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January 2022
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January 2022

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They maybe didn’t want change… preparing for the Villa game.

By Walter Broeckx

So we are nearing the end of another season. A season that if you only used what is being said on social media as your source of new, sees us finishing in the bottom three. The worst, most disastrous season ever. And if that really were to have been the case (finishing in the bottom 3 that is) then I could at that point understand the frustration that seems to be hanging around in some quarters.

But when I look at the league table I see that we are standing in 3rd place and only need one point to hold on to that place. And the season could even take a funny twist if we win our match and Newcastle perform out of their skin to wave goodbye to the PL. If Newcastle could also win their final match in the PL and we were to win, we would finish second. That would hardly be the end of the world.

Most years most of the fans want us to win. I am one of them. But I realise that it is not a god given right to win anything. Football is like the rest of our life: you win some, you lose some. Sometimes you experience highs and sometimes lows. For some it will never be enough if we don’t win a trophy. But lo and behold don’t call them trophy hunters.

Because when you say that to some you get this standard reply: No, I’m not a trophy hunter, I just want us to compete.

Well I think we have competed for a long time. But it hasn’t always worked out, usually just as we thought we were on a good run. Some long term injuries to key players like Santi, Coquelin and Alexis. All of our strikers suddenly losing their ability to score at the same time. Indeed losing the best midfield partnership of Coquelin-Cazorla in November has cost us a lot in the end.

And I will not even mention the once again bizarre decisions we had to witness that apart from the odd one off, went mostly against Arsenal. But that is something we are already so used to seeing that for a lot of people it is just not seen, even when looking at it with their eyes open. (And sometimes I think their eyes are shut when watching the referees do their job.

But we competed for a long period. But even in those days, it was no longer enough it seems. Only the final prize matters. And yes I would have loved that final prize but as I said: this is how things can go. What would life be without disappointment? Rather dull I think.

With Aston Villa our opponents going down to the championship we lose one of the 7 teams that have been omnipresent in the PL since it was founded. They have been around for 28 seasons in the top division. But this year it has gone wrong for them.

I have heard that their fans even alluded to some change in one of their songs. Singing that they wanted change and then got it.   That should ring a bell for those Arsenal supporters  who are now up in arms and demand change now we are once again in the top four. Be careful what you wish for as the change might be not what you had in mind when you were asking for it.

Would I like to see some change? Yes, the most important change I would like to see is that our supporters just do what they should do from the start of each season. And that is to get behind the team. No matter who the manager is, no matter who the owner is, no matter who the players out there on the field are. I just want us all to support them unconditionally. That alone might be a good change.

None of this hanging around waiting for the team to give us something before we give our support.  No, let us reverse roles and let us first give them something so that they will know that we are behind them. Let us change the toxic atmosphere in the Emirates. And let us change it in to a positive match environment that will drive the players forward instead of making them sick with fear of doing something wrong.

Just the fact I (have to) write this down is evidence that something is wrong at the Emirates. Too much infighting leads to not enough support for the team on the field. We can all blame the guy next to us for the lack of support. We can blame “the tourists”. We can blame all and everyone. But if we all did our job as supporters the Emirates should be a living hell for visiting teams. If it isn’t then we all have to look at ourselves for not producing it.

Yes, things could have been better this season. But when you really want to see how bad things can turn out you have to look on Sunday at the lower tier between the Clock End and East Stand. There you will see the supporters who have a right to complain: the Aston Villa supporters. Just think of standing in their shoes for a few seconds. And then moan about finishing only 3rd (or 2nd or 4th). They will laugh at you for moaning about that. And would swap places in a heartbeat.

On a small personal note: I will be there for the final home game of the season with my wife. And if you have been following such things you will know this means we will get a penalty and Bellerin will score a goal.

The downside will be that I will not be able to write a live match report for this match and you will probably have to wait a long time before you will see another article appear on Untold after the match preview.  Enjoy the game as it will be a long time before we will see another Arsenal match again (blimey, almost 2 months…..)

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61 comments to They maybe didn’t want change… preparing for the Villa game.

  • Polo

    Fully agree Walter. Thank you for the article. I hope you will have no trouble getting to the ground. Enjoy the trip and match.

    Let just hope all Arsenal supporters sing with one voice to help the team and farewell this season in style.

  • Clive Crisell

    Walter..I have been reading your articles for some time now and I totally share you views.
    I have been an Arsenal fan for 45 of my 58 years on this planet and over that period I have experienced the many highs and lows that come with being a supporter, that’s what being a football fan is all about.

    Do I expect us to win ?…no, would I like us to win…sure I would !
    Sadly I have decided to stop going to matches because it is as you say, a “toxic” atmosphere and it just isn’t a good day out anymore.

    I am no less passionate about the club than I have always been, I’m saddened by the “infighting” between the home supporters.

    Win, lose or draw I will always follow Arsenal and like you I would love the “Emirates” to be a “cauldron” of fear to visiting teams.
    The negativity of the few is damaging to the team.

    I can only hope the home supporters will work this out for themselves and get behind the team week in week out and except we will lose games…It’s not the end of the world !!

  • I know what you mean Clive – but at least on Sunday there will be five of the Untold team there, so we’ll do our best.

  • nicky

    As one of the millions, world-wide, who is now mainly reduced to watching Arsenal FC matches via the TV, I would take you to task over your comment that we miss many of the obvious transgressions of referees.
    I think this is unfair.
    There is a limit to the amount of camera work which is broadcast and in any case most of us are not trained match officials.
    Personally, many of the tackles I see on the screen actually look dubious and I often find it difficult to follow the Advantage Rule.

  • laos gooner

    Okay so Hector may well score but a penalty to us, you’ve finally lost the plot. pigmobs will fly before we get a pen. I could not agree more about being in Villa’s shoes and the need to take positives from their example. I hope more supporters can break away from this media driven hatred of our club.

  • Pat

    Let us first give them something so that they know we are behind them.

    Wise words, Walter. I think it was Don who wrote a recent article about being positive and its good effects. Very true.

    Our players are just human beings like everyone else. Being appreciated will boost their confidence and boost their performance as a result.

    Let’s hope Sunday’s game will be the start of a better atmosphere at the ground. I’m looking forward to clapping the players and their families as they walk round the ground afterwards. Showing appreciation and feeling like a family ourselves.

    Hope you, Mrs Broeckx, and the Belgian supporters have a great day and bring us luck as usual.

  • marvelous, Mr. Walter.
    That’s the only virus that has cost us points at Emirates, and which points have cost us major trophies. BOOOoooooooooos to our team and manager only lead to panic on the field, which lead silly mistakes, which have cost us conceding silly goals hence loss of vital points.
    Good Gooooooners, let’s next season unit in one strong supporting VOICE and create a winning atmosphere for our team and a scaring atmosphere for the visiting opponents, things will work out our way. Let’s be Dortumond, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich like supporters.
    Hope for more developing articles as by Mr. Walter for the BETTERNESS of club.

  • Top Guns

    I think this feeling of a poisonous atmosphere at the Emirates is being taken out of context slightly. I was there for the in hindsight fairly pivotal game this season v Swansea City. We went 1-0 up and the crowd were ALL very much behind the team.

    We were very unlucky to conceed an equaliser but then in the second half something strange happened. Our best player on the night was Joel Campbell who kept making strong runs into the oppositions half. I am sure it would only have been a matter of time before we scored the winner. But wait…Campbell is then substituted, momentum is lost…and the backlash against the manager begins..Swansea go on to win the game…

    There are reasons, clear reasons why the atmosphere at the Emirates can become hostile, but this is usually because of what happens during a match. There is usually universal support at the start of a game. Let’s get our facts correct shall we before we criticise some of our most loyal supporters.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Top Guns,
    even if you feel the manager makes a wrong substitution wouldn’t it be better to keep on supporting the team and whoever is on the field? Why start to moan at such a point? Why start to show anger? Even if you think the manager is wrong, you still should support the 11 players on the pitch. Later on, on the internet, on twitter or facebook you can argue that Wenger might have brought on another player or should have taken off another player or so…
    Even if we think we know better than Wenger, that still is no excuse to suddenly stop the support.

  • Goonermay68

    Same old drivel being spouted by wengers love child! It was wenger decided Not to buy an outfield player .knowing both Jack and Welbeck would be missing for most of the season plus. Poor Rosicky always missing Plays same players to exhaustion levels then injuries hit AGAIN ( not the gormless ones fault) and since Christmas been embarrassed by Southampton and. United not beaten a top side away since.But again “it’s football” The main reason support is bad at the bowl. Is because the team let us down with 90 per cent of game but cannot Finish ! IT IS WENGERS FAULT .his team his tactics his training methods. He’s a dinasuar and we are finishing high in the league because this season the league has been rubbish. WENGER PLEASE GOD GO!!

  • Pete

    Goonermay68 – there seems to be an error in your name – I don’t think the “Gooner” part belongs. If you are a season ticket holder and being at Arsenal (clearly not supporting) makes you unhappy why don’t you give it up? You will be happier, richer and someone who really does enjoy it, and will hopefully support the team, will take your place.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Good points Walter. Have a great time on Sunday.

  • Menace

    Enjoy the game Walter & I hope all your group enjoy it too.

    I am not going to comment on the WOBs. There’s lots of teams out there that play their way, so waltz over to them.

  • Top Guns

    Walter you seem to forget that Arsenal are the 5th richest club in the world. However in the past 12 years we have yet to finish in the top 2 in the Premier League, this is not what you would expect from a club the stature of Arsenal.

    The negative reaction from supporters is therefore not a reaction to a single decision from the manager it is as a collective response to 12 years of such decisions. Are you saying that you would blindly support the manager however bad his decisions were? Is that really supporting the team or causing long term damage?

  • Top Guns

    @Pete I notice there is no gooner in your name which seems to be quite accurate.

    what gives you the right to suggest a clearly committed supporter gives up watching his team?

    It doesn’t appear that football is quite your game so maybe try something gentler like croquet.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Top guns,
    If a reaction causes a loss of confidence from the team on the field, then it only can be bad for the short and long term.
    Who knows if the crowd had cheered for the players after that “wrong substitution” then maybe the match would have ended differently.
    As you took the Swansea match as an example I think it was their captain who said after the match that they hoped and counted for the crowd to turn against the players and then capitalise on it. As they did.
    So if it is part of the game plan of the visiting teams to try to get the home support turn against our team…. then this is saying something to me. And when I am at a match I don’t count how many years since we won anything. I just look at the match and shout for the boys.

  • WalterBroeckx

    But will have to do it (shouting for the team) in a civilised way as otherwise my wife might not let me go again 🙂 😉

  • Top Guns

    @walter well we will have to agree to disagree on this point.
    I hope you and your wife enjoy the game on Sunday.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Top Guns,
    Thanks, I hope you enjoy the game also.

  • WalterBroeckx

    12.00 in Belgium… my trip to London for the long weekend starts now 😉 🙂

  • Its always a good atmosphere at the Emirates on the last day of the season hope it stays like dat. Talking about campbell, wondering why le prof had not played him like he has played Iwobi,those are the two most dagerous kids on d block at d Arsenal. Wondering if they playtogether at the same time teams will break into pieces.Hopefully le prof doesnt have other options regarding Campbell.@henry kawoya spot on ,but as always there are lunatics out there who call themselves stauch supporters who would rather see ARSENAL relegated than having Wenger as a coach talk of the Bawumba tuutus.

  • @walter have a pleasant trip,one thing though if by luck you happen to be on d same train with mike dean shit hmmmmm piss in his tea for me.

  • Nick

    Let’s cheer the team on in our last game of the season and then as Arsene said judge him then and work out why we have failed once again.

  • Pete

    TopGun – You protest too much.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Have a great trip Walter and the rest of the Belgian gang . Shout your lungs out for those of us who are not able to be there . Cheer on the Gunners to another win and a clean sheet too , please !

  • Norsgeneral

    Walter, much as I agree with the sentiment of all getting behind the team, you cannot be allowed to re write history like this. The reason for the discontent, is 3-0 at Sheff Wed, where players did not warm up properly. Appalling performances at WBA, Norwich, Southampton, Man Utd, Leicester at home until the sending off,etc etc. Many of our games, we have started slowly, looked unprepared and off the pace. I can think of only Utd at home, Olympiacos away and Man city at home, when we have really been at it. The rest of this season has been littered with players performing way below par. Have you forgotten Zagreb and olympiacos & Watford in the FAcup at home. I am all for everyone pulling together, but it is the players and manager who bear the responsibility for the change in atmosphere this season, not the fans. I, like you hope that everyone can find a way to pull together, but lets report the truth, not an opinion of it, please.

  • Norsgeneral

    Walter, sorry I would add Munich at home to really decent performances, becoming of an Arsenal team

  • Polo

    Top class defenders are in short supply, who would have known? It must be AW fault.

  • Gord

    I hope you get a good game to watch Walter. Hopefully Clattenburg can _not_ be himself, and have a good game.

    With respect to Lyme disease, I stumbled across a strange news summary recently. It seems that (some) statins can be used to control parasites in the wild populations that the ticks pick up their parasites from. I don’t see how that information would be useful to someone suffering from Lyme disease, or how it could be used (statins tend not to be cheap).

    Or that is how I read the news summary.

  • Tom

    Not exactly a revelation if you followed a Swiss ramble blog.
    Of course Arsenal don’t have £200m to spend on player transfers, but they certainly do have just a wee bit more than the £8.4m spent net in 2015.
    I’m no expert on fan behavior, but maybe that has something to do with the negative backlash against the club – hoarding cash , that is.

  • Polo

    @ Tom, isn’t that the problem, the media made it out like the club is ‘hoarding’ the cash but in reality they are not, they are trying to live within their means. The media knows the fans frustration and they try to flame the anger even more.

    The main point of the Swiss Rambles analysis on Arsenal finances was AW has the money to spend but he didn’t, not sure why the blogger keep making that assertion when he’s just speculating on the finance available to AW. Reading the comments section after the article I understood why.

    My understanding of the analysis from my link, is saying AW has about £54 million (Swiss Rambles blogger thinks it’s close to £100 million) available if the club use the £50 million overdraft facility, should he put the club in further debt just to gamble on buying one or two players when there’s probably not many high quality players available? Again, this analysis like the Swiss Ramble is just pure speculation, but since it’s a professional from an investment firm I will give it more weight then from a blogger.

    I maintain that unless you actually know what the actual transfer budget made available to AW is, the media, fans and so forth should not make critical judgement on him basing it on speculations and rumours.

  • Polo

    I should have added my understanding of to ‘The main point of the Swiss Rambles analysis on Arsenal finances was AW has the money to spend but he didn’t, not sure why the blogger keep making that assertion when he’s just speculating on the finance available to AW. Reading the comments section after the article I understood why.’

  • Norsgeneral – if what you say is true, and that Arsenal were awful in all those games, then if we had performed properly in just four of the five games you mention we would have won the league. That seems very close to me. Too close to warrant a bad atmosphere.

  • Top Guns

    @Tony Attwood football is about very fine margins. However for 12 successive years now the Arsenal team have come up short at the business end of the season.

    Perhaps this is why there is some discontent amongst the fanbase at present? The same mistakes are repeated season after season but never fully addressed. I think most supporters are aware by now that our main striker is not really up to the very top level so why are we still waiting 4 years after the departure of Robin van Persie for a suitable replacement?

  • Andy Mack

    2 points;
    1) Yes it’s been a disappointing season. A bit too far from the top both position-wise and points-wise. Also the quality of our game has been erratic. But despite the awful officiating against us we still got top 4 (probably 3rd), so not a catastrophe.
    2) No manager is perfect and there’s plenty of sensible issues against AW (and load of BS ones being spouted). Overall I’ve been disappointed in our substitutions for many years but I can’t pick one in particular as I don’t know the reasons behind them. I’d guess that sometimes it’s a tactical change but sometimes it’s purely because the player coming off has taken a knock and needs to be protected. Maybe that was the case for the Swansea/Campbell substitution. Maybe a different reason.

  • Gord

    Top Guns

    The margins of football are irrelevant. The outcome of a game even in a perfect world, is to much dictated by random factors.

    That for 12 successive seasons that Arsenal has not finished as well as you would have liked, is your fault. Not that you could change how Arsenal finished, you couldn’t. But, your expectations were set such that you felt you had to come to this conclusion. That is not Wenger’s fault. That is your fault.

  • Nick

    Tony correct me if I’m wrong but it was you not so long back after giroud had a decent run ,who was trying to compare Giroud to Henry..I thought it was a strange quote at the time.That is where stats can be misleading.None of our strikers could lace Henry’s boots.

  • Gord

    Random factors

    I went and watered plants since writing that last bit.

    I think that the preponderance of random factors in the outcome of a football game is a good reason for Arsenal to quit watering the field before the game and at half time (if they water it then). Watering the playing surface will increase the variability of traction and predictability of the bounce of the field. And we don’t need more variability.

  • Top Guns

    @Gord it’s ok I wouldn’t expect you to be able to defend the indefensible.

    Maybe it is better you stick to watering your plants. An important job this time of the year.

  • Menace

    That is quality Gord. The Guns were not as good as they they thought they were. Bottom Guns eh!

    I love the mourners that think Wenger should have pulled the moon down so that they could take a giant leap for selectively blind while they sit in armchairs playing fantasy footy.

  • Menace

    How anyone with the smallest knowledge of football can call consistent success ‘coming short at the business end’ is mind blowing. To be within a few points of victory yet earning pot loads of money to fund infrastructure investment while competing with billionaires is an amazing feat in any walk of life. Wenger is undoubtedly the greatest manager football has ever known. He coached on the field & managed in the boardroom. His ilk is unique.

    Hindsight has so many brain boxes full of trash.

  • Pat

    Brilliant, Menace!

  • Gord

    Top Guns, where I live sees more rain than where Alexis is from in northern Chile, but much less rain than London, England sees. We have had water rationing in the summer, I believe 4 of the last 6 years. Yes, watering plants when water is available is important.

    Posted in lots of places, but FIFA has announced that a woman from Senegal is to be the next Secretary General of FIFA. Among the places carrying the story is the Financial Times.

    We still need to see the septic one put in jail. And the infant at FIFA still doesn’t impress me. And oh goody, a Canuck heading CONCACAF. He probably still brought a thousand brown paper bags with him.

  • Gord

    This is sad.

    The story says this 12 year old is about 6 feet tall, but still to beat up a 12 year old over that game is dumb.

  • Gord

    Metro has another story as well. Apparently a family of Gooners in Australia had their Mom die tragically. A member of the family not of the Gooner persuasion (he supports Chelsea) took to the social media after Arsenal and Wenger sent them a letter on hearing of the Mother’s death.

  • To borrow from JFK

    Ask not what your manager and team can do for you
    But what you can do to help your manager and team.
    If only we could all pull together for the better of Arsenal
    I really believe it could make all the difference in the world but as long as this fan base is divided it will only succeed in hurting the very team that we say we support. For Arsene Wenger to have gotten this football club for the last 19yrs into the CL under the circumstances is amazing and if anyone cannot see this achievement for what it really is then I truly feel sorry for you. That we have him after all that he has had to endure is alone a minor miracle and IF this is to be his last year I hope with all my heart that he goes out on one hell of a high. He so richly deserves to have all supporters of this club behind him and his team and I hope that is what he gets but I don’t think it’s going to happen but I hope I’m proven very wrong.
    Let’s all welcome any new players and give them time to settle in before the name calling once again starts. Let’s sing their names and welcome them wholeheartedly and thank those for their service when they leave Arsenal. I’m already wishing that it where August so good luck to the Arsenal Ladies tomorrow in the cup final and to the men for Villa on Sunday. Up the Gunners

  • Top Guns

    @Linda I totally agree with your setiments. It is really important that the fanbase unites to support the team.

    However that is only going to be possible if there is acknowledgement of the issues on both sides. I agree that Arsene Wenger has been a wonderful manager for Arsenal but I also realise that maybe he is not going to be able to replicate his glory years from the early days of his time at the club.

    Anyway he has one year left on his contract so let us all get behind him and the team, and who knows what might then happen!

  • hotie

    wenger the greatest manager football has ever known?…what have you been smoking?

  • Pete

    It is getting really boring now. For years and years articles are published on this site supporting the team and explaining, with hard evidence how, actually, things aren’t really that bad and actually we are outperforming – to a greater or lesser extent – where we should be given financial constraints. Someone (or several) then comes on here and starts ranting about how cr*p we are and that it is all Wenger’s fault and he should go. Unsupported by anything. Then people have a go back at the troll. I know, I have written both articles and have had a go back.

    Clearly there are thus two fallacies:

    1. Arsenal are under performing; and
    2. It is all Wenger’s fault (and he should go).

    Round and round and round again. I don’t learn anything new.

    However, very occasionally, I do see something new in this interminable and utterly tedious debate.

    Congrats to Gord for his comment at 6.36. Absolutely brilliant. Brief, succinct and to the point.

  • Gord

    Thanks Pete.

    I think that is the first time in my life, I’ve been called concise. 🙂

  • Top Guns

    @pete so many holes in your argument….anyway for now let me do concise for you. This season Leicester City (and probably Spurs) will finish above us. That is clearly under performing when you take into account wage bills, income generated, size of stadium, fanbase etc etc. Do you require any more hard evidence?

    I will stand back and wait for some nonsensical reply which appears to be the norm on here. As you say it is all getting rather boring now.

  • Pete

    Top Guns.


    Leicester and Tottenham have over-achieved more than Arsenal. Congratulations to them. Arsenal have still over-achieved on the assumption they finish 3rd (or 2nd).

    But, to be clear, I am still disappointed we didn’t win the League. But it is not a disaster.

  • Top Guns

    @Pete well yes of course at a simplistic level you are correct. However what you do not consider is why 2 clearly inferior teams have done better than us this season. Furthermore if those 2 teams have been able to fill the top 2 positions then why have Arsnal with far greater resources not been able to achieve similar at least once over the past dozen years.

    I am afraid that you are defending a culture of failure which sadly now pervades at the club. As one of the leading football writers Henry Winter put it yesterday “Arsenal are drifting under Wenger, not driving towards glory”

  • Nick

    You can’t get more hard evidence than looking at the final league positions to see that we haven’t finished in the top 2 in the premier league for 11 years now.Thqt alone shows how much we have been under performing , and no its not all Wenger s fault but the majority of the blame should lie with the man who
    1.trains the team
    2.picks the team
    3.motivates the team
    4 chooses the formation and tactics
    5.makes the substitutions.
    The referees and supporters whom you blame for us not winning the league have no say in any of those points.

  • Pete

    Nick/Top Guns.

    I don’t have time to write an article. But it is really simple.

    Arsenal have the 4th highest financial resources.
    Arsenal are like to finish 3rd.
    Therefore Arsenal have (slightly) over-achieved, in the League at least.

    I agree that Tottenham have significantly over-achieved and Leicester have sensationally over-achieved.
    On the other hand, Man Utd and Man City have significantly under-achieved. Liverpool have modestly under-achieved and Chelsea have enormously under-achieved.

    But this is all irrelevant. The ONLY thing that matters is where Arsenal finish. Whether it is Chelsea and Man Utd who are ahead of us or Leicester and Tottenham really makes no difference.

    So I understand that you are disappointed but you are wrong to assert that Arsenal have under-achieved in terms of their League position.

    Therefore your assertions of “blame” and “fault” are invalid. And to argue that Arsenal should be in the Top 2 is just plain unrealistic. It may happen, yes, but that would be a pleasant surprise.

  • Top Guns

    @Pete I asked you why Arsenal have not been able to “over achieve” once in the past 12 years. You were of course unable to answer this because you only understand spreadsheets and not football.

  • Polo

    Teams that won the Premier League since it started in 1992 so 24 years.

    Manchester United won 13 times
    Chelsea won 4 times
    Arsenal won 3 times
    Manchester City won 2 times
    Blackburn won it 1 time
    Leicester won it 1 time

    In 24 years only twice had a smaller club won the league. So why are other clubs not ‘over achieving’?

  • Polo

    Let’s look at the rich club list per Wikipedia:

    1997/98 ManU 1st, Newcastle 2nd, Chelsea 3rd, Liverpool 4th. Winner Arsenal.
    2000/01 ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea. Winner: ManU
    2001/02 ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal. Winner: Arsenal
    2002/03 ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle. Winner: ManU
    2003/04 ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. Winner: Arsenal
    2004/05 ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal. Winner: Chelsea
    2005/06 ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. Winner: Chelsea
    2006/07 ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. Winner: ManU
    2007/08 ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool. Winner: ManU
    2008/09 ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool. Winner: ManU
    2009/10 ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool. Winner: Chelsea
    2010/11 ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool. Winner: ManU
    2011/12 ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, ManC. Winner: ManC
    2012/13 ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Arsenal. Winner: ManU
    2013/14 ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Arsenal. Winner: ManC
    2014/15 ManU, ManC, Arsenal, Chelsea. Winner: Chelsea

    Looking at the list, some seasons Arsenal ‘over achieved’ and some seasons Arsenal ‘under achieved’ and some seasons ‘about right’.