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June 2021

The FA takes the first of 10 steps needed to sort itself out once and for all.

2:  The FA increases compensation to clubs whose players are injured playing for England.   We might accept as an alternative an absolute demand that all clubs are more properly compensated when a player is injured playing for his country, his grandfather’s country, the country he was passing through at the time, or any other country.

3: The FA admits its hopeless naivety in bidding for the world cup last time it did so, in a bid that everyone else knew was fixed and fraudulent, and in which the FA managed to get two votes: its own, and Australia’s.  It should then refund the government all the money it wasted in this pathetic, stupid and futile bid and request that the government hands the money back to the taxpayers of England who provided it in the first place.

4:  On 5 December 1921 the FA cited strong opinions about football’s unsuitability for females. It called on clubs belonging to the associations “to refuse the use of their grounds for such matches” and threatened to eject any club that did not comply from any FA sponsored games it played in.  It also said it would ask the league to eject the associated men’s team from its league.

The ban changed the course of the women’s game forever, and indeed the only decent thing the FA can do at this point is agree to pay compensation to every women’s football team playing in a recognised league today at a rate of £30,000 per team each year for ten years.

5: The FA should next acknowledge that its excuses which led to withdrawal of Sport England funding for all weather pitches were abject, childish, and wholly invented, and acknowledge that criminal charges should be brought against all members of the FA involved in that excuse.   The complicit media of course hardly touched the story, but at least we tried to make it known when it hit in March 2014.  After that criminal action should be taken against everyone involved in the misuse of the money.

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6 The FA should acknowledge its abject failure in training up coaches.  Time and again we’ve run the analysis (it was first run in 2010, although often copied since by national newspapers) that shows that England has just about the lowest percentage of qualified coaches per head of population in the football playing world.  That is entirely the fault of the FA since they control the training of coaches at the senior level.  Even the FA supporting media were forced to admit that Iceland had far more coaches per 1000 people that the “country that invented the game”.

7:  The FA should acknowledge its abject failure in grassroots football.  The number of pitches is declining.  The number of all-weather pitches is pitiful.  We have a massive crisis in the health of people, and yet… the FA decide to give money to Fifa and bid for the world cup, when it could instead be making a contribution.

8:  The FA should withdraw from Uefa.  It is clearly corrupt and sucks money out of the English game.

9:  The FA should then withdraw from Fifa, the organisation that is the symbol of corruption in football and a by-word for how not to run a sport.

10:  The FA should then publically admit to its appalling record throughout history and wind itself up.

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17 comments to The FA takes the first of 10 steps needed to sort itself out once and for all.

  • nicky

    Being a naïve sort of guy, can’t wait for those remaining 9 points to come to fruition……in my lifetime please! 😉

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    NO 10. To wind itself up will be difficult. But it could be wound up by the England Sports ministry on behalf of the government after due process is followed if the FA refused to credibly reformed itself as they were once told to do by the government when it was discovered they are operating the affairs of football in England in the dark ages.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    If the FA fails to comply with the government directives to reform itself to modernise it’s operations appropriately, and if government is serious to see the FA being modernized along the lines of modern football association management, government may decide to forcibly reformed the FA by itself.

  • omgarsenal

    Sorry Tony but getting past step 1 is impossible for them as a viper NEVER bites itself, only its victims. The Sweet FA are a bunch of bloated,prawn-eating stuffed suits whose sole raison d’etre is to line their pockets and fill their pork bellies on the manna the British people shower on them.

  • Vinnie Losada

    The FA partnering with betting agencies always seemed wrong. Glad to see this happen.
    Some good ideas here, though I have to say, numbers 4 and 10 seem a bit silly to me.
    The initial part of 4 about the FA’s decisions in the 20s is fine, but the solution is borderline ridiculous. We don’t know whether women’s football would have matched the men’s for popularity or not. Throwing money at the situation won’t get past biology. The men’s game is faster and more physical and therefore more of a sporting spectacle. It’s not that there aren’t good games or it won’t be worth watching, but for people with limited time where are you going to put your money?

  • ron

    not just 4 and 10 – there is a complete lack of interest in playing football certainly on an eleven aside basis mini football and going to the gym have replaced it

    also i remember when i played there were plenty of pitches so i guess they must have been doing something right then

  • Pat

    Loss of pitches is not just down to the FA. Local authorities, landlords of public housing, schools – because of government cuts to public services funding, everybody is scrabbling around for money, and selling off bits of land to developers is one way to make some.

    Terrible situation.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    1. b. Abandons all fast food sponsorship. Bye bye MacD !
    c. Abandons Coke and other obesity causing and otherwise unhealthy drinks .
    d. Abandons Alchol and beer companies . Wine is fine .
    e. Abandons all companies that use child labour in their production.
    Bye bye some super sports brands
    f. Abandons airline companies and other industries that have poor records in human right issues and practices bias and racsism.

  • Leon

    Is this the same FA that’s donating all of the proceeds from the next Charity Shield to the the fund for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire?

  • The_Ledge

    The VERY next thing the FA should do is to ban clubs having Betting companies as direct sponsors.

    That is probably worse than the FA itself having a betting partner.

    For example, what odds can you get on Ox going to Liverpool from their gambling sponsor?

  • The_Ledge


    I thought the idea came from the clubs involved?

  • Leon

    I dunno. Just read that the FA are donating the proceeds. What you say makes sense though.

  • Gord

    What is posted at, leads me to believe that Arsenal has said that all of its cut should go to the Grenfell Tower fire. And maybe Chelsea agreed to match. It does not look like this is something driven by The (sweet) FA.

  • Gord

    Brickfields post above sort of goes along with this new Football365 post

    It talks about football’s relationship to all manner of “addiction industry”, be it gambling, candy bars, junk food or other.

    The Football365 article was found by looking for football corruption news.

    In other football corruption news, the Albanian team KF Skenderbeu have been stripped of their 2015/2016 league title due to match fixing.

    Of course, this (title stripping) is being appealed to CAS. Or rather, at the moment they are threatening to appeal.

  • Gord

    The President of Slovakia, thinks the Germany-Italy U21 game was rigged.

  • Gord

    Geee, imagine that. Signs that FIFA corruption influenced the Qatar 2022 bid.

    Apparently, Garcia’s report is starting to filter out. Which is the source of this news.