Arsenal v Manchester City. Mr Wenger speaks on referee corruption

By Bulldog Drummond

It is all looking a bit gloomy in the injury league table, which probably explains why various websites have been desperately trying to cook up long term injury tables (without any proper analysis of the statistics) to show that Arsenal have the worst injury record of all time, or at least the last 2000 years.

Here is the current physioroom list…

# Club Total number of injuries Last man down What went wrong
1 Crystal Palace 9 F Campbell Muscle Injury
2 Hull City 8 O Elabdellaoui Back Injury
3 Sunderland 8 J O’Shea Shin
4 Manchester U 7 J Mata Groin/Pelvis Injury
5 Liverpool 7 S Mane Knee Injury
6 Watford 7 S Prodl Calf Injury
7 West Ham 7 P Obiang High Ankle Sprain
8 Everton 6 R Funes Mori Cartilage Knee I
9 Southampton 6 M Gabbiadini Groin Strain
10 Man City 6 R Sterling Back Injury
11 Stoke City 5 G Cameron Thigh
12 Bournemouth 5 R Fraser Hamstring Injury
13 Swansea City 5 G Sigurdsson Knock
14 Leicester City 5 M Albrighton Illness
15 Chelsea 5 T Courtois Hip Injury
16 Arsenal 4 P Cech Calf Strain
17 Tottenham 4 V Janssen Illness
18 Burnley 4 S Arfield Knock
19 Middlesbrough 3 G Friend Calf Strain
20 West Pulis 3 N Chadli Shoulder

Arsenal’s injured list is

Player What’s up? When he’ll be back Doubt level
L Perez Thigh Strain No Return Date Major Doubt
K Gibbs Knock April 2, 2017 Slight Doubt
P Cech Calf Strain April 10, 2017 Major Doubt
S Cazorla Plantaris Injury July 1, 2017 Major Doubt

The fact that Gibbs is shown as returning possibly tomorrow but is currently listed as injured does show the vagaries of the list, and once again reflects the fact that the number of injuries is dependent upon the way in which the injuries are reported to the club.  He certainly wasn’t on the list of injuries that Mr Wenger mentioned.

But the less intellectual elements of the press are still running the ludicrous “official” story of Arsenal being the most injury prone team in the league.  It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the word “official”.  But even so the Mirror has decided that “Alexis Sanchez will battle through an injury to scare to start against Manchester City on Sunday.”   Mr Wenger apparently described it as “Bone bruising. He could normally play.”

Of course as is usual these days the media wasted most of the press conference asking questions about Mr Wenger’s future which they know he won’t answer.  So now time passes by and he just taunts them with comments such as “Just continue to ask the same questions [about my future] and one day I will answer.”  But the journos are so thick they don’t get it.

One new stat he came up with which was interesting was that Arsenal have scored more goals from subs than any other team.  I am not sure what that implies, but it is an oddity.

On the subject of the video referees he said that when he saw the news that it is coming he thought to himself, “why didn’t that happen 15 years ago?”   The answer of course, as he knows, but is not allowed to say because of PL rules is, “Fifa, the FA, PGMO”.

As he went on to say, “I said always the first thing is to deal with the offsides. It shows first of all you would go to a complete different conclusion of the game.   Cut out all the interference which can corrupt referees, which exists in the world. This video will be a good plan to fight against that.

In terms of the game against Man City he said, “It promises to be an attacking game.  They go for it, we go for it.  It should be a promising game.”

Here is the regular (or is it occasional) list of top 20 goal scorers in the Premier League this season (before the saturday afternoon games)

Ranking Player Team Goals (Penalty)
1. Romelu Lukaku Everton 21 (0)
2. Harry Kane  Tottenham Hotspur 19 (4)
3. Alexis Sánchez  Arsenal  18 (2)
4. Diego Costa  Chelsea 17 (0)
5. Zlatan Ibrahimović  Manchester United 15 (1)
6. Dele Alli  Tottenham Hotspur 14 (1)
Jermain Defoe  Sunderland 14 (5)
8. Kun Agüero  Manchester City 13 (3)
Sadio Mané  Liverpool 13 (0)
10. Eden Hazard  Chelsea 11 (2)
Joshua King  AFC Bournemouth 11 (2)
Llorente  Swansea City 11 (0)
13. Christian Benteke  Crystal Palace 10 (2)
14. Michail Antonio  West Ham United 9 (0)
Troy Deeney  Watford 9 (3)
Roberto Firmino  Liverpool 9 (0)
Jamie Vardy  Leicester City 9 (0)
18. Olivier Giroud  Arsenal  8 (0)
Andre Gray  Burnley 8 (2)
Pedro  Chelsea 8 (0)
Gylfi Sigurðsson  Swansea City 8 (3)
Theo Walcott  Arsenal FC 8 (0)

One last thing for today.  Here are the top three current rankings from WhoScored on the Arsenal team

Player  Who Scored Ranking
Alexis Sánchez 7.84
Laurent Koscielny 7.35
Shkodran Mustafi 7.24

What makes me publish that is the fact that I have seen several comments this week to the effect that Mustafi was a waste of money, as were all the other summer signings this year.

Funny ol game.  In the next post – the teams…

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  1. Whoscored-pogba 7.74,Kante 7.23
    That leaves much to be desired by this ratings

  2. HI Walter and Tony, what is a good place to watch the game tomorrow in Brussels ?

  3. Stephan still digging for crap on Arsenal. Gord is right. You are a spade.

    Stephan the spade.

  4. Wenger’s been saying some quite interesting stuff lately. Apart from his opinion on the VAR he also let on that he did in fact make the controversial bid for Suarez and also that he (very surprisingly) approves of forwards diving.
    Perry Groves thinks that maybe he’s looking to recruit the likes of Vieira into the back up team. He definitely needs a hand.

  5. Menace…you so funnny
    I just pointed out something logical to you but all you have to say is call me spade?
    Lol,that just shows your level of reasoning

  6. When things go wrong for Wenger,blame the ref. So when things go wrong for Arsenal naturally the manager is to be
    held accountable.He is a trifle lucky.
    Managers have been unceremonyiosly sacked one sec after a game.
    If he goes toe to toe with MC,he could be beaten.Anti soccer is not in his dna. If he wants to win,he has to shoot on sight like what Huall and afew other teams do.
    Otherwise his passiname with no shooting will end in disaster .

  7. Stephan, don’t worry about Menace. He’s tolerated for his eccentricity.
    Every blog needs it’s Menace ?

  8. Wenger has realised he needs an English diver in his team. Vardy, Ali, they can do no wrong for media and referees. I have heard they are installing trampolines at Colney to improve and practice diving.

  9. Walter
    Walcott was a complete failure, and I’ve never seen any evidence of Ox , Welbeck or any of the other English players attempting this, so he’ll have to tutor them well.

  10. Stephan, have you ever been to a football match?

    You call stats on Kante & Pogba logical? We are talking Arsenal & you bring in media darlings that are rubbish. Personally I don’t accept the stats because there is no verification of authenticity.

    Leon Is digging next to you dude. He must be the shovel full of spud manure.

    Looking forward to Wengers next few years with Arsenal & all the crud off to wonderland.

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