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June 2021

Arsenal, Lemar, Di Maria, Mbappe, Draxler, Alexis. The tangled web is about to unfold. Are you ready?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

This really is a perfect message for people who argue that Wenger is an idiot, Arsenal are slow, and any and every other manager this side of Sirius B could complete the deals that Arsenal need.

Here we go.

Arsenal have agreed a deal with Monaco for Lemar for £92m

But Monaco will only sell if they get Angel Di Maria from PSG.

For PSG to do that deal they need to turn the Kylian Mbappe deal from a one year loan as it is laid down at the moment into a proper transfer.  (We reckon that they won’t get away with the loan fiasco anyway, but apparently someone at PSG thinks they will.  See yesterday’s piece on PSG).

But the French Football Federation have refused to sign off the deal for Mbappe’s loan to PSG because it looks fishy (I wish I knew that the French was for “this deal looks fishy to me”).  What with PSG paying £166 million transfer in 2018 but being able to play the player all the way through this season.  Bonkers? Yes.

Then again PSG argue moving the Mbappe deal into a permanent one now would certainly bring them up before the beak over Financial Fair Play rules.  The fact that we, and most of Europe, reckon the loan deal won’t work anyway, doesn’t seem to be moving them.  They want their lawyers involved, but apparently they can’t decide.

So PSG have said they will sell Julian Draxler to Arsenal to balance the books, and everyone was happy with that until Draxler said he didn’t want to leave France having only just moved there eight months ago from Wolfsburg.

Manchester City still want to get Alexis Sanchez for £60m and Arsenal are said to have agreed, providing they can do the Lemar and Draxler deals.  But other sources say Arsenal have most certainly not agreed.

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One thing of course is certain.  It is all Arsenal’s fault.

Has to be.

Stands to reason.

From Bournemouth to the Tottenham Hots.  Our take on supporters of rival teams.  (I promise it will calm you down.  Or maybe not).

52 comments to Arsenal, Lemar, Di Maria, Mbappe, Draxler, Alexis. The tangled web is about to unfold. Are you ready?

  • Leon

    I hear that Arsenal agreed a sale of Sanchez to City (£60 million) And also with Monaco for Lemar (£90 million) it was too late to work out the players Terry’s & he’s playing tonight, so all deals off.

  • Leon

    Work out the players terms not Terry’s

  • Keownbitmeref

    What’s going on at PSG is another story entirely. If we’re in this position now we can’t blame anyone else.

    Just really sad because it seems pretty clear that not one of those players actually wants to be at the Arsenal.

  • Chris

    Considering Sanchez’ body language, general behaviour these past weeks, I’d rather have him gone for good, for a good amount of cash.
    Mind you we could still get Draxler in January when he has figured out that he can’t have a real go at playing and needs time to be Worldcup fit.
    Leicester has shown that motivation is a factor in winning the league – yes yes, refereeing was odd – but nobody can tell me the players did not give their all in each and every game and with the guys Arsenal has, I am convinced there is much better to do. Alexis gone means Iwobi and Nelson have a far better chance to be on the pitch and a forward line of Lacazette, Giroud and Walcott or Welbeck is not bad either. Yes, I admit, I hope for a Wilshire return and could see him next to Ozil. I have absolutely no doubt these players have qualities and all the motivation required.

    If football is down to how much money you spend and the rest is not worth a sh..t, then there is no reason to go to the games anymore. Let the clubs auction of the PL tropy and then we are done with it. The winner keeps it for a year, does not need to play the PL and the others teams can go about their business.

    Everybody says the sky is the limit as far as money in sports is concerned, citing the USA as an example. They forget one major point : the system over there was set up ‘intelligently’. Each league has worked hard to ensure that some kind of balance exists, that each team can have a chance, etc etc.

    In the US it was set-up by INTELLIGENT and COMPETENT people who are running the leagues – yep, sure there are issues here and there – and meking sure it is a show. Alas in England, and in UEFA and FIFA we seem NOT to have these qualities, but instead have greed, stupidity, greed, short-termism, and corruption.

    The rare dissenting voices I have heard about are those of Ueli Hoeness from Bayern and another german coach.

  • Hunter13

    yep i want sanchez out of arsenal as well ..but if he stays i hope koscielny breaks him in half in some training session.. fuck you alexis

    or better go to city next year for free …lets meet you in champions league final 2019 and giroud scoring the winner while you pull your shorts up and cry like in those voiceover brasilian soap operas…

  • Menace

    I hear that the world is sinking & that is why everywhere is flooding. I also hear that everyone wants to leave Arsenal except for the idiots who claim to support the club. Did someone say evidence? Hearsay I tell you. It’s all in the imagination. The Manager doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ooops that’s Wenger winner of several trophies including 7 FA cups & going undefeated for a whole season despite the PGMOL. I want to learn some of that.

    I must repeat that £35 million plus sides is too expensive for an Ox. He’s bound to get roasted & served up with scouse.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    If I have my ways in this latest incoming and outgoing Arsenal transfer deadline day news as it’s has happened and affected them today the transfer deadline day this summer, I would have preferred Alexis have his ways to go to Man City who made a bidding to sign him from Arsenal just yesterday. Instead of them to have submitted their bidding to sign him to Arsenal with at least 5 days to deadline day to go. Had they done this, there would have been sufficient time to sort things out to conclude both the transfers of Sanchez to Ma City and that of Lemar or Draxler to Arsenal despite the reported media reports that claims both Draxler and Lemar have said, they will prefer not to come to the Emirates Stadium but ply their trades elsewhere or remain stay put at their clubs. Was is it Man City that caused these tri–party clubs transfer failures to occur in Nigerian today. Yes, I think they are the ones and not the Arsenals that caused this massive failure to ocoured today.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Menace – The good ship Arsenal is not sinking , and still fully stocked that’s why the rats haven’ t jumped off yet !
    Some may have even jumped back on too !

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    If I have my ways in this latest incoming and outgoing Arsenal transfer deadline day news as it’s has happened and affected them today the transfer deadline day this summer, I would have preferred Alexis have his ways to go to Man City who made a bidding to sign him from Arsenal just yesterday. Instead of them to have submitted their bidding to sign him to Arsenal with at least 5 days to deadline day to go. Had they done this, there would have been sufficient time to sort things out to conclude both the transfers of Sanchez to Ma City and that of Lemar or Draxler to Arsenal despite the reported media reports that claims both Draxler and Lemar have said, they will prefer not to come to the Emirates Stadium but ply their trades elsewhere or remain stay put at their clubs. Was is it Man City that caused these tri–party clubs transfer failures to occur today? Yes, I think they are the ones and not the Arsenals that caused this massive failure to ocoured today.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    The late attempts by Aresnal to sign Lemar or Draxler that is thought to be over could be back on as Goal is reporting that PSG have completed the signing of Mbappe on loan from AS Monaco? Would this signing then pave way for Arsenal to sign Lemar or Draxler since PSG will still have to offload a player for a big money collection I would have thought to either Monaco or Arsenal to evade FFP sanction later? Well, I don’t know much about the intricacies involved in transfer deadline day. But let’s wait to see what will finally happens for us. It could still be our preferred positive to see Alexis go and in come Lemar or Draxler.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Lemar should be careful not to allow the adage of one man’s food becomes another man’s poison for him if it was the Ox refusal to go Chelsea but Liverpool he has seen and have his head turned to reportedly be rejecting coming to Arsenal but wants to go to Liverpool. The world is not like that. He is not Sterling but Lemar and every person has his own destined destination in his life.

  • victor kay

    Sanchez to man city will always hurt the fans who are now saying he should go. Sanchez has not behaved too badly , realizing that he will be 30 next year he has realized that he has only one big move left and that’s why he has been trying to get a big move. Now that it has collapsed, I have no doubt that he will give his best to the club and we may even convince him to sign a new contract. What baffles me in all these is arsenal trying to spend 92 million on Lemar. Why is the money not being used to buy a defensive midfielder and a central defender?

  • James

    Arsene Wenger is no longer a great manager. Time has caught up with him and it’s also surpassed him. His refusal to change and adapt is his Achilles’ heel, along with baffling decisions. The man is often titled a ‘genius’ but does a genius play players out of position, so drastically it affects the team dynamic and performance, having a negative impact on the result? Does a genius bring in average players and offer them high wages that they don’t deserve? Does a genius support said players, only to lose their faith? Does a genius sell his best players under the guise of austerity? Does a genius shoehorn a player in, who has refused to sign a new contract? These are just some of the things our so-called genius has done.
    Whilst being a self-absorbed genius, he also lies. He lied about the situation last season, he lied about players leaving, he lies about anything and everything to spin the webs that suit him. How can anyone still support this man and believe he is what we need? How can anyone justify his two year contract without turning their back on what it means to support Arsenal? You simply can’t.
    What’s become more apparent to many and it’s dawned more on myself, is how ridiculous our board truly is. Not only are they ridiculous, they’re weak. Our fury needs to be directed at the cowards above Wenger too. Ivan Gazidis, for example, a money-hungry lying snake. ‘A catalyst for change’ he hissed, ‘we’re working on signing players’ he assured, ‘we’re going to compete with Bayern’ he lied. Gazidis has no power and his soppy comrades are just as bad. Cash in those cheques while you can old chaps, because the hangman’s noose is coming for all of you.

  • jjgsol

    I simply do not believe for one moment that we would have paid £90m for any player, Lemar or not.

    Why should we believe what the media say, when we have not done so over the last few weeks.

    Pure fiction.

  • Even worse he blew us out . No Champs league amazing

  • Jammy J

    Well, another source said that it was due to the transfer being too late and he didn’t have enough time to think it over, but sure, you just focus on the one that casts Arsenal in the most negative light.

  • Jax

    Lemar 2 & Mbappe 1 in tonight’s win. Greisman scored the first & dived outrageously to fool the ref into sending Strootman off.
    Lacazette missed an easyish chance and got himself booked, all in the first four minutes he was on late in the game.

  • Jammy J

    @ jigsol – Not every single rumour is a fabrication. Sky Sports are usually fairly good with transfers and will only report on it if it’s substantiated. To dismiss every single transfer-rumour as fiction, is just as foolhardy as believing them all to be true.

  • kamiel

    I do not believe Arsenal made a 90 mil bid for Lemar. I believe the media created that story as clickbait for desperate Arsenal fans who think transfers solves everything.

    I believe Arsene Wenger sold Ox for the very same reason he once sold Vieira. Yes Reiss Nelson is the real deal: a younger, fitter and more talented version just waiting to claim his place.

    The same can be said about every player sold or loaned out this window and I look forward to seeing more Arsenal developed players on the pitch.

    I w

  • Jammy J have it your own way
    I quote Sky News
    Lemar £92 mill turned down by player wants to go to Liverpool

    Is that better for you

  • para

    When certain people are manipulating news and information, hearsay is the order of the day.

    One can only depend on one’s own perspective of the situation to make an opinion after all and adjust your actions to it.

    In this society of lies lies lies, it is left to the individual to decide what they trust and what they do not.

    After all, many still believe that Greece was the founder of civilisation and there was only savages before that.

    Some have gathered much evidence that there was no moon landing, and still others believe the official story, even though they are known for their lies.

    So evidence is a two edged sword, as it can and is usually manipulated to fit the agenda of those in power.

    I know i don’t come from no damm monkey for real, yet many believe they do.

  • Leon

    The usually reliable David Ornstein of the BBC reports that the bid for Lemar was £92 million and accepted by Monaco but Lemar didn’t want the move, which put the Sanchez deal off.

  • Paul the gooner

    Not happy.We have spent in the region of 14mill nett.Wolves have spent double that.Are we competing in the Premier league !
    I will not be renewing my season ticket next year, so the American can make more money.
    Totally pathetic.

  • Paul the gooner

    I watched Lemar play for France tonight.Outstanding player.Next season he will go for 140mill easily.
    It gets better and better.

  • bob

    not with a bang, nor with a whimper…
    waiting on AW to break the silence, are we?

  • Vanya Dickens

    Hunter 13. Please make it happen as that would be awesome

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    This summer transfer window market is over in all the European Leagues save a few ones who will close tomorrow. And some bids went through but some fell through as well. If us the supporters of Arsenal count our blessings one by one in this last summer window that has just closed an hour and some minutes ago in England, we the Gooners will discover we have every reason to thank God as Arsenal have succeeded to sign Lacazette and Kolasinac for their senior team squad early on in the transfer window. But today failed to get Thomas Lemar signed who have according to media reports has earlier agreed to join Arsenal this summer but for Monaco and Arsenal failure to agree a fee for his transfer he would have since been a Gunner. But now that his eye is opened, thanks to Le Prof who brought him and Mbappe to the limelight, he has decided to snub us yesterday. Okay, no problem, time will tell. Let him be playing in the Champions League this season and wins it for Monaco if that’s the reason he has snubbed us.

    Another success Arsenal have relatively recorded in the last summer window that just closed is they succeeded to scale down the Arsenal bloated senior tesm squad that contained 34 senior players before the down sizing of it that saw many fringe Gunners sold and some loaned out in the last window.

    As things stand now at the Emirates Stadium, I believe Arsenal have a very strong senior team Gunners and some enterprising and energetic youths included in the senior team squad that can perform very well in the first half of this season. I am sure after the international break, Arsenal will play back into contention to contend for the Premier League title win this season And the January window will arrive for any team that needs reinforcements to try it’s luck. And I believe Arsenal will not be left behind to reinforced their senior team squad during that window if they need to do so.

    For me, it is thank God!

  • omgarsenal

    You sponge-brained fools that believe anything the media excrete, deserve the ridicule and disdain true supporters hold you in. Ox is gone, and not a great loss with the youth we have coming in this year. Sanchez, Ozil, Mustafi, and Walcott stay as do the other 99 supposed departures…..including Wenger! The house has been cleaned for now, the squad is getting tailored and we can expect an improved attitude on and off the field as the message Wenger wanted to deliver has been highlighted in this transfer window.

  • Chris

    Well, just reading this piece makes me laugh out loud.
    Knowing we made Pep and the City management angry because we dîd not facilitate the transfer of Alexis is such a tragedy. How dare we do that to the greatest manage of all time in the galaxy ?!?!

    This is so symbolic of it all. The Kommentariat just getting fed the ‘feelings’ of City and stating it as worthy news.

    Maybe at the next opportunity all AFC fans ought to send Pep an excuse email ?!?!

    In the end, say what you want….Arsenal is not a selling club anymore and Arsene has balls and good sense.

    And I am happy to see Jack is staying, just hope he gets a chance.

  • para

    So, in the end(of the TW) we all have had our own individual opinions(illusions)(how else can it be?) 🙂

  • Swapneel

    Happy to see Alexis stay, hope Nelson helps us forget Ox in no time.

    Now for better commitment on and off the field.
    Yes we lost twice already but season has just started, praying that we don’t see anymore display like the one at Liverpool.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Chris – 01/09/2017 at 1:20 am – Am glad that the Arsenal made mugs out of other clubs , as well as those stupid English journos !Why couldn’t city come in early with a bid so preposterous that Arsenal would never have turn down ?
    Spend more fucking money ! That would have worked !
    And the so called Arsenal fans ?
    Fuck them too !
    Next change – Liverpool’s loyal brigade to regal all with false promises and hopes on why the OX will spur their season .
    Ad nauseam . Enjoy.

  • 5th Gen Gooner

    So no new additions to our incredible start to the season and we keep a player who will go for free in less than a year missing out on 60 million and doesn’t want to play for us. Great business Arsene. Guess Stan’s happy as the club still made an overall profit. Is it me or were we promised major changes top to bottom after last season?

  • Great biz Arsene.
    if alexis left u wld be blamed and quite shockingly if u sold him u wld be blamed.
    Cant wait to see jack in midfeild,chambers at right back.

  • Jimbo

    A great transfer window in the end.If Alexis had been allowed to go we would be getting absolute pelters from the usual suspects.Great post omgarsenal-Let the real Arsenal fans get behind the team and the manager and put your middle finger up to the AAA,Talk Sport (Cundy,Mattaface,Durham) and the rest of the media cretins who make a living out of telling lies about Arsenal.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    As only the Irish Can Tell A Story

    Paddy had long heard the stories of an amazing family tradition.

    It seems that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had
    all been able to walk on water on their 18th birthday. On that
    special day, they’d each walked across the lake to the pub on
    the far side for their first legal drink.

    So when Paddy’s 18th birthday came around, he and his pal Jim
    took a boat out to the middle of the lake, Paddy, stepped out
    of the boat… And nearly drowned!

    Jim just barely managed to pull him to safety.

    Furious and confused, Paddy went to see his grandmother . “Grandma,” he asked, “Tis me 18th birthday, so why can’t I walk across the lake like me father, his father and his father before him?”

    Granny looked deeply into Paddy’s, troubled blue eyes and said, “Because ye father, ye grandfather and ye great-grandfather were all born in December, when the lake is frozen, and ye were born in August, ya fookin’ idiot.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A man asked a fairy to make him desirable to all women .
    She turned him into a credit card .

  • Interesting so then no one is worried next year when Sanchez and Ozil don’t sign new contracts and potentially leave never summer for a loss of 75 – 100 mill

    Can’t see silent being to pleased

  • Brickfields Gunners

    So some of us are just very angry in not getting 60 million Pounds for Alexis ? Or are we just disgusted at finality of losing all that money ? And keeping Alexis for one more swan song season ?

    Or are we just angry that the money could have been spent on a brand new and better replacement ? Better replacement who don’t want to come to Arsenal because of their toxic and illogical fans .

    Shouldn’t we be happy that we did not further strengthen Man City ? Shouldn’t we be happy for getting rid of all that dead wood who had no more interest in the Arsenal ?

    Shouldn’t we all be just happy to tell the rest of our direct competitors that our players are NOT for sale , so just fuck on off ?

  • robl

    Every time I find myself getting angry, I take a look at my sleeping kids and realise it’s just a game.

    About 3 months ago we picked up an FA cup. In the last 2 games something’s gone a bit wrong, but I’m sure it will work itself out.

    During the early 80’s we were rubbish, and the actual match day was more of an event than the game itself. Still, we kept grumbling and watching, and eventually bored ourselves to a couple of titles. Then some French bloke turned up and for a while we were amazing, still are sporadically so.

    Arsenal will always be there, sometimes frustrating us, sometimes elating us, often boring us. Without the lows the highs don’t feel as good.

    That’s the thing about being an adult and getting older, you get a better bullshit radar and learn to take a long term view.

  • Stephan

    Brickfileds Gunners

    Think I should only proper you talk maturely.
    We’ve had a shit window, whether you see it or not.
    We all knew Sanchez doesn’t want to play for us no more from the end of last season.
    Why not sell him abroad and get a good replacement?!
    We’ve heard the Sanchez is not for sale all summer, but when money was put in the table the stance changed and we were running to France to bid for a player we initially said won’t be sold for several reasons.
    It’s just bunkers.
    We fans tend to look at things on the short term.
    Do you realize Ozil and Sanchez could possibly go free next summer?
    That’s over £100m down the drain that could have been used to make us way stronger.
    Problem right now is, the market is crazy, so replacing this players if they don’t sign( which is very likely) is gonna be a problem.
    An ideal thing to have been done was sit down with the players, discuss with them, if they are not ready to sign, sell them early in the window and get replacements.
    It’s really sad that we bid that much for Lemar and still got turned down by him.
    We are gradually losing our apeal and that alone is another problem.
    And please we should not start with the media have false information, we never bid for Lemar, that will just make you delusional.
    Now we have a player who obviously isn’t liked in the dressing room, who does not wanna stay in our ranks going to a World Cup year.
    He could easily down tools next year knowing he’ll still get a starting shirt for his country.
    What a time to be a gunner

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Not bad Transfer window imo.
    Wenger keeping Alexis is a big slap in the face of the AAA and the media who were predicting Alexis sale to City n pSg.
    Legroan must be fuming.
    Well done Arsenal.

  • Hunter13

    Mr i just dislike him now ..dont care about the money ..his attitude stinks. there is a way back off course. he wins the title for us. he does that i buy him a lollipop and a new pair of shorts to pull when frustrated.

  • Nitram


    Wise words.

    The point I’ve kept making is how people seem to of lost the ability to put things in to perspective.

    A prime example being the reaction, or should I say, over reaction, to Sunday’s drubbing. Yes it was garbage, but on the back of that one result have we suddenly become the worst team in Arsenals history? Because that’s what many would have us believe.m

  • Hunter13

    ‘as the message Wenger wanted to deliver has been highlighted in this transfer window.’

    yes to that…but which of these little pricks listens? when they come out and get humiliating score lines.. ramsey stays more time in the box than eduardo haha

    where is jens? unleash him !!

  • Hunter13

    ok nitram but such appearances should be erased from their repertoire… they cant do that … (getting bitchslapped like that i mean) ..especialy by silly teams who have silly players like can and henrson and silly managers who clap and jump with fist pumps like some rocker-dad.

  • robl


    Thanks, yes the world appears to be missing large slices of perspective.

    I remember a trip to Millwall where they gave us a pasting and dumped us out of the FA Cup, and things were looking very dark. Then a month later we lost Graham with the bungs saga.

    18 months later Mr W joined and for the next 9 years it was great.

    Sadly the world is now full of whiny brats with internet connections.

    Incidentally a certain Mr Wright lost the plot again that day which cost us big time but I’m sure his rose tinted glasses only allow him to criticise others these days.

  • para

    Wow, some people are seeing their girl mess about and all they can say is, “but i love her”.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    If Alexis does not play to his potential , just drop him . Let him pout , sulk or play doggy-doggy with his pets ( that’s when one sniffs another’s butt and he/it’ll growl !).

    Same goes with Ozil , just do your stuff on the pitch . Both were glad to sign for us , and happy with the terms and conditions that we offered. You looked forward to play under one of the most loyal and respected managers in the game. What changed ? The club has treated you well . Reciprocate in kind.

    You are being paid to play , not to advice the coaches , manager and owner how to run the show. Reality check ! You are not qualified at all. Your time will come , when you retire .Shut your mouths and open your ears .

    Play to your best and at the end of the season , we shall part company in good terms. And maybe a cup or two won for good measure . Put yourselves on show , let your actions be your selling point so that your future suitors will be impressed with your professionalism and graft.

    We in turn will cheer you and hail you for pulling on that jersey with pride. And we will bid you a heartfelt adieu and bon voyage .

    Up the Gunners !

  • Chris

    Bickfield Gunners,

    I second that !
    They are earning more in a day than I am in a single year. No one put a gun to their had
    So they better perform.

  • jjgsol

    So Lemar turned done a transfer to us for £92m, because he wanted to play champions league. Really.

    Does not a player, who gets sold, if he has not submitted a transfer request, get a proportion of the price, 5 or 10%.

    So, in order to play a minimum of 6 games in the CL, he turned down £4.6 or £9.2M.

    Pull the other one its got bells on.

  • Mad Matt

    In the end, whether the stories are true or not, the end of the tw was a win for Wenger and Arsenal.

    We kept Alexis – big win!
    If we sold him and got Lemar – also a win, possibly.