The moment that proves “our destiny is in the minds of our players”. Watch again and again and again.

By Tony Attwood

If you want to skip my chit-chat and usual rambling just scroll down the page, the video is below.

But if you have a moment to spare, do consider this….

Driving home from Heathrow Airport last night I heard someone on BBC Radio 5 announce that his “worry” was that Arsenal treated qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League as a trophy.  He gave no explanation as to how he had reached this conclusion – a conclusion that takes psychology into a totally new arena of guesswork.  He just said it, and no one questioned the statement.  It was accepted as a totally rational thing to worry about, rather than a wild bit of fancy with no evidence to back it up.   As if I said, “my worry is that all my friends’ heads will explode next Friday.”  No evidence, just my worry.

Meanwhile as I drove on, wondering what the world was making of Mesut’s goal, the radio station appeared to be in general meltdown over Manchester City, reflecting headlines in this morning’s press such as “Gündogan double earns stunning City the statement win they have craved” and “Pep Guardiola oversaw a sensational second-half performance by his side, who emphatically avenged their 4-0 defeat at Camp Nou” and “City manage the impossible and keep Messi in check” (all of those being from the same newspaper) this morning Arsenal make do with lesser headlines.

Fair enough, in one respect.  We were playing a team from a minor European league in a match we were expected to win.  We had after all beat the same team 6-0.

But it seemed to me that in the past we had never got these sort of rave reviews when beating the clubs that the media perceive to be the top teams (even when some of them are accused of wholesale fraud and financial mismanagement and/or child trafficking).

So in the past we have had “shock defeat of Bayern in Munich” and “a crucial victory over Bayern Munich at Emirates Stadium.” and “How Arsenal beat Bayern Munich – five key areas where the Gunners came out on top” or “Arsenal struck twice in five minutes late on as they staged a stirring comeback to beat Champions League favourites Barcelona on a night to savour at the Emirates.”  Not quite the same as yesterday on Man City.

This is the media game.  The language used to describe Arsenal is always, and I really mean ALWAYS is quite different from the language used to describe Manchester City.

There’s nothing that can be done about this – apart from publicising the different way in which clubs are written about.

But I can offer this while (if you care to) you mull over the perfidious nature of English journalism.  Just let the video run on and on …. it gets better and better.


UEFA Champions League – Group A 2016/17
# Team Pl W D L F A GD Pts
1 Arsenal 4 3 1 0 12 3 9 10
2 Paris Saint-Germain 4 3 1 0 9 3 6 10
3  Ludopgrets 4 0 1 3 4 13 -9 1
4  Basel 4 0 1 3 2 8 -6 1

49 Replies to “The moment that proves “our destiny is in the minds of our players”. Watch again and again and again.”

  1. I thoroughly agree with your main sentiments. I was at the match as I live in Sofia and as a lifetime supporter it was a real treat to be able to go and watch the Arsenal live last night for the first time for seven years, Very happy with the result, the two early Ludogorets goals spicing up the atmosphere no end. However, my point in writing is to do with away kits. It really was surprisingly difficult to relate to Arsenal in such a strange outfit and to a large extent it really challenged my instinctive affection for the team. I have seen the insistent development of the policy for away strips when quite unnecessary as for instance against Leicester and Hull this season and certainly last night. Its obviously all about the muneee but I would like to see a CAMRA style campaign started with the aim of getting the club back to basics, respecting the away fans love of their team as they really know them in the famous Arsenal colours whenever possible.

    Your support please

  2. Am not surprise as how Arsenal games are reported.
    Thanks for that highlight, I missed the match

  3. We’re used to the media bias against Arsenal. Let’s get used to Ozil playing like and scoring Messi goals.

  4. The Ozil goal moment remains breathtaking even now.

    I have seen a lot of football goals, but having to watch a goalscorer who was fully aware that ‘the destiny’ of that game is in his ‘mind’ with only five playing minutes left, and with the fact that a miss is all doom, I dare say that Ozil is the king of Mesmerism!

    I shouted my voice hoarse in joy last night. For two goals, he assisted one and scored the other in Le Prof’s Arsenal in Wonderland style.

    I have a feeling, we are about crashing the Tiny Totts unbeaten party come Sunday……….in an emphatic way.

  5. I can’t get tired of watching this goal.
    Wanna bet some so-called journalist is going to write that Mezut is ‘nicking a living’ by not producing assists like he used to ?

    Let’s just hope we get 6 points out of the last 2 CL games. But considering who was not playing yesterday, I am not too worried.
    I put down the first 10 minutes to the fact that the 11 players are not yet used to work as a squad as much as the regular line-up. But as in the FA Cup final, they just kept going. You could sense that. The body language was not one of despair and desolation. Rather one of resilience.

    PSG will have to gome to the Emirates and I firmly believe this will not be an easy trip for them. And with all their gazillions, they are still trailing OGC Nice with Balotelli scoring game after game and the team playing great football. Lucien Favre is the guy who mentored Granit. And like AW he is able to handle ‘different’ players. I would not be surprised if he were on the radar of the AFC Board.

  6. it was a superb goal from start to finish: Elneney’s beautifully weighted pass, Ozil beating the offside trap and instantly controlling the bouncing ball, taking it on and flipping it over the keeper (at this point I was yelling “what are you waiting for”?) completely bamboozling the two defenders and carefully stroking it in. One to savour and a goal to win any match.
    It will be on the hi-lites programme later today, so let’s see what the pundits have to say about it.

  7. Most journalists predicted doom(top 4 and early,uefa cgmps lg exit) but le prof is proving them wrong for the 20th season.
    just one loss and the vultures will come out with all the shit they can spew ……….

  8. I’ll take the English media’s alleged indifference and (stunned) silence as an indicator that we ARE moving in the right direction .
    And am damned sure that the German , French and Swiss press are more charitable and ebullient towards their nationals .

  9. The goal was so beautiful, I don’t realise when I started crying.. ..there is only one özil

  10. Tony,

    you are damn right :

    Pep Guardiola hails Manchester City stars: Barcelona win will inspire future generations

    What a crap from the Daily Express. I’m sure some bloke playing for the 3 Lions in 20 years will say that this game was the turning point in his life in an interview after drawing 0-0 against Andora or Liechtenstein…… just pathetic.

    Maybe they should now decide that November 1st is now a galactic holiday, called Gardiola day ? Or maybe a knighthood ? or a Nobel prize ? Maybe U2, Adèle or Rod Stewart could write a song ?

  11. ‘ Everything we hear is an opinion , not a fact . Everything we see is a perspective , not the truth.’
    – Marcus Aurelius.

  12. F*ck ‘m all! We’ve got Özil, Mesut Özil whenever he plays is like carnaval in Brazil.
    Öziiiiiillll lalalalala lalalalala

    I will say it one more time time that Özil gets his own song that can resound in the stadium for minutes as it has no real start or end. Özil and Brazil rhymes perfectly.

  13. You’re absolutely right, Tony. The press damned us with faint praise, and the gushing over Guardiola and Man C was extreme, like some gushing, hysterical fangirl. No doubt lemon-face Keane will have something to say tonight.

    But frankly who cares? It ain’t gonna change. Meanwhile Arsenal continue to run under the radar.

    That’s one game in six won this month, achieved with enough team changes to upset the normal flow of our game.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Özil’s goal for the millionth time. And smile contentedly.

  14. Has Mesut Ozil proved me wrong as I said, I suspected him to be a fatigued alert and thus Le Prof should start him from the bench for Ludo? But Ozil has proved he’s not fatigued with his assist and the winning goal performance he had for Arsenal yesternight.

    Shokodran Mustafi can’t be blamed for the 2 quick successive goals Arsenal conceded to Ludogorets, could he? I think our defense-line was caught napping with those 2 goals as they didn’t imagine ludogorets have the capacity to be that daring and audacious to score 2 goals against Arsenal in quick succession. Otherwise, our defenders would have been at red alert to thwart Ludogorets’ audacity. I think lessons must have been learnt by the Gunners in this game so as not to underrate a less glamorous club when next they meet any in the knockout stages of the competition.

    I too is guilty of underrating the smaller clubs when Arsenal are playing against them. But so far Arsenal have been beating them this season despite my somehow instigating comments which may have led Arsenal taking beating the smaller clubs for granted. The Midlesborough game was an example and even this Ludo game which we’ve won is another one too as I’ve proclaimed a 4-0 victory scoreline for the Gunners in both matches. These games have proved they can be difficult a times for us to deal with.

    Let’s forget about the media playing down Arsenal good result whenever they beat a team after haven a difficult game like the one we had yesternight. If Arsenal had lost the match or drew yesterday, the media will this morning be captioning headlines such as, old fralities, familiar habits, Arsenal November cause has kickstart and e.t.c. They are still waiting for a chance which they won’t have, to start writing those defamatory head-lines against Arsenal.

    I think the media has dropped Jose Mourinho’s Man U as their elect club to win the League this season after seen the handwriting on the wall they can’t. And in turn have switched their allegiance to Man City to save them from Arsenal winning the title this season. Which they see as a calamity to them. Hence, they will write anything to promote the cause of Pep Guardiola’s Man City triumphant in all competitions this season and and continue to be-little Arsenal chances to stardom. Even if results are indicating a contrary opinion to what the media has deemed should happen.

  15. The 7 touches of Oezil… A new mesmerizing, hypnotic football thriller débuted last night.

    Grab your copies now!

    Now let’s have some roasted chickens with spuds for lunch on Sunday.


  16. Tony

    Perhaps the radio commentator thought that our 6 consecutive quick exits from the last 16 could be determined as some kind of ‘evidence’. Just guessing, though.

    As for City’s victory over Barca being more newsworthy than Özil’s clowning with those poor little Bulgarians who’d already conceded 8 goals against us… What can You say?

  17. On BBC sportsday rolling news today, you will think that Man city and Guadiola have just won the champions league, while our comeback win away from home in far away Bulgaria is treated as a none issue. Infact BBC gave the impression that we just managed to survive. IF Harry Kane does not play and we beat the spuds on sunday, the English media will say we beat them because Kane did not play. If we beat them with Kane, they will say its because he is not match fit. If they beat us(God forbid) that will be the end of our season. I am still trying to guess what they will say when we win the premier league by May 2016, but I am sure it will not be complimentry. If the Ozil goal was scored by de Bruyne or Rashford, there would have been no space for any other articles as all the spaces in all the dailies would have been used to describe the beauty of that goal. But we are The Arsenal and we do what others cannot do. And their only response is to be negative. We have already qualified for the round of 16 while City may still end up in the Europa league. All hail Man City and Guadiola!

  18. Ozil goal was a thing of beauty, especially considering how he’s been “nicking a living” at Arsenal, but you have to consider the opposition.

    Ludogoretz is a club 1/10 of Arsenal, in a town of 35 k people, with most expensive players valued at around €3m by transfermarkt.

    Barca, on the other hand,is arguably the best club in Europe and City dominated them over the 90 minutes of play.
    Having said that, I believe Arsenal’s 2:1 come from behind victory of 2011 against a full strength Barca ,was a bigger story than this City victory.
    For one, Barca were missing key players and one could ask if their motivation was there at their normal level.
    Leading their group on 9 points, with City a distant second at 4, Barca players and coaches looked disinterested in trying to inflict a maximum punishment on their former favorite coach and teammate Pep.

    Also,while City dominated this game, one has to address the price tag of their squad in comparison with Arsenal’s 2011 squad, which was mostly based on academy or homegrown players.
    So yes, City victory is probably being overblown by the media.

  19. Inspired by Walter’s comment above on a song needed for Ozil and his name rhyming with Brazil…( I can’t see it being sung on the terraces but …)

    THE BOY FROM GELSENKIRCHEN (to the tune of Girl from Ipanema)

    Small and thin but so deceiving
    The Boy from Gelsenkirchen is weaving
    And when he dribbles, each one he passes goes “uugghh”
    He chips the keeper with style and grace
    Defenders slide all over the place
    Yes when he dribbles, each one he passes goes “uugghh”
    Oh, how he drives them so madly
    That’s why all Gooners just love him
    Yes, we will sing our hearts gladly
    ‘Cos each game when he shows so much skill
    He plays like a star from Brazil
    Small and thin but so deceiving
    The Boy from Gelsenkirchen is weaving
    And when he dummies, they’re nutmegged by Mezut Ozil…. by Mezet Ozil.

  20. @Paul Ogbu.

    Yes, you are right. The media is disappointed that Arsenal beat Ludogorets yesterday. They had their pens and papers ready when the Gunners were 2-0 down and had a hope it will stay that way to end. So that they write a headline such as, Arsenal November Curse Kick Starts. But Alas! Arsenal won.

    A good beginning is a good omen for us. Yesterday was the beginning of the new month November. And Arsenal began it by winning 1 out the 6 games they will play this November which is suppose to be a bad media proclaimed month for Arsenal. But the Arsenal win they saw yesternight is the beginning of a good November for Arsenal, because they will win the remaining 5 games they are slated to play in this November to make it 6 wins out of 6 games. What will the media has to say after that? Hail Arsenal?

    I know it’s the bad news or odd news that’s the news and makes the news. The good news hardly makes the news because it’s considered a normal thing not worth of reporting save it followed a recent bad news. But even then, the media should show some respect for Arsenal.

  21. Ray,

    This is not meant to be a person criticism of you, but reading your post made me wonder and amazed how things that I wouldn’t even think about twice, or dismiss as trivial, can make others sad.

    Frankly, I was elated watching yesterday’s game. There was drama (conceding two quick goals), emotion (relief after scoring two goals) suspense (will we win it having equalised before halftime) and elation (that Ozil goal!), i.e. all the makings of Bollywood blockbuster!

    Sorry to see you were unhappy about the colours Arsenal were wearing. I didn’t even notice! Frankly I don’t care if they run in transparent shorts so long as they keep winning!

  22. Ozil’s goal was truly breathtaking and the only other Arsenal player I can think of who could have emulated it would be Dennis Bergkamp.

  23. Tom – I am a little surprised that you give the size of club importance. Leicester City was in some aspects similar to Ludo but the key is the form of the club. The 6 Brazilians give Ludo something that other clubs don’t have. They play a very good game of football & would give many EPL teams a hiding.

    The thing of beauty last night was Ozil’s goal. It was what headlines were made for.

  24. It’s all history now but I keep watching the video of Ozil’s solo winner and at the moment of Elneny’s marvellous pass, Ozil appears to be just offside (to my rheumy old eyes). Am I alone? 😉

  25. He was onside Nicky, they did the draw a line across the last defender thing on the telly and Ozil was comfortably onside when the pass was made.

  26. I doubt Barca wanted to beat Manc twice in this round and dump them out. Barca tends to win in these stages at home and “allows” the other team some leeway. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anyway who cares what they(media) say, Arsenal is on the way to making their words stick in their mouths soon.
    Lets make the Spuds realise(again) who is the better team in London.


  27. So, who does Dieter the Troll actually support I wonder? Is he really Adrian Durham in disguise?

  28. I have no problem with the Idiot Media underestimating us once again.
    Hopefully they’ll continue in this theme for the whole season.
    However I do find it odd that they’re treating Pepes $iteh team as though they’re the first team ever to beat Barca… Very strange.

  29. I have to say that since we are constantly slated for “stumbling over the line to qualify, Radio 5 really pissed me off today. No real comment on what we’d achieved but the dribbling sycophants can’t get enough of Guardiola.

    From six games without a win to the best club in the world……ever. And all because they beat a team that thrashed them 4-0 a couple of weeks ago. Not qualified yet, not top of their group.

    Then what happens around 8.45? “Let’s talk to Andy Townsend in Copenhagen”. “So Andy what about Leicester’s achievements?”. “So Andy what about Man City last night?”. “And finally Andy, we must mention Tottenham.” “Thanks Andy, now about that table tennis international in Stoke”……………ffs.

    Didn’t we play last night?????

  30. markyb
    Talking of Adrian Durham I wouldn’t mind betting he will find something to criticize Ozil for on his performance last night. He absolutely refuses to admit that Ozil is anything other than an average player, aided and abetted by his fellow Arsenal hating co presenter Darren Gough. He cannot possibly find any negatives with the goal but he will dig something else up to have a go about you mark my words.

  31. Great article Tony! No words could give the Özil goal justice! It was like something you would see on a tv spot from Nike or Adidas, not in an actual game!

  32. Menace
    I’m not taking anything away from Ozil’s technical ability and I’ve been on record saying he was world class since before Wenger got him, but it does matter whom you score your most fantastic goals against.

    Ludogorets might be dangerous going forward but are terrible on defense and the combined market value of the three players Ozil made a fool of was €4.4m according to the transfermarkt.
    The same three position players on Leicester City are valued at over three times that.

    Still , great move and composure by Ozil , no doubt.

  33. I can understand how the media had a preference for the more glamourous City/Barca game, but can you imagine how they would have reacted to the Ludogorets minnows beating the “Mighty Arsenal”.
    Don’t know if it’s by design or luck, but we’ve certainly found a potent attacking force this season: the best since the season Theo & RVP were knocking them in for fun. Maybe even better than that.

  34. A classicly magnificient Goal! Ozil is no doubt world class; its amazing , his cool confident rounding of d keeper nd d sublime change of direction dat left d 2 defenders postrate on d turf, its wonderful and a show of skill finess. Funny enough, I was disappointed my expectation of 4 goals was not to be, but happy d boyz showed grit nd determination . Congrats to all Arsenal; bring on d Tots, Shallom!!!

  35. markyb

    I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for nearly 50 years. And I’ve been s WOBster for a few years now. I do admit it’s a challenging combination.

  36. ‘I can understand how the media had a preference for the more glamourous City/Barca game, but can you imagine how they would have reacted to the Ludogorets minnows beating the “Mighty Arsenal”.’

    Probably the same way as they reacted to Man U losing 0:1 to Feyenoord a month ago or so with headlines like: “Red Devils flop in Rotterdam”.

    Big clubs are expected to win against clubs with a fraction of wealth and talent at their disposal. It’s just a fact of life.

  37. What is being omitted is the graft by HFB to win the ball prior to Elneny’s pass in the first place. Also, Ludo, a “small club” in last seasons CL lost 2-1 to both liverpool and Real Madrid (narrowly) and went on to hold liverpool 2-2. Yes we beat them 6-0 in the first leg but they are not that bad a team and will certainly hold their own in the EPL.

  38. So media owned or co-opted by people who believe in propagating their extremist religion of debt peonage don’t like the Arsenal, the values and ethics the club enacts which causes former PL managers and Tottenham fans to describe the club as:

    “representing the best in English football at the top level”

    Values that don’t include a belief in peonage or slavery. I can understand why a large institution or even just an individual adhering to such principals would upset those who do not, considering the sociopathy on display 😉

  39. Tony what you’re saying is factual but what did you expect? It’s the way it is with the media and won’t change. When Arsenal next win the league it will just be articles pointing out how many years it’s been since the last, etc., etc. I don’t let it affect me. I have no respect for their opinion, so I won’t dignify it by reading or watching the drivel.

    Brickfield’s Marcus Aurelius quote sums it up perfectly. Thanks for that.

  40. ‘ Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem , first make sure that you are not , in fact , surrounded by assholes .’
    -Sigmund Freud.

  41. Can’t get enough of watching this goal. I think it’s totally irrelevant how much the defenders Ozil took to the cleaners actually cost; price doesn’t equate to quality, that’s just an obsession of the rubbish English media. Had it been Bellerin on the receiving end of that move would we be saying well he only cost less than half a million (even though he is now valued at over £43m) so it doesn’t matter? Elneny only cost £5m but imo he has contributed more than the £89m man from utd. Lets stop obsessing with price of squad as a measure of how good the club should.

  42. That goal reminds me of Bergkamps magnificent spin, and cool slot against Newcastle in the FA cup, just the way he has complete control of the situation, a vision of what he wants to do, and the ability and calmness to get on with it… pure class…

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