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  1. Tony Attwood

    I really do love the notion that Untold got a media pass. Well done Florian, and many thanks for doing the review.

    When Blacksheep and I went to non-league games together for a while (no longer possible now he’s moved back to London), after we’d done a report on the game, I’d often send a note about it with a link, to the home club, saying we’d enjoyed the day and wishing the club well.

    Never once got even an acknowledgement let alone a thank you. So actually to get a set in the scribblers part of the stand is a great achievement.

  2. Florian

    Thank you Tony, apparently mentioning that I am an active follower of Untold and that the blog has over 6 million yearly visits helped:)

  3. colario

    Felicitări Florian.

  4. Gooner S


  5. Andrew Crawshaw


    Good work – thanks.

  6. Menace

    Super report Florian. Well done. We must invite the officials over to showcase proper interpretation.

  7. Brickfields Gunners

    Great piece of reporting , Florian . Well done and congrats .

  8. Florian

    Thanks guys. Seattle Reign were very friendly to give me access to the media section. Hopefully you will have the chance to see their team playing at the Ems in the not so distant future. They are a really good team.

  9. goonersince72

    Well done, Florian. Very professional report.

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