Jack injury worries, Aubameyang worries, Santi worries, and a spot at the airport

By Sir Hardly Anyone at the Rutland International Aerodrome, Oakham.

So that’s another match done, and another cup final on the way.  And the natter and chatter goes on and on and… there is chatter that Auba is not coming to Arsenal because he is still playing for Dortmund.

Arsenal Get Bad Update on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as Dortmund Confirm His Squad Place

That comes from Talking Baws (me neither) 

Mind you if I wrote for a bloggetta (rather than the stylish upmarket and above all intellectual) Untold I would be running the headline “Major injury crisis alert for Jack” having seen this one:

Southgate warming to Wilshere recall 

That’s from Arsenalblog

[Thank you I used that – Tony]

The Star on the other hand tells of no less than “Arsenal transfer news: Eight players Arsene Wenger could sign before deadline day”

Auba is one of course, Zaha from Palace, Evans from WBA, Lemar from Monaco, Moura from PSG, Mahrez from Leicester, Macon from Corinthians, and Benzema who rather amusing the Star thinks is actually playing for Arsenal already, which makes his transfer rather odd.  I think he plays for Real Mad.

There is a problem with all this however, as we only have two places available (we have lost three players and brought in one) in the 25.  Discussing this with Blacksheep in the pub the notion came up that we could shuffle the goalkeeping pack a little and Deyan Iliev could go on loan and be replaced by one of the under 21 keepers, making another space available, but three looks the absolute max.

Auba looks like being one as with

Bid improved: £52m star believes he’s Arsenal-bound, already looking for a home in London 

CaughtOffside gives us that.  But we also have

Bad news for Arsenal, as midfielder confirms he has suffered new injury setback 

That is Arsenal Fever talking about Santi Caz.  He is not counted in the 25 so although an utter tragedy, it doesn’t affect the counting.

But even as I write this new names are appearing all the time.  Just look at this

Newcastle United, Barcelona and Arsenal in race to sign Real Betis star Fabian Ruiz 

So sayeth the Birmingham Mail 13:48

And then we have

Why Riyad Mahrez was at Arsenal vs Chelsea amid huge transfer speculation 

Mind you some people are taking going ahead of the game a little more seriously than others as the IB Times is now telling us who the first of the summer signings will be.  But I think that is getting a bit too silly even for me.

Meanwhile viewing matters on the pitch the Guardian proclaims that “Antonio Conte’s reign at Chelsea, or at least the meaningful part of it, began with a half-time switch to a back three at the Emirates.”

We used to say, “The king is dead long live the king” but now it is more like “We’ve rubbished one guy long enough, let’s have a bash at someone else.”

“When, after all, was the last time anybody was out-tacticked by Arsène Wenger?” they ask.  Well, Mr Wenger was clearly doing some tactics of his own last night, changing format several times during the game.  Indeed once wonders if the Guardian actually saw the kick off to the second half.   “Chelsea, bafflingly, had no solution,” they say.  “Bafflingly their man was still in the bar” I might reply.

Except they did admit that of late “Wenger has been so rejuvenated he is not merely changing formation mid-game but has taken to devising funky corner routines.”

And here’s a good bit of news.  Having seen Mahrez at the stadium we are told “Riyad Mahrez spotted leaving Emirates Stadium after Arsenal’s win over Chelsea”.  I wonder how he got home: the M1 was shut at junction 14 last night and it was pretty horrible all around.  So maybe he flew.  I nipped along to the Rutland InterPlanetary Spaceport in Uppingham but couldn’t see him.

Anyway let’s finish with a clear and solid prediction that we can tie down absolutely.  “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘set to make Arsenal debut next Tuesday’ as Gunners close in on £60m deal”.     That’s in the Mirror and you can’t say fairer than that.

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11 Replies to “Jack injury worries, Aubameyang worries, Santi worries, and a spot at the airport”

  1. Imagine what a career Jack would have had if it hadn’t been for the PGMO representants and them willingly closing their eyes for all those assaults on Jack like that hack from United who managed to tear up his ankle without even getting punished by you know who….
    To see him shine again is wonderful. Long may it continue.

  2. Whats the deal with Santi-I read he was walking un-aided the other day? Poor bloke, top,top player.

  3. Thank God! Jack Wilshere has returned to full match fitness after numerous injuries ordeal he went through and has started playing regularly. And he has even started over 10 games for Arsenal this season wherein he has performed credibly getting acolades for his top quality performances for Arsenal from football pundits and fans. He’s now looks to be integral to the senior Arsenal starting XI team. And based on his recent consistent top performances for Arsenal, the England national team manager, Gary Southgate is contemplating on recalling him to the England squad for the 2018 World Cup tournament. Therefore, if Jack continues to work very hard in training and in games for Arsenal to improve on his present game playing quality and be fortunate to escape injury that is devastating when playing for Arsenal till season’s end, there is no reason why Jack won’t make the England 23 list for Russia in the summer. But a question remains on Arsenal giving him an extention to his deal that’s expiring at the end of this season with a lower wage earnings. I think Jack may find this proposal to him irritating irrespective of whoever is responsible for it. But being an Intelligent man that he is, I believe he has the capacity to deal with the situation appropriately and come out it happy.

    As for Santi Cazorla, sorry! we hope he’ll come out of the injury predicament that has befallen him and return to action once again.

    And as for Aubameyang, the worries from the Gooners side is, let Arsenal not fail to complete the transfer deal that will see this top quality goals scorer of Auba brought to Arsenal this January window before it is closed. My hopes are Arsenal will complete his deal for the Gunners this window.

  4. Walter, very true. It made me think sadly of Diaby and Eduardo, both really talented players whose careers were ruined as a result of the negligence of English referees.

  5. Jack should learn from Atom and Humber to stay fit. BTW When Poch really thinks he is same category as Wenger, Pep. Jose, Klopp, Conte etc. He doesn¿t know that in the game you must have history and trophies behind you to really speak up about the superior managers of the game and the superior clubs! Small fish in big pond. Stf you are just irrelevant and nobody! Coming third in a two horse race was probably Pochy’s biggest achievement so far. You could not make it up with this guy. If Spurs would have had a decent manager they would have won the title and this is a fact. Are there any surviving Tottenham fans who were able to witness the Hotspur club winning the title LAST TIME? If so, they deserve our heartiest congratulations for reaching such a grand old age. First and foremost Wenger did not mention Spurs name. Secondly what Wenger said is the truth. The media want Wenger out of arsenal more than the arsenal fans want. They (media) are behaving as if arsenal belongs to them. The guys at ESPN are typical example. If Liverpool or City were in for Auba, they would say it shows ambitions, arsenal going for him, and all we hear from the media ESPN is, where arsenal will play him because arsenal have Lacazete.

  6. ‘Atom is one of the characters in a movie called Real Steel,’ the 27-year-old told Arsenal.com.

    The story of Atom and Humber as Atom Atom is one of the characters in a movie called Real Steel, the robot is very old and apparently useless but when he starts fighting he beats the best robots in the world. He likes the movie so much that he thought he would call his first dog Atom. Humber reminds him of his brother Humberto is a very sweet guy, just like Humber is.
    The idea of creating an Instagram account for them so people could follow what they do. The thing is both became famous in Chile after starring in Master Dog’s advert. The story of Alexis Sanchez and his dogs of Instagram, Alexis Sanchez really loves his dogs. He goes everywhere with them. Atom and Humber are becoming independent creatures. So much so that they’ve created their own account, somehow navigating Instagram with their unwieldy paws.

  7. Arsenal have increased their initial offer but it is still short of Dortmund’s desired price for Aubameyang and has not been well received by the Bundesliga side. Aubameyang is insistent on the move which is an advantage for Arsenal but there is a general acceptance that they will need to increase their bid to around £56million. Gazidis pays from his own bank account and then the club reimburses it. All this is done via cashiers cheque and Gaz needs to stand in queue at the Citibank local branch in Germany. But Gazdiz dosent know German so he went back and picked up Steven. That must be the reason for the delay. Woodward on the other hand just pays via Bitcoin. Takes only 7 minutes.


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    Try it….it really works…!!!

    I sent, ” Arsene Wenger continue as Arsena’s manager for life !”, to 20 of my friends…..

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