Arsenal v Tottenham; trying to find a headline…

Which by and large tells us that the retired admirals who read that paper still like the chance to read a few “lewd comments” but mostly relish the collapse of Manchester United.

Actually most outlets of what these days passes for news are struggling at the moment when it comes to Arsenal.  They can’t really bring themselves to say things are going quite well, so they have to dig ever deeper to find something else.

Something such as…

Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez makes stark revelation ahead of Tottenham showdown

But to be fair to the Guardian they do say, “Arsène Wenger’s team have lost only once in all competitions since mid-March, a sequence incorporating 25 matches, and would move six points clear of Spurs if they prevail at the Emirates Stadium this weekend.”

So there we are.  A lot of flim flam and not much substance.   Mind you the right wing newspapers in England are urging their readers to rise up and overthrow the judges and indeed the entire legal system of the United Kingdom, so I suppose it is a bit hard to find something to say about a football match at the same time.

Let’s give the last line to Squawka.  “Everyone at Arsenal wants Wenger to sign new deal,” it tells us.  Apparently Hector Bellerin said that.  So that’s all right then.

In anniversaries today

From the anniversary files: first floodlit game, Arsenal tube renamed, Tony Adams league debut.     Today’s full list is on the home page

Tales from Untold 

Wenger ponders whether Yaya Sanogo will ever really be good enough for Arsenal. 

The danger of asking for simplistic change at the start of a season.

Arsenal v Spurs Sunday 6 November 2016 – The Match Officials

If you think of abuse of the transfer market you don’t think of Arsenal. Time to think again!

Tottenham preliminaries

Alexis’ time at Barcelona catches up with him as he is accused of tax fraud.

Do we actually need to buy anyone this January?

Ref Review : Sunderland – Arsenal: Was this not knowing the laws? Or just plain bias? The latter looks more probable


From the Arsenal History Society  

The Arsenal History Society publishes numerous series of articles exploring different aspects of Arsenal’s history.   You can find an index to all the series to date on the Society’s web site.

The nine Arsenal players who played in all three of the consecutive championship seasons




13 Replies to “Arsenal v Tottenham; trying to find a headline…”

  1. This could be the first time you actually earn your Invincibles Day, by beating the last team not to lose, which is your fiercest rivals… surely there’s a headline hiding (?!) there somewhere. If we play like we did at Wembley in the week you will definitely score 5. But like you indicated, football is rarely so predictable.

  2. Robert
    I thought you might spot that Amy article.
    I wonder if she has some exclusive access or is quoting from pressers.

  3. No Robert, I saw it and read it. I thought it was interesting, but not really sure it told us too much that we hadn’t all observed this season – and indeed towards the end of last season. The comparisons with Bergkamp have been going on in the press ever since the Tuesday night game – I wouldn’t say Ozil’s goal was better than the famous goal at Newcastle, or Henry’s run through the Tottenham defence to score and then run back again to the Tottenham fans, but I think we probably now have a three way split for the greatest Arsenal goal of modern times, rather than the two way split we’ve had until now.

  4. Tony

    You should know that nothing sells like bad news and since the newspapers don’t have any bad news to really report about Arsenal and the tinnies are not really news worthy, they all turn to where the packof cards are falling.

    I wonder where all those ‘pundits’ and aaa who claim ManU won the transfer market are. Yes ManU brought IPhone 7 (as Pogba is referred to in my locality) and god (Zlatan) on free, spending in one window what Arsenal is spending is 6 .Windows yet the team needs massive surgery. Maybe throwing another £100m to the problem will help after all that’s the kind of management brain dead fans understand.

  5. That 2010 2-3 home lose by Arsenal to Harry Rednapp’s Tottenham Hotspur side was a mistake by Arsenal which they committed after haven a 2-0 cushion lead in the game.

    History will not repeat itself tomorrow at the Ems because this is a different Gunners team from that which caved in in 2010.

    As a matter of fact, Arsenal will monopolize this North London derby and hit Tottenham Hotspur below their belts with a 3-0 goals hammering at full-time tomorrow Sunday to increase the rot in their results for them..

    I see Tottenham Hotspur approaching this game with caution. They won’t start the game by playing an open game with Arsenal because Mauricio Pochettino would have instructed them it will be dangerous for them if they start the match that way due to.the Arsenal’s high capacity attacking machines who are very lethal and can kill at any given time.

    With this forgoings, I am foreseeing the Spuds packing the bus at the initial stage of this match and relying on their said defensive solidity to see them through the barrages of the Gunners attacking machines. But which ever way the Spuds approached this match, whether to play an open game with Arsenal from the onset of the match, or park the bus to counterattack on seeing the chance to do so using their Harry Kane as their pivot to cause havoc to Petr Cech in our goal. But all these approaches won’t work for them. Because the Gunners 2 DMs of, Coquelin and Xhaka will intercept them in their charging forward. And should any Spud or Spuds escape from our DMs blockings, our defense-line is more than capable to thwart off any attacking threat by Harry Kane as his company.

    The Gunners should play their exclusive long & short passes in this game to frozen out the Spuds from the game. And equally play that their devastating 1-2 or 1-3 long range passing to catch the Spuds out on the break to hit the back of their net thrice or even more during the game. The Gunners SHOULD seize the momentum of the attack in the game and intensify it consistently to high intensity level throughout the game to wear out the Spuds and consequently reduced them to shreds to become Tottenham Coldspur.

  6. Worrying about Manchester United recent poor result results this season? No! Not for me. I only worry about Man U if they are doing well because they can challenge us for honours. But if their result is poor, it’s good news for Arsenal as one of our potential PL title challengers are off our back thus lessing our worries. I look at their results as they come and if poor, am happy for that.

    But I am not pleased if any of: Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur result is good. Because they can individually give us a good run for our money in any of the title races by having a good result consistently as they are current getting. I hope to see Middlesbrough do to Man City today at the Etihad what they did to us some weeks ago at the Ems. In that sense I’ll be glad.

  7. Come on Samuel, it’s only worth it when they give us a good run, else it’s not the same(?)

    On Manu though, i want them to fail for the next few years.

  8. Apparently kane will be on the bench. Poc says he dont know if he will start.
    I recon he will start though.
    Still no worries.

  9. We should not become over-interested in the results, form or progress of our rivals in the EPL.
    If, from time to time, we can reproduce the sort of performance that shattered Chelsea a few months ago, there isn’t another team that could prevail against us…here OR on mainland Europe. 😉

  10. Re headlines. This from Le Grove today: “it would do the headline writers a few favours if it were Arsenal who ended Tottenham’s unbeaten start to the season.”

  11. I thought that the Amy Lawrence article had a basically negative approach, to the effect that Ozil was fairly crap in his first few seasons and has now changed into a good player, reflecting the general pundit myths that he was lazy, lightweight, not bothered etc- ie she seems to have aligned herself to the “jury’s out”, “nicking a living” attitudes which were expressed by Moyes and Owen.

    Also, she referred to him as being “discarded” by Real Madrid, which is inaccurate and disrespectful to all concerned in the transfer.

    I doubt that she would describe Van Persie as having been discarded by Arsenal.

    In general she seems to be closer to the AAA sentiments than the editorial policy of UA.

  12. @John L.
    I think Amy Lawrence made a valid point in pointing out that Ozil, in as much as he was undoubtedly a good assist player for Real Madrid then, but they had to let him go (discarded him but in error) I should think, to empowered themselves with the money they needed to have at that time to buy Gareth Bale in my own view.

    Le Prof who was then under pressure from the sign sign agitating section of the Arsenal fans succumbed to this insane pressure and went ahead to sign Ozil at the overpriced cost price Madrid sold him to us then because they knew we were under pressure from our fans to buy a big player. But Le Prof got the spend the fucking money agitators quietened that season after he signed Ozil as he knew in the back of his mind before hand that he would be signing a top quality player for us if he succeeded to sign him which he did.

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