Wenger’s greatest dream still not quite ready

Arsene Wenger’s great dream of producing a reserve team that can regularly beat Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United’s first team is almost ready to be unleashed on the world, but not quite.

Last night we went out with no Almunia, no Gallas, no Djourou, a clearly only half-working Sagna, no Clichy, no Van Persie, no Rosicky, no Eduardo, no Theo, no Ade.

In their places were a few first teamers and a bunch of reserves, and we took Liverpool to a 4-4 draw.  The dream is almost there, and with luck we will make it happen next season.  Two Arsenal teams, both capable of winning the title.

My friends and I went to the ground in our body armour, as befits a visit to Liverpool, and were turned away at the gate.  Fortunately we had taken a translator with us who speaks “Wak” (the local lingo) and she pointed out that the man Carragher would be there, and that he had a track record of missile throwing from the pitch into a crowd of Arsenal supporters.   But Liverpuddle people are not known for their ability to negotiate and so we had to divest ourselves of our gear before entering.

In the ground what struck me about the supporters of this team is their limited knowledge of tactics, and the finer points of off side rulings, but I suppose they are happy in whatever way people in the north west can be happy.

Fortunately we remembered to park ten miles outside the area in order to preserve the Rolls, but it proved to be impossible to get a taxi into the Anfield area (which is a very run down part of town) – it seems the cabbies have found that their hub caps and wheels can be removed in that area while they letting out their fare, so they don’t go there any more.

So we walked in, dodging the muggers, and eventually had a very jolly game, and we left to find our car safe and sound, and to ruminate on the issue of what might be next season.  General consensus was that Arshavin played quite well.

(The truth is I have lost my voice and have injured both legs from jumping up and down, but one must put up with such minor matters as one endeavours to deliver a balanced report).

One other thing – I thought that Fabianski was bloody amazing last night.  After being tortured by the slow running bumpy ploughed field at Wembley and by the commentators who don’t know anything about grass formations, he showed astounding guts, determination and style last night.  Good one.

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7 Replies to “Wenger’s greatest dream still not quite ready”

  1. Reason to cheer 1: We had 0 corner yet scored 4 stunning goals. Andrei is worth every penny.
    Reason to cheer 2: Theo pulled another classic run and the pass was inch-perfect.
    Reason to cheer 3: Gibbs looked like he’s good enough to stay on and compete for a place with Gael
    Reason to cheer 4: Our team brought us yet another memorable game that we all should be thankful for. What we can brag about with our neighbors is that not only the team have guts, they are trained to express their unique identity with football. This is in contrast with Liver under Rafa, which is a machine built to deal with what thrown at them rather than playing their way.

    Cause for a little bit concern: We still need to learn how to park the bus in front of goal and not ship in goals like yesterday. Liver had too many shots, most of them on goal.

  2. Funny write up Tony, hopefully people get the joke and don’t threaten to string you up!

  3. Andrey put one of the greatest premiership performances ever while your beloved Denilson was the opposite.

  4. That’s why we haven’t won anything for ages. We can’t close out games.

    Barca in the champions league, Chelsea on Saturday, we led 3 times last night, Liverpool in the Champions league not so long ago and there are numerous other big matches we have led in only to ultimately draw/lose them.

    Wenger is great and in no way do I want him to leave. Just wanted to vent my frustration because losing (or drawing in the league) after leading is particularly annoying and doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times it happens.

  5. What a game!
    Agony and ecstacy in equal measure.
    Killer that we let them equalise though. We are so good going forward but please god let Almunia and Djourou be back for the CL semi. I know Fabianski is doing his best and certainly had improved last night but positioning himself inside the goal was a bit suspect. Almunia will instill more confidence in the defence and that is what is required. They are showing far too much desperation at the minute.
    Still one of the best games I have ever seen. Well done to all the lads for incredible effort even when out powered. They never quit.

  6. I heard that a group of gooners brought a large banner with large letters saying “JUSTICE FOR THE 96!” which was very much appreciated by the local crowd.

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