West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal; Sunday 31 Dec 2017 – The Match Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

Well the PGMO are certainly ensuring that they do everything in their power to ensure that we remain well out of the Champions League places.  After Martin Atkinson on 22 December, Michael Oliver on 28 December we have Mike Dean on the 31st.  And in case you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Anthony Taylor for Chelsea next Wednesday.

  • Referee – Mike Dean  Age 49 from Mersyside
  • Assistant Referee 1 – Simon Long  from Suffolk
  • Assistant Referee 2 – Darren Cann
  • Fourth Official – Lee Mason  Age 45 from Lancashire

This will be our third match this season with Mr Dean.  Surprisingly we have won both of the previous two

Arsenal v Leicester 11 August (4 – 3)  An excellent start from Arsenal Lacazette with his first club goal inside 2 minutes bur Leicester make it one all within five.  Vardy making it 2 – 1 to the Foxes on the half hour mark.  Dean then intervening to deny Arsenal a penalty following handball by Ndidi but Arsenal equalise on the stroke of halftime through Wellbeck.  Vardy restoring Leicester’s advantage early in the second half.  Arsenal bring on the entire attacking force and Ramsey makes it 3 – 3 with 7 minutes to go.  Giroud then puts us in front for the first time since the 5th minute with a header in the 86th minute.  We should have had a fifth but for another intervention by Mr Dean inventing a ‘phantom foul’ when Smeichal was out of his goal and we could have had a shot into an empty net.

A win  despite interventions from Mr Dean who probably cost us two goals.

Arsenal v Tottenham 18 November (2 – 0)  Kane not given offside in the first 15 minutes but couldn’t convert that advantage into anything concrete.  Xhaka getting a justified yellow on the half hour mark.  Arsenal make it one nil when a Mustafi header loops over Lloris in the  36th minute.  The TV crews trying very hard to prove that Mustafi was a millimetre offside but this was not visible to the naked eye of the linesman so the goal rightly stood (and no, it didn’t in any way compensate for the offside goal that City scored).  Dean supporting Tottenham with minor decisions or by getting in the way.  in Min 42 Bellerin finds Lacazette level with the last Tottenham defender, his cross found Alexis in the centre who duly makes it 2-0 at half time.  Again no question of offside – Lacazette’s arm doesn’t count, his torso, legs and head were all onside.

In the second half Kane gets a yellow card for a tackle from behind on Xhaka.  Arsenal defending well and Spurs offering little attacking threat.  Kane and Alli both substituted before the end.  Llorente should have had at least a yellow and probably a red card for a studs in challenge on Bellerin (a really dirty snide foul and missed by the match officials).  The ubiquitous non-awarded penalty to Arsenal when Alexis is fouled by the last defender.

This was a match where we gave Mr Dean little opportunity to influence the result and were justifiable winners.  The minor interventions that Mr Dean was able to make were really of no consequence.

As with Thursday’s Match preview I am not inclined to go over our entire back history with Mr Dean.  I covered that pretty well in my previous of the Spurs match in November.

Arsenal v Tottenham Saturday 18 November 2017 – The Match Officials

Do I trust Mr Dean on Sunday?

Not as far as I can kick him but of the four referees I mentioned in my opening paragraph this is the game I am least worried about.  If we turn up and play anywhere near our capabilities it is a game we really should be able to win.  Probably not comfortably but at this point we need the three points.

Mr Dean is always capable of turning an Arsenal game upside down and we shouldn’t expect to be given any help in the way of penalties or free kicks in dangerous areas without our players being decapitated.


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24 Replies to “West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal; Sunday 31 Dec 2017 – The Match Officials”

  1. Make Dean has a special place in the hearts of Arsenal fans, in that thousands of us signed a petition to say he should never referee an Arsenal match again. He should get a nice warm reception from the away supporters.

  2. Always a worry, we see a lot of this ref, but hopefully we will have enough for this game
    Bet they try to stitch us up with Chelsea though

  3. Mandy,

    That’s my take on things as well.

    If we can’t beat West Brom and Mike Dean when we have already had wins against both Leicester and Spurs then it will be a really poor show from us or Dean using the black arts to such a degree as to be obvious.

  4. The Leicester game, isn’t that the one Ozil controlled the ball with his arm in the build up to our winning goal? No mention here? The match against spurs isn’t that the one we scored 2 with hints of offside? Without objectivity I doubt non untolders can take your ref reviews seriously

  5. Anyway, let the PGMO continue to heap their high profile well-known anti-Arsenal referees on Arsenal in their games in the PL as they like to do this season. But in as this heaping may continuing, the Gunners will be equalled to the task at any time and at every occasion as they are more than prepared and ready to deal with any anti-Arsenal referring agenda so ordered by the PGMO to be perpetrated against Arsenal by any of their high profile referees, linesmen and forth officials appointed to officiate in the next Arsenal two games at away to WBA tomorrow and at home next Wednesday against Chelsea all in the Premier League.

    No Jupiters of any match officials appointed by the PGMO to officiate in the next two Arsenal away and home games in the PL can deter Arsenal from collecting maximum points in their games in the PL at away and at home henceforth. More so, in their tomorrow and next Wednesday games for that matter. For, the Gunners will unfailingly defused any anti-Arsenal referring thrown against them in these two games by activating their anti-PGMO match officiating agenda against Arsenal in their games playing which nullifies any anti- Arsenal referring so directed against them in their games.

  6. Well Chem, yes it is easy for people to get confused, I agree with that, especially if just taking into account one article. You see what we have done is a long series of massive numbers of reviews of games, analysing in great depth often with video evidence, in one long series using referees who do not support Arsenal to do the reviews (see the REferee Decisions website) in another a series where every major decision was covered with video evidence in depth (see http://untold-arsenal.com/referees-video-evidence)

    Of course many people do like to pick up on an individual comment made in our previews, but we can’t go back and do the statistical analysis over and over because our readers know all that. So we just do quick summaries. But it is all on this site, and on the Referees Decision web site, if you would like to see the reality.

  7. Funny you would forget when Dean awarded a Spurs free kick for Verthonghen dive in his own box after he was outmuscled by Ozil (let that sink in…), denying Lacazette a certain goal…

  8. It was easy to predict competent performances from the shill *gollum gollum* in the home games for Arsenal he was given after a long long delay following that in that Chelsea game, the subsequent petition and the damage to what little remains of the pgMOBs credibility.

    Further we expected Dean to be more restrained as he (or someone) must be looking to take over the pgMOB position so discredited by the life of Riley at some point.

    An Away game is trickier, but I’m going to guess that the amazingly subtle (heh) “rehab” that none of could have expected 😉 is going to continue and it’s the upcoming match against Chelsea where I’ll be more worried about the official. Alas we are not allowed to see more friendly officials like Mr Friend in such big games or more then twice a season in the league. For some unfathomable reasoning *coughs & splutters*.
    Having written the above I should acknowledge that *Gollum Gollum* was still not great in the home games this season, but not as poor/obvious as per the previous decades record – that would not be an opinion ;). Maybe he’s trying to “even it all out” heh.

    “Theatre” dahlings. For all the luvvies at BT and Sly Sports. Mwah mwah.

  9. Complements of the season to all Untolders.

    Chem so hints of off side & the use of the arm are critical? Which hints of blatant cheating by PGMOL are not relevant?

    These select cheats from up north (where the ‘ard people come from) with their selective vision & obvious bias are a bunch of corrupt officials. The only foreign officials could be Israeli but then there are no persons of colour or ethnicity outside of this select cheats. No women apart from the odd one to cover their arses.

    Watch the 2nd goal scored by palace & note the use of an arm to hold Kos down.

  10. In no other civilised country would Mike Dean be allowed to continue as a football referee in a professional league. Around 12 years ago he was suspended indefinitely by the PGMO for being involved with a betting website. Has Mike Dean made errors in judgement whilst officiating Arsenal matches? Has he denied Arsenal penalties? Has he sent Arsenal players off for lesser fouls than he has allowed them to be subjected to in the same match? You bet he has!

  11. Chem forgetting the handball from Ndidi and non awarding of a penalty in favour of Arsenal in that same match.

  12. ‘Well the PGMO are certainly ensuring that they do everything in their power to ensure that we remain well out of the Champions League places.’

    Are they? How does it work exactly. Do they have secret meetings. Are referees instructed to be biased by their superiors or do they just get together in the pub and decide this amongst themselves.
    Maybe you could draw one of those flow charts with arrows and pictures on it.

  13. @Alexander
    Absence of proof is not proof of absence

    In case of referring in EPL there are enough Symptoms that something is wrong.
    There have been countless instances highlighting the same such as Dean blizzare performance, Webb disclosure, PGMO giving parting gift to its referees to never talk about its job afterwards, no referees from south of England, and many more
    But nobody wants to talk amount it

  14. Alexanderhenry, just look at the fact there will probably be no PL refs at the next worldcup. Even the rest of the world don’t trust PL referees or think they are not good enough.
    I think this is a result of PL refs using other standards then the rest of the world and acting differently to the instructions from IFAB.
    Even Clattenburg admitted he used different rules when doing PL matches and when doing European matches.

  15. Absence of proof is not proof of absence – loved it, heard it before but I’m going to use this as a case stalwart from now on!

    We win, if I know this team half as well as I think and feel and know, we win! Dean is as George Osbourne put it on the election night repeatedly, a dead ‘man’ walking! Ever look like a marriage of compatibles convievience to you!?

    So with that in mind, yes we expect him to dig, as hard and fast as possible, incriminating himself and still failing miserably. When wounded we fight, and the scent of 2nd should be in their nostrils to boot.

    The correlation between Brexit, illegal Saudi arms sales, the incompatibility brtween foreign relations and direct government ownership of certain enterprises is questionable, One former Italian premiers do certain cohabiting Milanese club are still vivid.

    Great taste, here it would have been at least legal!

    The game starts, I start just before, there has been an uncanny consistencies between my days and the resultant score line on that day, no I’m not just reacting badly. I expect to be onto a winner tomorrow against some adversity at the start before running a muck later on especially after we win and I am in the heart of Chelsie country well actually it’s a bit like Palestinian (Fulham) contested turf!

    A Gooner chants Arsenal in amongst 100 Chelsea fans and tells them he expect them to drift and relinquish top four along with the Kop and if they aren’t true fans to stop being deluded and see the Matic sale is the start of one owner sucking the main asset value out of a club.

    Oh the good news, so Thierry, no not the true King! Hazards father dropped a clanger in the sink, yes we rejected a renewal in favour of seeing how serious Real are.

    As I said they are serious and Willian would love his start back. Luiz gone mid World Cup, and Courtois. Return to Madrid looks likely, with Simeone trying to stave of interest in his no:1.

    I’m telling you, Real didn’t save for no reason. Elsewhere Barca are gearing up to beat Real to Laporte, which will be interesting, and Antoine seems a smokescreen for what I’m sure is Allen but a done deal. Phillipe is the natural successor to iniesta and he and Paulinho are good friends and he’s played with Luis.

    Barca are looking to offload due to 80% of income going to wages and law suits tumbling on multiple fronts. Guilty, absence of…. yeah.

    PSG are a tricky one, Qatar are a bit in a pickle and will dig in, so expect Draclwr to be leaving and Kilian to come in.

    A return of Bale to United looks almost certain in the summer as an upgrade to Young and that will mean a replacement for Mikhi, but isn’t 10 his clear best position. So no Ozil then.

    With Real, United and Barcelona all offloading around 5 names to balance the books and or raise disposable income, I expect a good mid table clubs in all 5 top European leagues to benefit.

    Its a straight race for names.


    De Gea

    With De Gea suited to Real and Hazard alike and almost a freebie in terms of cost for P E A.

    While Laporte has to choose total football or where he is sure to partner one French CB for a decade. I’d chose Real but affairs of the heart are testing.

    Butland today lost £7m in value, nice.

    Meanwhile ok that young man at Ajax is very good, we are linked and If take him and Meyer, drop of a hat, £20m is steep and a bit of a shame for his defelopement. If City go in I couldn’t fault him for moving to a club with a space on his preferred wing, which is bread for one purpose. Chelsea, developed who, when since?

    Real and Barca are thankfully all about first team.

    What this all means is AW is in the driving seat for once, if given capital.

    If we can get Cohen back in and and Niles moves to the Right. His better (Oh my) side accordingly to the considerable experience and perception of Mr World Class player developer AW.

    It would seem that we could pick up a CB ready or nearly ready (Rugani fits extremely well) and a DM (Mo) is so nice he should be able to pay in the evening after sunbathing and spending time on the beach with the new family addition. We need a destroyer, fully fitted, not trident class.

    Also for note, Callum, Hector, Holding, Iwobi all 21 or younger on the first of the 1st last year. Do the maths.

    Add Cohen, Jack, Rambo (God Boy) that’s seven without needing to add Reiss and Ainsley. Which renders Danny and Theo surplus even there. Add a Chuba and you have 8.

    Lose a NACHO fairly (end of contract) thanks and or go help relegation threatened Malaga now or for free later, no fee bigger wages. Get rid of a Debouchy and you are beginning to thresh out something very, very sexy.

    If you somehow lost a Debouchy who is unlikely to make more than 3-4 more appearances at most, Theo as well, that would allow you to gain a CB and DM now. If sporting would sell for 27m buy now fee after making CL, they’ll sell in Jan. And Juventus’ board are sanctioning a sale of Danielli not the manager and Contenis back to Italy in summer.

    I’m thinking if we made £40m and make £30m on an in demand Theo plus goals scored add on and sell on clause.

    I think that would pay for both the DM and CB without a need to ask for the release of additional funds:

    But again, Draxler is a gamble and although he would fit in, why gamble, I don’t often. Reus would be a great buy, but isn’t the best value for money, so I’d be tempted to do both those deals now and grab Ryan now Leicester are both safe and very unlikely to make the top 6. And the fee isn’t born of a winners medal and although it’s Jan, with the other options available now and in summer could be the type of deal an astute chinaman might make in hindsight of the impact of not allowing the previous offer to be accepted. The picture of when he announced Ryan’s would not be sold (his arm around a shoulder) is telling. Ryad I like the way you handled that one.

    His project although delayed by club mismanagement is almost at fruition. Better than last summer, beating the World Cup and reinforcing our top four credentials and also opening the door to sales, releases and acquisition, whilst showing ambition (mid protracted contract negotiations) is competenbusiness sense.

    If we get rid of two payers we don’t use, we can strengthen the spine and the area affecting both our GD and points tally.

    It’s a no brainier, if we got even the two, we’d certainly make top four, especially if you consider how and why we have dropped points this season and the margin to success on these occasions.

    Football index:

    Arsenal UP (dodgey odds to put off the punter)

    Real UP (quietly going about their business for once Zizu is that you?)

    Liverpool, VVD was a big spend, too much but a signal ignored intent, Zaha would be a god buy for them and a cheaply, they will now need. Next up a better GK and eventually a CF and FB’s!


    Juventus (didn’t make the crown when it was most attainable) balancing books after pushing for it.

    Barcelona almost certain to take La Liganand bragging rights, whilst offloading and hand picking carefully the new crop. City and Real rival that unrivalles pulling power.

    Spurs so close but so far and a stadium buold that Kane has certainly taken onboard when shooting. Toby cross the divide. Need a RB and probably a LB soon. A couple of wingers as well. Headache Poch?

    Napoli need win Serie A, Juve will, strength in depth. Insigne, be happy he’s small, it’s the only De traction, would suit Athletico. Giroud fits this club like a glove.

    Going Backwards

    Chelsea its a fire sale a Russian style. Pre Putin election debate.

    United that’s a lot of problem children and a manager who’s tenure doesn’t look secure at a club which is no longer fashionable in a place which was really never fashionable.

    Bayern transition German style, do what works and don’t worry what people’s say. The end of an era.

    Dortmund – See Bayern and their league dominance in pulling power and spending, once more.

    The also rans


    In a league of their own for food or bad and maybe tontheir detriment


    Getting bought a drink for being a gentleman with cojones and telling it how it it is to Chelsea fans, by a Chelsea fan.

    To true football fanatics everywhere especially the UA readership and team. Happy new year 8 the new world boss’ number of prosperity .

    S’hampton ty and Stoke, well they didn’t get off the coach. And Mahrez didn’t want to kill off Liverpool. Vardy to United, perfect fit.


  16. 4-4-2 oh Giroud is out.

    4-3-3 andrei
    Ozil and Alexis inverted Jack in between (yes pushed up)

    Mo and Francis

    The back four, and Cech.

    Bench Iwobi, Nelson, Xaka (watch and learn from MO’s discipline. Callum, Niles, Walcott (keep everyone Welbeck, Ospina!

    Let everyone know highest bidder gets Theo, he doesn’t need celebrate with the team this time.

    We are missing everyone that way who is dispensable, leaving or possibly singable in the next year and a half.

    Start as you mean to go on.

    Hey well soon Rambo, Oliver Santi, and Nacho.

  17. Reus not Reid – list of quality available. Greizman should stay unless he likes Italy.

    The great thing about only a couple of fistfuls of players of that’s wualitynbeing available is, if everyone overspent, or has players coming putney of the rafters and you didn’t, especially if you don’t look like winning the league is, you find out who really wants it and the price deflates because everyone isnsimulataneously broke.

    Simple economics, football isn’t anything to do with that round thing overall, it’s politics, money, Presteigne and incidentally weather.

    Linesman – technology and men with flags – watches that beep offsides and ball out of play.

    Fourth official removed and replaced by video ref with power to stop play and override ref on major calls.

    The use of post game sanctions and punishment. Points deduction for accruing a serious number of gamesmanship or direct cheating punishments.

    And full training and full club squad bans for violent or seriously intentional dangerous play.

    Reintroduction of daylight offside rule, advantage attacker.

    Penalties for holding in the box.

    No punishment for shirt removal celebration unless relating to obscene material.

    Wage caps.

    Cost plus transfer capping.

    Loan player cap

    Rule regarding financial proportionality of sponsorship deals.

    No state intervention for owners and clubs.

    No foreign player cap, universal 25.man squad home grown player rule.

    Ban on non EU national capping Spain.

    ACN date change to offset negative impact on Afcon players.

    Introduction of minimum player holiday period.

    15:00 16:30 17:30 19:45 20:00 fixed kick off times.

    Equal rest period for team league matches, with fixed cup match day allocation.

    Minimum 20 team for cat A league qualification.

    Minimum PCSO requirement for match days ticket allocation quota.

    Independent supporters trust 20 team march day and league management and officiating overview panel.

    I’ll let you know if I come up with any more.

  18. Swapneel

    ‘Absence of proof is not proof of absence’.

    So, anything is possible. Does that include the possibility that pigs may fly or that the moon is in fact made out of cheese? ..you never know.

  19. With due respect I was commenting on comments made in the above article. I don’t see how going down memory lane of your “n” years of reviews comes in. The article suggests that Dean was biased against arsenal in 2matches this season, mentions some decisions that allegedly went against arsenal but remained silent on the decisions that a “much larger” group of people felt went in our favor. What does your 1000 previous reviews have to do with that?

  20. DK -Happy new year. You seem to be happy all the time, so don’t change.

    I see you are selling Theo, so how much do you want?

    Incidentally, I wouldn’t exchange Theo’s toe nails for pundits that want him sold. He is still one of our best finishers given a chance. We need some luck & some coaching in technique to pass the ball past the bus into the net. Most people who can kick a ball can learn how to bend & dip a ball (let alone these obscenely paid footballers). The pundits glorify free kick goals because they generally are too dim to realise the simplicity.

  21. Alexander

    As I also highlighted there are enough Symptoms of something being wrong with referring some of them i just mentioned above which you just ignored

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