Jocular juvenile jackass journalist jinx Johan Djourou in jolly jailbreak jest

Tricky thing this journalist business but I think I am get the hang of the headline writer’s craft.

Anyway, it was on friday that I noted that both Radio 5 and the Guardian were saying that we had 3 of our back four out when I could only count two.   As Ian said in correspondence, any second now we’ll have five of our back four out.

Ian, if you would kindly stop saying such things, for your words and those of the Guardian and BBC have turned into a horrible prediction as Djourou got a knee injury.  As the Lord Wenger said, showing his knowledge of Untold Arsenal once again, “We can’t afford to lose a defender in every game.”

But it is the ability of journalists to go beyond what we have been reporting of late in the Knocking the Arsenal pieces, that is worrying.  Journalists have a rota of approaches for bringing the Arsenal down – and it now seems they have added black magic to their skills.

This is indeed a worrying development and one that must be stopped.  The troops must be rallied etc etc.  Buy a newspaper and then burn it.  That’s the only way.  Burn your radio too.  (But only in an environmentally friendly manner please).

Anyway, apart from Johan and a rather gruesome first half it was a jolly affair and we’ve now gone 214 games unbeaten (I may have miscounted in the excitement but it is quite a few) and we look good to win stuff.  We’ve already won the under 18s league, there’s the Yoof Cup, the Women’s League, the FA Cup. the European Cup, and the Cup for the silliest blog in football.

It was St What Not’s Day too, which is always nice (if the Totts got relegated again would we celebrate it on the first game of the season?)

Now I must settle down to sort out my next headline.  How about this one on the proposed Tottenham stadium being turned down by the council…

Tiny Totts tightfisted transformation tender toppled

More later.  I’m going for a walk.

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6 Replies to “Jocular juvenile jackass journalist jinx Johan Djourou in jolly jailbreak jest”

  1. seventh out of eight matches on MOTD last night. they spent more time interviewing the pundits on how they dealt with the day than footage of the match.

    im not a bastard, and i feel bad for the fans that died that day, but c’mon lads.

    last week btw we were featured in ‘the best from the rest’ four or five matches squeezed together at the end.

    all i could get yesterday afternoon was a russian stream. and to top it off, 3 minutes of action and 3 minutes slagging gibbs on MOTD.

    F**k the BBC

  2. I think AW should have known that we would struggle beginning of the season as we had lost 2 central midfielders and a creative midfielder in Hleb. It does not take a genius to figure that out. I am shocked that he was surprised. I thought we should have bought Woodgate last January and also it was obvious that we needed at least 2 players in the summer. Having said that Denilson has blossomed but if we don’t win anything this season then it will be hard to hold on to Fabregas. We are always nearly there and then take two step backwards whilst everyone else takes a step forward.

  3. Jonathan Woodgate? He has hardly been setting the world alight at spurs.

  4. Woodgate? Are you kidding me? A player that would make Darren Anderton look like a model of attendance. We have enough players on the injured list without recruiting specifically for it.
    As for MOTD, I believe that it is hosted by a former Spurs player accompanied by two ex-Liverpool shoulder-chip merchants so what do you expect? Pointing out that Gibbs was blatantly pulled back before he reciprocated would neither be their forte nor in their best interest.
    As for Headlines…… Sad Spurs Spurious Stadium Stymied by Stubborn Social Scheme Sentinels.

  5. Lovely, Terence. Really lovely.

    I think this is the only blog I can think of where threads continue by being posted on the day of the original blog. I wonder if this is down to the unique ‘Recent Comments’ column? Interesting.

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