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  1. Goonermikey

    “According to reports,Arsenal are the bookies’ favourites.”

    This is even more ridiculous than normal. If the story is about who are the “bookies favourites”, why not just go on line and check the bookies? Why rely on “reports”? Do some bloody work and check it out. You don’t need inside information to do that. Idiots.

    Having said all that, it doesn’t matter what the bookies say, they are merely reflecting bets received and trying to balance their liabilities. It’s absolutely no guarantee of anything. Do people really think AW gives Ladbrokes a call to tip them off so they don’t lose too much money?

  2. Andrew Crawshaw


    On December 6 Nketiah, Marcy and Sheaf signed new contracts. OTwo days later on the 8th Jordi Osei-Tutu and Joseph Oliwu also signed new deals

    Jordi joined us from Reading in 2015 and is a regular in the U23s this season and has been on the Beach in Europa League and Carabao Cup matches

    Joseph Olowu is a year younger and has played at both U18 and U23 level this year.

    Both are highly rated within the club and have the ability to make the first team if they continue their present rate of progress.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Despite that I think Arsenal will not sign more than 1 top quality midfielder in Jan, save if they are forced to increase the signing. I think Karim Benzema and Steven N’Zonze are looking to be potentially prospects for Arsenal singnings during the January transfer window. But how old is Benzema now? at 29 this month, if he’s signed and deployed to the Gunners front line, can the big striker who operates mostly from the left wing for Real Madrid be very effective in terms of goals scoring and giving assist for Arsenal that will impact seriously on both Arsenal Europa League and PL Title charges this season? And will his signing force Giroud transfer from Arsenal to happen in January? Giroud has more or less become a super substitute for Arsenal in the PL as proved in the Arsenal PL away match to West Ham yesterday night when he was lacklustered despite all the hype to start him. Giroud can only score in the PL when he comes on as sub for Arsenal. I think that’s his specialty.

    If Arsenal want to take the gamble to sign Benzema in Jan to see if starting from our home and away game in the PL against Newcaltle and to WBA which Karim win’t part of, Arsenal, win 21 PL games on the run to still challenge Man City to the Title who will certainly have problem with their results as the PL campaign pans on . Let Arsenal effect the signing with the minimum delays. So that Benzema will start starting Arsenal PL games as from their first game in Jan. Right? I hope Karim will not shun off Arsenal again but come to them if they can afford Madrid asking fee and his wage bill.

  4. The_Ledge

    I’m more interested in “new deals” than transfers at the moment.

    I’m at a loss to understand why, given the appointment of “specialists” within the Recruitment/Retention department, Jack Wilshere says he is “waiting for a call from the boss” to talk about his future.

    So all the talk about “change” appears to be bullshit, and the Manager is still calling all the shots.

  5. Mandy Dodd

    Don’t forget to add Lemar and De Ligt to the list!

  6. DESNJ

    Was looking forward to a festive holiday season but have just read the following and as a result, I am now very, very torn.

    “Arsenal fans are torn over whether Mikel Arteta should one day replace Arsene Wenger. … Daily Cannon”

    I am now worried about what other AW replacements I will be torn about in future.

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