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June 2021

In the end we got a few laughs as transfer window remains open but action is needed

By Sir Hardly Anyone

At times the transfer window almost read like one of my columns containing as it did the notion that there might be something there in that makes sense, but for the moment it is hard to see what it is.  No one new was signed, and the Arsenal directors and owner pretty much got away with their policy of ensuring that the aaa supporters, and the newspapers who give them their lead, were busy blaming the manager.  If I were an Arsenal owner or director that’s what I’d do too.  Anything for a quiet life, spot of horse racing, that sort of malarky.

Meanwhile it all continues – at least in Spain – as their ventana de transferencia keeps going.  And someone or something called COPE has the headline “Barcelona turn attention to Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil” after failing in their desire to sign Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool.  A bit late but you never know.

Oh and there are “Reports” claiming Arsenal have spoken to Barca “about a potential swap of Ozil for Arda Turan.”

The other amusing factor was that although it was thought to be a joke at Untold, Manchester City did apparently fly a plane load of people and medical equipment to Chile to give Alexis a medical before during or after an international match, so certain were they that they had a deal to buy him.

So Arsenal stayed true to their word that they were not selling him.  And you might think the newspapers would admit they were wrong, or at least shut up, but no, they now claim that Arsenal were more than willing to sell the player for £60m providing they could bring in their man first.  So it was all Arsenal’s fault after all.

We ran that tale (although it sounds more like a tail) of players moving around from one club to another in a last day of the window sequence, but in reality it hardly seemed likely, given that it involved PSG who have openly flouted Uefa’s rules not just once but twice and seem beholden to no one except Qatar.

Now all eyes are however on PSG, the other French clubs, Uefa and Barcelona, not to mention the Court for Arbitration in Sport which is still hearing the Manchester City case (or as some stories have it, have conveniently delayed the Man City case so City  could buy everyone they wanted ahead of being banned from doing transfers for a couple of windows).

The Lemar story of course is the one that is being pushed, not the nonsense of Man City in Chile, because bidding €100m at the last moment and then failing to get their man has got everything in it that the Arsenal haters love.  Delaying, incompetence… all the usual.  There is also the notion that Lemar rejected Arsenal – or maybe the Arsenal board, or the Arsenal manager, or the Arsenal fans, or the way the media treats Arsenal – or maybe just the whole lot.

Interestingly, some of the more literate journalists are today realising exactly why Arsenal were willing to hold Alexis for the rest of his contract.  If he gets Arsenal back into the Champs League that gives the club another £40m a year – plus they get him this year on a salary that is a fraction of what he will demand next year.  So why sell him now for £50m?  Wenger was always right, they have realised (although not admitted).  It did make sense to hold onto him.

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It is almost something Untold could have written.

Meanwhile it is also being writ that Arsenal also received a €40m offer from Juventus for Héctor Bellerín just before closing time, clearly not having realised that he had already gone to Barcelona.  Quite how they missed it is beyond me – it was in all the papers.

Lucas Pérez went back to Deportivo La Coruña and Joel Campbell to Real Betis, respectively. Mathieu Debuchy, Chuba Akpom and Jack Wilshere all stayed at the club.

But no matter what fuss is made about Arsenal one can’t help but smile just a little about Chelsea, who through the summer have been putting out little bits and pieces about Marina Granovskaia the negotiator who could out negotiate Daniel Levy.  Her profile might slip a little after Ross Barkley became rejected a move despite a fee of £35m having been agreed with Everton.  Could it be that no one asked the player.

Now, some people go on and on about Arsenal incompetence, but they ignore what happens at other clubs.   Chelsea were, may I point out, supposed to get Fernando Llorente, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Romelu Lukaku and Barkers.  What could possibly have gone wrong?  They had oodles of money, and the best negotiator in town, and….

Someone else who might get a bollocking is Riyad Mahrez who allegedly left the Algerian team and go and do his own negotiations.  And yes, this time he really was spotted at the airport.

So Arsenal ended up with a profit of £21m from the adventures – more if any club in Spain fancies buying Ozil.  Other headlines were that Chelsea did 29 loan deals, and Man City had a nett spend of £128.2m which might just bring a further enquiry from Uefa.  Tottenham made a profit on deals as was demanded by owner and chief exec but only of a few million.  Here’s the list.

  • Bournemouth spent £30m
  • Brighton spent £43m
  • Burnley profit of £11.5m
  • Chelsea spent £80m
  • Crystal Palace spent £58.2n
  • Everton spent £46m
  • Huddersfield spent £33,4m
  • Leicester spent £13,8m
  • Liverpool spent £15.5m
  • Man City spent £128,2m
  • Man U spent £136,2m
  • Newcastle spent £29.2m
  • Southampton spent £23m
  • Stoke profit £6,3m
  • Swansea profit £28m
  • Tottenham profit £5,7m
  • Watford spent £36.3m

PSG spent £155.1m but tellingly that is without Kylian Mbappé who is classified as a loan.  Add that in and they are at around £240m – £100m more than Man U.  Come on Uefa, wake up.

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54 comments to In the end we got a few laughs as transfer window remains open but action is needed

  • Best transfer in long time.
    managed to keep our best players and we have a new signing in jack wilshere and chambers

  • Oldham Gooner

    I’ve always wanted to do this on Untold… First 😀

    Happy Eid and completion of Hajj to all, thankfully religious matters took my attention away from transfer shenanigans.

    Arsene remains, Alexis remains, Arsenal remain competitive, up the Gunners boys!

  • Josif

    All in all, I’m happy to eat my humble pie for suggesting Arsenal would sell Alexis without getting a replacement. We weren’t pushovers and showed that arrogant bastard Pep that he can’t have Arsenal players when he wants.

    As for whole transfer window, it was a wake-up call for Arsenal that things hadn’t been done well in the previous years. Having so many players on the socialist wage structure is a thing that doesn’t work in the capitalistic system. The fact we had to offload so many players this summer to prevent us from breaching the wage control rules should be a lesson for the future years. Given that one of our recruits is the contract guy, it seems that people in the club have realized that some changes have to be made for the sake of Arsenal FC.

    When it comes to our result in the transfer window, we have solved two positions in the team but two weak spots remain: central midfield and, thanks to very poor handling of the Mustafi case, Gabriel’s sale and Mertesacker’s retirement at the end of the season, central defence.

    As for this Özil commentary at the end of the article… Seriously?! You would accept his departure now that we can’t sign a replacement for him?!

  • Stefan

    Mmm, nice spin, it is certainly possible to find positives but what about a bit of balance?

    Kept Alexis against his will, big gamble he’ll perform. He wanted to go, clearly, hard to deny that. Why?
    Perez, not exactly a success as we’ve loaned him out as soon as we could. What was the plan behind that buy?
    Other players have left or want to leave.
    Players don’t want to come to the club.
    A very worrying scenario building for next year when lots of players are out of contract or down to 1 year left.
    Who needs a DoF, we’ve got it all covered.

    Don’t want to be grumpy, but I wish our manager was at least fully available on deadline day, he was off doing commentary this time.

    Again, how about a bit of balance in your reporting.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Glad the window madness is over.
    Now: COYG!!!

  • Chris


    the table may be made a little more meaningfull by adding number of players out and in.
    It would show the turmoil at Everton for example.

    Then, it is easy for me to say that as I don’t do the work of compiling.

    Thanks for all the info throughout that transfer window !

    PS : say what you want, Arsenal was brilliant in NOT letting Sanchez go yet still pursuing the issue. And if they made City angry, so what ? They are not yet a subsidiary of this emirate. As for Alexis and Ozil, leaving on a free is one thing. Making sure you’ve got a good wage packet at the next club depends on your last results….so they have to have a good season for their own sakes now. I do not believe that this is a bad thing.

    The denomination of a selling club is dead….yet the aaa will now start arguing we are too stupid to sell and we lose players on a free. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…..

  • Jax

    The very largest of room occupying proboscidea here is that whatever has been said to the contrary throughout this summer, Arsenal did eventually agree sell Sanchez to Man City. This cannot be ignored, it happened, but due to circumstances unforeseen by our negotiators (Law?) he’s still our player and we have to accommodate that. I doubt that there will be issues re his commitment as he will need to remain marketable, but if reports of his disruptive influence & unpopularity within the dressing room are true then that’s not ideal for the rest of this difficult season.
    Personally, I’d like to have seen him gone, even without a direct replacement.

  • Chris

    Reading some of the so called articles – at this level of crap, the word stories really would apply – on the web, I am really amusing myself. Having a good laugh.
    Arsenal were always branded a selling club, a club who could not hold on to their players whenever Barcelona, MU or City picked up their phone and ordered them to sell…..

    And now most papers are aghast at the fact that Arsenal were not selling, their demands were too high, etc.
    Amusing is the outrage of City who believed they could get Alexis, yet as Arsenal did not get a replacement failed. What the f..k did they expect ? That AFC sacrifice itself ?

    Still reading the comments criticizing Arsenal for not selling is rather amusing and frankly I love to see their authors’ noses being rubbed in manure as again they are proven totally wrong

  • Dom

    What I admire about Arsenal’s stance with Alexis is that the man was ABSOLUTELY necessary to City. City have a large squad of undeniably quality players but I haven’t been impressed by their general play. Guardiola was desperate to get Alexis so as to give their attack an extra dimension…put that in your Pep and smoke it !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ WalterBroeckx -01/09/2017 at 9:09 am – Cannot wait to get back on the roller coaster once again ! Pesky internationals !
    WOO HOO , HOO !

  • Chris


    right on. And just thinking of all the s..t about getting a plane down to Chile at the last minute… deadline day can be fun. And, frankly, I would absolutely not be surprised if AW had decided he would not sell and knew all along that Lemar wanted to go to LFC as contacts with the players must have taken place during the summer. Weakening an opponent by not giving him a stong player is fine with me.

    There’s a comment by the Inter coach stating that the transfer of Mustafi did not take place because Mustafi said no. So it was at no point an issue with how much Arsenal wanted, it was the players’ wish that decided. Fine with me. It means he sees his future at Arsenal, and wants to compete. That is miles away from the unloading scenario that has been painted.

  • Chris

    Here’s another perspective on the Alexis situation – at odds with the regular BS circulating…..

  • Arthur

    Also unlike Coutinho, Alexis did not put in a transfer request. But Sky are saying Coutinho will not be a problem to motivate but Alexis will be!

  • Stephan

    I’ve come to realize that even if we the world comes crumbling down at Arsenals feet, you still won’t see anything wrong with our management.
    We had a stand that Sanchez was not for sale all summer.
    Are you saying that stand did not change?
    It obviously did.
    When money was brought to the table, a deal was agreed for him, pending we getting someone else in.
    That was the only reason this deal fell through.
    How can you be so blind to the running of this club is what amuses me.
    You choose the news you get to accept from the media and discard the ones that don’t appeal to you.
    David Ornistein, a very reputable BBC jorno regarding Arsenal news broke this yesterday, and you’re here saying ‘Alexis wasn’t for sale’.
    We have a player who has made it clear he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal through his body language and statement, and he is our best player by a mile.
    Rumour has it the players aren’t even happy with him in the dressing room. That will surely not be good for team spirit and fighting for a top four spot which is already hard as it is.
    We shouldn’t have let ourselves come to this point tbvh.
    Sanchez should have been made to sign two years ago or sold with getting a good replacement.
    Now he goes for nothing, same with Ozil in a market were getting a replacement with their quality will cost north of 100 each.
    You can’t simply applaud Arsenal for how they’ve managed the transfer window, you simply can’t.
    We wanted to broker a deal for Mustafi and keep chambers. Can you explain that?
    A player we called Saviour at a point last season?
    There is something seriously wrong behind the scenes that we don’t know about.
    This season has the potential of being the worst under Wenger regime.
    Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    If truly Barca want Ozil, but have they contacted him first to know his opinion so as to avoid the case in which both the Ox and Lemar refused to join Chelsea and Arsenal for the likely reason of wanting to play in the CL which Arsenal can’t offer them this season? But Barca are in the CL this season which should not be an excuse for Ozil refusing to join them. But still, he may have other reasons for not wanting to join them.

    If Barca know they won’t get Coutinoh from Liverpool today, would they submit a bidding fee of £60m to Arsenal to sign Ozil and will Arsenal accept the fee to let Ozil go without having a replacement for him on ground before allowing him to leave? Both Sanchez, Lacazette and Ozil are the 3 super stars Arsenal have. But the duo of Sanchez and Ozil will soon clock 29 years in age this year and therefore will no longer be in their prime next season as they clock 30 years thus passing their good selling on date. I believe this is the singular main reason for their wanting out of Arsenal this season as Arsenal have stalled to give them the wages they have demanded for, which if they leave Arsenal this summer, they will get the wages at other club and not because Arsenal are not in the CL this season they want out of the club.

    Therefore, haven made a clearout in selling and loaning out many of their fringe Gunners this window to lessing their burden on Arsenal wage bill so as to first comply with certain FA rules that has come into force this season, and secondly to probably accommodates the wages Ozil and Sanchez have demanded for, so that they can extend their staying at Arsenal I would have thought. But if Arsenal know they don’t have the intention to give Sanchez and Ozil the wages they want before they’ll extend, I think it is financially better for Arsenal to sell Ozil to Barca today if it’s true Barca want to sign him and he wants to join them. For, to potentially lose about £120m in transfer fees for these duo this summer will not urgal well for Arsenal finances imo.

  • stephan
    u must have been on that plane to chile to sign sanchez

  • Scuba

    I have to say, I think that several years from now, we’ll look back at this transfer window as one that was managed very poorly. A club without unlimited resources just can’t allow two assets like Alexis and Ozil to leave for nothing at the end of the season and pass on the sort of fees that they’d command. In Ozil’s case, I can at least understand the move as it appears there’s some hope of retaining him, but it’s still far too risky a play for my blood.

  • Stephan


    If you honestly feel, all the jornos in England are lying about Arsenal agreeing a deal with Man city and also bidding for lemar at an outrageous amount are just fabricating news to make Arsenal look bad, then you’re really Delusuonal.

  • Paul the gooner

    The 3 players out of contract.1 goes, 1 wants to go and 1 no one wants.Brilliant!
    A total disgrace.Why is Debuchy and Jenkinson still at the Club.What will we get from Sanchez.No one knows.I reckon he will pick up an injury in Chile, be out for 4 weeks.That the starter.Then, we will see.
    It will be interesting to see who pulls out of next Saturdays match because of injury.
    On a lighter note, how many times before now and the end of the season will we hear”want away star player” from the low life media.
    This was an unacceptable transfer window.Do not try to put a gloss on it.

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    And come to this of it, should Sanchez have paid to Arsenal all his wages of about a year that’s remaining for him to earn at Arsenal which if Arsenal accepted it without bringing up any legal inhibition stopping them to accept Sanchez’s one year wage payment in advance offer to leave the club immediately, which would have allowed him to go to his club of choise?

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Do you believe in these journos who report 90% false news?

  • Jimbo

    The AAA have gone into meltdown this morning on ‘Talk Tottenham’.

  • jet

    Strange this – the journos report all is crumbling around Arsenal, this site states everything is rosy in the Arsenal garden. Yet last Sunday was a disaster, what gives???

  • Rosicky what can you prove is false in this sorry saga

  • Stephan


    90%??how please
    So L’ equipe, a French based newspaper who reported Lemar rejecting Arsenal as he prefared a move to Liverpool are also anti Arsenal right?
    Come of it
    Wake up and smell the coffee.
    Earlier Wenger said the deal for Lemar was good as Dead
    Have you asked yourself why we went back for a deal that was good as dead?
    We are all fans and love our club, but love can’t blind our eyes to glaring issues plaguing us right now, it just can’t.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal


    Strange you believe in these journos.

    For an example take the Bellerin case.we have been told by journos since last 2 years he is going to Barca once his contract expires but what happened?

    This is just 1 case. I can mention 100 of such fake news.But just mention 1 for your investigation.

  • Stephan

    Everyone has the right to belief what they want.
    But truth is the only reason why Sanchez is still an Arsenal player today is because we got rejected by Lemar.
    Let that sink in.
    It’s painful we’ve gotten ourselves to this level where we respond based on other clubs actions.
    So we couldn’t push for Draxler, Lemar or anyone else unless City came in for Sanchez?
    It really does hurt we are now this way and some fans don’t care and believe we are being run properly.
    The team played horribly last week with no heart or drive.
    Who says they’ll be better next week
    It is obvious Sanchez doesn’t want to play for Arsenal, very obvious.
    And you expect that same player to give you his all on the pitch?
    For once let’s look at things critically and don’t blame everyone else for our flaws

  • luscious lisa

    The two players we were constantly told we must keep at all costs, are still at the club. A proven top class finisher has arrived and a still to prove himself non-finisher has left for a tidy sum. An overweight squad thinned, albeit by loans mainly. And Kolasinac bought for nothing. Net net a good result, IMO.
    So Sanchez is disappointed. He played his cards as he chose and things didn’t work out the way he wanted. He’s the author of his own misfortune.

  • Sam Sayyed

    Humour me this. Sanchez has not made one public statement that he doesn’t want to see out his contract despite being in the last year of his contract. He could’ve done lots of things to force arsenals hand if he wanted to. But he turned up for Arsenals day, turned up for training and started in the ok Liverpool game when fit. But the media is still criticising Arsenal for keeping an ‘unmotivated player’ just like they would have criticised if Arsenal had let him go for the rumoured 50-60mn.

    Coutinho on the other hand is in a much weaker position having recently signed a much longer contract. He has refused to play for Liverpool so far despite being fit enough to now play for Brazil. But the media is praising Liverpool for keeping coutinho “like they said they would”.

    This hypocrisy by the media makes me sick to the bones.

  • Stephan


    There’s a difference between speculation and fact!
    News yesterday was not speculation they were telling you about bids that had been agreed on and bids been made.
    When the first bid was made and rejected they reported it.
    When the second bid was made, did you hear anything on a rejection?
    You need to open your eyes and stop this war against the press.
    They are not always wrong as you say it.
    When Lemar comes out to say he chose to stay in Monaco after the Arsenal bid, I’m pretty sure you’ll say he to is fabricating stories just to make Arsenal look bad.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    How cam you say the club is not run properly?
    How can you say Alexis wants off. Where did he mentioned in the media.?These newz are circulating since 6 months but didnt you see Alexis scoring the goals in FA cups semi final and the final as well.

    Arsenal finishing in the top 4 for 20 years is an ample proof that AW has run the club in a very successful way imo.
    Not many managers can achieve such feat for sure.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Sanchez plays poorly for Chile but nobody cares.Chile lose to a low ranked Paraguay 3 nil at home but no body notices.

    But Alexis plays poorly for Arsenal at pool everybody is complaining.Arsenal lose to Liverpool away and the knives are out.

    Pathetic media.Ungreatful fans.

  • Stephan


    Players are different.
    VVD and coutinho spoke their minds about wanting out.
    OX didn’t, neymar didn’t,Morata didn’t, and several others.
    Sanchez doesn’t have to say he wants to leave Arsenal before you know he wants to.
    It’s obvious in his body language.
    Rumor has it, he even told his teammates in camp he was off to city.
    Since he came back to Arsenal, I follow him in social media, he’s has not posted anything to show support or excitement concerning Arsenal.
    If you actually feel Sanchez is happy playing for us, I really don’t know what to say.

  • Stephan

    The club allows its best players run their contract out… you call that proper management?
    I think not
    You seem to forget Sanchez can talk to other clubs right under our nose from January. Fonyou know how disruptive that will be?
    And the talk of him in chile is you just grasping for straws.
    If you honestly in your heart believe that Alexis Sanchez a player who has refused to renew his contract and gives the most irritable body language I’ve seen in a while, wants to stay at Arsenal, then you’re not in touch with reality.

  • Rosicky@Arsenal

    Reality is that Sanchez won us the FA cup just 3 months back.He came back late after the summer break and played 60 minutes at Anfield. I agree it was a poor display but let us not draw conclusion after 1 match.

    Lets wait and see how the season unfolds.

    Re your point that it is a poor management by AW for allowing a player run down his contract i think AW is more experienced and capable than us to handle such situation.Let him decide what is better for the club.

  • Sheer genius, even making the owner obvious to us in the know, I bow in recognition.

    Its all just clever misdirection, too clever for fake fans and hack papz!

    None of my targets moved!

    Sanchez wants to stay buy now they have to pay him, Ozil wants to stay but now they have to pay him! Lacazette gives us the muxh needed triumvirate and now Ox doesn’t need games Theo and Welbeck by for the same spots in a WC year RW, inverted LW its easy ask Mane and supporting CF.

    After these two we have no other senior wide forwards iwobi and Nelson play tbh I’m very happy, I said this was a key developing our senior youth players. Jenkins on and Cohen both with Harry for a promotion push obviously he thinks a year is enough. I agree but don’t like risks.

    To become driven you have to suffer adversity, such as causing your beloved to lose 8+2 to the nemesis on your debut. Jenks made first team on loan until injury. Cohen just needs experience he has the quality already, nowhere better than championahip.

    If we dont sign a CB then a very capable but inezperienced pair of England u21’s are going to have to perform a back three of these two and Meet is very interesting and complimentary

    Coquelin is going to have to become enforcer and Granite and Aaron are going to have to develop a balance even Gerrard and Lampard struggled with.

    We are going to find out about Santi and Jacks fitness and if God us wiling we have two world class creative midfielder there and two potentially class acts in Aaron and Granit.

    To suppliment tue afore mentioned Niles, Adelaide and Elneny.

    Meanwhile Chiba is home and consider himself joint in the running for second striker should Giroud be liquidated and third if not, its not ability more decision making and focus on a Willingness to listen and learn. Bruce was right.

    But for good measure you have the league hitman fron ligue 1 tue joint second highest prem scorer for conpany and an assist.master behind them.

    By ” rushing Santi, Jack or Alexis ue bought them two more weeks preparation. Along with Chiba we should have our first clean bill of health in forever provided Kos is OK!

    In defence Mustarfi and Kos need only rewind 12 months and pick up from before the German was injured and clean sheets are coming. The issue being screening ahead.

    Without a right back or left back well, Devouchy and Monreal had to stay and should the on loan pair perform that will mean two contracts ended and two spritely figures in to take the reigns.

    So the ballast players given a reasonable chancw to atay or showcase their talents. Walcott, Welbweck and Elneny.

    That was a near perfect window if you think the promotes youth player are good enough and jenkinson is hurting enough and I think Cohen is a leftie Bellerin.


  • jet

    Don’t need to investigate, last season spoke volumes!!!

  • Goonermikey

    @ Stephan

    “Everyone has the right to belief what they want.
    But truth is the only reason why Sanchez is still an Arsenal player today is because we got rejected by Lemar.”

    Please think about that. Of course everyone has a right to believe what they want. They also have a right to immediately then claim that what they believe is the “truth”. The real fact is that none of us has any idea what the truth is when we have no evidence whatsoever.

    I don’t care what people believe that’s up to them. Personally I choose not to speculate. And I certainly will not claim to know something to be a fact without seeing conclusive evidence. It’s a shame the media (and others) don’t do the same.

  • Stephan


    This is where I have the problem.
    How could you not see anything wrong with him allowing our best players run their contracts out? How?
    You talk about experience in management?
    Where are all our British core players?
    How are they fairing?
    Wenger needs to allow someone handle the business part of the football club and Just coach the boys.
    They is no club in the world where a coach has so much control over management like Wenger.
    And we can see the consequences of that.
    I’m not an expert In management myself, but allowing your best assets to run down their contracts and go for nothing is purely amateurish.

  • jjgsol

    I do not understand why so many people talk about “allowing contracts to run down”.

    It takes 2 to make a contract.

    Players cannot be forced to enter into a contract and if they don’t wish to negotiate then that is that.

    Do people really think that the club is so stupid as to deliberately allow contracts to run down, especially with their top players?

    The players and their agents are always seeking more money and better terms. The players who feel they are in demand will take advantage of that

  • Polo

    The media said Benzema signed for Arsenal and was on a plane to fly in for a medical a couple of years ago, I guess the pilot must have flew the wrong way.

  • Polo

    @jjgsol, no it’s not true because it’s AW fault, it is always AW fault, even the North Korean missile crisis is AW fault, little Kim was so made about Arsenal losing to Liverpool that, he fired some rockets just to release his anger. How do I know? The media told me.

  • Stephan


    Wenger told beIN Sports: “Lemar chose to stay at Monaco. You have to respect what happens on the negotiation side. I know we live in an era of transparency but at some stage, to respect everybody, you have to not talk too much about that.

    “Look I cannot tell you everything that happened because after that when you decide to let a player of that calibre go, you need to replace him because nobody would understand that you let the player go and when you cannot do it, you keep the player and make a financial sacrifice because what you want, at the end of the day, is to have a team who has a good potential and top quality.

    “That means two things: Alexis Sanchez will go, like Mesut Ozil, in the final year of his contract or you think during the season you will find a way to extend the contract or at the end of the season the players go for free.”

    That about settles it then.
    After saying all summer Sanchez wasn’t for sale, money came and we changed stance. The only reason why Sanchez is an Arsenal player today is because Lemar rejected us. That alone is embarrassing no matter how you look at it.

  • Jjgsol

    Perhaps aw knew Lemar would not come and, although he had no intention to let Sanchez go, he accepted the offer, on condition that lemar signed, knowing that he would not.

    Perhaps also he did that in order to go e a message to Sanchez that he could have gone but it was not our fault so that he will not begrudge the final year of the contract and really try.

    We have always felt that there is an element of gamesmanship about the way we conduct transfer negotiations so why not when trying to keep a player.

  • Jjgsol

    I thought I was responsible for all the bad things that happen in the world, or some people suggest, so now I know it is aw and not me.

    I am relieved.

  • Stephan


    ‘Perhaps aw knew Lemar would not come and, although he had no intention to let Sanchez go, he accepted the offer, on condition that lemar signed, knowing that he would not.’

    Are you listening to yourself?
    Have you heard were a club accepts a bid that when they don’t want to sell?
    It’s clear from his statement we wanted to sell Sanchez but couldn’t because we did not have a replacement. That alone is applaudable, showing we learnt from past events.
    But saying Alexis Sanchez wasn’t for sale, was a lie, he surely was folks.

  • AW knew exactly the Lemar deal would collapse, he was exactly saying I won’t force you to leave bit knowing Alexis is Catholic and Mesut Muslim asks them another question.

    He’s remembering Henry and Cesc!

    The board are offering non competitive contracts not AW and thentroivle began after Gazidis 2006,we moved do your maths!

    Everything good about arsenal business structure included is AW
    Fazidis sold out to Kroenke.

  • Sam Sayyed

    @Stefan “After saying all summer Sanchez wasn’t for sale, money came and we changed stance. The only reason why Sanchez is an Arsenal player today is because Lemar rejected us. That alone is embarrassing no matter how you look at it”.

    Do you know that in a negotiation you have to hold your cards close tonight chest. You try not to give your position away. Even a child in a playground understands that.

    As Tony has explained in a previous article that the moment Wenger says the player doesn’t want to stay with us so we will sell him, his transfer price immediately goes down.

    Wenger does have to be opaque and give conflicting messages when it comes to the dirty transfer business. I don’t know why this is so difficult to understand for some people.

  • Stevo

    With all the stories that we are being fed by the media, surely people should know by now that Arsenal do not reveal any details about any issue until it has been settled and then nothing about players earnings so where are all these figures coming from regarding Dealings of Arsenal?

  • Stephan


    So are you saying Sanchez was for sale all along?

  • Henry Root

    I love this place. It is the only place in the world that believes Arsene Wenger us doing a good job and things are set fair at Arsenal. The club us in an appalling state.
    We have several players set to leave on frees at the end iof the season, no defensive organisation, our central midfield ( or lack if it) leaves us vulnerable to pace on the counter- attack , as we saw at Anfield, we regularly lose to Top Six sides in embarrassing capitilations, the selection on Sunday was an utter dog’s breakfast and we were told by Ornstein on Wednesday ( Arsenal’s preferred mouthpiece) that Arsenal hadn’t got the money for big signings. How the hell not?
    The fanbase at Arsenal is I would estimate about 90% in favour of Arsene going ( at the present time) and after 60 years of supporting the club I’m profoundly depressed by the lack of direction at the club.
    Kroenke is an absentee landlord, Keswick and Gazidis are cyphers and Wenger unable to keep up with the direction and paceof travel in the game. The great innovator twenty years ago now looks like a dinosaur. That is not a media plot it is reality but you turn on anyone suggesting that Wenger has feet of clay as if they have committed blasphemy.
    The Arsenal transfer window was awful. Wake up and smell the coffee !

  • Have to love Welbeck replacing Ox and is scoring within 20.

    Kane scores, oh its September.

    SFO will rexieve recorded delivery Monday if not the right response on this occaasil. then set for ECJ and ICC.

    Mission should you choose to accept it, don’t die.

  • Mad Matt

    Could Debuchy do a job as a holding midfielder?

    He’s quick, is a defender, needs game time so might be happy to hold his position and not go rampaging upfield like every other of our midfielders.