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  1. Goonermikey

    The media is a shambolic joke from top to bottom. We should not be surprised.

  2. porter

    Pay no attention to the media either go or if not watch the matches , form your own opinions on what you see.

  3. Leon

    So now we know how Vardy got to look like that.
    Not much wrong with the UK media. It has freedom of expression & is relatively uncensored without which we’d never have learned what lying scumbags Blatter & Platini are, that Elvis is living on the moon and Koeman will replace Wenger next year. It’s also a lot of fun.

  4. Leon

    Talking of Blatter, there’s a story today of him fraudulently awarding himself £26,600.000 in bonus’ .
    I read that in the media.

  5. Usama Zaka

    OFF-TOPIC… Messi Tax Fraud Case

    It looks like the Messis are going down, and are trying to play dumb in the court. Just look at the defense presented by the Messis and their lawyer, laughable.

    Attorney on Messi: “He’s like the boss of a criminal structure”

    Messi’s lawyer seeks acquittal”

    El Abogado del Estado: “Lo explicado por los Messi tiene credibilidad cero”

  6. Ajay

    I find it odd that news papers call our season miserable. I mean we have consistently improved our standings. Considering that it’s the off season you don’t see a lot of asinine comments asking for ouster of tom,dick & harry. However this is just the kind of headlines that is fodder for certain fans to start reacting negatively carrying posters and protesting. I think last season if we do go through some of the articles by these same papers you would see similar headlines on how we r waiting to go up in flames and we saw the booing and all the other nonsense that went on. It certainly undermined the team spirit. So I hope next season we don’t get riled up by some shite headline.

  7. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    This question begs for correct answer please. How are Arsenal planning for the future without Mr Arsene Wenger? Or have they already planned for that future without him in charge of Arsenal?

    What is Mr Gazidis implying with that his statement the Daily Telegraph reported that he made to them in the media chat he had with them?

    Has the Boss told the Arsenal board that he’ll be leaving Arsenal after his current deal which still has a year on it to wind down?

    Did Manchester United planned ahead of time before they installed Mr David Moyes, LvG and now Mr Jose Mourinho ahead of time before they were employed to managed Man Utd? In the case Mr Moyes, one can say maybe.

    I would have thought it’s when the time draws near for the Boss to leave Arsenal then will be the moment the Arsenal Board will start identifying the manager they’ll want to appoint among the internally and externally list of available candidates who can be appointed as Arsenal manager.

    And it is being believed right now in some Arsenal quarters, that the possibilities of the Boss renewing his deal at Arsenal after his current deal has ran out is still on the cards. More so if Arsenal win the BPL title or as a concession won the Ucl next season.

    So it won’t be wrong for one to assert that for the Boss to have his deal renewed again beyond the total 20 years deal he would have had next season at Arsenal is strongly tied to his winning the BPL title or the Ucl next season.

    It has been said that Arsenal will want to complete any incoming new players deals they have in mind before the start of the Euro 2016 matches. This is so to avoid any bidding wars with other clubs who may later want to vie for the same player or players and consequently forced the bidding price to go up.

    Though we still have a week before the commencement of the 2016 European Cup of Nations. But there had didn’t been any strong indication from the rumour mill that shows that Arsenal will sign another top quality player after they’ve signed Granit Xhaka before Euro 2016 starts

  8. Leon

    And now corruption in chess. Is there anywhere in the world that’s safe?

  9. Luvyourclub

    Sorry but anything media about Arsenal is wrong and a joke but then anything about Spurs on this site is based on the media and speculation. This site doesn’t half confuse me sometimes about right and wrong. The sooner the site just forgets about the haters and just concentrates about the Gooners good and bad without trying to make Arsenal the perfect club the better. Such a shame such good writers and intelligent people lower themselves to the standards of other. Untold Arsenal has the potential to be something special, better than majority of football blogs out there but sadly comes across as everybody else.

  10. Pat

    Just came from the Arsenal supporters’ meeting at the Emirates. Sad to say the questions both from the platform and from the floor would never have led you to believe we had just come runners up in the league.

    Ivan Gazidis did his best but even he felt he had to apologise and say he was disappointed, while at the same time pointing out that the last three years have seen improvement.

    I feel sure plenty of the 350 fans in the audience feel like me – pleased to have improved our position, come second and inflicted a last minute St Totteringham’s Day on Spurs once again. But it was obvious that several youngish professional looking men in suits had gone determined to get in negative questions and managed to do so.

    Such a shame! It seems Arsenal fans aren’t allowed to enjoy themselves these days!

  11. Polo

    @ Pat, young fans these days want their clubs to be like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich who spend vast amount of money on superstar players to achieve trophies, that’s the model they are after. It’s no longer about developing talents, it’s buy establish talents.

  12. Leon

    Metro is now suggesting that Jack Wilshere persuaded Vardy to sign for us while on international duty together.

  13. austinpaul

    Media reports are noting but ‘fun’; if. U take dem seriously U do at ur own perile! Hugwash, dats wat their reports are especially those on transfers;its insane to link arsenal wit over 50 players wen d rule says 25 in d club’s snr team?I only wonder why. Arsenal is their favourite object of these persistent insane Reportage!

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