Change? Time to change the protest

By Walter Broeckx

So after the protest during the WBA match there will be another protest during the Norwich match. If this continues like this Arsenal fans will not be known as Arsenal supporters but Arsenal protesters.

Now I am all for free speech and all for having the right to express ones opinion. But what I don’t get is that supporters who claim to support a football club go out with the aim to purposely harm that team.

Because that is what they are trying to do or what the result of their protest might bring. It will only add more to the bad or sometimes toxic atmosphere at the Emirates.

And that when we have 9 points still to play for. Nine points that could make the difference between finishing second or 6th. So why do fans go out and try to undermine a team that still has some business to do?

Now of course you might say that now that the title is gone it is irrelevant to finish in the top 4. But let us just imagine that because of the toxic atmosphere in this match we lose against a team fighting for survival and whose supporters will do all they can to build up on our lack of support and show their support for their team that is facing difficult times.   Maybe we could learn a lesson from them?

But going back to finishing outside or inside the top 4. The so called 4th placed trophy.

So just imagine the team losing their balance because of the protests and losing. That could result in us falling out of the top 4. So will the protesters be happy when this happens? Ah, it might drive Wenger out. Well even if this happened (finishing outside the top 4) I doubt that Kroenke will fire Wenger. So your protest might result  in Arsenal falling outside the top 4 but Wenger still being in charge next season. So a big zero as result but in fact then the protest will have made things worse.

Because if you look around a bit you will have noticed that big players only want to come to teams who play CL. So us falling outside the top 4 could mean that top players will change their destination and not come to us.

So let us go for the possibility that we fall out of the top 4 and Wenger is fired. Then what? Yeah, we won you might say…. But this will also mean that those top players (many of whom attracted by Wenger) will not come.

So we will have a new manager with a big handicap to start his Arsenal career. And this might lead to more unrest next season as the new manager will maybe not be able to make the club better.  So more protests as then we might face a real mid-table season and no prospect of seeing any European football even the season after.

The next manager will always face a difficult task when replacing a long standing manager. Look at United where this still is a big problem and they even have to turn to the toxic one and hope for improvement. Yes we might appoint the goose who lays the golden eggs as the next Arsenal manager but that manager will still have to battle with the money machines of Manchester and Chelsea.

And still the club will have to work within a budget and with restrictions compared with those teams. Be it Wenger or anyone else. It is not because when Wenger is gone our club will start to spend like City or Chelsea. Simply because our club isn’t structured that way.

So at the end of the day nothing will change. Unless you drive Kroenke out and replace him with a rich sheikh who will make us Chelsea V3.0 of City 2.0. Are we really prepared to sell our soul to the devil? And even if this would happen we still would be just one of the rich man’s playthings.  And we still would have to overcome them.

So all that protesting might lead to Arsenal falling down in the short and long run.

As for me I have always looked at myself as a supporter. In good and bad days. I still find these days good days to support my team. It would be much worse to be in the shoes of Norwich supporters these days. Or Newcastle or Sunderland. And as a supporter I only want what is best for my team.

If they cannot finish first any more, then I want to support them to try to finish second. And if that isn’t possible I want to support them to finish 3rd. In short I can’t find any excuse to undermine my own team by protesting at a match and undermine their confidence and in that way help the opposition.

Of course you have the right to protest. But not when our players need you. I suggest that you protest in other ways. Why don’t you organise a letter protest. Write in, in numbers every day to get those out that you want out. Bombard the club with thousands of letters each day. Then the club will get your message but the players will not be undermined!

And please forget about now setting a step back and then move forward when Kroenke / Wenger / whoever is out. Because it is a slippery slope once you start slipping down. Plenty of examples to see that. And once you have started to push our club on that slippery slope there might be no way of stopping it slipping completely. Plenty of examples to see that also.

If you really are a supporter of Arsenal you cannot but wish them to win each and every match. That is what I wish for Arsenal. And if you don’t… then I can’t really call you a supporter.

Nine points to play for. Do you want to keep the fundamentals of this club or do you want to see it destroyed maybe completely? For me there is only one answer: I want my club to win. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And to do this I will do all I can to help the players out on the pitch. And by shouting in protest at them (because that is how it will feel to them) you will not help them and our club forward.

Maybe it is time to change the way of protest in a way that in the end you might see change, but without harming the players and the future of our club.

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98 Replies to “Change? Time to change the protest”

  1. There is a survey on the Daily Telegraph – a newspaper that has been running a constant campaign for most of the season, to get Wenger out.

    You can find it at

    You have to vote before you can see the results, and I have just voted “Wenger In”

    The figure is then revealed and at this moment the answer is 48% in the “in” camp.

    Of course that doesn’t mean that 48% is the right percentage – in these polls the negative camp usually over achieves its position, but it does suggest that when P Morgan claims he hasn’t met a single person who wants Mr Wenger to stay that is much more a reflection on the people he meets than on the public at large.

    If 48% vote “in” after a year long campaign in a paper so certain of its position that it started to publish reviews of Arsenal match disasters before the match
    has happened, then the actual figure is going to be higher.

    Perhaps Mr Morgan should get out more.

  2. Well said Walter.

    Now let’s see how many people come on here and dispute the bleedin’ obvious!

    Having considered a large number of facts and analysed a number of propositions and carried out considerable research, I can’t agree with their protest. Sadly, I find it hard to believe that there arguments are well thought out but that’s just my opinion. And I fully accept that they have their right to an opinion.

    What I do not accept is that they believe their opinions give them a right to carry out actions which could well lead to the sort of significant (and possibly irreparable) damage to the club that you have identified whilst at the same time claiming they are doing it because they want the club to be successful. It’s just that sort of flawed logic which makes me pretty certain that their arguments aren’t terribly well thought out in the first place.

  3. I think you are missing the point here and it is disingenuous for you to ignore the full statement by the groups advocating this action at our next home game. This is not an attempt to undermine the players or get Wenger out. It is a drive for real change and not the false dawn we have been fed over the years. If you or anyone else connected with this great club really love the club, you will also be demanding answers from the Manager, the club and the board on the footballing future of the club.

    On the sensitive subject of Arsene Wenger, all I can say is, it is amazing that a Manager who has time and time again requested to be judged in May (just a couple of days away) is now blaming everyone but himself for the failure to kick on this season and win what was a very ‘winnable’ premier league title. You may choose to ignore that but not everyone is blinded to this.

  4. Only a small minority were disgruntled during the barren/austerity years. The fans that had patience and understanding now feel like they have been treated like fools – for whatever reason, huge amounts of money are being hoarded by the club and the exact same mistakes are being made on the pitch too.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting change. Fans invest their money but the board does not seem interested in investing in the playing squad. They have lost their way in my opinion.
    For what its worth, I’ll never want Arsenal to lose just to affect change. I strongly disagree with those that do. However, articles like the recent “if you protest you’re not a fan/are unintelligent etc.” only succeed in alienating the ultra pro-Wenger from the rest of the entire fanbase. Frankly, that is stupid and counter productive.
    Arsenal Football Club have been selling our best players, spending very little, not competing, charging a fortune for tickets….these problems have been going on for years and years – isn’t it time for a change? I respectfully say yes. Even a change in transfer policy would win a lot of fans back. But at the moment, our club is taking full financial advantage of the supporters and their emotional tie to Arsenal.

  5. Great article, I just wish the naysayers could get past their own negative acumen’s and consider the detriments of their actions…

    Unfortunately, we’ll all be tarnished by the rest of the league with the same idiotic brush soon

  6. Just take a look at his record before he joined arsenal, in particular his time at Monaco he won the title , but two seasons later they finished 17th and got sacked facts not opinion .

  7. Unbeaten in the last seven EPL matches , with a clean sheet in the last two games , and clean sheets in 4 out of that seven , and seventeen points better off than last year’s champions ……. I forget what was the point I was about to make !

  8. More facts and figures ? Eight clean sheets from the 12 EPL games played this year .
    Really ? Why that should be lauded .

  9. Arsenal fans have the RIGHT to protest 12 seasons of stagnation. Please. Hope you all read Wengers comments today, where he accused season ticket holders who pay for his bills as the cause of arsenal constant failure to win the league. This is damn right shocking and annoying. No where in the world would you find a manager come out openly and lambast his supporters. No matter how much you love him, that is simply not done. He also said we are the best team away from home.Totally false,we are 3rd!. Even if we were first, is that what we pay the highest price tickets for. We are 12 points behind a team with far lesser resources than we have. Even if we end up winning our last 3 matches, we will still have lesser points than last season. Please for the sake of growth, progress , success and peace of mind, wenger should do the humble thing and leave. He is seriously tarnishing his Legacy.
    Thank you

  10. According to this article examining Arsenal’s 2015 financial report, it was the sale of properties and sales of players that had kept Arsenal in the black.

    ‘Arsenal has not been a profitable operation over the last seven years on account of pure soccer operations but rather the surpluses have been generated by the success of the property division and the selling of players.’ Could this be the reason why AW doesn’t spend in the past?

  11. @ Stephan

    Perhaps if you see it simply as a call for better behavior rather than an accusation, it might be easier to handle?

    That the season ticket holders pay the bills mean they are thus entitled to misbehave? i do not quite get it… or they are this untouchables and cannot be called out for bad behavior

    Some fans clearly love to hear the sound of their voices! Clearly! Hence these protests.. in the spotlight, in the media for a few hours / days…

    It is telling that the away from is better than the home form by so large a diff! fans should look at themselves! Our away fans remain some of the best in the country!

    Arsenal has grown and is progressing. First it was that we cannot win any trophy… Now we have 2 FA cups it is we cannot with the EPL ever again under AW…

    When we do. am sure we will be reminded he has not won the CL or the Europa League as the goal posts continue to be shifted

  12. The problem I can figure out in this would be a protest at the Ems during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Norwich on Saturday is, the Arsenal’s spokesman – Mr Arsene Wenger, alias the boss, seems to have lacked human relations in his reacting to Arsenal supporters protesters who are protesting against him and the club BPL titleless 12 continuous years.

    Instead of the Boss to show his concern and sympathise for the frustrated Arsenal fans, rather, he has choise to add more petrol to the already burning fire or put salts on the injury minds of the Gooners by making controversial comments such as, he is unfazed by the Arsenal supporters calling on him to step down. Hence, the issue has since turned to confrontations between him and a section of the Arsenal supporters.

    This confrontations between the Boss and some AFC supporters is degenerating to epidemic level and if not handle carefully it may get to a pandemic level where he Kroenke himself could become their primary target.

    Have the aggrieved Arsenal fans have a genuine case to be listened to? Which if I were the Boss, I will be pacifying them by holding interval interactive meetings with them to rob minds together to proffer a way forward for Arsenal. But to be bullshitting them anytime they voiced their voices is being considered by them as insulting to their intelligence. Hence, they’ve been gearing up to unleashed more protests against the Boss.

    The power of the attending Arsenal matches fans base should not be taken for granted or underestimated. Moreso if they constitute a majority. The Boss has said in his press conference of today that, “he understand the fans frustrations”. And his analysis has informed him that the Gunners are not to be blamed for dropping 17 home League points so far this season. But who are to be blamed? Him? Arsenal have dropped 24 points on the roads and took 30 so far awaiting the 3 points at the Etihad. The Boss knows what had led to Arsenal dropping a total of 41 points so far this season. It’s has to be due to the lack of adequate cover and option during the injuries to some Gunners and the dip in form of some of them too must have caused us the title.

  13. Walter

    It’s true that if Wenger were to leave we wouldn’t attract the type of player that we’re used to getting, but this is going to happen anyway, if not this season then next.
    Every manager has “his type of player”, and whoever replaces him will just have to work on his own charisma.

  14. @Team spirit…
    This is not about away form or home form. Don’t have the facts but I’m sure arsenal home form has been better than our away form in most of the seasons we have failed to win the league. Yes we have won the FA cup in two consecutive seasons. But we seem to forget we went 10 full years without winning anything. Yet we all stuck with him when I’m pretty damn sure no other top club in the world would have done. Fans have the right to show their displeasure. Even when Man utd supporters openly abuse Lvg in the stadium when he returns back to the dugout, I’ve never heard him call out the supporters as the problem. We are not a small team mate, far from it. We one of the richest clubs in the world. We cannot be satisfied with 3rd and 4th place finnish. We cant be satisfied with qualifying for the CL only to complete the numbers as we always seem to do. We are bigger than that please. Arsenal fans are humble and very patient. We’ve had this same disappointments happening season after season thats why you have this toxic atmosphere now. Its too much to handle . We the only top team in the major leagues to have failed to win an European cup, but nobody calls him out on that. If Wenger was in spain I’m sure he’ll give the excuse of ‘Barca and Madrid have far greater resources than we do’. But look at Atletico, they have a manger punching way above his weight. Thats what we want, a manager who can make do with what he has and bring out the best in it. Not blaming everyone else but himself for our failings. Its wrong, Leicester has proven him wrong on all his excuses of financial power. He said judge him in May earlier, May is almost here and we sure are ready to judge.
    Thank you

  15. We all follow the Arsenal,)♬♪
    Over land and sea, (and Leicester!))♬♪
    We all follow the Arsenal,)♬♪
    Onto victory! )♬♪

    We all follow the Arsenal, because we choose to support Arsenal. We support Arsenal for victory every match even in unwatchable circumstances. We are Arsenal supporters from different countries around world at Untold Arsenal. Young and old, passionate and wise. My request is just like what Walter wrote; to get behind the club and support it, instead of cursing every now and then.

    This is the only 1 or 2 Arsenal blogs/forums left that support the club, and recently have had toxic atmosphere in the comments just like all other Anti-Arsenal-Arsenal blogs/forums thanks to some people.

    The very top of this site indicates clearly in big bold letters : “Supporting the club, the players and the manager” please if you choose to follow Arsenal, then this one line should be enough for you.

  16. @BG, glad you like it.

    For those that haven’t seen AW comment, this is copied off the website.

    “We lost the championship at home against the lower teams, but we played at home in a very difficult climate. We have to realise that, away from home, we are championship winners. At home, against the smaller teams, we lost the league. This club does have special values though and one I’ve experienced over the years is to stick together and support the team. There’s no success without that.”

    He is pointing out the truth though, we lost or draw games to lower teams at home which we should have won, which cost us the title. Since about the start 2016, week in week out there are comments from the media how toxic the atmosphere is at the Emirates Stadium, wouldn’t this so called ‘toxic’ atmosphere affect the team on the pitch? Even one of the Swansea player said it assisted them to win.

    Should AW be phrasing his answers like that at this point in time when everything he says will be scrutinized? Not a very good idea but from what media reporters say about him, he often answer most question openly. I guess sometimes to openly.

  17. Did you not read the protest article properly? It clearly states that the protest is to be aimed at Wenger and the Board, NOT the players.

    After spending the highest prices on season tickets year after year, we have a right to demand improvement, especially after listening to pathetic statements from Kroenke about not being in it to win trophies and Wenger blaming just about everyone but himself for our failures.

    Against Sunderland he contradicted himself by saying before the match playing on Sunday after a Thursday game is no different to Wednesday then a Saturday. What did he do when we didnt perform, blames fatigue for playing on Thursday! Now he points out that the away form would see us win the league, but hey, check the stats and we’d be fourth in that case…10 points behind Leicester/Tottenham.

    Enough excuses, we need a new dynamic manager who will take responsibility for everything on the pitch, and whilst we’re at it, bring back Dein who will sort out our sorry state of transfer business.

  18. For God’s sake Walter, enough with the doomsday analogies.leceister changed their coach and look where they are, before simeone came to Atletico, they weren’t doing great.look @ WHU…new coach.granted change may bring bad but IT CAN ALSO BRING GOOD. look @ the Wenger presser. What is he saying? He keeps yapping about the xter of this team and I wonder where he sees this xter? That we are away from champions while we aren’t?(3rd).that we don’t enjoy anything anymore ( he obviously meant the fans shld take positives and savour top 4 ).that just a few egos are manipulating the fan Base? That’s an insult to arsenal supporters. You mean these guys come to the erms and see spirited efforts and still boo? The erms is what it is because Wenger and his boys made it so. For the past 10 years, we always collapse Jan to March in the Epl race, and this year we (consistently u may say) delivered on that and u expect fans to cheer? His statements smack of arrogance. He didn’t see any player in the world better than what he’s got? Are u serious? No one beta than Walcott?giroud? merteseker? In the whole wide world? Jesus christ! But will Walter & Co see that and comment? Of course not.lord Wenger is infallible.
    He has never for once come out and said ” u know what? We messed up, we will look inwards and see how we can do better” it’s always players are jaded, didn’t finish off our chances,lacked a little bit of this or that. His pressers are as numbing as his pitch side tactics. Have u noticed that Wenger spends more time whinging about ref decisions to the 4th referee than gingering his boys from the touch line?
    Smh ….let me just pause.rubbish. he should leave please.

  19. @chibyke

    Walter and this website are clearly AKB’s who can’t bear to see their precious Wenger criticised.

    It’s these so called supporters that are part of the problem along with Wenger and Kroenke, but polls and stats now show that they are becoming the minority with over 80% of fans wanting change and Wenger to go….we live in hope.

  20. The first change that we need is for the media owners and pundits to stop the deliberate campaign to undermine AW and the team and to concentrate instead on a major national disgrace i.e. the incompetence (or worse) of the PGMO.

    Add the 27 “missing” points (ref PGMO) to our present tally and we would have the league won – with no base for the aaaa twits to attack the club, board, manager or team! Certain members of the aaaa could put their placards and black scarves where the sun does not shine!

    I agree Walter – just now we need all fans to get behind the team – early, loudly and constantly – to undermine the team is a total disgrace and anyone so involved cannot even pretend to be an Arsenal supporter.

  21. Geoff Alvis
    “Did you not read the protest article properly? It clearly states that the protest is to be aimed at Wenger and the Board, NOT the players.”

    Well excuse me for being stupid! The atmosphere from some so-called supporters in the last few games I’ve been to HAS to affect the players and their performance.

    Get behind your team instead of moaning every time a player makes a mistake, get behind your team and help them win tomorrow.


  22. I put myself through a reading of the latest from a leading critic before commenting on this.

    First thing to say is I don’t know how the reasonable among the Wenger Out crowd don’t fall into radical doubt any time they see the comments section in those places. Sheesh! Shit! It’s like a moron festival, and none of the nice morons have turned up. WOMB’s

    The article itself is pretty hilarious:

    Incredibly negative supporter for many years takes massive offence at suggestion there has been much negativity from supporters, until… right now (or so recently it’s the same thing), when, dammit, the time has come to be really really negative and show them what for.

    ‘Playing the values card, which is fine, but come on Arsene, we’ve stuck by this nonsense for long enough. He then started losing his way a bit….’

    Was there a time this guy stuck by the team and wasn’t promoting negativity constantly?

    All while being too thick, or rather dishonest, to deal with the only issue of the day : has there been a difficult atmosphere in the stadium this year, and is that something which makes it harder for the players and decreases the likelihood of them winning any game?

    “This is not the time to poke holes in the people that have stuck by your side so hard, it’s generally a bit of an embarrassment globally.”

    “The fans are right to protest. They should make a big scene. The club and the world should know that his performance and attitude is not acceptable”

    “For me, that alone is enough to merit the loudest of all protest.”

    I can’t believe people aren’t honest enough to deal with that question first.

    Afterwards. you can still mount your defence of why you feel it is necessary and right to protest or to support in that way, but how can you not have the balls, brains and integrity to first concede a bad atmosphere hurts our players and our chances on the day and overall. Surely your argument is still strong enough after you’ve done so?


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4th Place trophy !!!!
    JonraidApril 29, 2016 14:45:50
    Europa league for me.
    TwooffiveApril 29, 2016 14:47:12
    The mans a cretin, truly certifiable! We should get some perspective! Wish the majority of fans got some perspective before this year! Ffs so much time wasted with this Ill man running the show
    Danish GoonerApril 29, 2016 14:47:41
    Bask in my glory !!!!! Johnny foreigner wins it.
    Rob greenApril 29, 2016 14:49:19
    He thinks he is untouchable and bigger than the club!!!
    Danish GoonerApril 29, 2016 14:50:32
    Now it is On for top Four team trophy,the stamina league trophy,Most seasons in the cl trophy.
    Being an Arsenal fan is the most miserable thing hat has happened to me.

    Well, maybe that explains why there are some who ,despite this website’s mantra, like to regularly come here to voice their unhappiness.

    You might think we’re arseholes, or close-minded, wrong, deluded, hostile,etc, but I reckon you must get a much fairer hearing than we’d get over on le Grove and the like.

  23. Anyone who has been at the Ems this season if they are honest with themselves will know that the atmosphere and name calling has been shocking and you wonder why that this team has preformed as they have at home. The away support has been great and getting behind the team and it shows. Every Arsenal supporter should be behind this team in these last games as they are important.
    I have said before that I think the Arsenal board has hid behind AW and I firmly believe that this is true.
    We don’t know just what money AW has had to spend on transfers and what restrictions he has had to deal with. Hopefully when the time comes for him to go I really hope that he opens up and let’s us all know what his instructions were. People cannot or will not accept that we don’t have the money that Chelsea and the Manchester clubs have and SK I believe will not change his ways at all.
    Him and the board left AW out to dry and the man has had to put up with all bloody sorts but he still stayed dispite the board because he loves this club and anyone who thinks he does not then sit back and ask yourself if you could have put up with the fans name calling the bloody media and the circus that is the PMGO.
    The board I firmly believe need to answer questions and grow a set to be open and honest with the fan’s but letter writing as Walter says would be a much better way of protesting and that way it would not affect the team going out to play a match. If this keeps going on then which footballer would want to come and play for us knowing if he hits a purple patch that the fans would be screaming abuse at him.
    Everyone has a right to free speech but please not at the harm to our players.

  24. Perhaps I shuldn’t be but Im still absolutely astonished by some fans arrogance. They just know better than the manager, ex players and the real fans who have been through thick and thin. They know “better”because they read it in a shit paper or blog just like Stephan here. Constantly repeating media cliches like “most expensive tickets, selling best players” etc. I see them at Ems showing off in front of their mates and girlfriends, not watching the game and booing and shouting abuse as soon as the game is finished. They want “sexy” players bought. A couple of seasons ago Etienne Capue and such were a “must” for us, loughable now. They want their spectacular successes over far richer clubs so they can brag about it over a pint. Sure we all want it but me personally I choose to enjoy watching players like Sanchez and Ozil playing for us than bring up selling those who wanted to leave for more money. Life is too short fellows, grow up.

  25. Of course, the obvious result would be to borrow half a billion and waste it on flash players from all over and try to win us something.

    At least they will have tried.

    Wonder how many of the whingers will turn up when we do a Portsmouth?

    They really do want to beware what they wish for.

  26. too late for such an article, Walter
    This should have been written when w were top, and started the bad form run, instead of our fans supporting the team, when we had the big chance to win the league, they destroyed it. Instead of putting pressure on the PGMOL to stop their game manipulations (Which was the main reason of the start of this bad form), they kept defending every referee everytime he makes a big mistake, and they do a lot.

    If the fans want change, they should start with themselves first.

  27. Yes Colin you are right they are facts. But so is it a fact that it snowed in Great Oakley, Northamptonshire, yesterday, but didn’t snow in Corby, five miles to the north. It is not just the facts but the logical interpretation of the facts – and indeed not just one fact but the facts surrounding what else was going on at the time.

  28. @bjtgooner
    The officiating in the league has been a problem no doubt this season. But if you do honestly think that we are been targeted by the refs, then thats a real shame. I bet you every club in the league will have their own ‘chart’ of decisions which went against them and points lost as a result. So please lets look away from that and focus on our football. We haven’t won the CL under his reign, are you gonna blame the refs for that too?
    Mr Wenger has done alot for us we agree and appretiate, but this season was a huge chance missed, and the sad thing was it was predictable. A March april collapse as always. And he has the guts to blame us for that. Please….

  29. Joe

    When you said, “his is not an attempt to undermine the players or get Wenger out.” that may well be right. Obviously that is what P Morgan wants, and he certainly has his followers, but Walter’s point, and one made here several times is that the effect on the players will likely be this. Indeed Arsene Wenger put a point similar to this in an interview

  30. @Alex
    You make it look like we are not a rich club.
    Thats really sad. For your information we are. We can afford to buy the best players if ee wanted to. Proven with the purchasing of Ozil and Sanchez (who might decide to leave anyway due to our failure to compete). Dont be decieved that we are broke. We are in a better financial situation that we were 5 years ago, but we have the same result. I honestly believe next season might be worse with what is coming. The big boys have a point to prove, sad AW has none

  31. Naturally, the Arsenal Board would prefer a passive form of protest as suggested by Tony. And it would get little mention in the Media where they prefer visceral engagement.

    Arsenal fans are known to be media and tech savvy, so this ‘passive’ approach will have little merit with them.

    Eventually, Arsene will be a footnote and sure enough another manager will take the helm.

    My question to you Tony is, What happens if you don’t like this manager? Perhaps you think he is too defensive, negative? Maybe a Simeone type? For whatever reason you just don’t understand him and you feel he is taking Arsenal in the wrong direction.

    Will you show your support for him? If not, you’ll have to change your masthead – non?

    I do agree with you that we should always support Arsenal and the Team.

  32. There are seriously no good ways for change as protests may undermined the team while other ways may be too passive. That said, while Arsene should continue on as manager, he has to seriously start to seriously evaluating while the team for the last few years either start strong and collapse at the end or start poorly and finish strong to finish 4th. The fact that the issue has not been ratified and he seems to be resting on his laurels is a big point for concern.

  33. @Stephan
    I hope you are right, I really do. I hope we have stacks of money and yes we bought Sanchez and Ozil which proves we are spending it. It doesnt mean we can compete with moneybags of City and Chelski in that department. Would you like Usmanov to buy our club and hand picked players he fancied like Abramovic does, corrupt refs like Fergie and gazump others like City? Would that guarantee success? Would that quieten the boo boys? Perhaps not.
    But its not the issue here. It is fans attitude I am talking about. You came out saying there is no other manager to lambast the fans. Did you read what he said? Did you stop and think what he meant? No, you picked up on media’s ongoing agenda to stir up, belittle the manager that so many other clubs envy us for and make headlines. So many of our fans are falling for it, you are not alone.
    Refereeing is yet another story. It is not just this season. It’s been going on for years now and I am certain it is partially responsible for us being unable to win the league. Champions League? Remember van persie’s red card against Barca? Look into it rather than belittle incredible work guys on this site are doing.
    Yes, Leicester going to win with far less resources. Yes, they were very lucky with some decisions till Vardy’s suspension. They fans though are totally behind the team though, think about it.

  34. Tony and Walter, it would seem that we are in the relegation zone? According to the WOB!

    Really, to mention Monaco without the financial irregularity at that time, reveals a moron.

    Mr Wenger, until this season, has always won at least 19 league games, each season.

    As Deloitte state in the small print, However, for an exercise such as this, there is insufficient public information to do that. Here, in the Deloitte Football Money League, we use revenue as the most easily available and comparable measure of financial wealth.”

    In other words, reader beware, as Deloitte make estimates – turnover is vanity, profit is sanity.

    To protest, about always finishing in the top 4, shows a lack of intelligence! How many teams, have always finish in the EPL top 4?

    At Norwich, we lost Sanchez and Cazorla. Sagna, had his leg broken again, by a Norwich player.

    Norwich, will use any means, with (PGMOL rules) match officials, to stop any Arsenal player.

    Mr. Arsenal, please carry on!

  35. Alex
    Good post.
    We have been screwed by the refs in the CLs as well let alone the Epl

  36. Arsenal’s highest match day ticket is £97 and West Ham is £95. Arsenal currently 4th and West Ham currently 6th. Any West Ham fans protesting at their ground?

  37. 1) AFC fans should understand from Leicester, spending bucket loads of cash on marquee players does not equate to winning the league. Chelsea and ManC have spend, not doing all that well huh.
    2) Arch rival Tottenham & Liverpool have not won any titles in the modern day era, the atmosphere at their stadia’s have always been intimidating, why cant we do the same for one season with out all the moaning and whining and see what kind of difference it makes.
    3) The fans at Arsenal have been calling for Wenger out for almost 4 seasons, with most of the bashing taking place during a game or right at the end, what kind of vibe do you all think you were sending the players??
    Lastly a divided house is what the media loves to take advantage of, so fans of the club do your protesting once the season is over. Not before.

  38. All of you who do not want Wenger, I have a message for you. Foxtrot Oscar!

    I hope Wenger signs a new contract for 10 years just to piss you stupid dimwits off.

    Do you really know anything about football? Do you think that you own the club? Do you think?

    Arsenal are in the top 10 clubs in the world. They/We have cahieved it because of Wenger. You know nothing. You are losers. Season ticket holder means fuck all if dont support your club through thick (you lot) & thin.

  39. Protest is not against the players? Please don’t be so naïve, just read the hate and bile on some of the so called supporters sites against Walcott and Giroud. If they go, who is next? And what will the Black Flag mob and their ilk be singing, it certainly wont be Nynphs and Shepherds.Oh silly me of course it will be “All things bright and Beautiful”.

  40. Great article, Walter and I agree completely.
    Can’t understand why so called supporters can’t support the team. There are only three games to go so just get behind the team and cheer them on with all your might. If you are still unhappy at the end of the season, then is the time to protest.

    “We love you Arsenal, we do.”

    Menace, I love your way with words.

  41. Right with you Menace.100% you either support or you do not for there cannot be no in between.
    These last three games are so important to us that we need all nine points.
    All the protesting in the world will not remove AW if he wants to see out his contract which being the type of man he is he will do, if he wants to sign for three more years he will do that also. The planned protest gives the rest of the EPL even more reason to laugh their nuts of at the Arsenal “supporters”.
    There is a time and place for everything and doing this before during or after a match with three games to go is helping no one and you know what it proves AW right.

  42. Walter, Tony

    In the aftermath of the league-wide ticket prices public discussion/controversy just a couple months ago; and in the context of the protests that happened, most notably the one involving Liverpool blowing a 2 goal lead to Sunderland after the walkout – Wenger said this:

    “I wouldn’t like to use that as an excuse. I think, once the players are on the pitch, they are focused other job,” said Wenger.

    “When you play football sometimes, I didn’t even know if it rained or not during the game because you’re so in the game that you do not focus too much on what is happening in the stands.”

    One could perhaps find statements like this contradictory to those made about the “climate” at the Emirates, and whether or not these things have an effect or should be used as an “excuse” for affecting the match outcomes and thereby “harming the team”.

    Also less important, but nevertheless ironic is that Wenger just spoke of Liverpool being a good example to follow (presumably about their climate), yet Liverpool fans (who didn’t take it easy on Rodgers, in the end, at Anfield btw) actually just a couple months ago, protested in their stands about an issue with their club – The same type of negative climate and action that Wenger is seemingly now attributing lost points to, that previously wasn’t a valid excuse.

  43. I am an Arsenal loving Arsenal mad fan,
    I have supported my club through thick and thin.
    Been beaten up by police at away grounds in the bad old days.
    Had sharpened coins thrown at me at Leeds.
    Saw darts flying towards me at Middlesborough.
    at Man Utd there was a fight on the pitch and Ii got pelted with coins in the away end behind the goal.
    I got tear gassed in Paris at the Parc de Princes.
    Through all this I have loved my club.
    Mr menance stop talking garbage please.
    I wantMr Wenger to leave but will not protest.
    It am also far from a moron but do have opinions.
    Grow up mate
    Dave Dixon

  44. There always will be fans/supporters who fall in line and vent and take the low ground and say ‘Wenger out’. Luddites.

    There is a bigger picture, that picture is one of life imitating to sport, imitating life.

    Ho hum, I hope all the ‘Wenger Out’ klan look back in embarrassment in the near future.

    They will regret that their passions for AFC have run amok and wild fires have disended upon their hearts and minds.

  45. Anyone here votes? Or has any interest in the political leadership and policies affecting their countries? If so have you ever disagreed with the leadership and/or their policies, or even wanted/voted for a change in leadership? If so, did disagreeing with the direction of the leaders mean that you didn’t love or support your country? It’s precisely out of love for your country that you want better for it, via change, however or whoever that looks like to you.

    The people who lead a country, are not the country. The people who run a club, are not THE club. The people, are both.

    Any parents here? In supporting your children do you just cheer them on when you think they are doing wrong? Do you not criticize, correct, discipline when needed , because you want better for them? Would you agree that means you actually support your child more and not less?

    I think we all in a real world sense understand that supporting or loving something is not always positive or approving. Yet for a far less serious thing like sport, football…somehow, support, only takes on a all or nothing mantra?

  46. All protests should be suspended until the end of the season. If they were aimed against Kroenke only, I wouldn’t give a damn.

    Arsenal have a remote chance for 2nd place, a solid chance for 3rd place and a big chance for 4th place. Players and the manager need support to get through what looks to me as the most difficult period of Wenger’s reign.

    We won’t win the league, we won’t win the cup or Champions League. But, winning mentality is built by victories. And, as our motto says, it comes through harmony. I recall how I wanted us to win our last two games in 2002-03 despite those victories didn’t mean crap for that season. However, had we lost those teo games, there would be no streak of 49 games.

  47. There are situations when in order to succeed you need to stick together. This is one.

  48. In terms of finances, Wenger is actually consistently punching above his weight. A couple of black swan event teams in this year of one offs does not change that.
    Wenger and the boys are likely to finish above two clubs with far greater funding, and another northern giant media darling addicted to spending over recent years.
    This end of season has not been great, and if truth be told, Wenger has made mistakes last summer, but as Linda says, we do not know where the board and owner sit in things. Even an arch critic of Wenger said the board twice vetoed Benzemas wage demands. And who knows , if they did, maybe it was for good reason.
    Ivan has been very quiet compared to a couple years ago when things were promised. Is this because he does not want to be seen to give,the dreaded vote of confidence to a man who is clearly staying for a year at least, is it because he is waiting until seasons end? Or something else…..maybe some of the promises he has made have been unrealistic under the clubs ownership structure?
    Fans have the right to peaceful protest, but it will be a potentially negative effect on the players, and ultimately futile. Wenger will see out his contract at least, Stan doesn’t strike me as a guy who listens too much to fans protests.
    Falling out of the top four will just mean Wenger given less to spend, on transfers AND wages, and more for some to moan about.
    Let’s just back them and see what happens this summer, to improve things, Wenger has to make this squad maybe a bit more robust….yes I know what the PGMOL may well do…….Wenger strikes me as a guy who likes a challenge and he will certainly be up for those to be presented next season.

  49. What are you actually referring to when you say Arsene Wenger made imistakes last summer, Mandy? Are you saying he had a cast iron perfect player for Arsenal offered to him on a plate at the right price and the right wages and he turned him down? If so, who was it and how do you know?

  50. No Pat, think….with hindsight….he should have had more cover for Coq……probably Caz as well, as Jack and Tr were injured last summer. I don’t know who he could or could not have signed, we ended up plus Elneny and Iwobi….which is a positive, but we suffered badly last autumn with lack of cover.
    I can see why he left a space for the widely respected club captain, and we all know what TR brings, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

  51. Dave

    “Mr menance stop talking garbage please”

    Menace is completely misunderstood. He’s not so terrifying once you accept his complete obsession and ignore the insults, arrogance and absolute unpleasantness. You might even engage him in something resembling reasonable debate as long as you don’t have a different point of view and allow him the last word. He never references the “aaa” and I will always defer to him as he actually attends matches.
    Which reminds me, where’s that other little obsessive, Jambug? Hope he’s well.

  52. Dave Dixon – Love? You love yourself. If you loved football you would know the difference between Stoke City football, Sam Allerdyce football & Wenger football. You might have followed Arsenal but you could never know what love of the game is. I bet you would divorce your wife even after you promised to stay by her through thick & thin. Love! Wenger can pick his next job. Can you?

    serge – you are not welcome here because your understanding of support is negligent.

    jojo – the voting rights do not feature in the way you imagine. The club only has shareholders who can vote. Majority voter there seems to realise that Wenger is key to his financial success. You & other Wenger out people cant do a damned thing. Supporters have a voice but no control.

    Wenger is a critical requirement for the wellbeing of the club. Protesting will screw Arsenal FC. I hope you selfish stupid bastards realise that Wenger has a job anywhere he wants. You have nothing not even the brains of an amoeba. You are not even wanted let alone needed.

  53. Joe Garber,
    Not against Wenger???????
    Not against the players???????

    Well I have seen enough disgusting tweets and posts on social media that are only full of abuse for manager and players.

  54. I totally agree with Menace.Can anybody tell me who would replace AW. I hear so much on here, that he should GO.Please, please tell me who will be our Manager on the the 1st July.

  55. Excellent article Walter! With these protesters, if old enough, would remember the club motto: Victoria Concordia Crescit” translated to “Victory Grows Through Harmony.”

    All supporters should remember that.

  56. @ Jojo, ‘
    Anyone here votes? Or has any interest in the political leadership and policies affecting their countries? If so have you ever disagreed with the leadership and/or their policies, or even wanted/voted for a change in leadership? If so, did disagreeing with the direction of the leaders mean that you didn’t love or support your country? It’s precisely out of love for your country that you want better for it, via change, however or whoever that looks like to you’.
    Politics is as much tribal as football, if you ask most people who are loyal to a political party to vote for another party even if their leadership team is bad, do you think they would? If you are referring to internal party politics, do ordinary members of the public vote for the change of that party’s leader? Political party most of the time change their leaders 1) scandals or did something seriously bad, or 2) if the mood of the majority voting public is against the political party which is reflected in internal polling or public polling leading up to an election and it’s unlikely they can win the election. In the past maybe political members truly care about the country but now I think most worry about their political career first before country.

    ‘The people who lead a country, are not the country. The people who run a club, are not THE club. The people, are both’.
    Not sure how you could link country with a business? I thought Stan is the owner of Arsenal FC? Let leave the emotions out and think rationally.

    ‘Any parents here? In supporting your children do you just cheer them on when you think they are doing wrong? Do you not criticize, correct, discipline when needed , because you want better for them? Would you agree that means you actually support your child more and not less?’

    Yes, discipline and correct the child’s mistake if you had fully understand the reasons and cause for such mistake. No, you shouldn’t criticise a child but support that child to not make the same mistake. Do you believe that by insulting or abusing a child for their mistake would help the child’s self-esteem and mental development whether in sport or life?

  57. Wenger will be our manager next year. Still in contract, and as far as we know, has the support of the board.
    End of.

  58. @ Jojo, I’m a father of a toddler and do understand the difficulties especially when they reached the age of two (when the tantrum kicks in), to be honest it’s one of the most challenging thing I have faced in life so far. I’m not the perfect father though as on some occasions I have yelled and hit (bottom) or push him due to frustration and anger but have regretted for those actions and is now amending my behavior. Why? Because I begin to see he is copying my actions when he gets frustrated and angry and also see that he get scared when he hear people yelling or arguing.

  59. I love Arsenal, I love the club, I was there on Seven Sisters road both times when we won the FA cup recently and it was amazing. I was at the 2004 invincibles parade and I loved it and i’m grateful for it.


    I will not let ungrateful people try and ruin my amazing football experience which I am still enjoying to this day. It feels very very good.

  60. @ Jojo, regarding your comment on the Liverpool incident.
    My understanding is that when AW made those comments it was in relation to a planned boycott for the home game vs Leicester as per below copy from ESPN website:

    Leicester supporters’ group are urging Arsenal fans to join in their boycott, but Wenger says he hopes that they do not listen.

    “You want everybody there when the game starts,” he told a news conference. “For me the game is a joy and everybody has to be part of it. You can protest before and after, but during the game you want everybody to be there. Football is a moment of happiness in your life, so don’t miss it.”

    ESPN goes on to reference this:

    ‘Liverpool led 2-0 when fans walked out, before Sunderland came back to draw 2-2. Wenger, however, does not believe empty seats would have an impact on the players’ mentality.

    “I don’t think so, I wouldn’t like to use that as an excuse,” he said. “The players, once they are on the pitch, they are focused on their jobs. You do not focus too much on what is happening in the stands.”‘

    You left out ‘does not believe empty seats would have an impact on the players’ mentality.’ part in your comment. I believe he is referring to the planned empty seat at the Emirates Stadium where the boycott was to not enter the stadium for certain minutes.

    AW comment ‘. “The players, once they are on the pitch, they are focused on their jobs. You do not focus too much on what is happening in the stands.”‘ I take this to mean he expects his players to focus on the match and not what’s happening in the stands. Whether the players can or not is another matter. Can you answer this question honestly, do you believe that by insulting and booing the players and managers during the match does not have any affect on the team as a whole? I mean if you go to work and your work colleague insult and mock you week in week out would that affect your capacity to work?

  61. Paul the gooner

    “who would replace AW”

    Who will replace Wenger isn’t the issue right now. Obviously somebody will, and by this time next year a definite name will be out there, Arsenal will go through a transitional period of adjustment and who knows how the club will prosper.
    There are obviously intelligent people here turning into complete fools by actually believing and hoping he will go on indefinitely. It will not happen. He’s elderly & nearing the end of his contract with lucrative media work to see him through semi retirement.
    He’s been great, You love him, I love him, 90% of the Arsenal support probably loves him (and Menace wants to be his adopted son) but he will be gone at the end of this contract. I’d be amazed if he took a new one (if it were offered even) He wont be sacked and he wont walk before the current one ends. But he will leave and Untold will have a new manager to “support”

  62. Doncha just love it when somebody finishes their comment with “end of”. It’s like “I’ve spoken and nobody has the right to give their opinion.
    Shove it.??

  63. @Serge, you’re right AW sooner or later will have to go, that’s just reality. Nobody knows what the future hold, the new manager could take Arsenal to win the league title or Champions League or both but he could also take Arsenal to mid-table or relegation zone, overall it’s just speculations. However, one thing is certain is that AW is still the manager of Arsenal, so why not just support him while he’s still the manager of Arsenal?

  64. Polo

    Did I say I wanted Wenger out? I support him as our manager because he’s the man in the job and will support the next one for the same reason and the next one after that.

  65. What Mandy means by “end off” is what’s the point of argument / discussing the manager. He is here weather one likes it or not. Lets get behind the team. We have a faint chance to finish above duds, lets focus on that.

  66. serge,

    If Wenger will be gone at the end of the current contract, it will be mainly because of so-called fans like you.

    Sorry I’m late to the party, I’ve been fighting trolls in America, who are as gullible as the ones in the other parts of the World, and demand change for the sake of change.

    Anti-fans forget that as long as he serves, the manager is an integral part of the club. Criticizing him is criticizing the club, and that is not support. It is also criticizing the players, who give all they have week in week out, only for some spoiled brats to come and boo them for not being able to take a header correctly when their shirt is pulled ripped. It’s patently clear that these yobswobs have no idea what it means to play a competitive match, let alone an EPL match, where the amount of violence makes this sport resemble hockey (hello St. Louis Blues), and where it’s who’s the bigger thug, not who can dribble the prettiest. No wonder Messi never considered coming to England. So, spoiled brats, maybe it’s time to protest by walking out and never coming back again, leaving the seats available for the ones that truly enjoy seeing Arsenal playing, cheer and support the club, the players and the manager. The atmosphere in the stadium will be better without you, and, come to think of that, our lives here on Untold too. COYG, let’s finish this.

  67. Florian

    Sorry you see it that way.
    Have you seen any criticism from me? Any non support? Any Wenger hate?
    I’m just stating it like it is, and in my opinion ( I should emphasise “my opinion”), he will leave when his contract expires.
    Unlike you my support is just for the club.Managers will come & go ( I’ve seen eight) and this one has been the most successful in our history, but however you look at his past achievements are just that, history. Todays achievements look a bit limp by modern standards. Two cup wins do not a summer make.
    The two big things in his favour are that Kroenke appears to adore him and he makes millions for the club, and he may get offeed a new deal, but I’d be really surprised if he took it.
    Sorry if I can’t make your life “better”, but I really need some waggon jumping clone who probably had never even heard of Arsenal prior to the Premier League to tell me about supporting this club.

  68. The relationship between atmosphere and on-pitch performance is a circular one. Bad atmosphere can lead to poor performance which in turn leads to a worse atmosphere and so on.

    But what I would say is this: there was no protest on the opening day against West Ham, yet still we played poorly. There were no protests in the shocking defeat against a weak Man Utd team at Old Trafford.

    When you consider Arsenal’s form of late (how many wins do they have this calendar year?), one ponders the question – we are so inconsistent at the moment – would a protest really make things that much worse?

    I’m not a WOB fan by any means; I’d be happy for him to say so long as I could see genuine signs of progress or ambition. I know it’s unrealistic to win every game we play, or win the title every year.

    But I am frustrated that, with all our main rivals (Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City etc.) having poor seasons by their standards, we should have seized our moment. For years ‘financial doping’ has been used as an excuse for not willing the league, and now we have been usurped by Leicester!

    If we can get some decent transfer business done in the summer, make a statement of intent, begin strongly, then I will be onside with Wenger again. As much as I would love the fan base to rally around the present set-up, Arsene and the team must reciprocate by showing us some genuine progress. Finishing higher than third and getting past the first knockout round of the CL would be a good start!

  69. this is it folk, we are living in the end of the time know’ no kidding, when people will start arguing and fighting even about thing we love and dearly to our heart. to some people its never enough, they want more and become impatient. did some of this some call fans or whatever they call themself this day know or realise that Arsenal became clear of stadium debt just less then 4 or 5 years ago and Arsenal is self sufficient or self financing club plus having 1 of the lowest wage bill of so call big club. no of course this AAA and WOB flock dont want to know about that, for them that wasnt relevant. they want this club to chop and change 5 or 6 player every single years coz for them Arsenal are big club so money not the problem, they demand it like playing a fifa on their play station. did they even realize without A.Wenger Arsenal will probably still playing football at Highbury. if this so call fans mostly at aftv on youtube or other social media really have no shame when they a full grown man who not brain dead (able to think and know right or wrong) hurling abusive language and sometime acting worse then children. may god have mercy on their souls

  70. Serge, you may wish to reconsider, Gouresh seems to understand perfectly well the point I was making, ie Wenger is staying whether people like it or not.
    If I was one predisposed to an obsession with having the last word , as seems to be your interpretation, I would not be on a free thinking site like Untold.
    End of.

  71. serge – I am older than Wenger by a few months. When your father forgot to withdraw he left your mother a problem – you. It is time to give up sucking your thumb & learning to respect your elders. It is one of the aspects that society lacks in England.

    The sad thing about all these idiots wanting to protest is that they don’t really understand success. Wenger is the major reason for the success of Arsenal today. His importance is more than just football. His is the intelligence that created the club that we see today. Football that is beautiful, an iconic stadium that any other club (except state aid) would be proud of. A set of players from youth to first teamers that are wonderful to watch. They may not win everything but it is not because of want of trying.

    Love Arsenal don’t damage them with your ignorance. Don’t protest to please the media.

  72. I understand the comments you guys receive vary and the ones that don’t agree with your opinions that are aggressive, insulting and hateful don’t get published. I would love to know how one regular commentator called Menace who agrees with the opinions of the owners and contributors of this site has his hateful, aggressive and insulting posts always published. This doesn’t make this site any better than the ones you call the AAA.

  73. Meanace

    And I’m older by nine years.
    Since I started attending matches I’ve known eight managers (not counting caretakers), my support is for the club first and then by default the manager. Wengers been great and if he takes a new deal fair enough I’ll continue to support him, but I doubt that he would want to and that’s been my point all along.
    I resent the implication you’re making about my father. You said something like this before and I pointed out at the time that he died in a hit & run while my mother was pregnant.
    I’m going to take this up directly with Tony on his private email facility. You abuse far too many people on this blog.

  74. Loveyourclub

    Menace insults people with impunity because he fits the Untold profile and without his like who are given carte blanche to trample over other users this blog would be seiously diluted in the blind faith respect

  75. As much as i like AW, i like the club much more.
    So when i see that the club is standing still and even starting to slip back, of course there is concern.

    Analysing Arsenal over the last years, anyone can see that Arsenal is underperforming and that change is necessary.

    Now, a long time ago i stated that AW does not use tactical means to manage the team, he prefers to put his trust in the players. As i stated before, the players do not seem to be able to honour that trust, and it seems to be getting worse, this season as an example.

    If Arsenal had got to the FA cup final again, i suppose this might have been different, but deep down i realise that it would not have been able to disguise the problems that are facing Arsenal.

    Fact is, there is something gone wrong with the way Arsenal plays it’s football, and more alarmingly, nothing seems to be done about it.

    I have to ask, when does Arsenal now play the football that we have all come to love? Recently, even that has suffered.
    Arsenal just does not look “pretty” anymore, in fact they tend to look more and more inefficient, and i’m sure that many, which ever side they stand on, cannot dismiss that fact.

    So we can all agree that some change is necessary. The problem is, what change? Some call for the manager’s head, some call for the board’s head, some call for both.

    I personally only want the small changes that could propel Arsenal to the top, and it is really sad that these small changes have been overlooked over the past 6 years. These small changes(that would not upset the club as much as a manager change), Arsenal have failed to implement, this is why AW bears the brunt of the attacks that any other CEO would have got

    So, Arsenal stands at a crossroads, and i for one do not wish Arsenal to “make a pact with the devil”, but continue to go their own way.

    Yet going your own way needs to be constantly tweaked to adjust to the changing world of football, and balance between being stable and winning things, after all, this is what football is about.

    So for me, the failures of Arsenal to adjust both strategicaly and economicaly to the football world is really a big problem and seems to lay at the feet of AW, hence the calling for him to go.

    My solution would be to keep AW as the economic proof that he is, Arsenal would surely benefit from this, but try to build up new people to be coaches.

    And this is just what Arsenal seems to be doing, hence the appointment of TH to the academy.

    Now this is the best place to start if one wants to make changes to Arsenal(a solid plus for me; maybe DB will join him there too), as the academy does pass on it’s good and bad points into the 1st team.

    All in all, what i want is for Arsenal to again become the competitive team we all love to watch and enjoy.

  76. Para, just read a piece by Caz on Sky sports news site, he is saying something needs to change, and that the team need to get far better at protecting leads.
    If a player I admire above just about all others says that, and it is reported as he says it, who would I be to disagree.
    At the risk of a response that it has all been heard before, I expect some changes this summer which will make us more solid at the back and more efficient at the front. I am sure some will be added, and some taken away, but many of these changes can be made on the training ground. One of the frustrations of this year is the amount of goal. Per chances scored against us in the second half of the season, as Wenger says, especially against some so called lesser sides. No point in allowing this to continue, and O doubt it will.
    But as you point out, changes for the better do not have to mean a change of manager.

  77. Another point to note is that we can only judge Arsene by what we see in the press conferences and in public – defending himself and the players in the face of criticism, struggling to do up the zip on his coat…

    Behind the professorial mask that he presents to the public, he’s undoubtedly a shrewd man with a lot of experience. He’s been ruthless with players like Walcott and Debuchy, a rare visible sign of the mean streak we hardly ever see.

    I sometimes think that more people would appreciate Wenger more if he dropped the facade, stopped with the platitudes and displayed the same ruthlessness in his press conferences as he does at Colney.

    It might assuage some fans if Wenger were to open up a bit more, rather than publically peddle PR spin like “my players have good mental strength” and “fourth place is like a trophy”. He can’t REALLY mean every soundbite he comes out with, and it possibly sours people’s perceptions of him.

    Maybe all he needs to do is publically show his undoubted fight, determination and meanness, instead of acting up to his “dotty professor” character that he presents to the media?

  78. @admin..what I don’t understand is why people like menace and some continue to make very rude comments, we all have different opinions but that doesn’t make the other party a novice or candidate of rude comments. we all love arsenal and we all want the best for this special club but our opinions on how to achieve greatness might differ…

  79. Coming rather a bit late to this debate on the planned protests by some Arsenal fans at the Emirates today. I am surprised at the arguments on both sides that seem to ignore the right to freedom enjoyed by everyone born or living in the West today. The West has made the right to freedom a primary human right. We hear – ‘right to freedom of speech’; ‘right to freedom of association’; ‘right to freedom of conscience’; right to protest against unjust situations’; ‘right to freedom of choice in any area of human endeavour’ etc.. Most Western governments go to great lengths to defend this freedoms including going to war to assert that freedom.

    My view is that we ought not to refuse any Arsenal fan of this basic right to protest against the whatever or whoever are the perceived or actual persons, institutions, or collectives that seem to be preventing AFC from winning all their matches. We shouldn’t even try to dissuade him from exercising those rights if he chooses to do so. This is so long as the exercise of his rights do not curtail those of others who are not part of his scheme.

    In our part of the World there is a local saying that translates thus: ‘… a child who knows how to die will have parents who know how to bury him/her…’
    AFC fans who choose to protest should also be prepared to face the consequences of their actions/protests. The exercise of the right to freedom come with reactions.

    One thing we all seem to be agreed about is that AFC is not living the promise it made to the fans at the beginning of the season. Were we wrong to expect the club to win the 2016 EPL? I think AFC, its board, Arsene Wenger and the players should be allowed to face the consequences of their actions/non-actions over the season. If the protests will achieve it so be it. There first must be a full reconfiguration of everything and all in AFC for us to regain momentum. It is about time the club knows that all is not honky-dory within its fandom. AFC has exercised its own rights/freedoms to our utter displeasure. Why screen them away from facing the consequences of their actions/inactions?

    Similarly our protesting fans should also be ready to face the aftermath of their actions. Whatever happens we probably need this cleansing to make things right once more. I also urge persons commenting on this site to be decorous in the use of language and refrain from abuse, name calling and such like. The right to freedom should not be curtailed either by abuse, threats or intimidation of any sort. Let others have their say, although you may disagree with their views. By respecting their right to hold views of their own you are making it less likely that we will go to ‘war’ to assert out individual rights.

  80. serge – apologies to you. I wasn’t picking on your dad. It was you I was picking on. If you are in your seventies then I bow to your seniority. You do however post like a teenager particularly the icon you posted to Mandy. It was that that triggered my ire.

    No more comments from me. I think there is far too much idiocy to cope with.

  81. I love Arsenal, I hate anything and anyone trying to arm the club, players and AW. For reasons far more than football, I love Arsene Wenger.
    In this tough time, I stand with the Manager and the players.
    Ingratitude is surely one of the signs of the end time.

    On Arsenal Football, In Wenger I trust.


  82. If you come to this site bad mouthing the team or the manager then you know you are bound to get a reaction and I believe that is why so many people come here especially when Arsenal draw or lose.
    This site states quite clearly what it stands for so the like minded come here, they are many anti Wenger sites to voice your opinion so why here?
    Ask yourself that question before you post abuse and don’t be surprised when you get replies that you may not like. We won today but it seems it’s still not enough and that display with the little cards was damn embarrassing and I can here the rest of the EPL supporters having a bloody good laugh.

  83. Sorry serge from me too, sometimes it’s difficult to have a sound discernment in the amount of c**p I see daily (yes, even on this site, with all the Tony’s efforts). It was never my intention to mount a personal attack. Let’s hope we can continue supporting the club the way it deserves, and the way Arsene Wenger thoroughly deserves.

  84. I recognised one of the “protest people” as a regular on the ArsenalTV blog.

  85. Meanwhile, in other news, a certain “minnow” team, on a wage budget of just over a QUARTER of Arsenal’s, and with a squad worth a total combined value less than half of our first team squad’s, has lifted the EPL trophy, giving the lie to Wenger’s excuses about not being able to compete due to financial constraints. And a certain London rival lies above us, in second, having put up a REAL fight for the trophy, going down to the last three matches of the season,whereas all our realistic chances of winning it, had gone through the window at least a MONTH ago… Now,before you remind me how the other big teams also faltered, PLEASE be reminded, that Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd have ALL won the EPL title AT LEAST ONCE in the last FIVE seasons, among other trophies. Let’s not go back to the last TEN or so years. I LOVE Arsenal, and simply CANNOT see myself loving and supporting another club the same way. However, I CANNOT say the same about Wenger anymore. I adored the man very much too.. Until about two seasons ago or so. I know we don’t have a divine right to win trophies all the time, but can’t we AT LEAST, put up REAL fights for them? Wenger has given us far more excuses than he has trophies, and that’s just sad! Why do some of us keep pretending that the reason Wenger is so respected and loved now, is the way his players played, which brought several trophies in his first 8 or so years? How many of these people who claim to be the “true” Arsenal fans, because they support Wenger, would love him so much, if he had gone his first 8 seasons like the last TWELVE? Why pretend that the very failure to continue the good work he started is not the same reason we want him out – before he ruins it all completely? I don’t hate him – I just don’t think or believe that Wenger is capable of getting us beyond 3rd/4th place, with the occasional one trophy out of four anymore! Surely we can aim for more? Surely we SHOULD aim for more? We don’t need to spend over the moon to compete for glory – look at Leicester, Sevilla, Atletico, etc. Yet Wenger still hasnt been able to build an effective, winning team,or create a winning strategy and mentality among his players either! You can’t fail in ALL aspects, and expect to succeed! Yes, he’s done a lot for us. Yes, we’ve got a new stadium. Yes, we keep getting into the UCL. But – what then? Do we now become a Museum, where all we and other people have to see, is our PAST? Do we not want a great present and future too? Are we really content with being a very predictable club – we can predict when “Groundhog” period is, we can predict when we’ll exit the UCL, and so on… Really? Is THAT supposed to be success? Surely we can aim for better? Come on You Gunners mb

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