Welcome to Insanity Day

It is the day when we take all our best players and give them to nutters who don’t care about their long term well-being and will sacrifice our players’ careers just to keep their own job.

It is the day that Capello has decided to have a spat with Appy Arry Headcase over Ron Knee (remember Ron Knee? – although I have a feeling he was the manager of Neasden rather than a player – but if you don’t know what the hell I am writing about, don’t worry, nor does anyone else).

It is the day after John Terry’s mum admitted that she had been shop lifting and wandered off with several billion pounds worth of goodies, and then seemingly says “Oh I didn’t know I was actually admitting anything”.  (Actually I think that one is rather good.  Maybe the mum of JT could become owner of KGB Fulham and say, “Oh I didn’t know I was actually stealing anything”).

It is the day when the Engerland manager is chattering away about the Rooonie fellow and his habit of hitting flagpoles and how he has to stop.

It the day when we see the deep rooted virus that was disturbed when Wemberley was built, and which turns fair minded middle class football fans into wild, semi-skimmed head hunters who think that they deserve more, given a population of 60 million (against Croatia’s 4 million).  And boo their own players.

It is the day when the most disgraceful, disgusting, awful person (I use the word lightly) ever to inhabit an Engerland shirt (I speak of none other than A Cole) is again playing for the country, presumably because no other country has offered him more cash.

It is the day I hand in my British citizenship and apply to become Norwegian.

It is the day when J Terry has asked us to be fair to A Cole

It is the day after the day when FIFA (who as the judge said in court, “lied and lied and lied”) have told WADA that their anti drugs code to which virtually all other sports have signed up, is not quite right and FIFA won’t sign up to it.

It is the day when FIFA has told the United Kingdom that it MUST put a British team (which doesn’t exist) into the Olympics (which football may well be thrown out of because FIFA won’t sign up to the WADA anti doping rules).

And it is the day when we wait and wait until the results come in to find out how many of our players have been injured and will be out until next season.

It’s like dancing all night with a girl with no rhythm

Only to find that she wins the dance competition.


PS I have noticed that if I make my posts odd enough no one copies them as their own and posts them onto other sites!   Would you call this post-modern, post-post-modern, pre-post-modern, ante-post-modern, ante-post-favourite, or just plain silly.  (Don’t answer that).

5 Replies to “Welcome to Insanity Day”

  1. Tony, you had a lot of coffee this morning by any chance?!
    (or not enough possibly)
    Even your more odd posts make me smile. Good work sir!

  2. if there is a god other than AW he might see that justice is served and Cashley catches a strange debilitating virus which renders him useless for anything other than being a roadie for a girls band. Or that indeed nothing happens and he continues to make a pratt of himself and watch helplessly as the chavs slide to 4th spot in the EPL

  3. I was in waterstones yesterday and started reading Ashley Cole – My defence – it is so much crap – i forgot what an idiot he actually was.
    I don’t care that he’s left now because we have Clichy – much better player and much nicer – maybe because he’s not english?

  4. Definitely Neasden Tony. Their oft quoted manager was non other than Ron Knee. Their star player was, of course, Pevsner.

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