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September 2021
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September 2021

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Arsenal – Leicester : 4-3

By Walter Broeckx

Per Mertesacker not fully recovered or risked with maybe the possibility to see his cut go open again so a change at the back. Monreal being the central defender and Kolasinac slotting in at the left central defence position. Özil also back in the starting line up. On the bench we had the return of Ramsey. Also the first time we have seen Mustafi near the first team this season.

Arsenal XI: Cech, Holding, Monreal, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Our beach is: Ospina, Mustafi, Coquelin, Ramsey, Iwobi, Walcott, Giroud

Arsenal immediately in the attack. A cross from the left goes to Bellerin who cuts the ball back to Elney who crosses it to the middle and Lacazette at the end of the cross and a delightful movement with his head finding the bottom corner. GOAL!!!! 1-0 to The Arsenal after 2 minutes.

Leicester react with a Stoke-throw that finds Mahrez but his volleyed effort goes wide. Leicester keeps on attacking and a long cross finds McGuire who heads it back in front of the goal and Okazaki heads the ball over the line. 1-1 after 5 minutes.

The Ox with a long run but his shot goes over. Lots of energy from both teams for now but not much goal mouth incidents. McGuire pulling back Lacazette to stop a possible dangerous attack from Arsenal but Dean keeps the card in the pocket.

A good attack from Arsenal over the left flank finds Welbeck in space but his shot is blocked by Leicester defender. Welbeck then penetrates and cuts the ball back but somehow Leicester can clear the cross. Seconds later Kolasinac with a volley but Smeichel can save for a corner. Elneny shoots over from the resulting corner. Arsenal then lose the ball deep in their own half and Albrighton picks up the ball and crosses to Vardy who can easily tap it in at the second post. 1-2 after 29 minutes.

Again losing the ball where it shouldn’t be done and Okazaki heads wide. Just as with the second goal losing the ball too easily. Ndidi then stretches out his arm and stops a cross with his outstretched arm so a raised arm that should have been a penalty to Arsenal. But this is Dean so no chance of giving a penalty. Holding defensively not too bad but losing the ball too much leading to a too many dangerous situations so far this match. But Arsenal tries again in the last minute of extra time. Özil to Kolasinac who suddenly is in free space and he plays the ball to Welbeck who has only to tap it over the line. GOAL!!!! 2-2 right at the stroke of half time. Kolasinac with excellent vision and awareness for his teammate and presenting him with a goal on a golden platter.

Leicester with some long throws at the start but Arsenal can clear the early pressure. Again Arsenal lose the ball in defence but no harm this time as Mahrez can’t reach the cross.  Cech then came a long way but luckily he was first on the ball when Vardy was chasing a long ball. The Stoke throws from Leicester causing Arsenal some difficulties.  Arsenal trying to play the ball around and Leicester using the long ball and throw. Leicester with a shot from Mahrez that is tipped over by Cech. Leicester posing more difficulties than Arsenal for the moment in the opening minutes in the second half.  Vardy scores from the resulting corner. 2-3 after 56 minutes.

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The Ox with a shot that is spilled by the keeper but Lacazette was offside for the rebound that was also saved by the way. Welbeck to Bellerin but Smeichel again making a vital save. After 66 minutes Ramsey and Giroud came on in the place of Elneny and Holding. Ramsey at the end of a cross from Lacazette who went on the left flank now but his header went wide. Ramsey with some pain on the ribs after a challenge on the header. The Ox now on the right wing back position and Bellerin on the left flank. Xhaka with a volley but the ball hobbled to Smeichel. Lacazette with a good cross from the left but Özil missed his shot. The Ox with a low shot but just wide. A cross finds Özil in some space but he misses his shot. After 75 minutes Welbeck goes off and Walcott comes on.

A shot from The Ox goes wide and a bit later a shot from distance from Xhaka deflects wide. Özil wins a corner that is half cleared to Xhaka who plays it to Ramsey who controls the ball and puts it over the line. GOAL!!!! 3-3 after 83 minutes.

Ramsey to Giroud who gives it to Lacazette who dances around the defenders but Smeichel with an amazing save for a corner.  Xhaka with the corner and Giroud is pulled down down but still manages to head the ball that goes in from the crossbar. GOAL!!!!!! 4-3 after 86 minutes.

Cech claims the next Stoke throw from Leicester. Dean then invents a foul when Smeichel is out of his goal when Arsenal could have a shot to the empty goal. 5 minutes of extra time. Giroud gives it to Lacazette who gives it to Walcott but he is offside but the shot was saved anyway.  Morgan with a foul on Giroud goes in the yellow book.

Arsenal win the first match of the season in a crazy match!






80 comments to Arsenal – Leicester : 4-3

  • How did the Officials overlook Ozil’s DELIBERATE hand ball? Fucking laughable.

  • Swapneel

    Lightning Speed Walter

  • Swapneel


  • roger crates

    thankyou Walter. i love reading your match reports

  • goonersince72

    1 game 3 points. That’s all that matters. The rest is noise.

  • omgarsenal

    Bad year for the Clintons! Are you a certified referee because otherwise, it is just bad loser syndrome from a Leicester fanboy.

    This kind of win is hard on the cardio-vascular system but does show that we have it in the tank to come back. Hope some of the regulars return to bolster the defense. If Sanchez can get on track like last year, we have sufficient offensive power to get to the top.

  • Great win, a draw would have been bad for confidence.
    Starting unfit ozil ahead of iwobi was a wrong call imho.

  • Dec

    And of course the Leicester handball in the box in the first half will never be mentioned again by the ‘experts’???
    Allez les Gunners!

  • Sky concentrating on Ozil’s so called hand ball! That is not one I would have given, as it was ball to hand, so no intent! Great result, bit nervous at times.

  • Nitram

    If Man city had done this they’d be cheering them to the rafters.

    You score 1 we’ll score 2.

    If you score 2 we’ll score 3.

    Or maybe, if you score 3 WE’LL SCORE 4 ??

    Isn’t that what they’re all looking forward to at the Etihad this season?

    Isn’t it that kind of football that’s going to win them the title?

    Well maybe, just maybe, it might be the type of football that will win US the title. You never know.

    Thing is, when City do it, it’s all jolly good fun and a genius manager. If we do it it’s endless criticism of our defence, and a conclusion that on the basis of that performance we have no chance of winning the league.

    Well we’ll see. For me we were brilliant going forward, but dodgy at the back. But the central 3 where all back ups and the left wing back new, so very understandable.

    In my humble opinion, and at this very early stage, I’m very very optimistic.

  • Clear handball. Leave the personal attacks alone, please.

  • Al

    Loved this.. “Kolasinac sends Mahrez back to Algeria” ?

    This guy is gunner be great?

  • Nitram

    Paul Clinton

    3 Simple questions.

    -Do you remember all those penalties you WON in your title season ?

    -Do you remember your defenders being allowed to Sumo wrestle forwards to the ground without punishment in your title win season ?

    -Have you ever heard of KARMA ?

  • Josif

    We are top of the league!!!

  • GoingGoingGooner

    @Paul Clinton

    How about Ndidi’s handball in the box in the first half? No way was his hand in a natural position even if it was a close kick? Cheer for Spurs much?

  • Steve

    Some good goals but a little fortutous with ozils handball.Need to tighten our defense up if we are to get back into the top 4.

  • Pat

    Another speedy report – thanks Walter!

    When Arsene Wenger was interviewed on the pitch he pointed out we were missing three experienced defenders and it was hard on Holding. Arsene also pointed out how many shots we had and how many shots on target.

    We won! In spite of Dean! Delirious!

  • So now it’s Karma, is it? Laughable position, Nitro, risible.

  • WalterBroeckx

    To be fair to Dean he was consistent in not giving handballs all game. The Leicester handball in the penalty area was a clear deliberate raising the arms to make yourself bigger and thus is was a deliberate handball and it doesn’t matter how close the kick was made. He should have removed his arms.
    Yes Özil controlled the ball but the ref was in no mood to give any handball.
    So we should have had a penalty and one goal maybe disallowed but as to our referee reviews rules once Leicester touch the ball (and they did by clearing the corner) we don’t go further back to the previous handball. If we would have scored directly from the corner then according to our ref review rules we would have ruled out the goal. And remember and give a penalty to Arsenal and let Lacazette score his second goal

  • Nitram

    Apart from him being a bit lenient on yellows for some early fouls on lacazette I thought Dean was not only ok, but pretty good.

    Sorry, but that’s how I saw it.

  • Chris

    Here’s an extract from the Daily Star :

    “As for the Leicester fans, they enjoyed signing “are now you going to believe us, we’re going to win the league” – something they did off course, at odds of 5000-1 two seasons ago.

    And on this showing you had to think they have a better chance than Wenger and his team.” End of quote

    So we beat them 4-3, and we must read some idiot’s biased opinion that Leicester have a better chance at winning the PL then Arsenal ?!?!

    Yeah sure, the away support counts for 12 points at the end of the championship….

  • Nitram

    Paul Clinton

    Sorry, would you prefer:

    ‘Pay Back’ ?


    ‘The Ying and The Yang’ ?


    ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ ?

    It’s up to you, either way, it feels great.

  • Nitram


    27 shots

    10 on target.


    6 shots.

    The Star? Honestly?

  • Chris

    And they are all at it. This was a robery, the ref should have spotted Mesut’s handball… not one single mention of the Leicester (penalty)handball in the first half.
    They are all fuming because they cannot play the script they were hoping for : asking for Mr Wenger’s dismissal.

    Just useless. And pathetic

  • WalterBroeckx

    And for those saying Wenger doesn’t do tactics :
    We’re now playing 4-2-3-1 – and the team line up as follows…
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – Monreal – Kolasinac – Bellerin
                                        Ramsey – Xhaka
                                  Welbeck – Ozil – Lacazette

  • Richard

    Paul Clinton, how on “Earth” did the Officials miss Ndidi ‘s handball in the penalty box when his hands should be behind his back when defending a cross? Just saying.Go figure man!!!!

  • Goonermkey

    Don’t you just love Amy (the supposed Gooner) Lawrence, “Leicester will be wondering how they go home having lost”………..we scored four goals and they only had three effing shots on target Amy. Get real and start reporting facts rather than trying to create something from nothing. You’re a poor excuse for for both a football writer and, most definitely, a Gooner

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Never mind that ball to the left hand of Ozil which was down. Mike Dean saw it and didn’t whistle for a free kick to Leicester because it was ball to hand. And true, what about that handling of the ball by a Fox in his box in the first half which should have been a penalty to Arsenal? For, that Fox raised his hand up to stop the ball which Mike Dean saw but he only gave us a corner kick.

    The game became tough for us after Okasaki has cancelled out Lacazette opening goal in the game for us within few minutes of starting the match. I think it was that our early goal in the match that turned the Gunners heads as they became overconfident in the game and our back three defence-line became lacadesiskal in protecting Cech as Vardy pounced on a crossing ball to score the Foxes 2nd goal before Kolasinac combined with Welbeck to equalize for us at the death of half time.

    But surprisingly, Vardy registered his 2nd goal in the match from a corner against the run of play which sent jitters down into our spines as we begin to think if we are going to have another bad start to the season again. But God in His mercies on us rescued us from that disaster as our two substitutes of Ramsey and Giroud made sure we didn’t suffer any blushes from this match by scoring the equalising goal and the winning goal which gave us all the 3 points that were at stake in the match. We thank God indeed for this favour He Has done to us.

    Should Le Prof play the back three defense-line at Stoke? I think he should revert to the back four defense-line there next week until when he has Mertesacker, Koscielny and Mustafi available to play. Maybe he could play the back three at Liverpool. But certainly not at Stoke if that shaky back three that played against Leicester tonight at Ems who conceded 3 crossing ball goals tonight are the ones that will play in the match at Stoke. NO!

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Not the most assured victory but whether we would have scored or not, I felt optimistic when the team went forward. I loved the way Kolasinac and, later on, the Ox, would quickly transition from defence to offence. It really put the pressure on Leicester. Ox would make runs and Kolasinac did, too but it really was the direct long balls of Kolasinac that caused trouble.

  • Nitram

    To add to my comment on Dean earlier.

    I wouldn’t of given a penalty for any of our claims, even though the Ndidi one was very giveable, and I bow to Walters knowledge that it should of been, but I still would give, and I swear I did at the time, the benefit of the doubt to Dean, as long as he was consistent, and he was.

    But neither would I of given Ozils. And certainly Dean couldn’t, given earlier decisions, and he didn’t.

    Fair play I say.

  • Right, Richard, Wilfred N. should not have raised his hands in protection from a volley made only feet away. Got it mate. Anyway, VAR will finally be with us all next season (what a farce the modern sport of footy remains while EVERY other competition enjoys right of call, eh?) and then others can call it “as it is on the ground.” In the meanwhile we’ll simply have to accept the performances of bought officials like Dean & Co.

    Have a great season, Dirty Arses. And I’ll remember that wee chestnut re. Karma courtesy of Nitro.


  • WalterBroeckx

    Funny also how the media didn’t went wild about Dean missing the handball goal from Crouch for Stoke last season. Well it will be a coincidence of course…. LOL

  • WalterBroeckx

    Paul, Untold Arsenal has been shouting for VAR for about 7-8 years. As I was the one calling for it at that time. We will gladly accept the decisions from the VAR. But even the VAR wouldn’t have ruled out Ramsey’s goal. Because the handball foul was in a previous fase and not directly involved in the build up of that goal.
    The VAR should have given a penalty for the handball foul from Leicester.

    Yes Untold Arsenal is still very much in favour of the VAR. It can’t come soon enough

  • Chris


    to add to the ‘don’t do tactics’, no one is mentionning that suddendly we had Bellerin who always plays on the right playing on the left and the Ox on the right side (he definitely had a better game then Bellerin).

    Mr Wenger must have spotted an opening on the left side of the Leicester defense. And considering that Ramsey’s goal happens when 3 Arsenal players are free on the attacking right side in the box, he was spot on.

    And his changes in the middle of a possession period, inputing 2 powerful players like Ramsey and Giroud, followed by Walcott’s speed was just too much to handle for them.

    In this game, to me, he demonstrated that now we have power, the one that comes with large and strong bodies : Ox, Tank, Giroud, Ramsey, Lacazette, not just speed. And this will, I believe, be a lethal combination.

    And talking about speed and power, the Tank is incredible…and the way he danced around Mahrez….just great. Guess this guy is going to be a regular. Ah and wait, how much did he cost us ?!?!

  • Nitram

    Haven’t, and will not read any media reports on the game (well, except because I like a Yankee on Saturday I have to take the Sun, so I wont be able to avoid their bullshit tomorrow) but I know the biased garbage we’ll get from them. It’ll be like Clintons above, except without the chance to refute a word they say.

    In the end Clinton concedes, all be it ungraciously, that “…… should not have raised his hands in protection from a volley made only feet away”, it sure as hell will not be conceded in the same way by the media, either graciously or ungraciously.

    Lets hope that’s the last we hear from Clinton.

    I wish I could of said the same about the Sun many years ago.

  • Goonermkey

    As objective as ever the BBC headline reads, “Arsenal rally to avoid another opening day defeat.” After all three opening day defeats in the last 23 years is pretty habitual. Or maybe the BBC just can’t help themselves…………again.

  • Leon

    A game of two handballs, ‘course they were, both of them, but Dean let them go, even though he was right on top of Ozil when he made his. How many seasons is it that we have started without key defenders? Three central defenders out!
    Great, very deserved result & not too bad by Dean TBH.
    This probably won’t make it onto the blog as I’m in disgrace.

  • Al

    Absolutely agree with your description of Kolasinac. I was of the same view too after watching him in action for only 30 minutes or so in pre-season, was particularly impressed by his skill and posted about it here;

    The way he skinned Mahrez today was unbelievable, and to think it was from a defender.. I’ve no idea why this guy was “unknown” (guess that’s the problem of the media here; focus is on PL players only…) but everyone is going to become aware of him pretty soon.

  • OlegYch

    Paul, it indeed seemed deliberate in slow-mo, but think about it for a second, why would Ozil want to handle the ball if it was falling to his feet anyway
    as for Ndidi handball i think Dean was right too, as it was too close to react
    Walter, there is no such thing as ‘raising the arms to make yourself bigger’ offense in the laws of the games, though the rules are rather ambiguous – ‘the ref should consider the speed and proximity of the ball, the position of the hand does not necessarily constitute an infringement’
    imo unless fifa clarifies the rules Ndidi did not make an infringement

    overall it was an enjoyable game and we demonstrated great spirit, but Rib will probably not play in the following games
    as for referring, it was fair, but i think it will deteriorate rapidly, just like in previous too seasons, i’m happy that we had Dean this early in the season

  • Gunnerjoe

    I am I the only one who thinks the barge on Ramsey that left him winded was a penalty.
    If you look at it Ramsey was about to head the ball in to the goal the defender hit with he’s shoulder in the middle of he’s back.
    With absolutely no attempt to get the ball just played Ramsey.
    Not sure there’s been many replays of this foul.

  • Pat

    I wondered about that foul on Ramsey too, Gunnerjoe. I’d be interested to hear Walter’s view.

  • Gunnerjoe

    So would I Pat

  • Nitro, you missed the sarcasm, mutt. Ndidi had every right to protect himself from a volley made only feet from him unlike Ozil who rather judiciously controlled the ball with his arm. Everyone and their Aunt’s dachshund – that includes Carra – spotted his bullshit and for Friday night Footy, that amounts to tens of millions worlwide. At the very least, I seriously mean the VERY LEAST, Dean should have issued a card and stopped play and issued a spot kick at the exact spot where Ozil cheated. None of that happened. None.

    But make no mistake, my wee mutt, many fans who appreciate “fairness” in football DID witness Dean & Co. overlooking this and again, the FA and their toadies come out the losers.

    How’s that for Karma?

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Read Amy Lawrence’s take on the match.

    I am wondering whether she saw the same match as I did.

    Apparently we were scrambling around for the majority of the match trying to keep our heads attached. Leicester’s second goal ‘sucked the confidence out of Arsenal’…so much so that we drew equal in first half injury team. Shinji Okazaki, when he scored was ‘sparkier than any opponent’ whereas Sead Kolasinac merely ‘ambled’ forward (like a slow moving bear?) in like circumstances to set up Welback. I thought we were pretty much in control and after each Leicester goal we came back with 2 or 3 of our own chances.

    Curiously she mentioned the non-handball call on Oezil but not the non-handball call on Ndidi. Shades of Jamie Carragher, but at least he’s got his Scouser pedigree to lean on apparently Ms. Lawrence has forgotten her roots.

    Ms. Lawrence clearly was preparing for a loss as she wrote ” but the bad news is they ended their first game of the season with a classically dysfunctional defence. It was an extraordinary combination – a midfield player at right-back, two left-backs at centre-back and a right-back at left-back. Confused? Who wouldn’t be. Leicester had all the clarity as they took advantage and a 3-2 lead into the final stages of an intoxicating tussle.”

    Sadly for her, we came back and she had to tack on a couple of late paragraphs describing our victory…even noting that the substitutes were ‘influential’ but missing the point that the substitutes and the confusing 4-2-3-1 with the Ox at right full and Bellerin at left full got the job done…GOT THE JOB DONE.

    Personally, I would be congratulating Mr. Wenger for an astute tactical move rather than continuing with the anti-Arsenal drivel she had been writing since kick-off.

  • Gord

    The Numbers (Arsenal:Leicester)

    Shots on Target 10:4
    Off target 10:2
    Corners 9:4
    Offsides 5:3
    Fouls 9:12
    Yellow 0:1
    Goal Kicks 7:12

    %Arsenal Possession
    _5 66
    10 58
    15 62
    20 66
    25 75
    30 75
    35 73
    40 70
    45 71
    45+3 71
    50 71
    55 71
    60 70
    65 71
    70 71
    75 71
    80 71
    85 71
    90 70
    90+6 70

    They get the only card of the game, 4 minutes into extra time. What’s the matter Dean/dickhead, cards glued into pocket?

    I’m just getting back from hospital now. My Mom had an accident a week ago.

  • Gord

    Yes Leon, you are a disgrace as an Arsenal SUPPORTER.

  • Dec

    Hope everyone’s well soon Gord.

  • Gord

    Thanks Dec. I do too.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Ndidi protecting himself?????? LOL…. Er, protecting yourself is only when you put your hand in front of your face or your private parts. Raising your arms to shoulder height is NOT protecting yourself. But probably one of the pundits used those words to defend it Paul?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Hope your mother will be better soon, Gord

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO, HOO ! Well done and well fought boys ! A great fightback to get all three points . Was able to watch only the second half from 2-2 , so not able to comment on the non given penalty to us.
    As I had woken up at around 4 am ,and was not able to go right back to sleep, I watched the erroneously called ‘highlight’ show – it should be called the bitchin’ show – and had to hear some utter shite from the likes of Shearer and Wright .
    Note to self – have a glass or two of wine right after the game and jump into bed. Or jump on the bones of wife !

    Gord – 12/08/2017 at 2:21 am – hope your mom gets well soon .

  • WalterBroeckx

    Funny, an incident that in a VAR review system would not be reviewed is now THE news of the match for pundits (Özil handball) but a clear not given penalty handball is ignored. For years Dean has f*cked us time and time again and the media never mentioned it until our campaign was so loud they just said that he was our bogey ref. And now Dean after years of f*cking us over missed an incident and they are all over Arsenal. They are not over Dean but no, it’s Arsenal’s fault. Maybe the media could focus more on Dean? And on the not given handball penalty against Leicester.
    If they want to focus on Dean they are free to use all our analysis being done over the past 8-9 years….. We have talked about Dean and his “errors” time and time and time and time and time again….

  • WalterBroeckx

    LOL and a real Gooner, you know not one of those foreign boys like me and Gord who are being called “idiots”, tossers and losers, but kissers, ….
    You might even think this real Gooner is unhappy with Arsenal winning their opening match of the season?
    Maybe he had already ordered a plane with a banner?
    Stephen I suggest you just keep your visites reserved for other Arsenal sites that will be more to your liking. If I read your comments you clearly have something against non-English Arsenal supporters.

  • Sam Sayyed

    Paul Clinton,

    Two incidents in your penalty box not given to Arsenal.

    Ramsey was shoulder barged in the chest by Fuchs. There was no attempt to play the ball as there was no chance for Fuchs to reach it. He merely barged into Ramsey when Ramsey was mid air. Funnily the commentator said it was good defending!

    And you think Ndidi was protecting himself? Like splaying himself about like a frog? He wasn’t trying to shield his face or his groin which would’ve counted as protecting himself.

  • Swapneel

    Completely agree with Sam and Walter’s comments on Paul

    Somehow Paul only sees Ozil handball but completely ignore the handball by Ndidi

  • Swapneel

    Amy Lawrence according to some members here actually writes balanced articles and think Walter needlessly targets her, what do you have to say about her article on today’s game.

  • Porter

    I haven’t seen any replays but Was Okasaki offside on the first cross before it was headed back to him to score ? and if he was does that still count as the offside rules are as clear as mud ?

  • Chris


    Any manager from the big teams, be it Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Zidane etc would have been called a tactical genius by her and the Kommetariat to have the guts to field a defence that completely changed the game. Against the speed of vardy and Mahrez, we suddendly had speed at the back to prevent taking a goal on a counter. And we had more bodies upfront with speed and skill. And looking at possession stats (thanks Gord), it is clear he was right on point. Starting after the 3rd Leicester goal I don’t think they came dwn into our box or even into our half very often.

    But then Mr Wenger does not do tactics, he doesn’t even know what that means, has no idea how and when to make changes during a game and did not spend half a billion euros in the transfer market this year…..

    It’s really disgusting. When Arsenal lose, they are bad. when they win – and in style – they are worse.

    F… them, I had a great time watching the game and I enjoyed it. They all ought to get a life.

    And Paul Clinton, what in the world are you doing here on UA ?

  • John L

    Amy Lawrence is from the same branch of Arsenal “supporters” as Piers Morgan.

    How disappointed she must have been when Ramsey and Giroud spoilt her pre-scripted story.

  • marcos

    Walter if Mourinho had made those changes n won he would be called Genius but for Arsene it’s madness

  • Nitram

    Paul Clinton

    Do you actually believe what you are saying?

    If so, for your own good please stop, because to be fair you sound a bit silly.

    “Protecting himself”. Really?

  • Walter, if you honestly believe that VAR would not have reviewed Ozil’s control of the ball with his arm then you are dreaming. It seems, however, that every “fair thinking” Footy pundit has called Ozil on his cheating and the pathetic act was witnessed by tens of millions in real time. Check Ozil’s expression of disbelief (at not being called out by Dean) immediately after he handles the ball for confirmation. The cheat is gobsmacked that has escaped a card. Rather hilarious actually.

    And I get it: this is your forum and no Fosse supporter should call bullshit on your absurdly jaded opinion! But remember the real loser here is the FA and by extension Arsenal. Just as none respect Henry’s blatant cheating at the WC, lovers of Footy the world over will now view Ozil in the same light. You guys lost last night but you don’t know it yet!

  • Alex

    The focus before the game onthe media was that we have the habit of Loosing the first game at home and bla.bla bla

    Now that we won is hand ball thing on the focus
    3 points on the bag …swallow it .

  • Jammy J

    Did I watch a different match to a few others on here? The Ndidi handball was as clear as day. To say that he was using his hands to protect himself, is absolutely nonsense. The ball was flying over his head, what part of his body was he trying to protect?! How can you even argue that, with a straight-fact? His arms were clearly raised, to make himself bigger, before the ball had even been kicked. Doesn’t matter how far away he was, his arms should never have been in that position, in the first place.

    Saying that, Ozil seemed to intentionally control the ball with his arm, which, of course, led to the corner where we scored our goal. In this match, things did seem to even out.

  • Gunner6


    You keep bitching about Paul’s handball yet defend the Foxes handball. Let’s call it even. We disallow Arsenal’s goal from that but surely we would have got one from the non given penalty. So what are you crying about?

    Thing is Paul’s handball still had so many permutations before the goal was scored. And you bleat about that?

    While you have a point in calling Henry’s WC handball, you must then call Geoff Hurst’s under cross bar goal too? Or closer to home, Huth’s handball and jersey tugging during Leicester’s title winning season?

    Shall we go on and list out each and every offence committed for and against each of our team? I think you will find much more in your favour.

    But we don’t need to go that far and just stick with yesterday’s match. Ozil handball goal disallowed (-1 Arsenal goal). Foxes handball Arsenal penalty (+1 Arsenal goal). So we are back to square one.

    Anything else?

  • Gunner6

    Sorry Untold-lers, just can’t stand the poor and non-sensical defence put up by Paul C.

    Need to get it off my chest.

  • Jammy J Go to 3:58 for the Ndidi handball. What part of his body were his hands protecting? Honestly, how can anyone say that he is protecting his body? The abject blindness of some football fans, is just staggering.

  • finsbury


    Why read the crap written by the desperate hungry spawn of Alan Partdrige when you can read about the Football written here and elsewhere! 🙂

    These hack dwarves have zero credibility left.

  • Menace

    Paul Clinton get back into your closet.

    Dean saw the Ozil incident & felt it was ball to hand unlike your ‘hands on balls’. The reality is that one yellow card to a team that consistently dived & consistently pulled Lacazette down is a sad indictment of the PGMOL cheats. In fact you new defender was trying it on with Giroud & the officials & TV pundits ignored the obvious ban probability. Dean is not suitable as an official just as several Leicester players are not suitable to be called footballers and you Paul Clinton need a little sunshine.

  • Oldham Gooner

    Hope your family is alright Gord, I agree with Gunner6 and everyone else calling out the trolls, here and in mainstream media. Same battle with all the haters and cheaters, but still 3 points to us.


  • omgarsenal

    Clinton….for a guy who objects to being called a bad loser and a fanboy, when you call others ¨mutts¨and ¨wee mutt¨ and so on, it shows your hypocrisy! The only loser is you and your jaded repetition of handball guilt, despite you not being an official, probably lacking any understanding of the laws of the game and clearly being a VERY sore loser.
    We won, you lost and suck it up…..whether you’re a foxes or spuds fanboy.

  • omgarsenal We won, you lost and suck it up ……….whether you’re a foxes or a spuds fanboy. Funny.
    Supported Fosse since ’72 and really can’t abide the abomination that is Spurs. Never quite considered my “fanboy” options before today but will take that forward along with the Karma chestnut fom Nitro. No. I seriously get it: by any means necessary, Arsenal secured 3 points against Fosse. And it was done on a Friday evening that unveiled the new Premier League Season and watched by tens of millions of fans who witnessed a dubious offside equalising goal, a laughable ‘take down” by a German no 11 beyond his prime and Giroud fouling two Foxes while heading the “winning” goal. It was ALL seen LIVE, by Carra, Sky , former official Hackett et al. If that’s how you wanna be seen by football’s fraternity than I’m afraid that my assertion stands regarding the real losers be the Dirty Arses – you fanboys.

    Make no mistake, VAR is coming to the English Prem and the days of Top 5 clubs receiving biased, risible calls will soon be over. It’s a shame the FA have to be dragged into modern sport when others have adopted VAR for decades but hey, the English have always balked at accountability. It’s that tiger hunt and tea party thing, eh?

  • Anyhoo, Arses, do hope you get another accommodating official at Stoke. I’m off to have another green tea and appreciate my collection of Dali, Goya originals. The dachshund may also need a constitutional.
    I’ll check in next week. Coolio?

  • Gunner6


    Don’t bother coming back if you only keep harping about Arsenal’s transgressions.

    Pulling by Giroud? I guess the Leicester defender’s hands were massaging Giroud’s nipples.

    I can’t believe the idiocy of your argument.

    Stay away please.

  • Nope, I’ll be back. You’ll just have to ban me. And that would be quite in keeping with your inherent natures. N’est pas?

  • Gunnerjoe

    Paul Clinton
    there’s a saying it’s better to remain silent and have the world wonder are you a fool than open your mouth and confirm it.
    This is advise you should take there’s been some myopic posting on this site over the years you are right up there

  • Gunner6

    Who said anything about banning you?
    Please don’t overstate your importance.

  • Va Cong

    Hope all is better soon Gord. Paul C wow you’re a new kind of special I had to comment. Well done lads we won regardless of the ref.

  • Alex Dieuzeide

    When I was a kid I asked my dad what was the meaning of “fair play” used by a french pundit on TV.
    He answered me that we – french people – were using an english word, because fair play was a noble state of mind characteristic of english players and fans respectful of their oponents.

    As a naive kid, I trusted him and I was so seduced by such a spirit! Unfortunately, it seems that even in Britain, some fans can be totaly stupid…
    Btw Paul, “N’est pas” is not the correct syntax at all. (Et ça, j’en suis absolument certain.). But thinking about your “fair play” manners, I’m afraid you would say I’m wrong.

  • Gooner S

    @Paul Clinton

    I can see why you believe that Ozil handled the ball. I felt Leicester did the same in the first half. Both could have been given. They weren’t. That said Leicester didn’t defend the following corner after Ozil’s ‘handball’. As for your comments about Mike Dean. If you have just a modicum of understanding of past matches that Dean has refereed involving Arsenal you will realise that you are way off the mark. It is not a cosy relationship between Mr Dean & Arsenal.