last night I think I’d sooner my team had a Brazilian spine rather than one made up of John Terry types, but each to his own.

Anyway, to help matters along the EPL is thinking that it is a good idea for clubs to have a quota of “homegrown” players in their squads.  That means that a certain number of  players would have to be “developed” by the club before they are 21.  That would of course include a significant number of Arsenal players of course.  But they also want a ban on international transfers under the age of 18, which is little more than an attempt to stop The Lord Wenger’s approach to World-Wide Scouting.

On the other hand Lord Triesman of the Sweet FA is worried about unsustainable debt – and he is supported by Plantini of UEFA.  Rick Parry of Liverpool and the EPL is against this and wants as much debt as you can get, because a restriction would instantly have Liverpool thrown out of any competition that applied it – along with KGB Athletico Fulham and Manchester Bankrupt and Manchester Arab and Fulham and Newcastle Zebras and, well most of the EPL.

Interestingly I am going to hear Lord Triesman of the Sweet FA make a speech tomorrow after what I hope will be a rather fine meal.  He is a supporter of the Tiny Totts, so I shall be taking my garlic, salt and wooden cross (no silver bullets currently on offer on EBay so I can’t do those).

Meanwhile I notice that awfully nice Karen Brady of Birmingham City has been arrested again.  This is of interest to me because last year the Curse of Arsenal was put on Birmingham City following their disgraceful behaviour in rejecting all attempts by the authorities to investigate the serious assault on Eduardo, and whether it required more discipline than just 3 games off.  (You will recall that when Arsenal players are adjudged to have gone too far we have suffered everything from points deduction to players getting 9 games bans.)

Following the implementation of the Curse, Birmingham were relegated, one director arrested on a sexual assault charge, the club raided by the fraud squad, and two directors arrested on financial matters.   They might have thought they had paid their dues, but the Curse of Arsenal does not give up so easily.

Karren Brady is Brum City chief exec, and she has just been re-arrested on suspicion of a further offence – reported by Fleet Street to be tax related – in connection with the police investigation into corruption in football.

Last time around she was arrested on suspicion of false accounting and conspiracy to defraud.  HM Revenue and Customs (whom like the Tiny Totts I never let near me unless I am carrying garlic and a wooden cross) are working on payments made to Aliou Cissé and Ferdinand Coly, by the agent Willie McKay, who denies any wrong doing.  He was  arrested on suspicion of false accounting and conspiracy to defraud in 2007.

Those who have found themselves caught up in this (and of course I must state that each and every single one of them with no exceptions whatsoever no matter what club they are with is innocent until proven otherwise) include Peter Storrie, (Portsmouth CEO) Harry Houdini of the Tiny Totts, Milan Mandaric who is confusingly not from Milan but is chair of Leicester City (whom apparently some fans hate along with Nottingham Forest) and Amdy Faye who plays with Stoke.

Right now.  Garlic.  Wood.  Mirror.  Salt.  You can’t trust these vampires – they get everywhere.  (See previous article is this is all meaningless.  Also see yesterday’s piece if you would like to write a positive bit of chat for Highbury High.)

(c) Ivor Strong-dislike Of Vampires 2009

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  1. Remember guys, when Cesc, Theo, Tomas (if ever) and Eduardo comes back to full fitness and Arshavin adapts, we will once again be a very, very good side. We simply don’t have enough depth to cope as Man United and Chelse…”

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