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  1. Usama Zaka



    Sanchez admits tax fraud in Spain, and reportedly has paid back the amount of tax the he evaded. He is also ready to accept the fine.

    Well good on him at least for coming clean in the mess/fraud he created himself, unlike some at Barca and R.Mad who are actively evading tax.

  2. Gord

    OT: Follow up

    Here is a link to an English language version at Marca.com, but it really doesn’t add much to the story.


  3. Goonermikey

    Not that many years ago I used to have dealings with a metropolitan city council which declared that the reason it did not carry out equal opportunities monitoring on its service recipients was because it didn’t discriminate against anyone therefore there was no need…………….

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Talking of football administration becoming a mess across the world and in the case in which Uefa has deliberately collaborated with Liverpool FC to disobeyed WADA in it attempted banning sanction judgement it passed on Mommodu Sako of Liverpool FC for violating anti-doppnig regulations as being prescribed by WADA for footballers across the world, and UEFA flagrantly refusing to punish Dinamo Zagreb but only punished their dope player. And now FIFA apparent time wasting in deciding the eligibility playing status of Joel Matip to play or not to play for Cameroon in this current Afcon tournament taking place in Gabon which has left Liverpool to remain in a state of limbo. Therefore, one could be tempted to ask if football administrators like to leave urgent matters relating to football administration in a state of limbo or not?

    Talking of this limbo, Le Prof at Arsenal FC has appeared to be leaving the hierarchies at Arsenal in a state of limbo for his refusal to say if he’ll extend or renew his Arsenal managerial deal or not. In fact, let him extend his current managerial deal now by whatever number of years. Three?

    While Le Prof has not made it clear whether he will continue to manage Arsenal or not after the expiration of his current deal in the coming summer, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have deliberately refused to sign the deals extending their current contracts at Arsenal by tying their refusal to do so to Le Prof’s non extending his own deal at Arsenal as tenable excuse for their refusal to sign. Consequently leaving Arsenal in a state of limbo.

    I think it will be better if Le Prof let Arsenal management to know which way they should face so as to start planning in advanced how they’ll face that way or not have to face it if needs be. Let Le Prof now without any further delays sign the extention to his current deal at Arsenal and not to tie his signing it to win a premium title for Arsenal this season before he signs it. The Arsenal management has not made for him to first win a premium title of the PL or CL this season for Arsenal as a precondition for him before he can sign. Therefore, why should Le Prof set a precondition for himself before he signs? It’s not fair to Arsenal, Ozil and Sanchez if Le Prof continues to leave Arsenal, Ozil, Sanchez and us the teeming Arsenal supporters in a state of limbo. I can assure Le Prof that Arsenal will win both the PL and the CL titles this season. So let him not be worrying.

  5. Gord


    There are people who discriminate without realising they are. Even major chunks of the population can be guilty of that.

    Example. How many people believe that if someone won’t look you in the eyes when talking to you, that you must be lying?

    It’s a big number or fraction.

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