Arsenal v Tottenham: the tragedy of a journalist’s pathetic lack of knowledge

By Tony Attwood

15 Replies to “Arsenal v Tottenham: the tragedy of a journalist’s pathetic lack of knowledge”

  1. Tony,

    had a chuckle reading your page. Apparently, in the early 20th century, a cup won by any other club then Arsenal already was silverware, was a trophy…and worth more then a good result in the league…

    or should I say, for a modern journalist to value it thus just proves the bias issue again : 3 FA Cups in the past 4 seasons is not a trophy…if it is Arsenal but establishes any other club.

  2. U23 Team

    Iliev, Osei-Tutu, Pleguezuelo, Chambers, Debuchy,Sheaf, Dragomir, DaSilva,Akpom, Willock,Nelson

    Bench – Gilmour,Keto(gk), Bola, Moore, Fortune, Smith-Rowe andMedley

  3. Porto
    Costa(gk), Dalit, Fernandez, Reabciuk, Oires,Djim, Palhares, Queiros, Moreira, Varela, Bruno Costa

    Bidi-Lecadouq, Vera, Leute, Mata, Mbaye(gk), Quetta, Campos

    Kickoff in a few minutes – 19:00

  4. Half time no score. Porto have pressed better and their passing has been quicker and more accurate but no clear cut chances at either end

  5. Twit feed from was disappointing. Basically it only says the same thing as Andrew did; two postings. But, nice to hear that Reiss Nelson scored a good goal, and that Arsenal won.

  6. @Tony, maybe that’s the info he got from his sources. Your account of history might just be different from that of his source, just the same way your account of many things in the present is at variance with that of a lot of people. Just like your interpretation of Amy Lawrence’s statement varies with one regular commenter’s(he has challenged your presentation of the journalist’s article, but disappointingly, I’m sorry to say you haven’t shown the decency to even acknowledge)

  7. Sorry Amos, Tony has a whole lot more credibility with his background of publication and historical research on Arsenal Football Club than Amy Lawrence or the average bloke taking shots at him from the safety of bedroom. Tossing out platitudes like ‘maybe that’s the info he got from his sources’ betrays a willingness to blame others for the mistakes under his byline. Take the credit and the blame for what you say even when quoting others…especially when quoting others.

  8. Amos

    The residentBeer variable present in your brain when you wrote your blurb, doesn’t match the residentBeer variable present when you read about Arsenal history. Consequently the data retrieved has been randomised.

  9. I see in the news that Chris Coleman has left Wales to manage Sunderland. I think Chris Coleman should have stayed at Wales.

  10. Gord – I agree with you on Coleman. He was doing a great job for Wales. I wish him well in whatever he does.

    I’m just hoping for a good game with a win for Arsenal despite Dean. Anything less & humble pie will be chucked in my face for a while.

  11. I would agree that the Guardian article is good. They still manage to throw a few shots at Arsenal.

    I had a friend who was originally from Kosovo. He and his brothers left Kosovo. My friend became a chef in Switzerland, and then moved to Canada and ran a French restaurant when I knew him. His parents stayed in Kosovo. They were “invited to leave” a number of times; by this I mean that militia came to their door, and escorted them to the border, removing them from Kosovo. But the parents kept going back to their home.

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