Match report: Arsenal – Sydney : 2-0

By Walter Broeckx

Well the least you can say about the starting line-up is that is rather newish looking.

Arsenal XI: Cech, Bielik, Mertesacker, Kolasinac, Nelson, Coquelin, Willock, Bramall, Ozil, Walcott, Welbeck.

Now lets get this stream working will you please.

A good start from Arsenal leading to a free kick. The ball bounces around a bit and ends up in front of the big feet of our BFG who takes a shot on the turn and smashes it in. GOAL 1-0 to the Arsenal after 4 minutes.

Brammal with a good run but his cross can’t find Walcott. Meanwhile the Arsenal stream is not working over here so have to help myself a bit around on the internet. Some nice footwork from Nelson leaving the ball for Welbeck who sees his shot deflected for a corner that is headed wide by Walcott. Arsenal going further forward and a free kick from Welbeck is headed over by a Sidney defender. Bielik heads the following corner over. A cross from Willock is just kick away in front of Welbeck. The youngsters really linking up nicely with Özil and playing some nice combinations. Walcott at the end of one but the keeper smothers his low shot. Played more than half an hour now and Cech could have stayed in the dressing room so far.

Even when slipping Nelson looks in control of the ball… Özil finding his teammates very well but the flag goes up against Walcott.  Suddenly an infiltration from Sidney, Cech with a low save and the rebound is shot against the post. At the other end Arsenal force a double save from the keeper after shots from Walcott and Coquelin.  But the game a bit more balanced now mostly because of a bit more bad passes from Arsenal.

Willock then with a great run but he had to shoot on the stretch and the keeper can palm his effort away. That would have deserved a goal. When Arsenal speed up things Sidney suffer. Suffer like the with a not working stream at my end of the wire.  Arsenal go in at half time with a 1-0 lead thanks to Captain Per. The youngsters did well so far with some footwork and passing but not enough end product till now.

I will try to get you updated about the changes in the team at half time. But not many changes at first sight when the players come out. Walcott is still on the field and falls a bit awkward on his shoulder but signals to the bench he is okay. It’s been a while now since he had his last shoulder injury.  Martinez has entered the field in the place of Cech it seems.  Arsenal with some early chances but always a Sidney player in the way of the shots. Theo still holding his shoulder a bit….  Martinez goes down well on a shot from Sidney. Nelson at the other end gliding past opponents and his cross finds Brammal who tries to curl it in to the top corner but a great save from the keeper prevents an Arsenal goal.  Welbeck intercepts a backpass and he gives it to Theo who sees his shot blocked. Handball judged the ref and a penalty for Arenal. It was against the back of the defender so not correct. Welbeck seemingly asking his teammates if he is allowed to miss it and he shoots to close to the keeper. He clearly wasn’t concentrated enough to kick it.

Nelson with a good combination but his shot was straight at the keeper. But what a joy on the eye is this young player.  Some Arsenal players are starting to look tired after one hour now.  Martinez with a good save on a deflected shot. He couldn’t afford to spill it as a striker was waiting to poach it home.  A whole new team is preparing itself now for Arsenal.

Players coming on  are: Xhaka, Elneny, Nketiah Lacazette, The Ox, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Giroud, Malen, Iwobi … I might have missed one

Nketiah with a turn and a shot but well wide.  Malen almost gets on the end but a defender can stick his toe against it.  A good attack ends with a shot from Nketiah but the keeper saves it. The Ox with a free kick but saved by the keeper and Arsenal can’t wrap their foot around for the rebound. Xhaka with a lovely long ball to Iwobi but he misses the speed and only a corner is the result. The corner is played towards Nkethia who hits the post. Or was it a great save from the keeper?

Nketiah loses the ball, wins it back gives it to Iwobi who passes it in towards the penalty spot and Lacazette with a cool finish finds the net. GOAL!! 2-0 to the Arsenal. What a way to start your Arsenal career, Alexandre!

Maitland-Niles being a bit too casual results in a corner for Sidney but with some hard work it gets cleared. Elneny also trying to be too friendly for Sidney but Arsenal can win the ball back thanks to Lacazette. The Ox is being fouled but the ref only gives a corner now. You see, it evens out….. well sometimes… Another mixup between Maitland-Niles and Elneny force Martinez to make a big save right at the end.  2-0 the final score.

It was a good first run out for the boys. Lots of youngsters on display and some of them really showed some promise for the future. Lacazette also scoring at his debut is also nice for him.



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  1. Excellent Walter. Very many thanks. My predicted team was… wrong in virtually every regard. Ah well.

  2. You’re right about the stream. Mine on the Arsenal Player kept freezing & having to be reloaded. And I’ve got 75mbps.
    Nice to see Laca get his first & some of those youngsters were outstanding.
    Elneny will never make a central defender though.

  3. Steve, sorri about the mystake….

    Okay…. I will try to make up for that error next Saturday.

    Mind you Sidney does exist but not down under…

  4. Thanks for the report Walter. I too was watching on Arsenal Player, and the streaming tends to freeze from time to time.

    Good show by the lads. Early days though, but very impressed by the newcomers, the young and the experienced. Might be a big headache for Arsene Wenger to choose his starting eleven for the new season, but In Arsene We Trust!

    Looking forward to the Oooooosspinaa to start the next game together with Kolcielny and Ramsey who all set out the game today.

  5. Lots of space to turn with the ball for the boys. I will be interested to see how our young attackers do when put under a strong press. I liked some of the late runs into the box…perfect for Oezil to cut the ball back.

  6. The next game will be another run out for the lads
    before the games start to become more serious.

  7. The Mirror (a newspaper, you read what they produce) sent Chief Correspondent to Sydney, Australia.

    It seems that John Cross must be injured or something, as his article has no writing whatsoever in it. Some big black area on the screen, probably filled by Adobe flash if you trust it (I don’t).

    But why would a newspaper send someone to Sydney, if they aren’t going to send back a written report? Did he get injured, and is unable to type? Did Australian Customs think his computer and/or smartphone was a terrorist device, and impounded it? Couldn’t he rent something locally to type in his report?

    Maybe he has been eating the wrong kind of cow or sheep meat, and has developed a prion?


    Corruption News – Chuck Blazer (USA) has died. Hopefully the septic bladder and the infant one will soon follow.

  8. @Gord

    “Septic bladder” and the “infant one” will soon follow.


    Fully agree with your description!

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