Arsenal v Norwich Saturday 30 April 2016 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

As I write this on Wednesday there are no new published Referee reviews so both the Table of Shame and the Wall of Shame are unchanged from last week

Table of Shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 1 44
Red Cards 2 16
Penalties 3 29
Goals 1 11
Total 7 100
Possible Cost in Points 0 27

Wall of Shame

Ref Game Weighted Score Bias against (h/a) Link to Ref Review
Craig Pawson Stoke v Arsenal 34 5/95 Stoke v Arsenal
Lee Mason Arsenal v Southampton 34 80/20 Arsenal v Southampton
Robert Madley Arsenal v Swansea 38 93/7 Arsenal – Swansea
Mike Dean Chelsea v Arsenal 41 5/95 Chelsea – Arsenal
Martin Atkinson Arsenal v Spurs 41 82/18 Arsenal – Tottenham
Craig Pawson West Ham v Arsenal 42 23/77 West Ham v Arsenal
Mark Clattenburg West Brom v Arsenal 42 9/91 West Brom v Arsenal
Mark Clattenburg Everton Arsenal 43 6/94 Everton v Arsenal
Anthony Taylor Arsenal v Newcastle 48 9/91 Arsenal – Newcastle
Jonathan Moss Southampton v Arsenal 49 22/78 Southampton v Arsenal

Before I move on to our game, Chelsea will have Mark Clattenburg in charge of their game on Monday Night, this will be the sixth time this year (three home and three away).  This is the first six this season; absolutely incredible!

Our Officials for this game are :-

  • Referee – Mike Jones
  • Assistants – R West and M Scholes
  • Fourth Official – K Friend

Mike Jones has been in charge of 25 games this year, he is 48 and his home association is Cheshire.  His first Premier League game was in Aug 2008 (Hulll v Wigan).  This will be his third game for both Arsenal and Norwich this season.

Ref Review : Watford – Arsenal

68% Weighted score, bias against the two teams 10/90 and two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow cards, red cards, penalties and goals).  In Min 3 Arsenal should have had a penalty (Prodl holding Mertesacker’s shirt) and in Min 36 Capoue should have been sent off for a slap to Sanchez’s face.  We won the game three nil so these decisions didn’t cost us any points.

Ref Review : Liverpool – Arsenal and the push in the back

59% weighted score, bias against the two teams 6/94 and, again, two wrong Important Decisions.  Minute 33 a not given penalty to Arsenal when Moreno was pulling Campbell from behind and Minute 70 Clyne should have had a second yellow card for a kick to Campbell’s knee (foul was given but no card).  This was a game which we drew three all, and the wrong Important Decisions probably cost us two points.

This year Mr Jones has been in charge of the following Norwich matches, regrettably I have no referee reviews for either of them.  If any Norwich supporters read this piece, please add recollections of his performances in the comments.

Norwich (2) v West Ham (2) 13 Feb 2016

Spurs (3) v Norwich (0) 26 December 2-015

Last Season 2014-15 we also had Mr Jones on three occasions :-

Ref Review Aston Villa – Arsenal

82% overall score (weighted), bias against the two teams 20/80, one wrong Important Decision when Clark should have had a straight red card for a tackle on Podolski.  Other than that a pretty good performance

Ref Review : Arsenal – Leicester

54% overall score (weighted), bias against the two teams 90/10, three wrong Important Decisions, in Minute 18 Upson should have been dismissed for a two footed frontal tackle on Alexis (he should have had a first yellow card in Min 18 for pulling back the same player), in Min 88 Simpson should have had a second yellow card for blocking Özil (his first yellow card should have come in Min 45 for deliberate handball in the penalty area, his second should have come in min 85 for a foul on Özil – take your pick of a second yellow Minute 85 or 88)

Ref Review : Newcastle – Arsenal: an overwhelming bias

58% overall score (weighted), bias against the two teams 5/95, three wrong Important Decisions.  Two sending off offences both second yellow cards for Cabella,  In Minute 13 he should have had a first yellow card for a challenge from behind on Coquelin, he should have had a second in Minute 62 for a forearm to Coquelin’s forehead and a further opportunity to dismiss him occurred in Min81 when he dived trying to win a penalty.  The third wrong decision was a not given penalty to Newcastle when Chambers handled in the penalty area.  I counted two points incorrectly gained by Arsenal.

One decent and two very bad performances, opposition players not being sent off in all three games.  Awful bias figures in the last two.  No points lost as we managed to win all three games.

Going back further we find:-

2013-14 – No formal reviews from these games but I have linked Walter’s post game pieces for context.  Two games, one home and one away (as it should be) one win one loss both one nil.

01 Mar 2014 – Stoke v Arsenal (1 – 0)

Home referee as predicted, bad day at the office not as predicted  Adam treading/stamping on Giroud when he was on the ground, not seen/ignored by the referee and a very soft penalty awarded to Stoke for handball, Walters kicking the ball against Kos from half a meter away, a home referee and Arsenal as the away team easy decision.  Two points robbed.

04 May 2014 – Arsenal v West Brom (1 – 0)

Arsenal – WBA, where to begin….

Arsenal – WBA, after the beginning now on to the match…

A rather pedestrian match which we won one-nil, one eye on the up-coming cup-final.  No mention of the referee so I guess he had one of his better games – or maybe because Arsenal were the home team.

2012-13 – Another year when we had Mr Jones twice, both at home and we won both games.

Match Review: Michael Jones – Arsenal Vs West Bromwich Albion (2 – 0) [08/12/2012]

69% overall (weighted) score, bias against both teams 52/48 and two wrong Important Decisions both arising from an incident in Minute 24 where Cazorla dived to win a penalty from which we scored

Match Review: Michael Jones – Arsenal Vs Norwich City (3 – 1) [13/04/2013]

60% overall (weighted), bias against the two teams 73/27 and 4 wrong Important Decisions.  In Minute 45+1 Turner should have had red card for elbowing Ramsey, Minute 55 Norwich player dived to win free kick from which they scored, Min 64 Arsenal should have had penalty for a foul by Snodgrass on Walcott, Min 90+1 Arsenal goal should have been ruled out for offside.


  1. Mr Jones is predominantly a ‘Home’ referee.  It will be up to our crowd to be our twelfth man, support the team and forget about protesting till after the 90 minutes is up.
  2. Most of the time Mr Jones isn’t a particularly good referee, he has an occasional high score but generally is less than spectacular.  Typically he makes two wrong Important Decisions against Arsenal per game despite which we generally manage to win games.
  3. Like all PGMO employees he is most unlikely to give us a penalty (so far this season we have had two I think, both away from home, out of 31).  He is also unlikely to send off an opposition player.
  4. Despite being a ‘home’ referee the balance of decisions will almost certainly be against Arsenal, probably by 80/20 or higher.  Norwich will be allowed more physicality in challenges.  They are also likely to benefit from ‘phantom fouls’ allowing them time to regroup defensively or to have a chance to attack our penalty area.

I won’t be at the game due to family reasons, I hope that all who are are treated to a good Arsenal performance and that somehow the ‘blue funk’ that has descended on the team is lifted and we return to our incisive free-flowing style.


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11 Replies to “Arsenal v Norwich Saturday 30 April 2016 – The Match Officials”

  1. Andrew you’ve missed out one name from the table of shame. Its a flop group.

    ‘Piers Morgan & the Wenger out arseholes’.

  2. Funny thing last night, watching Liverpool in the UEFA Cup on french TV.
    At some point the commentator said something like :

    yes, british referees, they are far from being what is best in Europe….

    Guess across the Channel, it is a known fact….

    thinking about that, the North American continent has the NFL – which is the US game, and a canadian version – the CFL
    Maybe it would correspond more to reality if we had Premier League rules football and Worldwide rules football.
    Could be a logical consequence of a Brexit, couldn’t it ? ;=)

    Just keep on going analysing their ‘glorious’ acts !


  3. As always, the ref preview brings us down to reality with a bump. Pity it doesn’t have wider circulation . Anyway, good luck to the team; hope they can conquer all!

  4. Surprising isnt it. All year long how accurate Untold has been in predicting refereeing in the forth coming games. How the ref previews and reviews match. Well, not really surprising. Cos this is backed by hard data. Evidence. Yet people ignore this hard truth and blame players and manager and board and everyone else.

    keep up the good work Andrew and team.

    off topic: REDaction are organizing protest today!! How come?? From organizing pregame support programs to protests??

  5. I was disappointed too that the Arsenal Indendent Supporters Association has sat on the fence on the issue of support.

  6. Looking at the table i shudder. Why?

    All it needs now is for Arsenal to lose today(shows the confidence i have in the team a.t.m), and Manu to win (they have a game in hand) and they will overtake us.

    I’m sure those “bodies” who want Arsenal and AW to fail will also be looking at this.

    So, it’s up to Arsenal to make sure they win today.

  7. Dodgy pelanty call against Newcastle by dodgy Deano *gollum gollum*!
    Saved by the Newcastle keeper!

    I can tell you it came as a real shock to me to see Dodgy Deano make an error favouring Sunderland after his ‘performance’ last week (two handed push on the last man haha!).

    Who could’ve predicted such an event in this unpredictable and unprotected league 😉

    Makes one wonder what kind of football ‘fans’ would go onto a football blog and attempt and fail to defend this charlatan *gollum gollum*

  8. What kind of sports fan would choose to ignore these kind of officials, (let’s not abuse the language by referring to them as referees)? Strange behaviour.

  9. Pelanty to Sunderland?

    No. Never. It couldn’t be. Who could’ve predicted this pattern of pelanties in a league that usually awards less then others especially this season 😉

    pgMOB Rules Football. It is what it is.

  10. Correction:
    It was a handball by the Newcastle player. Almost as if this official knows the rules *gollum gollum*, a better eye then his colleague who missed a similar call in the other match begs the question about some of the more smelly calls we’ve seen from this undead zombie.

    And also this contrast in the two pelanty calls begs the question:

    Why no help for the officials other 1970’s goal line tech taken from Wimbledon?

    Why so few officials in the land with the highest proportion of amateur clubs and volunteers which results in one individual having a big say in Sunderland’s recent battles? Would a structure that has been designed for failure comply with the building regs?

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