Untold Arsenal is 10 years old today. A thank you to some special friends.

By Tony Attwood

14 January, 2018.

You’ll know, if you have been paying attention, that we are celebrating Untold’s 10th anniversary.  Well, to be more precise, I’m celebrating Untold’s anniversary, I am not sure what you are doing.

Now if you also occasionally take a look at the Arsenal History Society web site you’ll know that over the years we have been building a huge index of the key events in the club’s history.   We’ve got around 5000 events in the list, so it is not too surprising that I have found another anniversary for the day on which Untold launched:

14 January 2008: The launch of Arsenal TV as part of Setanta Sports.  It closed on 7 August 2009 as Setanta was liquidated and was replaced by BT Sport, but without Arsenal TV.

And here we are with post number 7,7797: we outlasted both Setanta Sports and Arsenal TV.  2-0 to Untold I think.

And people are allowed to indulge themselves a little on their birthdays, I’m indulging myself in this article by thinking about what 10 years of Untold has meant to me.

First, the friendships.  Walter, Blacksheep and Andrew have all become great friends as a result of Untold, and I would say that if that was all that had happened, it would have been worth it.  In my experience really solid, positive long-lasting friendships do not fall off trees, and to find three such friendships which I value so very deeply having emerged from this idea ten years ago today, makes the whole thing more than worthwhile.

I did have my doubts about Walter and Blacksheep when without telling me they took over Untold for my birthday last year, but I have to admit I found what they did utterly overwhelming.  That is what friendship can do.

Walter has invited me into his family who I have been delighted to get to know, and Blacksheep invited me to his wedding (not many people would take such a risk) … and these and many more events have occurred simply because of the friendships that have emerged out of this blog.

Blacksheep also came up with the idea of our banner which was funded by Untolders there is a permanent page recognising these contributions.

Walter also arranged matters so that I could play football on the Emirates pitch.  OK I was utterly useless and the team would have done far better without me, but for the rest of my life I can say that I have played on that pitch and had a day I shall remember for all time.  The picture of Walter and I which is on the home page was taken on the pitch on that day

Untold Arsenal: Supporting the club, the manager and the team

Then we had the people who worked with us for a while and did so much.  We could not for example have had the 160 games research with Usama.

Going back to the early days, Dale Higginbottom created the first ever Arsenal Injury Index which compared Arsenal’s injury issues with others in the league and showed over six years ago, that the stories about Arsenal getting more injuries than anyone else were wrong.

Dogface gave us commentaries like we had never seen before or since, Phil Gregory really got us going with match previews, and Anne gave financial insights that brought into a whole new world.

There were so many more contributors of articles that really did get Untold established, quite simply, for its untoldness that I can’t list everyone.  But I really must mention Ashley B of Goonernews – Ashley showed faith in Untold right from the start and has been a tremendous supporter of Untold all the way through.  Without his help and guidance I am not sure I would have had the enthusiasm to keep things going in the early days.

We have also published a series of books, for one of which Arsene Wenger wrote the preface – I am rather pleased with that little achievement, and of course that reminds me we’ve had an ex-Arsenal player and scout write for us too.

And then in addition to all that, having set up Arsenal History Society to run alongside this blog, three members of AISA including myself managed to get a meeting with Ivan Gazidis in which I was invited to offer some thoughts on what the club could do to make the Emirates Stadium appear more welcoming to Arsenal fans.   So it was I was able to set out my plans for a set of statues around the stadium, including, as I said in that meeting, “one of Herbert Chapman, facing the stadium, looking up at it, as if to say ‘I created this’.”   And lo and behold…

I could go on and on, but you’ll certainly have had enough of this self-congratulation by now, so I’ll end with my final thought.

Untold was just an idea that I had, after getting exasperated that the media refused to comment on rotational fouling and rotational time wasting.  So the idea came about of doing a blog about Arsenal that was positive about the manager and the team, and which made the point that the mainstream media both decides what is news, and what spin to put on the news.  Who could have imagined that within seven years it would be gaining six million page views a year.

I’ve absolutely loved doing it, and I am deeply indebted to so many people for helping make this happen, and for encouraging the whole enterprise.  If you have enjoyed it 1% as much as me, you will have had quite a good time.

If you have been, thank you for reading.

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19 Replies to “Untold Arsenal is 10 years old today. A thank you to some special friends.”

  1. Yes indeed! Not forgetting Brickfields endless jokes and snippets of wisdom…

  2. My God…. it is 10 years ago that one of my sons directed me to Untold saying he had found a rather funny new Arsenal blog.
    I fell for it from the first word I read. And feel honoured to have been such a big part of it.
    Circumstances prevent me currently from doing a lot for Untold. But I hope the good days (of writing lots of articles) will return in the next months.
    Thanks Tony for starting Untold and for giving me the chance to become such a major part of it.
    I also find the friendships we have found with you, Drew and Andrew the best part of it.
    It even brought me to Wembley last May. For a day I will never forget. For a moment that I will never forget.
    Thank you Tony. Thank You Drew and once again Thank you Andrew for letting me have that historic Wembley experience.

  3. 10 years of moaning is easy done. But 10 years or rowing against the tide and staying positive is something that isn’t that easy to do. I think Untold has done this and yes it is partly self-congratulating but we have managed to do this. And that is utterly amazing.

  4. Thanks Tony and to Walter and Andrew and all the Untold gang, abs everyone (well nearly everyone!) who comments. It’s a massive achievement for such a site to exist and thrive in an environment where nearly all the other ‘blogettas’ are negative. Here’s to the next decade where Walter and I can help celebrate Tony’s century!

  5. Happy Birthday, UA. Keep up the good work. After all, nobody else can seemingly be bothered…

  6. Happy 10 Year Anniversary Birthday To Untold Arsenal And Many More Returns.

    I think I became one of the Untold Arsenal Blog regular visitors as I came across the website and I liked it while browsing and have since then became one of it’s regular commentters commenting on it’s topic article postings of the blog not long ago, just 3 years back I should think. To me, the UA blog is like having a fora where issues and matters concerning Arsenal FC are thoroughly discussed and digested and solutions to problems bedevilling the club are suggested by commentters for the club to accept or leave them as the Arsenal authorities deem fit.

    I liked and enjoyed Setanta TV while it lasted. For, it was on that TV on MyTV company Strong receiver that was showing on Intersat 20K I first start to watch things that concern AFC and Man Utd FC after the ABG cable satellite collapsed in Zaria town. I watched many press conferences which the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, the Man U manager held and also watched many replays of Man U games on Setanta TV. I also watched some replay matches of Arsenal games too on Setanta TV. But the live games of both Arsenal and Man Utd do I watched on ABG(Alhaji Bawa Garuba) Cable Satellite TV at 1000 Naira monthly subscription. But now it’s DSTV 11 sport channels that I subscribed to I am relying on before I can watch Arsenal games live and other sporting events. I am gearing up to watch the Australia Tennis Open live and hoping my favourite tennis stars, Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal will win the ladies and men single final match this year.

    Master Tony, I must confess to you that it’s through my coming to the UA that I come to know and learn of the existence of the AKBs and AOBs, more on Arsene Wenger and the Gunners, the Arsenal academy, the current Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke, the Arsenal board and the CEO, Ivan Gasidiz, how the Emirates Stadium came about, more on Arsenal Gunners from Tony Adams era and to date, the Arsenal invincibles, the unbeaten 49 game run, the PGMOL and their referees anti-Arsenal referring, and many more I can’t remember to mention them now. Thank you.

  7. Happy Birthday, Untold.
    The only blog I read, partly for it’s Un-usual slant on al things Arsenal but also, for the humour.
    I don’t comment much, mainly because the game has changed so much I no longer understand the tactics etc.
    But your support of Mr Wenger, particularly when every armchair manager seems to think they know better, is a voice of reason in a world of instant snide opinion.
    I do sometimes wonder about his team selections and why players like Walcott, The Ox (I know, he’s now with the ‘Pool) and Chambers seem to go backwards but that’s why I live in Newlyn and not N5 and am on the Pension, rather than earning £8m
    Keep going Tony, Walter, Andrew et al & thanks.

  8. Thank you Tony, Walter, Andrew and everyone past and present for giving us Untold, a lifeline in an anti Arsenal world. I saw you and Walter on the pitch that time, Tony. Unforgettable and fully deserved!

  9. Congratulations Tony on setting up this site and to Walter and the rest of the contributers. Long may it last.

  10. It has been a pleasure being associated with UA and Tony/Walter/Usama/blacksheep et.al as a commentator,writer and blogger. Here’s to another 10 years of fruitful and funny support for the Arsenal!

  11. Pep talks and longevity; Congratulations over

    Nobody knows better than each of you, the contributions you have made and equally the sacrifices, so I will not presume to even be able to offer the required amount of raptuos applause.

    On a personal note, the moment I found this site, forum, whatever you’d have it become. I can say I was indebted to the contributors for finding me in the wilderness, when my friends would look at me sceptically when I bemoaned the conspiratorial nature of the governing bodies and officials, let alone the improper trading and intentional sabotage of the club by the board. Puts a whole new light on RVP sale, now the links of Alexis emerge, with major sales to both party affiliated club owners of rival clubs within the league.

    Incidentally should Walcott move to Everton, out first game after the closure of the window isn’t agiainst… yes you guessed it, if you didn’t already know.

    So today we were without first team starters

    Kolasinac, Koscielny, Wilshere, Ramsey, Alexis & Ozil. And had to rely on 2 players in a back 3 who qualify as U21’s a makeshift right footed teen at left back and a narrow selection of Danny and Iwobi in behind.

    I don’t know why he opted for a back 3/5 when if we look at our season with this format, we have struggled alll season, and why we need a back 5 against a team we should be attacking not only with the difference in quality and reputation but also the way we need to approach the fixture. Again I would have been tempted to opt for a four four two with the players available, but well, that’s the way it goes.

    It’s becoming so frustrating I’m not even frustrated.

    To me it is obvious that for the proper running of the club in a business sense, the team needs investment and hasn’t the ability to do so.

    It I said also clear that selling Ozil and Alexis is certain to severely hamper our ability to make the top four or win the europa league and as such is tantamount to madness.

    On the upside they can’t delete all Wenger records in one season, as he now is likely to remain the all time longest serving manager in the league, possibly forever and we are still the only team to go unbeaten after Liverpool threatened to demolish Coty before capitulating once more in the latter stages of the game. Albeit without VVD.

    So that has reduced the gap to the top (for everyone else) whilst putting us further away from a top four finish.

    However one thing remains, all four clubs in those places are guilty of crimes and should face heavy sanctions.

    City’s sponsorship deal is farcical and an umbrella for direct investment by the owners and constitutes a breach of FFP.

    Chelsea are certainly money laundering and nothing oleases me more than one family opposing the redevelopment and Chelsea calling for the certainly crooked H&F council to step in, please do. I got so much dirt on themselves already.

    Liverpool, United and our Chairman are certainly insider trading and I seriously question Henry and the Glaziers over the implications of their republican connections and the mien soending patterns during this period of GMM!

    With the majority shareholder and Director of Arsenal seemingly directly accountable for his actions and what he sanctions. I do hope that there isn’t room for a takeover bid, Alisha may just end up thankful he was frozen out.

    Serie A 2006 is all I can say!

    Well done, funny thing 10 years ago i began my own case. I’ve definitely had enough and will shortly take a direct no hold barred win or bust route.

    Wish me luck! And keep on keeeping on, I would surely invest in a restructuring for profit and investment in whaybis sirely the best focus on the league, with diversification to the other major leagues a certainty.

    Where there is a will there is a way!

  12. Thanks to all the Untold team for the hard work In making Untold Arsenal the best Football Blog on the web.

  13. Wow… I’m so flattered by this mention. I thought you guys must have forgotten all about me! I’m working as a full time lawyer now (sold my soul to the devil), but have you got any subject matter I could contribute on now?

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