Arsenal v Tottenham: trying to find the future of the Tiny Totts.

If that, or anything like that, is the case, then Tottenham will be able to find out if Mauricio Pochettino is as much of a magician in terms of working without money, as Arsene Wenger has been.

For us, it’s all happened and we have been settled in the Ems for ten years.  Now when the Telegraph carries a sentence like, “Ahead of Sunday’s north London derby against Tottenham, Arsene Wenger has dilemmas all over the pitch,” we know they are being ironic, recognising that the dilemmas are of the best kind – who to leave out, who to play, from a very powerful squad.   For Tottenham, such an situation is one that they will probably will only be able to dream about for the next five, or maybe even like us, ten years.

Or as the Telegraph put it in the advert for their new Premium Content service (which you have to pay for) on their web site

How Spurs can beat Arsenal:  Harry Kane, kicking people and pressing – tactical analysis

Yep, that sure is what passes for a tactical analysis on Buckingham Palace Road.

Meanwhile, here’s the home and away league table, just in case you don’t have anything else to read.

I’ll see you at the match tomorrow.  I’m the guy wearing red and white.
Tales from Untold 

Wenger ponders whether Yaya Sanogo will ever really be good enough for Arsenal. 

Arsenal v Tottenham; trying to find a headline…

The danger of asking for simplistic change at the start of a season.

Arsenal v Spurs Sunday 6 November 2016 – The Match Officials

If you think of abuse of the transfer market you don’t think of Arsenal. Time to think again!

Tottenham preliminaries

It’s the stadium stupid: how West Ham, Tottenham, the government and us tax payers suffer.

From the Arsenal History Society  

The Arsenal History Society publishes numerous series of articles exploring different aspects of Arsenal’s history.   You can find an index to all the series to date on the Society’s web site.

Arsenal in the summer: 1935 – after three championships in a row.

The nine Arsenal players who played in all three of the consecutive championship seasons

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  1. Given that the average crowd in the 1970-71 Double winning season (when it cost a few shillings to stand on the terraces of a ground with a larger capacity than we have now) was only 45000 it was perfectly reasonable to work on an average crowd at Emirates of 50000 – or even less.
    The fact is that ten previous years of Wenger magic helped create capacity crowds in the new stadium. I wonder how many Spurs will get ‘at home’ next season against the likes of WBA or Stoke or Bournemouth? No wonder Spurs are hoping to eventually ground share with some, as yet unnamed, American Football team. That should feel just like home!

  2. Our neighbours also have the issue that we can all see Pochettino is good (How much more than ‘good’ only time will tell). That means that whenever any ‘Big’ Managing/Coaching role becomes available then his name will be on the list. Will he be as loyal as AW and stay to see the project through or will he decide managing Argentina, Juventus, Real Madrid or PSG etc is better suited to his ambition?
    If he doesn’t stay then they’ll have to go through the whole ‘new manager/coach’ thing again… Trying to miss the next Santini or Ramos 😀

  3. I expect them to have much less of an issue with repayments on their new Stadium (the Armitage Shanks Stadium???) due to the vastly increased TV income, so if the interest rates stay the same they’re unlikely to be quite as financially limited for quite as long as we’ve had to be. However it will effect them for a few years even at todays rates.

  4. Speculating infactuated
    You love Spurs too much.This is
    Urchance to win the league.Why u writing full articles about little old Tottenham for.

  5. Trekking up the M1 was an option rejected by a few thousand football fans in 2002 who decided to instead form their own team.

  6. The commentator on my TV was saying, what a quality goal Aguero scored against Boro. But that Aguero’s goal that I watched on my TV screen was a cheap goal. Why? There was a Boro defender parallel in line to Aguero’s right when the ball was crossed into Boro’s box. What was that Boro’s defender who allowed Aguero to get to the cross ahead of him doing? Sleeping? At least he was well in position to clear the crossed ball before Aguero got to it.

  7. A bit OT, but, Boro after drawing us at the Ens have just drawn at City. Maybe we can get to the top of the table by tomorrow evening 😉

  8. What will we say we are waiting for to mount on top of the table tomorrow as Boro have done to City what they did to us albeit by 1-1 draw. I can’t wait for tomorrow. But I have to. It’s nervy.

  9. What I did see from the match I think Chambers had a good match for Middlesbrough

  10. He played mostly as a sweeper, made many clearances, and had a good pass completion ratio – even though I didn’t specifically count, I don’t remember many instances where he misplaced a pass. He let the ball get past him at City’s goal, while Aguero sneaked behind him, and Victor Valdes didn’t warn him about that. So, he’s only marginally to blame for the goal.

  11. @Florian
    I think I have to apportioned 70% of the fault for that Aguero’s to our dear Chambers. For such immaturity in his defending, Le Prof sent him to Boro to gain regular 1st action to grow up to become better in his sense of judgement in his game at such a critical moment in the game which be punished if he makes a mistake. Nevertheless, I believe he’ll come back to us a better defender than when he left and remain with Arsenal..

  12. SAA,

    Chambers was indeed late to cover, but if we are to appoint blame, 70% must go to de Bruyne for the quality of the ball he sent right in the critical area behind the defense and yet far away from the keeper so he cannot get to it. Chambers was watching the ball while galloping back, and had no way to know Aguero is behind him. It was Valdes that should have warned him to stop the ball. Oh, and de Bruyne was allowed to cross the ball comfortably. You can see now how responsibility is distributed among the teammates, contrary to the habit of singling out players just because they are in the spotlight for an artificial reason.

  13. So, all set up for us to climb to the heights.
    In previous years i would be nervous, as we also tended to drop our chances when others failed.
    This year i am quietly optimistic that we know the stakes and will put in the effort, focus and determination.

  14. @inside right,
    Can you imagine the state of the Spurs pitch after an American football game?
    Memories of Chelsea’s sandy beach not so many years ago! 😉

  15. @ nicky

    The Spurs pitch will be just fine after an NFL game. That’s because it will be tucked up in warming, nourishing light under the stands while 40 or so 250lb men in helmets chase an egg and run into each other on an artificial surface.

  16. This is time change weekend for me, except my time doesn’t change (it stays on MST). I gather the game is in (about) 9.5 hours, which puts it about 5am MST.

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  18. Let’s hope Arsenal get the win and go top of the league where we belong, however I think it’s going to be a very difficult match and both side will be catious and not want to risk losing, so I think it probably end up a draw.

  19. Florian, what action do you think Koscielny would have taken if he was in the position Chambers was? Allow Aguero to get to the ball? No. I trust Koscielny would have intercepted the incoming crossing and clear it.

  20. Brickfields.

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