Arsenal’s 25 man squad – The Final List (at least until January)

by Andrew Crawshaw and Tony Attwood

With all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the transfer window here is the final 25 man senior players squad list.  The top 9 are ‘home grown’ the remaining (from Debuchy downwards) are overseas.  (The numbers in the left column are simply for Tony to double check that we did end up with 25 – you know what his adding up is like).

Player Position DOB
1 Kieran Gibbs LB 26 Sep 1989
2 Aaron Ramsey Mid 26 Dec 1990
3 Theo Walcott Forward 16 Mar 1989
4 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Mid 15 Aug 1993
5 Danny Welbeck Forward 26 Nov 1990
6 Carl Jenkinson RB 8 Feb 1992
7 Emiliano Martinez GK 2 Sep 1992
8 Francis Coquelin DM 13 May 1991
9 Matt Macey GK 9 Sep 1994
10 Mathieu Debuchy RB 28 Jul 1985
11 Per Mertesacker CB 29 Sep 1984
12 Gabriel CB 26 Nov 1990
13 Laurent Koscielny CB 10 Sep 1985
14 Alexis Sanchez Forward 19 Dec 1988
15 Mesut Özil Mid 15 Oct 1988
16 Olivier Giroud Forward 30 Sep 1986
17 David Ospina GK 31 Aug 1988
18 Nacho Monreal LB 26 Feb 1986
19 Santi Cazorla Mid 13 Dec 1984
20 Yaya Sanogo Forward 27 Jan 1993
21 Granit Xhaka CM 27 Sep 1992
22 Petr Cech GK 20 May 1982
23 Mohamed Elneny Mid 11 Jul 1992
24 Shkodran Mustafi CB 17 Apr 1992
25 Lucas Pérez Forward 10 Sep 1988

The following U21 players are included in our First Team Squad

Player Position DOB
Rob Holding CB 12 Sep 1995
Alex Iwobi Forward/MF 3 May 1996
Hector Bellerin RB 19 Mar 1995
Chuba Akpom Forward 9 Oct 1995
Jeff Reine-Adelaide Forward 17 Jan 1998

We have 5 members of our First Team Squad out on season long loans

Player Position Loan Club
Takuma Asano Forward Stuttgart
Joel Campbell Forward Sporting Lisbon
Wojciech Szczesny GK Roma
Calum Chambers CB Middlesbrough
Jack Wilshere Mid Bournemouth

And finally we have 8 of our Young Professionals on season long loans

Player Position Loan Club
Tafari Moore RB Utrecht (Holland)
Dan Crowley AM Oxford United
Julio Pleguezuelo CB Mallorca
Stefan O’Connor CB Maastricht (Holland)
Kelechi Nwakali Midfield Maastricht
Jon Toral CM Granada
Ryan Huddart GK Eastleigh
Glen Kamara DM Colchester

As of this season, and as reported in an earlier article, there is no provision for loans outside the transfer window (unless a goalkeeper in exceptional circumstances)  the rest of our players will be with us until January at least.

Musings by Tony (meaning, don’t blame Andrew for this final bit)

This is, we think, the first, or at least one of the few, occasions in which Arsenal has used all 25 available slots.  If other under 21 players emerge during the year of course they too can be included without affecting the 25.

It is interesting that Yaya Sanogo, whom we have only seen in glimpses in the pre-season, has neither been sent on loan nor released, despite seeming to make little progress after some difficult times out on loan.  It might be that Mr Wenger still has faith in him, and feels that by having Sanogo working working at Arsenal, he might be able to recover his form and develop.

Zelalem likewise has not always been impressive of late, and yet has stayed with the club, again perhaps with the thought that he can be returned to his earlier form.  Given that the loan rules have changed, as noted above, it is hard to draw any other conclusion for these players.  Both players might still make a push for the first team squad, as indeed could Chris Willock.  There is nothing to stop more players who are under 21 being included in the squad, if Mr Wenger thinks that is a good idea.

Two anniversaries from the start of Arsenal in the league

  • 1 September 1888: The first recorded pre-season friendly, in which Arsenal first team (The Probables) played the reserves (The Improbables).  A second match was arranged one week later, after which the matches against other clubs began.
  • 1 September 1893: Kentish Mercury reported Jack Humble, the Woolwich Arsenal chairman, had presented the new Manor Ground to the press, along with an updated list of Division II fixtures.

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18 Replies to “Arsenal’s 25 man squad – The Final List (at least until January)”

  1. It’s position no. 20 that beggars belief…..and may be the difference between winning the league or finishing sixth or seventh. Sanogo. Imagine if it was Lacazette, or Ibrahimovich or another 20-30 goal a year man. That’s why Guardiola and even Mourinho are always ahead of our very own “specialist in failure”. He can’t even see it. The blinkered man. Hopefully Eddie Howe or Simone will be here next season and Wenger’s little shop of horror will be a thing of the past. Sad, though, that his reputation is shattered.

  2. Pleased to see that apparently Yaya Sanogo is still part of Arsene’s future plans.
    I am one of those followers of Arsenal FC who has long felt that he is worth keeping and nurturing. 😉

  3. I appreciate the transfer window by Wenger ,but why can’t you loan Gnabry instead of you sealing him

  4. If only the summer transfer window closes on 31st July. Then Arsene Wenger could have a full squad to train together for a month and start the season in full song.

    As it is, can’t complain much about the team we have now. Best of luck for the rest of the season. COYGs !!

  5. Sean,

    Position 20 – Yaya Sanogo, is really no.25, in fact given Bellerin, Iwobi and Holding will play more often than he does, he really is position no. 28.

    Who is City’s No. 28? Or Utd’s?

  6. Just checked the UEFA rules:

    “A player may be registered on List B if he is born on, or after, 1 January 1995 and has been eligible to play for the club concerned for any uninterrupted period of two years since his 15th birthday (players aged 16 may be registered if they have been registered with the club for the previous two years)”

    Holding and Reine-Adelaide do not qualify for List B under these rules. That means that they must take up a place on non-home grown List A if they are to feature in the Champions League. They are ok for the Premiership. Welbeck/Mertesacker can be left out as they won’t be fit anytime during the Group stages.

  7. The medja seem to be reporting that Mustafi has had an injury scare in the international break. That would really be a shame, spending all that money to get him as another able bodied defender, only to have him put on the injury list before he can even play a single game for us.

  8. I believe there is a difference in registration regulations between Champions League and Premier League. Hence a player not eligible to be registered in the PL (Holding) has to be registered to be part of the Champions League Squad

  9. To me, the truth to this our full squad list matter is Arsenal have 30 players in the category lists of A and B registered with the FA now for this summer campaign. Whatever reservation any one may have on the inclusion of some Gunners on the lists who he thinks shouldn’t be on it will not hold any water. For instance, Le Prof has his reason for including Per Mertesacker and Yaya Sanogo on his 25 man senior squad list, which is a surprise to me because Mert in particular will not play any game for Arsenal in this summer campaign. But for Sanogo, I don’t know the level of injury recovery he has attained at this time. So I’ve conceded my argument to Le Prof who knows best.

    All I am praying and hoping for now is for Arsenal to have an incredible match winning run as from Saturday the 10th of September when they host Southampton and keep winning games up to 31st Dec 2016 in all competitions. It is possible, because with God on our side, nothing lawful shall become impossible for us to achieve match winning run wise.

  10. Foxey: Gnabry had only one year left on his contract, and until the Olympics there was precious little sign of him regaining his wonderful form that he had before his injuries. I believe he was offered a new contract but decided not to sign it which would have meant that in one year’s time he could walk away on a free. Better to take the money now.

  11. The prof. Has made his selection let’s give the necessary support. The unnecessary criticism should. I watched Mustafi last night in the German Jersy he was very comfortable with ball and lasted all through the match. Up Gurners

  12. Sean – the token troll.

    As was clearly demonstrated at the Norwich game last season, the large majority of match-growing fans (and probably those from further afield) are supporters of Wenger, the team and the club. A noisy, but very small, minority of keyboard warriors doesn’t change that.

    Excited about the season – let’s go do it!

  13. Is this the official list lodged with the PL/Uefa?
    I’ll be interested to see if $iteh have the full 25 as I can’t see them having enough ‘Home Grown’ players to get the full 25.

  14. Sean Williams – What is sad is that people like you pop up on a pro Arsenal blog and spout garbage,(Arsenals fifth choice strike making the difference between 1st & 7th),its a pretty good bet that your reputation is not shattered because you never had one intact.

  15. Exciting squad. The Telegraph still only gave our transfer business a B, while Man City and Man United got A. No idea in what basis. Habit, perhaps.

    The headline of the article was about wasted buys in the transfer window. None of the examples were from Arsenal. Shouldn’t that be counted in giving marks for successful transfer business?

    Someone wrote that Jack will fit in well at Bournemouth because they play similar football to Arsenal. I hope that’s true and that Jack does well. He’s still only young. Let’s hope he comes back and has a brilliant career with us.

    Looking forward to the rest of the season …

  16. It will be interesting to see:-

    a) whether Jack will be targetted for assaults by opponents when he is playing for Bournemouth ( as with McNair, Fellaini etc.)

    b) whether any assaults are recognised by referees, contrary to experience to date with Arsenal.

  17. Sean Williams – the best educated, most knowledgeable, smartest gas bag today. You win the £1000.00 prize that can be collected from Jose at the end of the Manc derby.

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