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  1. Temitope

    Off topic
    Kudos to who ever predict Akinson as our referee against Chelsea

  2. Sammy The Snake

    By Telegraph’s way of thinking:

    The decision not to buy Messi, Ronaldo, Zidan, Maradonna, Pelle, XYZ, or even ABC there and then was certainly a mistake in hindsight.

    Some of these news sites have become shameless.

  3. MickHazel

    If we had signed Higuan in 2013 it is highly unlikely that we would have bought Mesut Ozil as well and I know who I would prefer.

  4. Dammy

    If there is one thing the media love- it is for a club to spend it’s way to the PL title and spectacularly stutter the next season. It means you have a story to run for 2 years! It helps if the story is a Leicester one, but the vein of the story is the same. They would like for Arsenal to go broke in winning the league and/or CL but to be fighting relegation or some Fair Play rap immediately after as opposed to respectable finishes. I wonder if these writers have kids and chastise them in the same way- you didn’t top your class every year, you are an also-ran.
    I think not. Besides, Arsenal is not a person and cannot have feelings that might get hurt.
    The Spuds never cease to amuse me. First they come up with a new stadium with a capacity of “50” more than the Emirates to claim bragging rights and now this?

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Its good news for us as all our 5 strikers of: Walcott, Giroud, Sanchez, Welbeck and Perez are available for selection to play. In addition to their being abled to play centrally by all the 5 strikers, 4 of them but Olivier Giroud can also play wide from the wings.

    Our hopes now are the duo of Welbeck and Walcott who have returned from their long term and short term injuries will not limit their goalscoring efforts to just one FA Cup game but extend their goalscoring prowess to the PL and the Ucl games for Arsenal as well on a consistent basis throughout the remaining part of this season.

    I don’t think Le Prof will have selection headache when he wants to pick who to lead the line and who to play at the wings for any Arsenal games. For, whenever he started Giroud all the 4 remaining strikers can operate from the wings effectively. e.g. Against Watford tonight at the Ems, I’ve proposed to Le Prof to please start Sanchez to lead the line for us. While Lucas Perez manns the right wing and Iwobi should mann the left wing accordingly.

    But if these front three line is not balance, then Le Prof could start our front three as: Sanchez leading the line, Perez manns the left right wing while Iwobi manns the right wing. And Ozil of course plays behind the trio as expected. But I think the would be most balance Arsenal front four should be: Sanchez leading the line, Walcott manning the right wing, Welbeck manning the left wing and Ozil playing behind the striker. I want this pacey front four to start the Chelsea game on Saturday with Coquelin and Chamberlain manning our midfield base. While our pacey wingbacks of Bellerin and Gibbs should also start the game. And of course Koscielny and Mustafi keep charge of the 2 CB positions and Cech holds on to his goalkeeper’s role.

    My starts for Chelsea:
    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Gibbs
    Coquelin Chamberlain
    Walcott Ozil Welbeck
    Oh my God! What a pacey Gunners. They’ll overrun the Blues. I think the Blues can only count on Moses, William and Costa for pace. But the Gunners will mark them out of the game by superior number in pace.

  6. Jammy J

    @ Temitope – Have they already chosen and announced the ref for the Chelsea game then?

  7. Norman14

    @Jammy J

    Yes, that is confirmed.

    Referee: Atkinson, Martin
    Assistant Referee: Burt, Stuart
    Assistant Referee: Child, Steve
    Fourth Official: Attwell, Stuart

  8. Goonermikey

    @ jammy J

    Sadly yes

    @ Temitope

    My dog could have predicted that the corrupt scumbag that runs the PIGMOB would appoint Atkinson. I even tried to get odds from a bookmaker and couldn’t!

  9. Andrew Crawshaw

    The referee preview for Saturday is my task for this afternoon. We haven’t seen Atkinson at all this year so the PGMO have clearly been saving him up for this game. I expected it weeks ago. It’ll be interesting to see the result of the Liverpool! V Chelsea game, I’m expecting Liverpool! To get some points meaning that Chelsea will need to recoup the points against us on Saturday.

  10. Gord

    Three were a few articles starting last night, about the child abuse scandal. Apparently all the London EPL teams in some way are now being investigated.

    Marca has updated their article, which now just reads that 5 EPL clubs are being investigated. Not the 5 London EPL clubs that was written last night.

    Oops. 🙂


    Of course, sports journalists never make mistakes.

    There was something on the radio about my neck of the woods a week or so ago, in that a 42 year old man in Edmonton, AB, Canada has also been charged with a similar offence.

  11. Gord

    The Mirror has an article. With this snippet:

    > Because the game was the 149th time that Wenger has named a Gunners Premier League starting XI which didn’t contain a single English player, with the only Englishman who featured being Danny Welbeck who came off the bench for the final three minutes.

    It is a complicated sentence.

    I am not an English major, but doesn’t this sentence also imply that Danny Welbeck has been the only English player on an Arsenal side 149 times?

    That isn’t what the sentence/paragraph is meant to say. Wouldn’t it have been better, if that would have been broken up into 2 sentences?

    Just picking nits.

  12. Jammy J

    Atkinson? We fucking knew it! 3 or 4 of us predicted we would be getting him in this thread here – http://untold-arsenal.com/archives/59583. It’s just so predictable..

    To all the naysayers; how is it that 3 or 4 of us actually managed to predict which referee we would get for a certain match? It’s just absolutely disgraceful.

  13. dan

    Throw it away, shambles in the 1st half.

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