Arsenal v Chelsea, the teams, shirt numbering, and beating Bayern last night

By Bulldog Drummond

Some bookies have decided to take a new twist on the issue of Arsenal’s team changes and are talking up the possibility of a huge clear out by Arsenal, and offering all sorts of odds on everyone getting out of the club at once.   Well, not quite everyone but they seem pretty sure that Chuba Akpom is going, so is Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck, Mohamed Elneny, and Mat Debuchy.

I’m not sure that this sort of punt is really realistic but if you do want some more realistic football betting tips you should have a look at that link.

As for the suggestion that everyone is leaving, I can see the first and last those five players listed above moving on this month, but that is about the most of it.  But then I’ve had more faith in Elneny from the start – I see him as a really useful hardworking player who is developing all the time, and wouldn’t be too surprised to see him start tonight.  And last summer the papers said every single player was going.

Elsewhere Jeorge Bird who knows a thing or three about Arsenal’s training ground activities has reported that Ramsey and Monreal are both in full training while Nelson, Nketiah and Macey trained with the first-team.

Mr Wenger was less certain.  “We might have Ramsey back in the squad – he has a test today. After that, we have the uncertainty over Nacho Monreal who came off during the game against Crystal Palace. Hopefully he will be available. He has a test this morning as well.”

Elsewhere there is a bit of a struggle going on to get much more news and information, except that the Daily Star tells us most dramatically that

“Arsenal New-Boy Henrikh Mkhitaryan Smacks Team-Mate In Head During First Training Session.”

Well I never.  You could try the official Premier League site if you want something a little more earth bound.

And there is more shock horror news coverage for Henrikh (which is easier to write than the surname) because not a second after the man has been given the number 7 shirt than we are told he will have another shirt as well thus becoming Two Shirts Mkhitaryan.

Of course that comment will mean nothing unless you watched Monty Python and a certain Mr Jackson who contemplated building a second shed, but it is all true apparently.   And all this is because Alexis wore 7 playing against Cologne, Mk must wear a different number if he appears in the rest of the campaign.  Children would cry and goodwives would be weeping in the high street with confusion if two men wore 7 in the same season.

And besides Tomas Rosicky might turn up and ask for it back.

Meanwhile you will have heard that Arsenal under 23s beat Bayern 5-2 in the under 23s cup to win the group and go through to the knock out stages even though not all games have been played.  Here is the table for our group:

3 2 1 0 6 2 4 7
FC Porto
2 1 0 1 2 1 1 3
FC Bayern München
2 1 0 1 3 5 -2 3
3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

The team for that game was

Hugo Keto,  Jordi Osei-Tutu (one goal), Julio Pleguezuelo, Ben Sheaf, Rob Holding, Konstantinos Mavropanos, Emile Smith-Rowe (one goal), Josh Da Silva, Vlad Dragomir (one goal), Joe Willock, Jeff Reine-Adelaide: (two goals).

I can’t imagine any of those players being involved in the game tonight having just played!  But good to see Le Jeff continuing his rehab.

But enough of this, what of the team for tonight I hear you cry, and here is a line up that may or may not have some resemblance to the team that appears…


Mustafi Kos Monreal

Bellerin Xhaka Wilshere Maitland-Niles

Ozil Lacazette Iwobi

Lurking on the beach that would leave a selection from Ramsey, Nelson, Nketiah, Mertesacker, Kolasinac, Macey, Chambers, Debuchy, Elneny, Welbeck, all depending of course on who is fit and who is not.  The good thing is there is enough strength on the beach that if any of the selected team can’t make it we’ve got a few good men in there ready to step up, even with injuries and an under 23 game last night.

PS: That’s it from the team for today.  Sadly Walter can’t help us out with a review tonight, but M1 traffic allowing we’ll be back from the game in the early hours of tomorrow, and ready to tell it like it might be all over again tomorrow.

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33 Replies to “Arsenal v Chelsea, the teams, shirt numbering, and beating Bayern last night”

  1. But away from my curiosity, should AFC score another goal to make it 2-1 @FT, what will still happen as Chelsea have scored an away 1 goal in the game? will that goal they’ve scored count as double and takes the match to extra time if it stays that way at regulation time? Or AFC will go through on their 2-1 score-line win?

  2. I looks like Chelsea win.
    If score is 2-1 then extra time as Chelsea’a goal counts double.

  3. Away goals only count double at the end of extra time, if we score and it’s 2-1 at the end of 90 mins we win. The only thing there will not be penalty’s now.

  4. Apparently if it stays like this 1-1 it still goes to extra time but if score is 2-1 Arsenal wins.
    Away Goal counts double only in extra time.

  5. Offside is such a silly rule;
    Any part of the body can be offside, this is stupid it should all hinge on the feet position really. No one stands straight upright before taking off on a run.

  6. Apart from those first 15 minutes (WTF was that about)that was a great performance, especially the 2nd half.

    Stand out performances from Ozil and Monrael, with a mention for Elneny and Bellerin.

    But they all played well.

    Wembley here we come, AGAIN.

  7. All these cup finals are getting boring.
    I bet the poor old spuds and the scousers would love to be bored.

  8. This was all about heart tonight. I hate the “they wanted it more phrase” but it covers what we did tonight. Our desire was so strong that our technical ability looked…Burnley-esque at moments which is normal when you know how many tensions have been around Arsenal since last summer. Nacho was fantastic but I’d like to say something about Mesut. Tonight, he was a true leader.

    1-4-0 against Conte’s (a manager I have a big respect for) Chelsea. Who would expect that from that Arsene fella, eh?

  9. Your comment about Elneny was born out tonight, Tony. He was vigorous and accurate and played an important role.

    Ozil was amazing. The Chelsea players tried to crowd him out and yet he remained remarkably cool and still kept the ball and chose his passes so well.

    All the team worked hard and it isn’t easy against Chelsea when you never know when the ref will next take a decision which gives them the advantage. I thought added time would never end.

    Anyway we’re all going to Wembley!

  10. Great half of football the second. And what is it? We should play Chelsea every week. I’d like to see 2 trophies, this one and the Europa League which gets you an automatic UCL place and a better chance of attracting and keeping players. It’s a realistic goal. And not out of the top 4 race by any means.

  11. eeeeehmmm, a statue for nacho. a man who honours his trousers.. unlike others who pull their shorts to show us their shaved legs……


  12. ‘If score is 2-1 then extra time as Chelsea’a goal counts double.’

    give it up buddy…focus on tennis…

  13. Mr Wenger, you dont need me to tell you but dont listen to anyone please. Honoured to have you sir. Sign your name on the stadium foundations when you decide to call it a day. You decide. Has caried us for 20 years…maybe its our turn..and the players!!! fucking little shits disappointing Mr Wenger all the time…. He should unleash Jens on you all see how you like it….

    Mr Conte… i have some spair asshair for your perukini if you wish… i noticed a spot re-emerging on the centre…

    antonio…you were bald when playing midfield for juventus with jugovic and tachinardi ..di livio..hahaa..pessoto.. and now he looks like surfer dude… oh antoine

    toriceli baraja michele predome ..i stop

  14. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done the boys .
    Now to go on and win it at the Spuds’ ground ! That’ll be a hoot !
    And 3rd time lucky for Arsene ?
    Up the Gunners !

  15. A good performance from the boys. They did well, there is life after Sachez.

    I think Mustafi did not mark Hazard well for the first goal. For a player that can dribble like Hazard, you need to give him body marking, go close to him.

    A very good win. Man of the match to me is Monreal. He does not talk but his improvement in Arsenal team has been tremendous.

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