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June 2021

Everton – Arsenal 2-5, a walk in the (Goodison) Park

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal started with Cech – Bellerin – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Monreal – Kolasinac – Ramsey – Xhaka – Özil – Alexis – Lacazette

And Arsenal started really well and pushed Everton back and created lots of space for ourselves…. and chances. Özil brought the ball to Alexis who came in from the left channel but Pickford smothered the effort. A few early corners but again Everton could scramble the ball clear. A few minutes later a great attack at the right flank. Özil to Bellerin and his cross found Lacazette with his back to the goal. A great turn around his man but again Pickford with a great save.  And just when you thought that we would crush them we gave them a cheap goal. Xhaka lost the ball (more foul than the penalty given against Bellerin at Watford) to Gana and the ball ended in front of the feet of Rooney who did what he usually did against Arsenal…score. His shot found the back of the net after 12 minutes. 1-0 down.

Ashely Williams then got a yellow card for a foul. Alexis with the free kick, Pickford spilled it but again an impressive save when Ramsey had a shot from the lost ball. How on earth are we still behind in this match? Let’s hope it is not one of those days…. Lacazette with the next chance but Williams can block him in the last second. And right on the half hour mark Alexis and Özil combine and give it to Bellerin but again Pickford with a great stop on the cross to deny Arsenal to score the equalizer. Still 1-0 behind after 30 minutes.

Bellerin with a low shot a bit later but again Pickford with the stop. Gana then goes in the book for a late foul on Alexis. Arsenal keeps on pushing forward and when Xhaka gets the ball from Alexis he has a shot and Pickford can only push it away and Monreal is quick on the ball and rattles it home despite a late effort from Pickford. GOAL 1-1 after 40 minutes.

Arsenal continue to go forward again and Kolosinac finds Özil who lays it off to Alexis but yes…once again Pickford with the save to stop Arsenal from scoring. Arsenal go in at half time with a 1-1 score line. And we should have been in front by a big margin by now….Everton 3 shots in the first half….Arsenal had 17 shots… and then a 1-1 score…. unbelievable…

Arsenal not as dominant in the opening minutes of the second half. Everton changed their tactics a bit and it worked for a while to bring a bit of balance in to the match.  But after some 5 minutes we find the space again we had in the first half. Alexis bursting down the left flank and he crosses towards the centre of the goal and Özil of all people heads the ball over the goal line. GOAL!!! 1-2 after 53 minutes.

Arsenal now in control again and that became full control after 68 minutes. Gana Gueye who had received a yellow card in the first half came in late on Xhaka and caught him on he foot. The ref pulls out the second yellow card and off he goes.

Arsenal now completely playing Everton off the pitch but we kept on missing too many chances. But when Alexis send Özil away on the right flank the German midfield maestro (how good was he today) simply gave it to Lacazette who scored his fifth goal of the season and his first away from home. 1-3 after 74 minutes. GOAL!!!

Minutes later Lacazette was subbed off and Wilshere came on. He is really back now, Jack!  And a bit later Coquelin came on for for Özil. Arsenal kept on missing and a bit later was unlucky. Xhaka with a great shot from outside the area but the crossbar save Pickford this time. Ramsey tried to head it over the line but Pickford managed to push the ball away and to his surprise saw the ref five a goalkick. Oh well…

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Koscielny with a late kick on an Everton player earned him a yellow card. Bad foul when the match is played. Jack Wilshere was lively and finding space everywhere. He opened up and saw Ramsey in with a good channel to run in. Wilshere made the perfect pass to the Welshman and Ramsey this time finally managed to find the back of the net. GOAL !!!! 1-4 in the 90th minute.

We had 5 minutes of extra time and it was as if Arsenal felt sorry for the Everton players. Monreal didn’t put enough power on a back pass and Cech only half heartedly stuck in his foot so Niasse got a goal on a silver platter from loss of concentration from Arsenal players. 2-4 after 92 minutes.

Can’t end the match on a bad note must have been the thought of Alexis so he ran from the left side of the Everton penalty area whole the way to the right until he finally found enough space to shoot and score. GOAL!!!! 2-5 in minute 94. The icing on the cake.

If we would have been a bit more efficient in the first half we could have won with double digits today. But better to keep the goals a bit spread out over the different matches. A good match with excellent football apart from 2 moments where we didn’t do well enough on the concentration point. 5 different goalscorers and well it could and should have been more.

Oh, happy birthday Mr. Wenger. I think his glass of wine will taste ever so well this evening.


50 comments to Everton – Arsenal 2-5, a walk in the (Goodison) Park

  • Nitram

    Here here to that Walter.

    Happy Birthday Arsene.

    Please be here at least until your 80th.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    I think all of the players who started this afternoon will now get a rest for the Norwich game on Tuesday night. The two strikers on the bench today will be looking to add to their 200 plus goals for the club.

  • insideright

    I’ll drink to that Nitram.

  • Gord

    I’m happy to see your report up Walter.

    In the late game, I’m hoping that pool! somehow manage to get a point.

  • Nitram

    The Ox coming on.

    Lets hope he finally can do something and earn Liverpool a point.

  • lewis

    Good performance and result but we have to stop giving sloppy goals away.

  • Gord

    Doesn’t look good for pool! to tie up that game.


    Before the game, you see Henry laying into Arsenal as a recent headline. As soon as the game ends, one of the first headlines you see is Henry laying into Arsenal as a recent headline. You would never think he used to be a star here. Is he best friends with Stewart Robson now too?

  • Al

    Magnificent win despite strange officiating in the first half.

    I have up on Mr Henry a long time ago. Whenever I visit the ems I take selfies with Bergkamp and Tony’s statues, and ignore Henry’s. In fact if I could smash it to pieces I would.

  • Al

    I **gave up on Mr Henry..

  • finsbury

    Nevermind the Football 😉 how many of these Tottenham players were on the field against the giants from Iceland? Or the europa cup legends Ghent (or Gent?).
    Asking for a friend…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    WOO HOO , HOO ! A great win.
    Just saw the last few minutes of the game , but still managed to see 3 goals.
    And in tandem with the guys,
    ‘ Happy Birthday , Boss. ‘ Hope to have you here for another 20 years!

    Am hoping that Liverpuddle score another , just so as not it being too embarrassing .

    Ahhh.. North London then toast of the EPL tonight. And possibly new manager/s in Merseyside next week ?

  • goonersince72

    5 goals: 1 by a defender, 2 by midfielders, 2 by forwards. Quite a balanced, formidable; although the naysayers will find fault. COYG

  • Gord

    OT: Real Madrid complaining about officiating

    I wonder what Marca, and Real Madrid are smoking?

    Real want, and will demand, changes, bringing the Spanish refereeing system in line with a competition that is considered one of the best in the world – the Premier League.

    The current secrecy surrounding refereeing decisions must disappear once and for all.

    It might just be poor “English”. Lost in translation, so to speak. Perhaps they mean the EPL is considered one of the best leagues. Surely they can’t mean that the PGMO is one of the best officiating organizations in the world.

  • Nitram


    Perhaps they just believe the ‘we get 99% of decisions right’ bollocks that the PGMOL themselves pump out ?

    Or maybe they believe whatever SKY Sports tell them.

  • Gord

    I thought of another possibility.

    Maybe the article is completely accurate. Maybe Real Madrid (and Barcelona) want a system whereby in the bidding before the season starts, and perhaps Real Madrid wins the bidding. Real Madrid wants the officiating to be bent in just the right way for the entire season so that they are handed the trophy at the end. Just like Leicester in the “demonstration season” the PGMO ran a couple of seasons ago in the EPL.

  • Nitram

    We have 30 shots, play some majestic football on the way to an away 5-2 victory and this is what we get from the Telegraph:

    “You know it is not your day when Mesut Ozil scores a header against you. You know it is not your day when you gift your opponents their first away win of the season. You know the end must be close when you see your team outplayed, out thought and even – heaven forfend – out muscled by Arsenal.”

    The whole piece is insincere and sarcastic.

    Why cant they just say we were very good for a change and leave it at that, without the need for constant digs at us?

  • lewis

    Tierry henry was and always be a Legend of Arsenal along with the likes of Keown.Because they dare to criticise some of regime at Arsenal and the way we are run doesn’t mean that they don’t love the club.

  • Nitram


    Are you for real?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A small church had a very attractive big-busted organist named Linda.
    Her breasts were so large that they bounced and jiggled while she played the organ. Unfortunately, this distracted the congregation considerably.

    The very proper church ladies were appalled.

    They said something had to be done about this or they would have to get another organist.

    So one of the ladies approached Linda very discreetly about the problem, and told her to mash up some green astringent persimmons and rub them on her nipples and over her breasts, which should cause them to shrink in size.

    But she warned Linda not to taste any of the green persimmons because they are so sour they would make her mouth pucker up, and she wouldn’t be able to talk properly for a while.

    The voluptuous organist reluctantly agreed to try it.

    The following Sunday morning the priest climbed into the pulpit and said,

    “Dew to thircumsthanthis bewond my contwol, we will not hab a thermon tewday”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I think that some of them on here would sound very much like the above mentioned priest , especially if they kiss the arses of ex players that have been applied with the grounded persimmon !

    It sounds logical as those big arsed ex players/ experts need to cut down on their bullshit !

  • Nitram

    The reason I ask is because surely after a 5- 2 win that’s what today should be about?

    If you are a true Arsenal fan, and ‘love’ the club, as you say, surely today is about enjoying the win and enjoying the performance, no?

    Surely today has got NOTHING to do with, the ‘regime’ or ‘how we are run’ has it, or am I missing something?

    I mean if it has, why, after Spurs win today aren’t we hearing them being criticised?

    After all under there ‘regime’ haven’t they won just one CC in 10 years and no title for over 50 years ?

    Yes, if you disagree with how Kroenke runs the club, fine, but does that mean you have to moan every single f***ing time we appear on tv, even after a 5 – 2 away win?

    Honestly, people like you really are a sad bunch.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I work with a Chinese guy called Kim and one time at an office function, we were having a drink and I said to him,
    “Do you ever get fed up of us Westerners saying that all Chinese people look the same ?”

    “Kim’s at the bar getting drinks, I’m his wife !!”

  • Brickfields, you are very naughty

  • lewis

    Nitram.Are you for real??It was a great performance today and credit to the team for beating a poor Everton team.I praise the team when its due and criticise when its due.What i dont do is slag past players off and referees off all the time when we dont turn up.”And as for your comment Please be here when your 80″dear me .No wonder our club is a laughing stock!!

  • Gord

    Should Koeman be under pressure?

    I don’t think so. We’ve only played 9 rounds so far. If we average all the teams from Watford down (excluding Liverpool), we find the average number of wins is 2.5 and the average number of draws is 2.36. With 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw, the average points of these teams is 9.86 (close to 10). If we look in the table, we see WBA is the team with more or less the same points as the average.

    This average number of wins is about 1.5 times the square root of 2.5 above 0, as is the average number of draws. Hence, it is easily possible for any of these teams (Watford down to CPalace) to have either 0 wins or 0 draws (or possibly both) at this point of the season. Just as a statistical fluke. In fact both situations are far more likely than Leicester winning the EPL two seasons ago.

    The fact Everton, West Ham and Stoke are all quite high in goal difference, does mean that they will need to work harder in what is left of the season to try and reverse their apparently poor showing at the moment.

    But there is no evidence that any CPalace, Everton, WHam or Stoke are doing anything “wrong”.

  • Nitram


    “What i dont do is slag past players off and referees off all the time when we dont turn up”

    So we didn’t turn up today then?

    “Please be here when your 80″

    What are you talking about?

  • Nitram

    Ah, I see. I said I hope Wenger’s here at 80?

    You took that serious then did you? Just about sums you up I think.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Despite the scare, an error or two, played some wonderful stuff today.
    Congratulations to Wenger and the team, a lot of positives, and some real Wengerball out there. Still some work needed, but hopefully, will give them confidence and momentum.

  • lewis

    Do keep up Nitram..

  • goonersince72


    If this was a great performance why are you slating the ‘regime’? that’s your take on the performance. Disconnected and inane.

  • Jax

    MOTD were kind to us for a change. Keown raving over Ozil & Wright praising Lacazette (as he often does).

  • Pat

    Nice present for the manager. Exciting football and lots of goals. The two goals for Oezil and Alexis were especially enjoyable because they are both returning from injury, and they both get stick and much unwelcome attention from the hacks.

  • Polo

    @ Nitram, some say there’s no media bias against Arsenal, after a 5-2 win the media somehow find a way to have a dig at Arsenal. Unbelievable.

    ‘Ronald Koeman was asked if there were any positives to be taken from Everton’s capitulation to the kings of capitulation.’

  • Polo

    Arsenal the ‘kings of capitulation? Really? Not according to statistics.

  • Polo

    No media bias against Arsenal. After a 5-2 win and dominated the opposition, the media write this.

  • Jax

    re your 2.14am.
    Did you read the comments section to that article?

  • The team which played yesterday game should be the team to start with only mustafi was missing and somewhere some how we include iwobi. And Chech is he tired or worn out! If we play with that team we will win the next 8 eight games.But my Boss Le Prof is unpredictable,let’s enjoy the flight as it has taken off before it lands.Mark my words.

  • Nitram


    What the comments say isn’t the point really is it?

    It’s a question as to how a journalist can turn a 5-2 away win, with a record amount of efforts on goal, and some moments of footballing majesty, into a negative ?

    Beating a beleaguered Everton doesn’t mean we are suddenly going to win the PL or are World beaters but surely anyone without an axe to grind or a biased agenda could see that Sundays performance was at least very good.

    That Guardian article has come from somewhere but it wasn’t Goodison Park I know that.

    I suggest it came from a hate filled agenda.

    Where do you think it came from because other than that I’m at a loss to explain it?

  • Pat

    That Guardian article is sadly the work of a typical journalist who likes the sound of his own voice better than any relationship with the truth.

  • Polo

    @Jax, ‘Did you read the comments section to that article?’ I don’t understand why you ask me that question? The people who made comments are not media employees paid to write are they?

    Why would a large media agency allow such drivel about a team that just hammered their opponents 5-2. Would they write the same if it was Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs, or City?

  • Polo

    @Mick, that’s why some of our fans need to do a bit of research instead of believing everything the media published. Statistical evidence shows Arsenal is no way near as bad as the media made it out to be.

  • Jax

    God almighty1 I was merely pointing out the reader’s indignation to the article.
    Seems you’re not the only precious soul on this blog today

  • Nitram


    Come on Jax, it’s nothing to do with being precious is it?

    I think you are a good poster and obviously love Arsenal, but I think you have a bit of a blind spot regarding how we are treated in the media.

    As much as there are a few of us on here that jump on the media as soon as we see what we perceive as this disproportionate and undeserved criticism, you seem equally quick to dispel our views as some kind of paranoia.

    Which is fine, we are all entitled to our opinion.

    But when someone exposes an example of this bias, if you want to dispel it then I’m afraid pointing at the comments section isn’t the way to do it, and all I and others have done is point that out.

    What I suggested you did was find some examples of Spurs getting similar ‘Blogetta abuse’ today. Or a media report somehow managing to put a negative spin on there win yesterday.

    If you can do that then I will hold my hands up, but somehow I doubt you will be able to do.

    Prove me wrong.

  • Jax

    I honestly think people take the whole thing too seriously. We get disproportionately bad press. I know that, but you’d have to be a pretty shallow person to believe in all that crap they write wouldn’t you. Arsenal supporters know the truth and that’s all that matters. At least to me it is anyway, and if others believe the media I’m not bothered at all.
    re that thing about finding equivalent stuff on Spurs. I did give you a little answer earlier on the other post which I’ll reprise here:I’m not falling for the old Nitram trick of looking on News Now for Spurs Bloggs. Nice try?

  • Nitram

    “Arsenal supporters know the truth and that’s all that matters.”

    But I don’t think they do and that’s the point.

    The amount of time I here Arsenal fans just repeating blindly the misinformation spouted by the media is ridiculous. It happens on here all the time.

    We have just won 3 FA Cups in 4 years yet there are blogs out there that never give up on the moaning.

    Liverpool and Spurs have both won just ONE League Cup, or whatever it’s called at the time, in 10 years.

    Are there equivalent blogs bemoaning there woeful record?

    1-Do they have ‘Black scarf’ days?

    2-Do they have ‘spend the fucking money’ banners?

    3-Do they have ‘enough is enough’ banners?

    4-Do they have ‘Wenger out’ banners flown over there stadiums?

    5-Do they have protests organised outside the stadium?

    6-Have they had there manager assaulted at a train station?

    No they have not, which begs the question, why?

    I truly believe the reason is that our fans are brain washed by this constant media negativity into these actions. That is why it MUST be taken seriously and NOT trivialised.

    Perhaps you have an alternative reason for the above behaviour of our fans?

    Maybe you think our fans are just a bunch of self entitled ingrates?

    I don’t know. All I know is a lot of our fans never stop moaning or agitating against the Club, and frankly it’s a joke.

    As for:

    “I’m not falling for the old Nitram trick of looking on News Now for Spurs Bloggs. Nice try”

    Sounds like a copout to me by someone who just couldn’t find what they needed to find to support there argument. As you say, Nice try.

  • Jax

    Seriously, I don’t see why I need to go looking for stuff on Spurs blogs. It was your challenge & I don’t go for it. And I’m not looking to support my argument, because it doesn’t matter to me enough to go scratching around on their blogs.
    I’m not even disagreeing with you anyway am I? I’m just not that fussed about it.

  • Jax

    Come to think of it, I’m not the one arguing over this. I’m just pointing something out.
    No argument.

  • Nitram


    “I’m just not that fussed about it”

    But that’s my point, I think you should be.

    I’ve listed 6 or 7 negative things our fans do, that Liverpool and Spurs fans don’t, from creating a negative atmosphere in the ground, leading to the booing of players, to having our manager attacked by our own fans.

    And you’re not fussed by it?

    Oh well, each to there own I suppose.

  • Jax

    That’s right, I’m not that fussed by it.
    I can’t think where I’d put Arsenal in my life these days, certainly not top five since I no long have an actual investment in the club, whereas I once lived & breathed It.
    I watch the games on TV, read the newspapers & blogs & participate in some and just get on with life.
    How can you even relate to these multi millionaires anyway?
    The biggest anti climax for me was actually getting my long awaited season ticket, because I soon realised I didn’t much like my fellow season ticket holders and gave it up after three seasons. So if they act like a bunch of pricks, I’m not at all surprised and have no empathy.
    I saw most of Arsenal’s greatest ever players and cherish the memories, but don’t now miss the ‘live’ event.
    Make of that what you will, but I won’t fake indignation at provocative media articles.