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May 2021

Dramatic Arsenal transfer news as all credibility flies out of the window and Jack needs more surgery

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is really important to stay in touch with the bloggettas these days so that we know exactly where we are.   Football London for example today tells us that

The end of August is edging ever closer

You can just imagine the panic in and around the training grounds of PL clubs (as they love to say in the Daily Express).  Not to mention among calendar makers.  And there is more because this dramatic outspin of the eighth month of the year means…

there is even less time for managers to get their big-name deals over the line before the transfer window slams shut.

Now that is a biggie.  Time is only moving in one direction!!!  Who ever would have thought it!!!

So what have we got.   Well, its big news from Sportskeeda…

1: Alexis is going Mad

Real Madrid transfer round-up: Alexis-Benzema swap deal in place.  According to Sport 360 the move is aided by the fact that Manchester City have got bored with the story and are buying Eden Hazard instead, and who cares about FFP anyway, because they are about to be banned from all transfers for a year by CAS.  (Actually Sport 360 didn’t put in the last bit because news about Man City’s dodgy doings is banned from all newspapers and bloggettas by mutual agreement).

2: But Chelsea are buying everyone

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According to the same source Chelsea have decided that one defeat tells them everything they need to know about their squad and in one fell swoop they are buying…

Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Clubcall (a bloggetta) has the headline “rivals keen on star” and I got rather fascinated by this one being a keen amateur astronomer, and thus wondering if is was Sirius, Rigel, Deneb or the infamous Beetlejuice.  But no, it was the Ox.   Buying heavenly bodies would be amusing though.  More on this anon.

3: And Jack has found a new home

Yes this is according to the Star – the sort of intellectual version of Sportskeeda, which says he is going to Aston Villa and the deal is as good as done.

Although elsewhere this morning there are reports on him going to Juventus, Newcastle, West Ham, Swansea and Sampdoria.  So that is about one limb each. Poor Jack – more surgery.

4:  Mahrez is our backup for Alexis

The Mahrez story has been on – off – off -off – off – on – off … well you get the idea, for months now, but apparently Just Arsenal News know exactly what is going on because they tell us with a certainty only seen in blogetta pages that he will move to Arsenal the moment Alexis goes.

5:  Credibility out of the window

I am not sure if Red London is now owned by Sky or whether they have lost all sense of reality, as they are running the headline that “Sky Sports journalist reveals transfer moves Wenger is now working on”.  Now given Sky Sports recent record in nonsense that seems unlikely but still Dharmesh Sheth is given a platform to tell us all.  And he says… 

“The priority at the Emirates is to trim the squad before making any more signings.  Arsenal are listening to offers for Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy.  Talks are continuing with Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain over their futures.  Both have a year left on their Arsenal contracts.”

And their summary of this?

“Be the first to receive breaking news about Arsenal!”   (And I promise you, that story appeared at 0604 BST this morning 16 August.  Don’t say we are not first to bring you the news of the news appearing first on the news).

Well actually you can say it because we never interfere with freedom of speech.

6.  Best left to your imagination

Of course we don’t just print details of any old story that comes along.  For example this morning the Star has

Fan Outraged As Girlfriend Puts Snapchat Bunny Filter On Pic With Arsene Wenger 

But we wouldn’t dream of putting that up.

7.  Arsenal to sign Asensio

Now this is odd as the Daily Canon is now quoting Football London, which probably means they are owned by the same newspaper.   Anyway, “Real Madrid legends have hailed reported Arsenal target Marco Asensio, tipping the midfielder for a bright future.    According to Football London, there are reports in Spain claiming that Arsenal could be trying to sign him. Ignoring how unlikely the story is, Asensio is incredibly highly rated. Several Madrid legends have bigged him up.”

8:  Lucas Perez

Brighton & Hove Albion are being linked with a move.  According to the 4th Official

9:  Arsenal manager fighting to keep hold of Alexis Sanchez

That turns up at 7.05am, just as Untold was about to publish, so we had to stop and put that in, because it is news isn’t it?  Well…

10:  Ryan Sessegnon

Tottenham have had a bid rejected for Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon, which could put the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City on alert.  That’s also in the Canon.  At least it is fairly new.

More anon.

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7 comments to Dramatic Arsenal transfer news as all credibility flies out of the window and Jack needs more surgery

  • Chris


    I’ve kind of lost track of the ’25’ situation at Arsenal.

    A quick page with a rundonw/summary on it and what it means in terms of outgoing transferts/loans would be helpful in these days of total blogetta bedlam/BS/nonsense/fake-news and put some sense back into Arsenal’s situation.

    I believe I’d not be the only grateful one.

    Thanks in advance !

  • para

    In these last days of the transfer window i suppose much can happen, so i am not going to be surprised as there is certainly deals being negotiated as i type, and we can only hope Arsenal gets their way for most of them darn deals.

    What ever happens we have strengthened our team though, so things dont look too bad, but others have also strengthened so we continue to, as AW says, always look for a talent, bargain and a good deal.

    If we can navigate our EL games this season without damaging our PL chances, that will be so great.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    The fact remains on ground that Arsenal have strengthened this summer but are yet to strengthens enough. And if this lack of strengthening enough is not addressed before the current transfer window is shut, this could undo Arsenal PL win this season.

    Le Prof cannot be holding on to average quality and injury prone players and expected Arsenal to win the PL. He has held on to them again and again over the seasons but that has not seen Arsenal crossed over the line with them. But what is making Le Prof believe that by holding on to them once again this season will make Arsenal win the PL title I don’t know but he knows best.

    Are Arsenal finding it difficult to offload some of their on the fringe players if not all of them in the transfer market this window? If that is the reason why they’ve been unable to do further top qualify signings of a holding midfielder, a versatile midfielder and possibly another striker all this summer imo, then Arsenal must find solution to this problem that’s mitigating against the club to offload their on the fringe and injury prone Gunners they want to offload and should offload. So that they can sign the additional 2 – 3 senior team new players they ought to sign this simmer to fully strengthened this their senior team squad this summer.

  • Chris

    There is one statement Mr Wenger made that I found vers significant. He is quoted as saying that no player has handed in a transfer request. (No idea if Perez is in that group or already considered as gone)

    So this means all these players want to stay. And I guess they have good reasons, and probably not only the financial part. They see a future in the team.
    And this, I believe, bodes well

  • Jammy J

    I remember the exact article where the Ozil to Barca story came from. It was this shitty, low-budget, French blog (judging by the pictures for the other articles on there, it offered the same kind of content as the Daily Star). It was about 3 paragraphs long and offered absolutely no source for this information.

    I even made a comment, saying just watch how this story will blow up. Lo and behold, you’ve now got all of these different blogs, articles and tabloids, quoting each other, saying that Ozil wants to leave Arsenal and is planning to join Barcelona, and people actually believe this nonsense!

    (Sorry if this is a double-post, my other comment isn’t appearing)

  • Menace

    I’m glad you’re called Sir Hardly. These last few days of sirmo some more and some more sirmo sirmo sirmo some more have lost the thread sirmo some more. Perhaps he’s available to run around for Arsenal with a some more sirmo banner!

  • nicky

    I’ve long adopted a mental hibernation attitude during every transfer window insofar as our great Club is concerned.
    To seriously try and absorb all the rumours, forecasts and outright fiction that the media produces is downright dangerous to one’s sanity!
    Accordingly I concentrate on cricket, golf and athletics until the window closes and then enjoy seeing how the new blood will fare in our season to come.
    Can’t wait! 😉